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Freedom Pack: Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

Traveling to new and exciting places is a wonderful experience. There are very few things that can cause those feelings to fall apart, and one of the big ones is pickpocketing.

360 Earbuds: Virtual Surround Sound

Who doesn’t enjoy surround sound? Especially and preferably anytime that you listen or watch your favourite tunes, podcasts, videos, and/or movies.

BackStrong: Posture Fixing Chair

Sitting in a chair all day is bad for your back and posture. We all know this, but no matter what we do to avoid pain, it still comes.

Kaiwa Table by Autonomous Furniture

Designer Kirk Van Ludwig created Kaiwa with the intention of creating equality at the dinner table. Oftentimes, conversations become skewed because of the awkward placement of diners on the end.

Unico: Smart Toothbrush

Sometimes we forget to do the simple things. In our fast-paced lifestyles, we barely make time for ourselves so something like brushing our teeth can take a back seat to that sales report that’s due in 3 hours.

Mistbox: Energy-Saving AC Device

What are some things that are important to you? Is it the world around you? Your financial future? Luckily for you, Mistbox does a bit of both!

Life Tips of the Week #222

#222-A: Use paper straws and string to make festive stars when doing your holiday wrapping. (via A Piece of Rainbow) #222-B: Use decorative baskets in bathrooms to store dirty laundry and towels.

Hockey Bag & Backpack

Two recreational hockey players took a positive turn to the lack of quality and durability they found from using hockey bags.

POWERUP DART: App Controlled Paper Airplane

It’s time to combine old-school with new technology! The POWERUP DART allows you to perform awesome tricks through your smartphone on a regular paper airplane.

Fuse: Ultimate Charger Accessory

While technology makes people’s lives better, there is something unavoidable that places a damper on our enjoyment: cords.

Tibalt: Stackable Geometric Stool

Tibalt is a product developed by Freudwerk with interesting, eye-catching design. Sold as either a stool or a side table, it’s sure to be a conversation piece in any home.

Newton: Lever-Press Espresso Maker

For so many people, their day cannot start until they’ve had their first cup of coffee. On the market, we see so many options in coffee makers, it has become harder to just make a plain cup of coffee.

Life Tips of the Week #221

#221-A: Use twine and clothes pins to affordably display your hats! (via Simply Spaced) #221-B: Use simple gift tags to make a DIY calander.

Gym Towell+

Choosing to go to the gym is a step in a healthier direction for most. Getting active makes us feel alert, alive, and better overall.

NEEO: Smart Home Automating System

Find the remote, turn on the TV, change the AV inputs…oh wait, you forgot to turn off the stereo upstairs.

The Ventura Lounge

Imagine the comfort of being indoors every time you lounge in your backyard. Winners of Red Dot’s designer award of 2016, Ivini creates unique, contemporary seating for outdoor relaxation that can double as indoor furniture.

The Moment: 4K Aerial Camera

Travelling anywhere cool? Into the latest technology? Enjoy taking amazing, high-quality pictures? Introducing The Moment Drone– a folldable 4K aerial camera!

Ninja Pillow Travel Jacket.

There are products out there that we can find some other use for away from their original intention. Obviously, there are products that have been designed with more than one feature.

Life Tips of the Week #220

#220-A: Use paint this halloween to create some DIY pumpkin “treats”! (via Brit + Co) #220-B: Remove water marks from wooden tables by rubbing the watermarks with a mixture that contains one tablespoon of baking soda, and one tablespoon of water.

A Movie Mask

Turn your smartphone into your own personal movie theatre with MovieMask, your portable cinema. For those who enjoy viewing television and film close-up, but aren’t completely satisfied with the experience that virtual reality gear brings to the table, MovieMask is a clear winner.