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Mannings Bakery (Student Project)

Designer: Ash O'Flanagan Project Type: Student Project School: National College of Art and Design Dublin Ireland Course: Visual Communications Tutor: Conor Clarke Location: Dublin Packaging Contents: Bread Mix Packaging Materials: Glass, paper, cardboard, tissue A shops identity is the face of the business.

Glen Tannasg (Student Project)

Designer: Richard Göpel Project Type: Student Project School: Bauhaus- Hs Anhalt Course: Graphic Design Tutor: Alejandro Lecuna Location: Dessau, Germany Packaging Contents: Whisky Packaging Materials: Paper The goal was, to create a bunch of imaginary products for a character of a Tv-Show.

Lyra Bean-To-Bar Chocolate

Designer: Michal Slovák Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: LYRA chocolate Location: Slovakia Packaging Contents: chocolate, sweets, Packaging Materials: Kraft paper, gold stamping Since 2012 LYRA has stood for the highest quality handmade chocolate made in Slovakia.

Edge - Explore Your Coffee (Student Project)

Designer: Bård Larsson Project Type: Student Project School: Broby Grafiska Course: Graphic Design / Technician Location: Sunne, Sweden Packaging Contents: Coffee beans Packaging Materials: Paper A redesign of the special coffee Edge from Swedish major coffee house Löfbergs.

Gillemore (Concept)

Agency: skinn branding agency Project Type: Concept Location: Belguim Packaging Contents: Spirits magical Gin Packaging Materials: Glass It all began in the ancient city of Bruges.

Salty Snacks (Concept)

Agency: Pure Fusion Media Project Type: Concept Location: Nashville, USA Packaging Contents: Snacks and Chips This design was all about Americana.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Student Project)

Designer: Jovana Jankovic School: FILUM Course: Graphic design Tutor: Nemanja Dragojlovic Project Type: Student Project Location: Kragujevac, Serbia Packaging Contents: Oil Extra virgin olive oil is fictional brand that is located in France.

Sony Xperia Z3+

Agency: Adentity Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Sony Mobile Location: Malmö, Sweden Packaging Contents: Mobile phone Packaging Materials: Paper Sony XperiaTM Z3+ shines in retail stores with creative POS For the worldwide retail launch of Sony Xperia TM Z3+, Adentity, an advertising agency based in Malmö, Sweden, has designed a clever packaging that instantly transforms from a simple paperboard box to a stunning in-store showcase.

Marcus Men's Grooming Products(Concept)

Agency: Future-Filter Additional Credits: Amy Radcliffe, Victorian soap, Fulcrum Modelmakers, Richard Boll photography Project Type: Concept Location: London, UK Packaging Contents: Male Grooming Packaging Materials: Jesmonite Rationale Future Filter have deconstructed men’s grooming products into their constituent elements, allowing the user total control and personalisation of their grooming experience.

El Sabor Libre (Student Project)

Designer: Kathy Lees Project Type: Student Project School: Limerick School of Art and Design Course: Visual Communications Tutor: Clodagh Twomey & Joe Lane Location: Ireland Packaging Contents: Organic Mexican Lunch Packaging Materials: Paper, Stickers M&S Organic Mexican Food Branding/El Sabor Libre This branding designed for an organic Mexican food range for M&S.

10 Best MacBook Air/ Pro Laptop Bags & Bag Cases for Graphic Designers

There are few things that a graphic designer can’t live without, out of them one of the prerequisite is the personal laptop to work on, a smooth desktop which he can carry with himself wherever he goes, and a laptop from where he can operate and ready to perform the tasks in the work place.

30+ Creative Logo Design Examples by World’s Top Designer Graham Smith

Designers are the creative creatures found on earth scratching their scalps, having burdensome routines but still having a smile on their face.

100+ Beautiful Inspirational Typography Quotes Collection from Instagram

This world will be a total barren place if we won’t be having any motivation to move ahead because life is bitter and full of complexities that we have to confront every single day.

The Summer Collection

Over here at The Dieline we are blessed with living in Los Angeles, a city where the sun is always shining.

Concept: DEVOUT. Champagne

The weekend is upon us. Pop the champagne, it's time to celebrate with DEVOUT. Designed by Jessica Sjöstedt and jasper van Wolferen, the bubbly beverage is wrapped in an exquisite champagne sleeve trickled with a geometric pattern.

Student: Møller/Barnekow

We just don’t sit down and eat our meals at a table anymore. Our lives are always “on-the-go” and moving from one event to the next.

Concepts We Wish Were Real

Before you head out this 4th of July weekend, be sure to check out concepts and student work we wish were real!

American Royal Mead

Agency: Dunn&CO. Senior Art Director: Grant Gunderson Client: St. Petersburg Distillery Location: Tampa, FL, USA In starting this project I really had no idea what honey mead was, but when someone explained it as a cocktail that would be in Game of Thrones I was good to go.

Sweet Lane

Agency: Isabela Rodrigues Packaging Content: Cakes, cupcakes, cookies Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil Sweet Lane is Dubai’s finest source of customised cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other baked delights.

Pack the Jam

Agency: Javier Alberto Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Montesano Location: Canary Island, Spain Packaging Contents: Jam New packaging for Spanish Jam, try to make something clean, elegant and modern at the same time, with an open window to make the client watch the product.