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The Haunting Magic of Ghost Buildings

© Julia Rowe Here at Messy Nessy Chic, we love all things curious, nostalgic and with a touch of wonder to them.

The Women Warriors who served Wine on the Battlefield

Forgotten feminist icons of the French military, the Vivandières, alternatively known as cantinières, was the French title for women attached to military units who sold wine to the troops and offered better cuisine on the battlefield than the army could offer.

Exploring a Ghost Village in Provence

© Luke J Spencer Hidden in Provence is a haunting ghost village. Perched high upon a mountaintop in the Lubéron is an ancient town, filled with narrow, cobbled streets, the ruins of empty homes and an old castle.

All Aboard the Doomed Art Deco Floating Palace

Seventy-five years after she lay burning and capsized in the New York harbour, the French SS Normandie still holds the record as the most powerful steam turbo-electric-propelled passenger ship ever built.

13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCXLVIII)

1. A small town that escaped destruction by New York City “The doom of Katonah is sealed,” began a column on the front page of The New York Times on April 8, 1893.

Stepping back in Time to a Jazz Age Lawn Party

© Jazz Age Lawn Party / 

MessyNessy’s “Don’t Be a Tourist in Paris” Playlist

Of course “Don’t be a Tourist in Paris” needs its own soundtrack!

New York’s Hidden Remnants of the Golden Age of Steamships

© Luke J Spencer There is a bank in Lower Manhattan with a peculiar secret. The Citibank occupying the prestigious address of Number One, Broadway, looks like a normal enough bank branch, until you look closely at the two entrances.

Preserved Moments of Historical Sass (Vol. 9)

sassy: adjective \ˈsa-sē\ impudent, lively, spirited, vigorous, distinctively smart and stylish, showing no respect for people in authority, saucy, pert, confident, chic.

Take a Look around this Old West Ghost Town, Soon to become a Weed Utopia

The second oldest and largest publicly-traded cannabis company in the United States just bought this century-old almost ghost town in the middle of nowhere, California.

A Mad Hatter’s Guide to the Parisian Tea Salons

The Mad Hatter’s favourite afternoon past-time is not exclusive to the English, for as the true tea connoisseur will reveal, the tradition of sipping delectable concoctions while gracing the air with one’s pinky finger is deeply ingrained within the French nation’s history.

13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCXLVII)

1. This Abandoned Japanese Love Hotel By photographer 

Oh to have Eaten at the Automat, Just Once

Horn & Hardart, New York, 1955 © Shorpy/ Print

Happy Hour aboard an Abandoned US Military Airplane in the Costa Rican Jungle

© Dominic Gubi Rejoice! The internet hasn’t run out of curious places to show me. (I worry sometimes it might happen).

Trans Soldiers of the American Civil War

Today I learned of Albert D.J. Cashier, born Jennie Hodgers in 1843. He served for a full 3 year term after enlisting in the Union army at the age of 19 and fought in over 40 battles against the Confederate Army.

Pigeons of War and their Double Decker Buses

To me, one of the greatest miracles/ mysteries of nature is the homing pigeon. No matter how many times someone tries to explain it to me, I still can’t quite grasp why or how those birds manage to find their way home from such long distances.

Holiday like Hemingway in Africa

© Elephant Pepper Camp I once read that it was the legendary writer Ernest Miller Hemingway who brought the Swahili word “safari” (meaning journey) into popular use in the English language.

A Little Courtyard Book Party for “Don’t Be a Tourist in Paris”

To celebrate the launch of “Don’t Be a Tourist in Paris” I had a little courtyard book party and made a toast to you all!

Private Island complete with an Abandoned “Nazi” Castle For Sale

You know what this island is made for? Childhood adventure stories. Deserted in the turquoise Caribbean sea with a creepy abandoned castle, mermaid caves and mysterious tales of World War II German submarines– it’s Tintin meets Jack Sparrow; a place to let your imagination run riot … for $39,000,000.

13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCXLVI)

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