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Photographer Spotlight: Jason Travis

A random assortment of images by Los Angeles photographer Jason Travis, from his Tumblr. More photos below.

Gold-Fused Sculptures Made From Remnants of Shattered Porcelain

According to Korean tradition, artisans have a habit of destroying and discarding imperfect pieces. Since 2001 Korean artist Yeesookyung has taken these porcelain fragments, creating beautiful, imperfect sculptures by fusing them with gold leaf in the Japanese tradition of kintsugi.

Photographer Spotlight: Quentin Shih

Photos by Quentin Shih, who splits time between New York, Paris, and Beijing. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Peter Wileman

Paintings by Peter Wileman. More images below.

Photographer Spotlight: Julien Mauve

Another fantastic narrative series by Paris-based photographer Julien Mauve (click here for previous posts).

Drones Capture Disparity Between Rich and Poor in South Africa

Cape Town-based photographer Johnny Miller reveals distinct lines between rich and poor in a striking (and unsettling) series of photographs.

Artist Spotlight: Nicolas V. Sanchez

Paintings by artist Nicolas V. Sanchez. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Joanne Nam

Paintings by Los Angeles-based artist Joanne Nam (previously featured here). More images below.

Booooooom TV Guide

Lots of new content going up daily on our video platform, Booooooom TV, all film and video content will be published there so you should bookmark it if you haven’t already.

Illustrator Spotlight: Xuh

Love the colour choices and style of these drawings by illustrator Xuh, based in Poland. More images below.

Guy Enlarges Tiny Dachshund Vivian to the Size She Thinks She Is

Mitch Boyer is making a kid’s book about a giant dog who moves to New York, using his own dog Vivian as the main character.

Photographer Spotlight: Melanie Metz

A selection of photos by photographer Melanie Metz, hustling out in New York, shooting for publications like Broadly.

Carol Inez Charney Takes Photos of Photos Through Glass Creating Painterly Results

Artist Carol Inez Charney applies a painterly approach to her photo-based work, rephotographing images through water coated glass so as to purposefully obscure the composition, creating a juxtaposition between abstraction and realism. More images from “Interior Landscape” below.

Graphic Designer Peter Majarich Redesigns “A Movie Poster A Day”

Sydney-based graphic designer Peter Majarich plans to release a new, re-designed movie poster for every day of 2016.

Illustrator Spotlight: Nicholas Stevenson

A selection of illustrations by Nicholas Stevenson. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Nathalie Choux

Selection of ceramics by French artist Nathalie Choux. More images below.

Getty Stories: Vintage Portraits from the Golden Age of Hip Hop

Run DMC, 1984 – Credit: Janette Beckman,85038681 Getty Images recently featured photographer Janette Beckman in their all access coverage series.

Artist Spotlight: Oliver Jeffers

Belfast-born, Brooklyn-based artist Oliver Jeffers combines classical landscape and seascape paintings with technical measurements in a beautiful series.

Meticulously Crafted Paper Flowers by Artist Tiffanie Turner

San Francisco-based artist Tiffanie Turner creates incredible flower sculptures made up of tiny bits of paper carefully pieced together, with some pieces reaching up to 5 feet wide and taking over 200 hours to complete!

Instagram of the Day: Dailydoodlegram by Illustrator Geffen Refaeli

@savefamilyphotos   Tel Aviv-based illustrator Geffen Refaeli creates surreal daily doodles inspired by images she sees on her Instagram feed.