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Illustrator Spotlight: Ville Savimaa

A selection of work by illustrator Ville Savimaa. More images below.

Illustrator Spotlight: Andreas Samuelsson

A selection of work by illustrator Andreas Samuelsson. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Merijn Hos

“Gradient Exploration”, an ongoing series by artist Merijn Hos, based in the Netherlands. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Ryan Browning

Paintings by artist Ryan Browning. More images below.

Illustrator Spotlight: Mari Kanstad Johnsen

A selection of work by illustrator Mari Kanstad Johnsen. More images below.

Magazine Cover Parodies by Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg Businessweek continues to be one of the best art directed magazines out there. They recently created parody versions of other well-known magazines for their annual The Year Ahead issue, mimicking the style of iconic publications like Time and Wired to convey the range of topics that are going to matter in the coming year.

Illustrator Spotlight: Tina Siuda

A selection of work by illustrator Tina Siuda. More images below.

Artists Create Gig Posters for New Oasis Documentary

Tim Lahan   Our friends at The World’s Best Ever have tapped artists (and Oasis fans) Tim Lahan, Justin Hager and the gang over at Friends of Type to create gig posters for the release of the new documentary, Oasis: Supersonic.

Artist Spotlight: Dana Oldfather

A selection of paintings by self-taught artist Dana Oldfather. More images below.

Illustrator Spotlight: Alexandre “Zedig” Diboine

Digital paintings by illustrator Alexandre Diboine aka Zedig. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Julie Heffernan

Recent paintings by artist Julie Heffernan (previously featured here). More images below.

“Spirit Quest” Skateboard Film Will Melt Your Mind

  Colin Read (Mandible Claw) has made quite a name for himself over the past few years as one of skateboarding’s most exciting filmmakers.

Artist Spotlight: Joseph Minek

Cleveland, Ohio-based artist Joseph Minek experiments with traditional photographic processes to create images that resemble modernist abstract paintings.

Exhibition: Evan Hecox’s “Northern” and Drew Leshko’s “Heaven is Whenever”

Amsterdam-based Andenken Gallery is hosting concurrent solo exhibitions of American artists Evan Hecox and Drew Leshko.

Photographer Spotlight: Lluís Tudela

Photos by Lluís Tudela. More images below.

Opinion: How to Email an Illustrator

We recently came across an article proposing the most efficient way to communicate with an illustrator, and it’s relevant for anyone looking to hire creatives of any discipline.

Photographer Spotlight: Alexi Hobbs

Images by Montreal-based photographer Alexi Hobbs. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Max Seckel

A selection of work by Philadelphia-based artist Max Seckel. More images below.

Creative App of the Day: Generate

A new version of Generate has hit the app store and this one includes a partnership with Adobe which allows users to go between the app and the Adobe platform allowing for even more creative freedom.

Illustrator Spotlight: Natasha Durley

A selection of work by illustrator Natasha Durley. More images below.