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Incredible Re-arranged Photographs by Vancouver-based Artist Ed Spence

Vancouver-based artist Ed Spence is making some of my favourite work right now. I dropped by his studio a couple weeks ago and I couldn’t leave without buying a piece. Let me explain to you what you’re looking at.

Kamea Hadar and Defer

More collaborative work from my good friend Kamea Hadar and Defer. More images below. View the whole post: Kamea Hadar and Defer over on BOOOOOOOM!


My friend Dal is in New York painting in the city, here’s a piece he just finished in Manhattan. His show opens at Jonathan Levine on September 4th.

Rossina Bossio

Paintings by artist Rossina Bossio. More below. View the whole post: Rossina Bossio over on BOOOOOOOM!

Alessandra De Cristofaro

Illustrations by Alessandra De Cristofaro, based in Rome. More below. View the whole post: Alessandra De Cristofaro over on BOOOOOOOM!

Bernard Frize

Paintings by artist Bernard Frize. More below. View the whole post: Bernard Frize over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Hernan Bas

Paintings by Detroit-based artist Hernan Bas. Previously featured here. More below. View the whole post: Hernan Bas over on BOOOOOOOM!

Eleonor Boström

Love these ceramics by artist illustrator Eleonor Boström. More below. View the whole post: Eleonor Boström over on BOOOOOOOM!

Sophia Heymans

Paintings by Minnesota-based artist Sophia Heymans. Found via the August Submissions post (over 1300 comments this month).

Patrick Kyle

Drawings by Toronto-based artist illustrator Patrick Kyle. More below. View the whole post: Patrick Kyle over on BOOOOOOOM!

Ken Price

Drawings by the late American artist Ken Price. More below. View the whole post: Ken Price over on BOOOOOOOM!


Some recent installations by Swiss artist Zimoun. Watch the videos below! View the whole post: Zimoun over on BOOOOOOOM!

Kyle Platts

Drawings by London-based illustrator Kyle Platts. Previously featured here. See more below. View the whole post: Kyle Platts over on BOOOOOOOM!

Erik Mattijssen

Paintings by Amsterdam-based artist Erik Mattijssen. More below. View the whole post: Erik Mattijssen over on BOOOOOOOM!

Video Profile: Artist/Illustrator Wasted Rita

The latest episode of the interview series “Like Knows Like” features Lisbon-based artist Rita Gomes aka Wasted Rita, whose image you’ve surely seen circulating Tumblr.

Sponsored Post: Budweiser’s #MadeInAmericaFest

Heads up to my LA friends, Budweiser’s Made In America Fest is coming to Grand Park, downtown LA, Labour Day Weekend (August 30th and 31st) and the event benefits the United Way of Greater Los Angeles.

“Paris Through Pentax”

The city of Paris as seen through the viewfinder of a Pentax 67. I guess this is cheaper than actually shooting the film!

Os Gemeos Paint 6 Silos in Vancouver: Duo’s Largest Mural to Date, First in Canada

The Brazilian twin duo known as Os Gemeos have left a beautiful mark on Vancouver, painting six industrial Ocean Concrete silos next to the art school I graduated from.

The Yerka Project: “The Unstealable Bike”

Three engineering students in Chile, Juan José Monsalve, Andrés Roi, and Cristóbal Cabello, have designed a bicycle frame that effectively locks itself around a pole.

Jordan Sanchez “Some Things”

Best part I’ve seen in awhile! Long live the Sony VX and 4:3 videos. Watch “Some Things” below. View the whole post: Jordan Sanchez “Some Things” over on BOOOOOOOM!