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Illuminated Woven Tree House Sits High Amongst the Branches

UK-based artist Tom Hare created the Cherry Tree House, a large-scale structure woven from thin boughs of wood into a beautifully spherical shape.

Artist Creates a Detailed Miniature Painting Every Single Day

Cape Town, South Africa-based artist Lorraine Loots has an incredible eye for detail. In her series, called 365 Postcards for Ants, Loots plans to produce a miniature painting every day for an entire year.

Sky and Landscape Merge in Breathtaking Photos of Salar de Uyuni Salt Flat

After seeing a photo of a salt flat in a guidebook about Bolivia, Tokyo-based photographer Asako Shimizu dreamt of one day seeing the magnificent sight in person.

World's Deepest Swimming Pool is an Astounding 131 Feet Deep

So, maybe you’ve swam in the deep end of the swimming pool, but certainly not one like Y-40 The Deep Joy.

Fragmented Mural Combines Optical Illusions With Street Art Style

Italian studio Truly Design recently completed a project that combines the magic of optical illusion with a street art style.

Wooden Spiral Staircase Has Fanning Steps Flowing Into Graceful Form

We’ve marveled over a number of beautiful staircases recently, and the Risa by Norwegian architect Tron Meyer is no different.

21-Year-Old Photographer's Conceptual Portraits Explore Worlds of Fantasy

Ventura County, California-based photographer Christopher J. Rivera explores extraordinary worlds of fantasy in his spectacular conceptual photography.

Adjustable Desk Accessory Transforms a Sitting Desk Into a Standing One

Many of us spend most of our day sitting down and have probably heard about how detrimental it is to our health.

Amusing “Cartoon Bombing” Cleverly Interacts With Surroundings

For French illustrator Troqman, the world is a stage to display artwork that he calls “cartoon bombing.” The artist travels with a spiral-bound sketch pad and draws amusingly-exaggerated pictures that cleverly interact with their environment.

Adorable Bull Terrier Stars in Owner's Imaginative Illustrations

What do you get when you put together an illustrator, his Bull Terrier, and some white walls? An imaginative series of portraits starring the adorable pup, of course!

Detailed Portraits of Scientists Constructed Out of Hundreds of Matchsticks

The Manhattan Project is a rare and unique collection of portraits that feature scientists who were closely tied to the creation of the world's first nuclear weapon.

The Most Breathtaking Visuals at Beakerhead 2014

For five days in mid-September, Beakerhead throws an extraordinary five-day-long smash-up filled with extraordinary art, memorizing street installations, and thought-provoking talks.

Hilarious Photo Series Brings Attention to Problematic Potholes

One way to draw attention to those annoying potholes on your block is to turn the problem into a clever photo project.

Dreamy Seahorse-City Sculpture Explores Relationship Between Man and Nature

Guangzhou, China-based sculptor Hu Shaoming's Dreamland piece is an evocative reflection on nature and humanity expressed through the form of a hybrid seahorse with a golden city sprouting from its head.

Playful Photos of Adorable Puppies Swimming Underwater

If you thought it was impossible to improve on Seth Casteel's niche of photographing dogs playing underwater, think again.

Impressive Exhibition Hides One Smiley-Faced Screw Among 36,445 Others

The phrase “finding a needle in a haystack” could be applicable when describing a new exhibition by studio yumakano.

Adorable Mini Pigs Model Fashionable Ensembles on Their Instagram

Miss Piggy has always been a fashionable Muppet, so it’s no surprise when her real-life counterparts are the same way.

One-Wheeled Electric Micro-cycle Lets Riders Travel in Ease and Style

Move over, Segway, a new personal mobility vehicle has rolled into town. After his 13-year-old daughter asked if it was possible to build a one-wheeled motorcycle that she had seen in a video game, engineer Chris Hoffmann spent the next seven years making that dream a reality by constructing the RYNO, a futuristic-looking electric unicycle.

Breathtaking Photos of Ocean Waves Capture the Thrill of Surfing

New Jersey-based photographer Ryan Struck seeks to capture the thrill and beauty of surfing in his gorgeous images of crashing waves awash with the glow of natural sunlight.

Stunning Wood Furniture Looks Like Its Tied in a Knot

Artisan Kino Guerin makes sturdy wood look as though it’s as easy to tie as string. The beautifully-crafted furniture is a family affair - his wife, Elyse, sometimes helps in the fabrication of tables, shelving, and more.