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Oh just a Phallic Bar in a quaint Sicilian Town

© Tarakan In the hidden romantic town of Taormina, Sicily known for its turquoise beaches, quaint shops, and views of Mount Etna, lies a curious and unsuspecting restaurant known as Bar Turrisi.

A Brief Compendium of Art Nouveau Treasures

It’s photographs like this that stop me in my tracks when I’m browsing the internet, and I’m always saving them away in some folder that I never do anything with– until today!

Gatsby Glamour Revived in an Abandoned New York City Palace

How did an entire palace, smack in the middle of Manhattan, go untended to for over 70 years? Temple Court, now The Beekman hotel, is deeply engrained in the city’s history.

Sleepover in a Paris Bookshop

Bookworms, library lovers and Parisphiles gather round. In the heart of the city, behind the facade of an old bookshop in the Marais, a secret awaits… For the bookshop at number 12 Rue Caffarelli is no ordinary Parisian library, but in fact, a place for the weary traveller after dark.

And Now, the Wes Anderson AirBnB

Can you imagine a more perfect getaway than one inside a Wes Anderson movie? In the picturesque town of Price Edward, Ontario, Canada, you’ll find an Airbnb that is an ode to the one and only Wes Anderson, Hollywood’s quirkiest director best-known for his near-perfect cinematic symmetry, retro hues, twee patterns and interiors that evoke a sense of faded grandeur.

Dapper Daguerreotypes of Anonymous African Americans

Simply because we don’t see enough of this– material record of black history, that is. I came across the Randolph Linsly Simpson Collection in Yale’s online archives at the Beinecke Library, which includes letters, prints, film clips and formal studio portraits of African Americans.

13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCLVII)

  1. The Gentleman’s Surprise Chair circa 1888 Found on

5 Places You Really Shouldn’t Get Stuck on Friday 13th

1. An Abandoned Soviet-Era Circus Clowns and abandoned places should never, ever mix…. In the capital city of The Republic of Moldova, there’s an abandoned mid-century communist-era circus located in the capital city of Chisnau.

Lost In America: The Forgotten White City Amusement Parks

@Chicagology They called it the city of dreams, a series of white stucco buildings that surrounded a pool of glistening water.

These German Bowling Alleys Deserve a Cameo in a Wes Anderson Movie

I never really thought to look into the history of bowling, but whaddaya know? The game didn’t actually originate in 1950s American suburbia.

Stop Everything and Check Out these Killer Needleworks

So you might have noticed I’m pretty into needlework lately.

They Don’t Make Theatre Sets Like they Used To

Just take a look at that stage from the Broadway debut of George Gershwin’s groundbreaking opera “Porgy and Bess” in 1935.

Exploring Cairo’s Ghost Mansions

Sarageldine Palace, Cairo © Xenia Nikolskaya When you visit Egypt, you’re supposed to come back with photographs of the pyramids.

13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCLVI)

1. Shoppers and their Outfits Hans Eijkelboom’s work makes you think twice about ever following a trend ever again.

Adopt a Seat at the Paris Opera

Parisian Pads you can Borrow for an Epic Party

So I heard Paris is cracking down on Airbnb landlords again. The city is officially making it mandatory for landlords to register their lodgings with city hall before listing it to vacationers online, as well as imposing a 120-day limit to rent their properties.

Searching for a Lost Wine Village in Paris

Lost Paris: a village of wine Parisians often talk about the great travesty that was the loss of Les Halles, a legendary food market in the heart of Paris, fondly referred to as “the belly of Paris”, a seemingly indestructible 800 year-old monument to the great tradition of French markets.

Derelict Masterpieces of Havana’s Forgotten Art Schools

© Vittorio Garatti This story begins with an Italian architect roaming the meadow of an elitist Cuban golf course.

New York’s Most Secretly Photogenic Street

Sylvan Terrace is one of those parts of New York where buildings are lower, exactly two-stories, and people look like they are living in a secret world of their own, time traveling behind their emerald shutters into the late-19th century.

13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCLV)

1. An abandoned Playboy mansion in Tennessee The Tiki Palace party mansion was built in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1972 by strip-club tycoon Bully Hull.