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Graphic Design and Branding by Mariela Mezquita for Caudal

A unique and playful brand experience created by Mariela Mezquita for event agency Caudal. Located in Mexico City, Caudal is a creative firm specializing in a variety of events as well as community and cultural activations.

Mont Font Family from Fontfabric

Mont, a sans-serif type family of 20 fonts. Designed by Mirela Belova and Svet Simov for foundry Fontfabric, Mont is a recently published sans-serif font family that comes in 10 weights plus matching Italics.

Gabriel Alcala Illustrations

Discover the colorful world of illustrator Gabriel Alcala. Gabriel Alcala is a freelance illustrator who lives in Miami, FL.

The Nightling – Botanical Line Art and Elegant Letters by OpiaDesigns

The Nightling, a great collection of botanical line artworks and elegant uppercase letters by OpiaDesigns.

Magazine Cover Designs by Charles Williams

A selection of outstanding magazine covers designed by Charles Williams. Charles Williams is a London, UK based illustrator and graphic designer who’s well known for his extraordinary typographic designs.

Sungarden Fonts and Ornaments

Check out Sungarden, a vivid family of hand-drawn fonts plus lots of ornaments designed by Mirka Chrastinová.

David Bellemere Photography

Seductive fashion and beauty portraits by French photographer David Bellemere. Today it’s time to introduce you to the highly seductive work of French photographer David Bellemere.

Graphic Design by Balmer Hählen for Rendez-vous des créateurs 2017

Experimental and unique graphic design and art direction by Balmer Hählen for Rendez-vous des créateurs 2017.

Animated Instagram Posts from Ruby&Heart Studio

Copper, a set of fully editable animated Instagram posts from Ruby&Heart Studio. There are currently lots of premade graphics and images for Instagram available but this collection is for sure something special.

Velvet Snow – Photo Series in New York City by Franck Bohbot

Velvet Snow, wintry street photography by Franck Bohbot in New York City at late hours. In December 2017, Franck Bohbot has released a new photo series called ‘Velvet Snow’.

76 Handmade Fonts – 97% Off!

Here comes Pixelo’s timeless fonts bundle, an extensive collection of 76 handmade typefaces. The friendly people of Pixelo have recently packed another great fonts bundle.

Tania Franco Klein Photography

Social behavior and diverse contemporary habits captured through the lens of Mexican photographer Tania Franco Klein.

Marta Bevacqua Photography – 3rd Feature

Tender portraits by Paris based photographer Marta Bevacqua. During the last months, Marta Bevacqua has updated her portfolio with a lot of new photographic works.

Graphic Design by Underline Studio for Halo Brewery

Graphic design, branding, and packaging design by Underline Studio for Halo Brewery. Halo Brewery is an independent brewery with the aim to take traditional recipes of rare beers in order to experiment with the ingredients in several ways.

ITC Franklin Gothic Font Family

ITC Franklin Gothic, a sans-serif font family with a true American spirit. Published in 2010 by type foundry ITC, the ITC Franklin Gothic font family is a remake of the original Franklin Gothic that first appeared in 1902.

Branding by Balsamstudio for Scandinavian Clinic

Graphic design, branding, and web design by Balsamstudio for Scandinavian Clinic. Balsamstudio is a Krakow, Poland based branding and graphic design studio.

Forest House by Envelope Architecture + Design

A unique forest house by Envelope Architecture + Design in Northern California. The skilled team of Berkley-based Envelope Architecture + Design was asked to create a family retreat nestled in the forested hills of Northern California.

Social Media Templates Bundle

A social media templates bundle by Ruben Stom for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Ruben Stom has published a huge social media bundle that consists of 714 templates in total based on 238 high-resolution designs in three different sizes for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Paintings by Mladen Vračarić

Paintings by Serbian artist Mladen Vračarić. Born in 1985, Mladen Vračarić is a young visual artist who currently lives in Serbia and the Netherlands.

The Utopia of The Manifesto

The Utopia of the Manifesto, a personal project by Andstudio. Andstudio is a brand and graphic design studio based in Vilnius, Lithuania.