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Man Voluntarily Cleaning the Streets for 12 Years Finally Gets Heartfelt Recognition

Ishmael Musa has been a local hero and inspiration to the town of Mt. Albert in Auckland for 12 years, and his efforts have finally been rightfully recognized.

Italian Government Gives €500 to 18-Year-Olds to Buy Books, Museum Tickets, and More

Starting on September 15, the Italian government is giving a generous birthday gift to all of its citizens as they turn 18 years old: a “culture bonus” of €500, or about $563.

Girl with Autism Wanted a Discontinued Shirt, Internet Found and Sent Her 78 of Them

If you needed proof that the Internet can be a very generous place, this is it. This inspiring story begins as many feel-good Internet tales do: with a Facebook call to action post.

Solar-Powered Pipe Desalinates Saltwater Into 1.5 Billion Gallons of Clean Drinking Water

Great design is two fold: it simultaneously solves a problem while enhancing our lives in an aesthetically-pleasing way.

Fisherman Finds 75-Pound Pearl and Keeps It Under His Bed for 10 Years as Good Luck Charm

Nearly 10 years ago, a fisherman living on Palawan Island in the Philippines made a once-in-a-lifetime find: a 75 pound giant pearl was hooked on his boat anchor.

New "Mosaic Sushi" Trend Turns Lunch Into a Visually Stimulating Work of Modern Art

In Japan, a creative new food trend is transforming an everyday dish into an aesthetically alluring delicacy: mosaic sushi.

World's First Interactive Art Exhibit for Dogs Encourages Playfulness and Mental Stimulation

Art is for everyone, and everyone includes your dog! More Than teamed up with British artist and inventor Dominic Wilcox to create the first art exhibition for canines, which opened for just two days last weekend.

Guy Crosses Paths with Eccentric Older Man Using a Mini Tug Boat to Easily Sail Downriver

Last Monday, as he passed through the north England town of Market Drayton, Mick Carroll saw something unusual coming towards him.

Wondrous World of Flowers That Look Like Something Completely Different

Over thousands of years, plants and flowers have had to evolve in order to continue to attract pollinators.

Fashion Designer Transforms Ordinary Clothing Into High Fashion Using Only a Pair of Scissors

Fashion designer Adam Saaks demonstrates the incredible power that a pair of scissors can wield. For over 14 years, he has refined a design technique that involves nothing more than shiny, razor-sharp blades and strategically-placed snips.

“Naked Faces” Reveals How Someone's Expression Changes When Becoming Undressed

At first glance, photographer Dylan Hamm has simply snapped two headshots of a single person. These portraits however, have a secret element to them: in one of the images, the subject is naked.

Dress Submerged in Dead Sea Transforms Into Glimmering Salt-Covered Masterpiece

Israeli artist Sigalit Landau has a special reverence for the Dead Sea. From her childhood home on a hill in Jerusalem, she looked out on the northern banks of the briny waters, and her family visited its shores on weekends.

Photographer Mom Playfully Transforms Daughter’s Shadows into Dream-Like Scenes

The power of imagination can transform a simple idea into a magnificent sight. Self-taught photographer Kelly Tan showcases these magical, inspired moments in her ongoing series I Have a Dream, which features her young daughter casting extraordinary shadows that have morphed into larger-than-life creatures and scenes.

Kind Postman Writes Personal Letters for a Dog Who Loves Getting Mail

Everybody loves getting mail, but perhaps not as much as Pippa the dog. Each day that Brisbane mailman Martin Studer walks down the street on which Pippa's family lives, the dog runs toward him with excitement.

Gorgeous Watercolors Capture European Architecture in Dreamlike Washes

With fluid washes of watercolor, Sunga Park lends gentle fluidity to stony architecture. Her paintings convey gracefully blurred renditions of landmarks located around France, Croatia, Sweden, Hungary, and other international locales, with each one afforded just enough shape and sharp detail to be recognizable, but otherwise pooled into aqueous abstraction as if melting slowly into the page.

Bengal Cat Named Thor Looks Like a Cross Between a Leopard and Tiger

Having the same name as Thor, the hammer-wielding Norse god, is a lot to live up to, but a Bengal cat with an identical moniker does it justice.

My Modern Met is Searching for Contributing Writers

If you've been a fan of My Modern Met and want to go from a casual reader to an actual contributor, guess what, you're in luck.

Men in Iran Are Wearing Hijabs in Support of Women's Rights

Since 1979, Iranian women have been legally obligated to cover their hair in public. Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad has now launched a powerful social movement to champion every individual’s right to decide how to dress, defying the restrictive gender rules.

Vibrant Animal Tattoos Twinkle with Spectacular Colors of the Galaxy

Tattooist Adrian Bascur invigorates his skillful animal designs with more galactic appeal. He fills intricate animal outlines with twinkling, star-studded clouds to create images that exemplify the magnificence of the natural world, beyond the confines of our atmosphere.  To further enhance his dramatically bold space tattoos, the Chilean artist blends magenta and cerulean colors in an approach that is similar to watercolor painting.

Ingeniously Simple Invention Keeps Ice Cream From Dripping All Over Your Hands

The days of ice cream melting down your cone, leaving your hand and arm a sticky mess, are about to be over.