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13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCLXV)

1. The Floating Cabin of your dreams © Lisa Beese Claudius Schulze’s first attempt to get around Hamburg’s rising rent prices was a treehouse.

12 Places in Paris to Celebrate New Years Eve like a Local

When it comes to celebrating New Year’s Eve, I’m usually torn between staying in with friends and a bottle of wine and, oh, I don’t know — jumping on tables at one of Hemingway’s favourite bars?

Don’t be a Tourist, Episode 3: Fencing and Frogs

Forget Hemingway. I’ve fallen for a chivalrous musketeer in Saint Germain!

The National Christmas Museum is For Sale

© AmericanSquares Did you know there’s a National Christmas Centre? Neither did I! It’s nestled in a place called Paradise, Pennsylvania, the heart of Dutch Country, and it’s pretty much as magical as it sounds; a huge walk-through display of all things Christmas through the decades.

Vintage Muse du Jour: The Queen of Mars

Costume design by Adrian for The Great Ziegfeld directed by Robert Z. Leonard, 1936 You know it was an good era for fashion and costume design when the Queen of Mars was the ultimate style inspiration.

The MessyNessyChic 2017 Holiday Gift Guide is Here to Save You

Relax! I’ve got you covered. As your personal purveyor of all things unique, off-beat, thoughtful and chic, it’s my pleasure to bring you the annual MessyNessyChic holiday gift guide.

Banner Ladies: The Human Billboards of Yesteryear

Whether you’ve traded your old sofa on Craigslist or advertised your business and its products to the world, we’ve all had to dabble in the art of promotion at one point or another.

The Mysterious Murder of the Beautiful Cigar Girl

©LukeJSpencer High on a hilltop in Brooklyn’s historic Greenwood cemetery, is an imposing mausoleum. Written large on the granite stone lintel is the name John Anderson.

13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCLXIV)

1. French Facade Fakery Facades is an ongoing series by French photographer 

The Last Great Dive Bar of Old Times Square

Ask any New Yorker how they feel about a visit to Times Square, and most likely you will be met with a withering stare, if not an audible and inward groan.

Time Capsule Diner Hiding in a New Orleans Record Store

© American Squares I‘m having a very ‘Americana nostalgia’ day here at MessyNessyChic HQ for some reason (see

This Time Travelling Instagrammer got Stuck Somewhere in the 1950s

Tony’s Barbershop, Brooklyn, NY Diners, Cadillacs, neon signs and ice cream pastels– Leah Frances, eats, sleeps and breathes American nostalgia.

Journey to the North Pole in a Hot Air Balloon

© Scott Polar Research Institute This is the forgotten story of a brave (and perhaps slightly mad) scientist and his two men, who made a perilous one way journey to the furthest ends of the earth.

Living in a 1920s Secret Society Clubhouse

Who hasn’t fantasized about living in a hotel? A hotel with a secret masonic club history seems to be just the cherry on top.

The Mysterious Chapel of Prosthetic Limbs

Nola Catholic Cemeteries New Orleans is a city blessed with many beguiling and beautiful cemeteries. From the celebrated, above ground crumbling mausoleums of St.

13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCLXIII)

1. Underwater Works By photographer 

Don’t be a Tourist, Episode 2: Parisian Ghost Town

And we’re back with another episode from our new web series, Don’t be a Tourist in Paris. Before you tuck in, this is the second episode, which means you should probably go back and watch Episode 1 if you haven’t already seen it.

Behind the Barbed Wire Mansion of a Fallen City’s Millionaire Row

The once ornate staircase that leads to the crumbling mansion, is cracked and falling apart. The old, sculpted gardens have been over run with weeds, surrounded by fences of razor sharp barbed wire.

A Thanksgiving Compendium of Go Big or Go Home

Are you ready to eat your weight in stuffing and sweet potato? Sure, there’s the big fat turkey, but isn’t the test of a true Thanksgiving chef really about who can roast their yams to perfection and convert any brussels sprout skeptic with their secret recipe passed down for generations?

America’s Last Snake-handling Cults

I wandered into the weird part of the internet again this morning, through the doors of a snake-handling church in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia, to be specific.