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Captivating Book Wheel Sculptures Breath New Life into Discarded Literature

Artist Jonathan Whitfill blends literature and art in the form of book wheel sculptures that will make you stop, stare, and maybe even read along. Whitfill gives new life to old books for his Shredder series, producing layered pieces that give off an aura of sophistication.

Photographer Documents Different Playgrounds Around the World

In an ambitious series titled Playground, photographer James Mollison documents places around the world where children laugh, cry, and run around until they're exhausted.

Street Artist and City Worker Spend a Year Having a Fun Graffiti Conversation

On his way to work in the morning, street artist Mobstr would cycle past an average, graffiti-covered red wall in London.

Artist Paints Stunningly Realistic Portraits on His Hand

Artist Russell Powell creates stunningly realistic portraits on an unconventional surface - his own hand.

Intriguing Installation Plunges a Library Deep into the Ground

Swedish artist Susanna Hesselberg recently constructed a library that plunges into an infinite abyss.

Artist's Meticulously Detailed Paintings Play with Perceptions of Size

Using canvases of all different dimensions, artist Michael Zavros is able to paint incredibly meticulous works of art.

Chinese Farmers Grow Extraordinary Rice Paddy Art in Vast Fields

Rice farmers in China have carefully planted their harvest to create vast 3D works of art that are both eye-catching displays of contemporary and traditional subjects.

Adventurous Couple Quit Jobs and Now Sail the World with Their Cat

Many of us might dream about following our bliss, escaping the grind of the day-to-day life for travel and adventure.

New in the Shop: Positively Sweet Illustrations from Maori Sakai

Japanese illustrator Maori Sakai takes everyday moments and turns them into positively sweet illustrations.

Bold Mother Asks for a Fun Hair Transformation Before Chemo Treatment

Before undergoing chemotherapy, Redditor Sarah K's 61-year-old mother decided that she wanted to try something new and exciting with her hair.

Photographer Slips and Captures Wedding Party's Shocked Faces During His Fall

Wedding photographer Chase Richardson was in the process of capturing Kristina and Will Moore's wedding party at Mississippi's McClain Lodge when something unexpected happened—he accidentally slipped and tumbled to the ground!

Artist Uses 2,000 Meters of Paracord to Breath New Life into Vacant Church

Using over 2,000 meters of blue cord, Brooklyn-based artist Aaron Asis breathed new life into West Philadelphia's St.

Artist Creates Whimsical Paintings Using Spilled Food

Trading ink for coffee, Giulia Bernardelli creates stunning works of art using food as her medium. The Italian artist produces intricate paintings that look as though they’ve been created by spills or drippings from a spoon.

Sea Glass Sculptures Reflect the Relaxing Qualities of the Ocean

Artist Jonathan Fuller recycles the ocean-polished sea glass that he finds along Cornwall's coastline to create vibrant, yet calming, works of art.

Whimsical DIY Project Transforms Broken Pots into Beautiful Fairy Gardens

Just because a clay pot is broken doesn’t mean that you have to throw it out. A creative gardening trend repurposes the broken pieces into whimsical creations that make for a fantastic DIY project.

Father-Son Duo Transforms Cartoon Characters into Detailed Pancake Art

A father-son duo, known as Tiger Tomato, are taking pancake art to another level. By combining their love of both food and art, the talented team create beloved cartoon characters like Garfield, Homer Simpson, and Frozen's Olaf out of colorful pancake batter.

Glowworms Transform a New Zealand Cave into an Enchanting Starry Sky

By venturing into the 30-million-year-old limestone caves on New Zealand's North Island, photographer Joseph Michael was able to capture magical images of the glowworms that call this place home.

Artist's Colorful Arrangements Express All the Creative Ways He Uses His Hands

Indonesia-based creative Romo Jack has a unique way of capturing the myriad of things he does with his hands.

Artist Continues to Reimagine Celebrities Covered in Tattoos

In his ongoing project called Shopped Tattoos, artist Cheyenne Randall reimagines celebrities and other public figures as if they’re covered from head-to-toe in ink.

Colorful Arrangements Express All the Creative Ways Artist Uses His Hands

Indonesia-based creative Romo Jack has a unique way of capturing the myriad of things he does with his hands.