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“Dangerous Popsicles” Combine Sweet Treats with Life-Threatening Viruses

Have you ever had the urge to lick a cactus? Probably not, but what if you could - in an alternatively safer form, of course.

The Spectacular Conclusion of The Color Project by Adrien Broom

Two years ago, self-taught photographer Adrien Broom had a crazy dream. She would build eight room installations that would each represent a different color of the rainbow.

Playful Furniture Design Looks Like a Giant Comfortable Birdsnest

Israel-based Merav (Salush) Eitan and Gaston Zahr of OGE Creative Group were inspired by the structure of a bird's nest to develop this large, playful reclining space.

Photos Capture Intimate Scenes Through Apartment Windows in Paris

American photographer Gail Albert Halaban has voyeuristic tendencies. When she peers out her window, she not only observes the world, but she documents it with her camera for all to see.

Spectacular Sculpture by the Sea Outdoor Exhibition in Australia

From October 23 to November 9, residents and visitors to Sydney can feast their eyes on the spectacular Sculpture by the Sea 2014, Australia's largest annual outdoor sculpture exhibition.

Solar-Powered “eTree” Provides a Restful Phone Charging Station with Free Wi-Fi

A common problem is the need to charge your phone when you’re out and about. But, finding a place to do it is often tricky.

Paralympian Uses His One Leg to Create Amazing Halloween Costumes

Josh Sundquist may be a successful Paralympian, bestselling author, motivational speaker, cancer survivor, and YouTube personality, but he also excels at something else: really great Halloween costumes.

Impressive Father and Son Halloween Costume Imagined Years Before Son Was Born

Years before his son Geraint was born, his father, Ryan, was planning a Halloween costume for just the two of them.

Famous Album Artwork Extends Beyond the Edges to Create New Meanings

If you ever wondered what existed beyond the edges of a music album cover, now's your chance to find out.

Three Photographers Take in Jaw-Dropping Beauty of Iceland

Around this time last year, photographer Elizabeth Gadd decided that she would visit the number one country on her bucket list, Iceland.

Windowless Plane Displays Panoramic Views of the Sky While Reducing Fuel Costs

UK-based tech innovation company Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)'s Windowless Fuselage concept replaces windows on commercial planes with high-definition, flexible panels that can display breathtaking views of the world around the aircraft as it soars across the sky.

Surreal Images Filled with Childhood Fantasy and Dreams

France-based creative Alastair Magnaldo, whose work we first shared four years ago, combines and manipulates multiple photographs to create lovely storybook images filled with childhood fantasy and dreams.

Chameleon-Inspired Jacket Changes Colors Depending on What You Touch

What if your clothing could change colors with everything that you touch? The Norwegian studio named Drap og Design created Interacket, a light-up jacket lined with LED lights that shifts its hue depending on what the wearer touches.

Unforgettable Wedding Gift Created with a GoPro Camera Taped to a Bottle of Whiskey

We’ve seen the fun that’s had with a GoPro camera, and we can now add this video to the list. Redditor Drowsy_jimmy attended the nuptials of Brian and Allie, and instead of getting the happy couple a standard wedding gift, he opted for something that’s simple yet creative.

Hollywood Make-Up Artist Transforms Into Pop Culture Characters

When make-up artist Kandee Johnson isn't working on the prettiest faces in Hollywood, she's replicating them.

Fantastic Surreal Landscapes by Painter Jung-Yeon Min

Paris-based artist Jung-Yeon Min paints fantastic, dreamlike landscapes that are both beautiful and intriguingly grotesque.

Gorgeous Home Perched on Cliff's Edge Opens Up Towards the Sea

Located in Nahr el Mot, Lebanon sits the gorgeous seaside home known as Amchit Residence. It was designed by Blankpage Architects and is perched on the edge of a cliff with a boardwalk-like rooftop deck and a lap pool for unobstructed ocean views.

Woman Spends 10 Hours Crafting the Perfect "Mystique" Halloween Costume

With Halloween quickly approaching, some of the best costumes you’ll see aren’t the ones bought at a store.

Hilarious Captions by Moms Highlight Absurd Parenting Stock Photos

Many of the images that you’ll find on stock photo websites don’t accurately convey reality. And sometimes, the difference between the real world and these sites’ fantasy lands are so far apart that it’s absolutely hilarious.

Playful Installation Invites Visitors to Crawl Through Sculptural Tunnels Made of Tape

For the group exhibition Inside at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, design collective Numen/For Use—consisting of Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler, and Nikola Radeljković—used the everyday material of scotch tape to create an extraordinary, sculptural tunnel that stretches across the top of the entrance hall like a web or the branches of a strange tree.