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Photographers Capture the Fascinatingly Rare Mammatus Cloud Phenomenon

Several sky-gazers have had the opportunity to photograph fascinatingly unusual mammatus clouds, which are protrusions that hang from the underside of air masses.

New Frida Kahlo Exhibit Features Rare Images Captured by Legendary Photographers

New York City's Throckmorton Fine Art recently opened a remarkable exhibit entitled Mirror Mirror…Portrait of Frida Kahlo, which features more than thirty rare photographs of world-renowned artists.

Edible and Stackable LEGO Gummy Candy

Grant Thompson of YouTube's King of Random has created LEGOs that cannot only be used for building, but can also be used for eating!

Adorable Elephant Takes Incredible "Elphie" with a Young Traveler's GoPro

Two months ago, 22-year-old Christian LeBlanc was spending a semester abroad in Bangkok when one of his Instagram photos went viral.

Photographer Creates Detailed Miniature Worlds with LEGO Characters and Life-Size Objects

French artist Samsofy started out by photographing extreme sports in urban areas, but has recently focused his camera on smaller subjects.

Parents Give Their Daughter a History Lesson by Recreating Photos of Famous Heroines

When Brooklyn photographer Marc Bushelle and his wife Janine decided to teach their daughter Lily about famous African American women, they had her dress up as the historical figures for a series of photos.

Intimate Family Photos Reveal the Lives of Famous Artists

Curator Merry Foresta has spent the last few years collecting one-of-a-kind snapshots of famous artists from the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art.

This Cat Hoodie Features A Special Cuddle Pouch for Your Furry Friend

There is nothing better than snuggling with your furry friend and thanks to a new sweatshirt by the Japanese company Unhabitat, you can now do this hands-free!

This Stunning Outdoor Geometric Structure Is the World's First Hanging Zome

Using mathematical formulas and patterns, structural engineer Richie Duncan invented the Kodama Zome, which is the world's first hanging zome.

Flocks of Sheep Roam Across the Tuscan Countryside in Breathtaking Aerial Photos

During his summer and springtime trips to Italy, Polish photographer Marcin Sobas has captured captivating aerial views of Tuscany's sheep-filled scenery.

Woman Quit Her Job to Construct Remarkable Bamboo Homes in Bali

In 2010, Elora Hardy left her successful fashion career in New York and returned to her childhood home in Bali, which is where she decided to build bamboo houses for a living.

Charcoal Portraits Portray Intense Drama and Emotion Through Shadows

When sketching monochromatic portraits of his subjects, English artist Dylan Andrews does not use a typical technique.

Please Welcome Our New Contributing Writer: Photographer Sarah Ann Loreth

No doubt, you're probably already familiar with the name Sarah Ann Loreth. Throughout the seven years we've been around, we've featured her strong, conceptual photography countless times calling her images everything from "hauntingly engaging" to "mystifying" and "surreal." In a new series called Behind the Lens, she's been interviewing photographers to give us a deeper, more richer story behind the creatives she personally calls her friends.

Solar-Powered Ecocapsule Allows You to Live Off the Grid Anywhere in the World

Slovakia's Nice Architects recently revealed several exciting details about the Ecocapsule that will give you the opportunity to live anywhere in the world.

City Leaf Map Posters Beautifully Showcase Your City Pride

Brooklyn-based graphic designer Andrew Martis has created a beautiful set of city posters using imagery inspired by leaves.

Creative Dam Curry is a Popular Dish Near Famous Dams in Japan

A culinary trend known as "dam curry" is delighting diners all across Japan. Dam curry is a special dish featuring rice shaped like a dam that is holding back a flood of delicious curry. This dish was first seen in 1965, but it has gained a tremendous amount of popularity near famous Japanese dams over the past eight years.

Teenagers Design Tiny Houses For Seattle Homeless Community

A group of enterprising teenagers in Seattle has turned out an innovative set of plans to make life easier for the city’s homeless population, and they’re now making the designs a reality.

Artist Combines Paint Swatches and Retro Drawings in Sleek Designs

Walking down the paint aisle at a home-improvement store and examining the vibrant hues of color swatches calls to mind an infinity of vague possibilities.

Asymmetrical Cabin Design Inspired by the Surrounding Dolomite Mountains

Overlooking Italy’s Dolomite Mountains sits the Valley House, a timber cabin designed by architecture firm Plan Bureau.

Photographer Lovingly Captures Candid and Theatrical Moments with Her 97-Year-Old Muse

When illustrator Marie Ulmer and photographer Candace Karch met in 2007, they became fast friends and embarked on an extraordinary photographic journey together.