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Minimal Interior Design Inspiration | 129

'Minimal Interior Design Inspiration' is a weekly showcase of some of the most perfectly minimal interior design examples that we've found on the web - all for you to use as inspiration.

Get Hyped For Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom With The All-New Trailer

The official trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has been released by Universal Pictures, it's received mixed impressions so far, so let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

Design Inspiration | 165

Design Inspiration is a series focused entirely on graphic design and UI. A roundup of high-quality images from across the web all put into one short post.

PANTONE Reveals Its 2018 Colour Of The Year

Every December PANTONE releases their hotly anticipated 'Color Of The Year', and they've just released their colour for 2018.  'Ultra Violet' or 'PANTONE 18-3838 TCX’ is the colour that will supposedly be everywhere once the new year kicks in.

Storm Chaser Captures Epic 1000fps Slow-Mo Lightning Footage

A huge bolt of electricity streaking miles across the sky is easily one of Mother Nature's most impressive, yet scary, acts.

This Tesla Predicts Car Crash 2 Cars Ahead, Potentially Saving The Driver's Life

This awesome dash cam footage from a Tesla shows the car's autopilot function predicting a car accident before anything even happened.

Instagram Just Showed Apple How To Fix The iPhone X’s Notch

Apple gets constantly scrutinized for any changes they make to their software, but one thing that's always remained the same and garnered a lot of negativity has been the huge volume slider that obstructs so much of the screen when it's in use.

iOS Users Can Now Transfer Money Directly In iMessage

Transferring money between friends has long been an arduous task, Paypal has been the go-to for years, until now.

Spotify Reveals All Your 2017 Listening Habits In One Hit

No company does end-of-year-reports as well as Spotify, and this year is no different. Their new feature 'Wrapped' replaces the 2016 campaign 'Year In Music', you can see a summary of the amount of time you spend playing music, the number of songs and artists you've listened to, statistics on ...

BBC Is Releasing Blue Planet 2 In 4K HDR On iPlayer

This is not a drill. The BBC has announced that the hugely popular Blue Planet 2 will be available to watch in 4K HDR via the BBC iPlayer, it's the first time a series, or even an entire episode of the show, has been made available to stream.

This All-Black Cottage Will Have You Pining To Live In The Forest

In the forest of Quebec, Canada, lies the Grand Pic Cottage, a beautifully subtle and minimalist retreat inspired by the forest itself.

50+ Things You Can Ask Siri To Get A Funny Response

Lots of people get more time off over the holiday's, so you may be looking for ways you can entertain yourself with the extra hours you have spare.

Wallpaper of the Week 326

Every week, we share with you a new wallpaper that you can use to refresh your desktop. Let us know what you think of this week's one, and if you've got a wallpaper of your own that you think we should share, put it in the comments.

5 Wallpapers That Will Look Perfect On Your iPhone #18

We've started a new post series in which every week we'll share 5 new wallpapers that we think would look perfect on your phone.

Top 50 Best Large Companies To Work For (2017 Edition)

The 2017 edition of Comparably's 'Best Places To Work' series has been published, so if you're in the hunt for a new job in the new year, this could be a good start.  All ratings are derived from employees anonymously rating their employers on Comparably's website.

The 25 Best Movies Of 2017: A Video Countdown

For the last 2 years, movie critic David Ehrlich has compiled a list of his favourite movies of the year, all shown off in one beautiful video.

Minimal Logos Cleverly Illustrate Major Cities Around The World

Russian graphic designer Vladislav Smolkin has created a brilliantly clever type series called CITIESET that sees him illustrating simple logos that actually include features of what city they're representing.

These Are The Most Common Lies People Share On Social Media Just To Get Likes

It's certainly not uncommon for people to lie on social media, but when it's laid out to you in a video in such a simple way as this by Ditch The Label, you realise how pointless it can be.

Designer Brilliantly Pairs Different Foods With Their Appropriate Pantone Colours

Designer Lucy Litman has created an unbelievably satisfying series that pairs just about every food imaginable with their appropriate pantone colours, and the results are seriously pleasing to look at.

This Guy Made a Brilliant Audi Ad With 1:43 Scale Models

Usually, car commercials involve big budgets, test drives, expensive cars and even more expensive locations.