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Dreamlike Watercolor Depictions of Iconic Skylines from around the World

Depicting iconic cityscapes from around the world using a keen eye for structural beauty, Maja Wrońska continues to capture a dreamy and refreshing quality in her paintings.

Beautifully Elegant Women's Clothing Line Inspired by Patterns in Nature

Shovava, meaning "cheeky" and "playful," is a unique line of women's clothing that features amazingly intricate natural details often found throughout nature.

Playful Paintings Suggest How Animals Are Created

Mexican artist Ricardo Solis creates amusing paintings that playfully illustrate how animals are created.

Gorgeous Black and White Photos of Hong Kong in the 1950's and '60s

From a very young age, self-taught Chinese photographer Fan Ho began documenting the world around him.

Adorable Topiary Sculpture of a Sleeping Baby Bird by Claude Ponti

If you happen to find yourself in Nantes, France, be sure to head to Jardin des Plantes, a large botanical garden.

Historic Rotary Snowplow Cuts a Path in the Snow for Trains

While it’s still summer for many of us, we can’t help but think about the upcoming cooler temperatures.

Innovative Fashion Collection Designed with 3D Printing Technology

We have seen 3D printing in a variety of forms including unique floral arrangements, miniature figurines, and creative sculptures.

Whimsical Narratives Blur Elements of the Past with the Present

Dancing with Costică is an imaginative series in which Australian photographer Jane Long transformed old photographs into colorful and creative compositions.

Makeup Artist Realistically Paints Her Hands to Reveal a Tiger's Stare

We’ve seen some incredible transformations with makeup, and now Lara Hawker has impressed us with her skills.

Proposal for Stunning House Imagines It as Built Into the Ground

The Earth House Project is a visualized single family home that appears as if it’s built into the ground.

Multiple Photos of Iconic Places Taken Over Time are Sliced into Single Images

New York-based photographer Richard Silver captures how buildings and monuments change in appearance from day to night.

Artist Yarn-Bombs Underwater Objects to Promote Preservation of Marine Life

Typically, the famous yarn-bomber Olek takes to the streets to cover unexpected objects with her hard-to-miss crochet designs.

Beautiful Photo Series Captures the Simple Days of Youthful Summer

Polish photographer Izabela Urbaniak captures the essence of youth and the freedom of summer in this stunning collection of black and white photographs.

Parents Create a Secret Treasure Room for 4-Year-Old Son

When Sarah Goer and her husband moved into their home, their son was only 2 years old. Attached to his bedroom was a small storage space that they decided to keep a secret from him until he got a little older.

Ingenious Knife Grates and Softens Butter Making It Perfect for Spreading

If you keep butter tucked away in the fridge and are dismayed when it’s hard to spread afterwards, then we have the perfect knife for you.

Meticulously Layered Installations Created Using Debris From Abandoned Buildings

Dutch artist Marjan Teeuwen creates incredible installations from the demolition found in abandoned houses.

Stunning Weave House Located on the Coast of Spain by A-cero

Located off the Mediterranean coast of Spain is the Weave House, a residential project designed by architects A-cero.

Beautifully Abstract Landscapes of Iceland from Above

Iceland from Above is a stunning collection of photographs that capture the beauty of Iceland from an aerial view.

Hyper-Realistic 3D Artworks That Looks Like Elaborate Patterns of String

For German designer Christoph Bader, the central theme of his project is based on processes that create shapes and patterns, resulting in artwork that look anything but digital.

99-Year-Old Woman Sews a Dress Every Day for Children in Africa

99-year-old Lillian Weber has a generous heart and sewing hands that just won't stop. The Iowa-based woman spends hours every single day making a dress for small children who receive the clothing through the Christian nonprofit group Little Dresses for Africa.