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New in the Shop: Banksy-Inspired LEGO Scenes by Jeff Friesen

"There is something compelling about gritty street scenes rendered in clean, modernist LEGO bricks." Banksy and LEGO fans rejoice!

Feminist Picture Book Highlights Heroines Through the ABCs

This recently released picture book offers a strong female role model for every letter of the alphabet.

Stunning Posters Merge Famous Movie Directors' With Their Iconic Films

Hamburg-Germany based illustrator Julian Rentzsch has teamed up with Steffen Heidemann and Viktoria Klein at Stellavie, an independent design studio, to create a unique set of posters featuring movie directors merged with their famous films.

Devoted Daughter Takes Her Elderly, Wheelchair-Bound Mother on a Trip to See the World

After a tragic accident left An Rong's elderly mother confined to a wheelchair, the 87-year-old woman suffered from depression, often spending entire days in her bed without eating or drinking.

Adorable Minimalist Illustrations Have a Hilariously Sharp Wit

Illustrator and designer David Olenick has a knack for pairing adorable characters with a biting wit.

Digital Waterfall and More Remarkable Projections Transform the Grand Palais for Art Paris 2015

For this year's Art Paris Art Fair, every night, from March 26 till March 29, the facade of the iconic Grand Palais will turn into a beautiful, digital canvas.

Wanderlust-Worthy Photos Capture the Moody Wilderness of Western Australia

Get lost in the magnificent landscapes of Western Australia captured by Perth-based photographer Chris Beecroft.

Adorable, Extremely Rare "Magic Rabbit" Spotted for the First Time in Two Decades

Meet the Ili pika (Ochotona iliensis), an extremely elusive, cuddly creature that is rarely seen by human eyes.

Cutting Edge Art and Technology Installations at STRP Biennial Defy Boundaries and Notion of Space

From March 20 to March 29, Eindhoven in the Netherlands is hosting a major art and technology event, the STRP Biennial.

Mezmorizing Paper Dome Turns the Sky into a Kaleidoscope

This beautiful, geometric “telescope” turns gazing at the sky into a mesmerizing experience. From the outside, the piece looks like a plain, white cylinder.

Gorgeous Murals by L7m Blur the Line Between Realism and Abstraction

For years, we’ve admired how Brazilian street artist L7m paints gorgeous portraits of birds. His murals are always full of color and have a palpable energy, and he’s recently brought that same intensity to the streets of Paris and Vitry in France.

“MythBusters” Co-Host Painstakingly Recreates Hedge Maze From “The Shining”

Adam Savage, perhaps best known as the co-host of MythBusters, is a huge Stanley Kubrick fan. He visited a traveling exhibit about the famed director’s films (it included scripts, memorabilia, and more) three times and spent a total of 10 hours taking it all in.

Beautiful Watercolor Paintings of Architecture by Thomas W. Schaller

"Don't paint the scene in front of you. Paint the light that defines it and gives it life." Though he was raised on a farm in the Midwest, Thomas W.

Striking Street Photos Capture the Vibrant Culture of Harlem in the 1970s

In the summer of 1970, French photographer Jack Garofalo (1923-2004) spent six weeks in Harlem, NYC shooting a series of photos for the cover story of Paris Match magazine.

Touching Video Captures the Moment When Colorblind People See Color for the First Time

It's estimated that nearly 300 million people across the globe are affected by colorblindness. Valspar Paint, in partnership with EnChroma, is helping individuals experience color for the first time through their campaign #ColorForAll.

Crochet Artist Wraps Yarn Around Homeless Shelter in India to Raise Awareness

Olek, a self-proclaimed “crochet graffiti” artist, recently brightened up a homeless shelter in India by swaddling the entire building in a colorful, knitted tapestry.

Enchanting Porcelain Animals Sit Serenely in Shallow Bowls

Designer Hella Jongerius’ Nymphenburg Sketches series features enchanting sculptures of small animals sitting in the middle of white porcelain bowls.

Breathtaking Aerial Panoramas Show the World Like You've Never Seen Before

Ready to see the world like you've never seen it before? AirPano, a not-for-profit company that focuses on high-resolution panoramic shots, has traveled to over 230 breathtaking locations on our planet, giving us the most incredible aerial views of this earth.

Playful Photo Booth Portraits Showcase Adoptable Dogs’ Sweet Personalities

There’s no shortage of pets that need a good home, but how do you best show people that their new pal is waiting for them at the shelter?

2,300 Floating Flowers Move to Greet Visitors in Interactive Installation

In this exquisite and fully-immersive installation, 2,300 flowers are suspended in a room and respond to the moment when a visitor enters their space.