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Delightful Pots Turn Air Plants into Whimsical Jellyfish

Cathy Van Hoang’s adorably creative planters turn sea urchin shells into pots and make air plants look like whimsical jellyfish.

Macro Photos Show Amazing Details of Everyday Objects

In his macro photo series Amazing Worlds Within Our World, artist Pyanek demonstrates the enormous complexity of everyday objects.

Delicate Sculptures Made from Pressed Flowers Celebrate the Beauty of Spring

Spanish artist Ignacio Canales Aracil uses the art of pressing flowers to craft spectacular sculptures that resemble hollow vessels.

Breathtaking Photos of Central Park During the "Blizzard" of 2015

On Monday, the world held its breath as the news reported that New York City would be hit with one of the largest blizzards in the city's history.

Striking Snapshots of the NYC Subway Captured in 1946 by Stanley Kubrick

Before Stanley Kubrick rose to fame as the acclaimed director of films like 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, and The Shining, he worked as a photographer for Look magazine at the young age of 17.

Artist Constructs Fantastic “Spray-Painted” Fire Out of Snow

As massive amounts of snow have coated US cities like Boston and New York, there’s one sure-fire way to make the most of it - build a snow sculpture!

3D-Printed Bulbshades Inspired by Art Deco-Style Skyscrapers

Product designer David Graas rethinks the standard light bulb with his dazzling, Art-Deco-inspired creations.

Woman Gives Her Dying Dog a Beautiful Bucket List Adventure to Say Goodbye

Travel writer Lauren Fern Watt had been through everything—college, her early 20s, boyfriends, moving to from Tennessee to NYC, and more—with her dog Gizelle at her side.

Photographer Illuminates Fruits and Vegetables From the Inside Out

Photographer Radu Zaciu illuminates fruits and vegetables from the inside out in his unique photo series, “The Light Inside.” The project was spawned when Zaciu began experimenting with lighting techniques and decided to try putting light bulbs inside hollowed-out edible items.

Starbucks Customer Draws Amazingly Detailed 'Lord of the Rings' Map on Cardboard Cup

Most people go to Starbucks to sip on brew and catch up on work. But one customer recently made his coffee cup his project, spending five hours at a Liverpool franchise penning a highly detailed map of Middle Earth on the cardboard cup.

11 Years of Love and Friendship Between a Lion and the Man Who Raised Him

The lion may be known as "the king of the jungle," but 11-year-old Zion is nothing but a loving sweetheart to his caretaker Frikkie Von Solms, a 69-year-old man who lives and cares for big cats in southern Africa.

New in My Modern Shop: Joy St. Claire's Beautifully Enchanting Nature Photography

It brings us great pleasure to announce that we've just added the beautifully enchanting photos of Joy St.

Ghostly Deer Sculpture Stands Deep in a UK Forest

Artist David Freedman created this beautiful, ghostly deer sculpture deep in a UK forest. He was asked by the UK Forestry Commission to make a piece for the Wyre Forest in Worcestershire, England as part of a sensory trail, which make would make it accessible to people in wheelchairs or with limited mobility.

Infographic Instructs You on How to Have the Perfect Workday

If you feel like you don’t accomplish as much as you’d like during the day, perhaps there’s a better way to structure your time.

Wallace the Rabbit Brings Man a Beer on Cardboard Drink Cart

Thirsty bunny owners everywhere will no doubt be jealous after watching this video! A Brooklyn-based man trained this rabbit named Wallace to push a miniature drink cart and deliver him a beer.

New Puppy Joins in Adorable Duo Harlow and Indiana's Daily Cuddles

As of this past December, the adorable canine duo Harlow and Indiana have welcomed a new little sister to the family!

Designers Works Over Ten Years to Complete Gorgeous Grand Piano of the Future

Hungarian pianist Gergely Bogányi recently gave the classic grand piano a makeover with a futuristic twist.

Photographer Docmuments What People Are Reading on the NYC Subway

When Dutch photographer Reinier Gerritsen turned his lens to people reading on the New York City subway system, he launched a project that proves the power of the printed word is alive and well in the midst of public transportation.

Adorable Japanese Boy and His French Bulldog Welcome a Baby Brother

A lot has happened since we first got to know Tasuku, the sweet Japanese boy, and Muu, his French bulldog sidekick.

Artist Spends a Year in the Woods Creating Mysterious, Nature-Inspired Sculptures

Deep in the woods of southern France, artist Spencer Byles transformed the forest into a mysterious wonderland through a series of spectacular, organic sculptures.