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Little Brave Shop Identity materials

Designed by The Bakery design studio Printed by Any identity that incorporates an elegant mongoose is going to catch my attention.

Heinz Bloody Mary Cocktail (Concept)

Designer: Constantin Bolimond Project Type: Concept Packaging Content: Cocktail Location: Minsk republic of Belarus This is a fictitious concept of combining two favorites of many people - Heinz and cocktails.

816 Wine Label - Terracalò

Designer: Daniele La Gioia Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Terracalò - Società Agricola Location: Sava (TA), Italy Packaging Contents: Wine Packaging Materials: Constellation Jade Raster E33, 90 gr 816 is a wine displaying a considerable power evocative of the territory.

40+ Best Cool & Scary Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas, Designs & Images 2016

“I only eat candy on Halloween. No lie.” Michael Trevino. Halloween is back in the town and it is bringing sensational happenings to all of us, it is the weirdest event in the history of mankind, unusual, absurd and insane costumes are worn by the people to celebrate the day of Halloween.

Entertainment Packaging Creates an Experience

Written by Michael DiFranco, VP of Marketing at JohnsByrne The entertainment industry doesn’t sell tangible items - it sells an experience.

F'OLIO Olive Oil (Student Project)

Designer: Jessica Redmond Project Type: Student Project School: Academy of Art University Course: Package Design 2 Tutor: Thomas McNulty Location: Nashville, TN, USA Packaging Contents: Olive Oil Packaging Materials: Glass, Cardstock This was our final project for the course, and for this assignment we were required to redesign three olive oil labels using a current brand.

Blaq Hand Coffee (Student Project)

Designer: Constantinos Charitos Project Type: Student Project School: AKTO Course: BA thesis Tutor: Artemis Roussos Location: Athens Greece Packaging Contents: Coffee Packaging Materials: Plastic It is normal to wonder…"why Alchemy was chosen in order to promote and advertise a coffee brand?

Hot Lips | Pôpa Fiction

Creative Agency: Pôpa Art Projects Designer: Mario Belém Winemaker João Menezes / Quinta Do Pôpa Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Location: Porto, Portugal Packaging Contents: Wine They whisper secrets just as much as they howl in pleasure.

Pôpa Fiction

Creative Agency: Pôpa Art Projects Designer: Mario Belém Winemaker João Menezes / Quinta Do Pôpa Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Location: Porto, Portugal Packaging Contents: Wine If at times reality exceeds fiction, here we see it is fiction that inspires winemaking.

Bendito Choco (Concept)

Designer: Raiane Girotto Project Type: Concept Location: Brazil Packaging Contents: Chocolate Packaging Materials: Paper, Aluminium Bendito Choco is a Brazilian brand of handmade chocolates, made by chocoholics for chocoholics.

Baron Ferdinand & Baronessa Rocco

Creative Agency: 43'oz Project Type: Commercial Work Designer: Alex Kodimsky Client: La Vinci (Russia) Packaging Materials: Glass bottle, paper label Location: Moldova Our studio has developed label design for a series of Spanish wines of quality "Baron Ferdinand" and "Baronessa Rocco" from La Vinci company.

PROPER - For a Genuine Man (Student Project)

Designer: Mark John Mangayayam Project Type: Student Project School: Academy of Art University Course: Packaging Design 1 Tutor: Beau Monroe Location: San Francisco Packaging Contents: Men's Apothecary Products Packaging Materials: Canvas, Wood, Paper Proper is an American brand that specializes in apothecary products for men since 1915.

Tea for Two (Student Project)

Designer: Alice Dobbie Project Type: Student Project School: School of Visual Arts Course: Graphic Design Tutor: Louise Fili Location: New York City Packaging Contents: Tea Packaging Materials: Aluminium tin, Paper This is the packaging and branding for a fictional tea company named Tea for Two.

Cannibale (Concept)

Designer: Dimitris Bouskos Project Type: Concept Location: Athens, Greece Packaging Contents: Beer Packaging Materials: Glass, Cardboard Cannibale is a personnal Branding & Packaging Project about some limited edition ale products from Cannibale Microbrewery.

AGIP Motorcycle Oil 4T Mactic

Creative Agency: FruityLOGIC Design Designer: Steve Lim Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: PT.

Zesthair's | Natural Haircare (Concept)

Designer: Nguyen The Vinh Project Type: Concept Location: Vietnam Packaging Contents: Natural Haircare Procduct Do you have trouble with your hair ?

Elevating The Mundane (Student Project)

Designer: Huyen T. Do Project Type: Student Project School: Academy of Art University Location: San Francisco, USA I'm always interested in the idea of putting a new spin on the mundane everyday object and giving it a new, enhanced experience.

10 Free Scary Halloween Pumpkin Carving Patterns, Stencils & Printable Templates 2016

No matter what event it is, the more it approaches nearer, the more excitement it generates. Every one of us likes to make the moment special because this life is too short to live in regrets, sorrows and melancholy.

Free Cologne / Perfume Bottle Mock-up PSD

Graphic Designers are often perturbed about the tasks they get to accomplish by the end of the day because their work is assigned to them on daily basis.

Voltalab Sound Studios Identity Materials

Designed by Fieldwork Printed by The colors used for this identity are strange on their own, but so striking together that I can't help but want a full suite of my own.