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Ingenious Smart Crib Monitors Babies Through the Night and Gently Rocks Them Back to Sleep

As any new parent knows, a newborn baby does not exactly “sleep like a baby.” Whether the little bundle of joy is just a bit fussy or having a middle-of-the-night meltdown, trying to soothe a stirring baby back to sleep can be a tricky and tiring task.

Proud Mom Packs Two Lunches Every Day for Son Who Secretly Feeds a Friend

Since the beginning of this school year, Josette Duran has kept an unusual morning routine at the request of her son, Dylan.

Adorable Goat Grows Up With Two Dogs as Foster Parents

With the help of two unlikely foster parents, 6-week-old Hans knows a thing or two about how to be a goat—and a dog.  Hans and his St.

Striking Black & White Portraits of Elegant Dancers Caught in Captivating Motion

Based in St. Petersburg, artist Vadim Stein boasts an extensive and eclectic background. Though he currently identifies as a photographer, videographer, sculptor, and stage designer, his past creative endeavors span graphic design, art restoration, and even acting.

Ladies Born Before Women Had the Right to Vote Are Proud to Cast Their Ballot for Hillary Clinton

In an election that has seemingly dragged on forever—with some particularly nasty moments—it’s easy to forget just how far we’ve come as a country.

Couple's Romantic Engagement Shoot in the Woods Is Accidentally Crashed by a Black Metal Band

Truth is often stranger than fiction, something John Awesome and Nydia Hernandez prove in their engagement photo shoot after it was crashed in the most hilarious way.

Boy with Autism Bonding with His First Friend Brings His Mother to Tears

Call it magic, call it science...whatever you call the comfort that a dog can bring to a human, it's real.

Photographer Spends Hours on Bridges to Capture Colorful Overhead Portraits of Street Vendors

Keen photographers have the ability to elevate the ordinary into stunning imagery and photographer Loes Heerink has done just that with her series about the street vendors of Hanoi.

Interview: Key Moments of Classic Fairytales Revealed Through Minimalist Photography

Growing up with an old copy of Grimm's Fairytales next to her bed, German photographer Laura Zalenga has always had creative stories inside of her—they were just waiting to find the right medium for expression.

Victorian-Era Home Is Completely Transformed with a Contemporary Triangular Window

Canadian design studio +tongtong recently transformed a three-story Victorian house in Toronto by incorporating contemporary schemes while retaining its traditional elements.

Street Artist Creates Crumbling Portraits on Abandoned Buildings to Reveal the Fragility of Beauty

Australian street artist Rone has torn himself away from the bigger, better, higher philosophy of modern day muralism for a new, intimate project that explores the fragility of beauty in crumbling interiors.

Groom-To-Be Handcrafts a Spellbinding Harry Potter-Inspired Pensieve for His Fiancée

As his wedding day quickly approached, excited groom-to-be Matt Brocone wanted to surprise his fiancée with an extra special—and even magical—gift.

Grass Roof Home Is Built Into the Ground for Energy-Conserving Camouflage

There is almost no setting more perfect for a living space than the stunning Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Tiny Mobile House Made From Upcycled Materials Lets You Live Off-Grid and Mortgage-Free

Greemoxie, a Canadian lifestyle magazine exploring green living, has built their first tiny house, sparing nothing to create an inviting space out of small quarters.

Artist Dissects Famous Films by Displaying All the Iconic Objects Found in Them

Many people remember a movie for its unforgettable characters or incredible plot twists, but Jordan Bolton commemorates great films with the small things.

Beach House Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Is Available on Airbnb for $150 A Night

For just $150 a night, you can make yourself at home in the beautiful Cooke House, a lakeside abode in Virginia Beach that happens to be an iconic Frank Lloyd Wright creation.

Adorable Service Dog Patiently Poses for a Caricature at Disneyland

Apparently, Disneyland isn’t “the Happiest Place on Earth” just for humans—service dogs love it, too!

Loving Dad Transforms His Son's Wheelchair Into the Ecto-1 Ghostbusters Car

Born with spina bifida, 9-year-old Jeremy relies on his wheelchair to help him get around and do things that kids his age enjoy, like playing basketball.

Floating Jellyfish Lodges Combat Pollution and Grow Food for the Community

Polluted waterways are a fact of life in many parts of the world, taking a valuable resource away from populations in need.

Free Class Teaches Single Dads How to Paint Their Daughters' Nails

Philippe Morgese is the inspiring single dad of Emma, who has taught himself all the life skills necessary for raising a daughter in today's society—which includes braiding hair and painting fingernails.