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Vibrant Landscape Paintings Use the Color Orange to Capture the Warm Glow of the American West

Artist Erin Hanson is known for expressing her love of the outdoors through vibrant landscape paintings.

Monthly Selects: Our Favorite September Finds

With fall officially in full swing, it’s time to take a look back at some of our favorite product finds for September.

First Ever “Beard Jewelry” Collection Adds a Hint of Glitz to Men's Facial Hair

Women have a ton of options when it comes to wearing hair accessories. Men? Not so much—and this is especially true for their beards.

Couple Dresses as Disney Princesses for Engagement Photos to Celebrate Their Modern-Day Fairytale

Yalonda and Kayla Solseng found their “princess charming” in one another, and like many in couples in love, decided to get married.

Street Artist Adds a Delicate Touch of Lace to Public Urban Spaces

Inspired by the dainty doily, street artist NeSpoon is known for her delicate designs that adorn—and subsequently spruce up—public spaces around the world.

Natural Optical Illusion Looks Like an Impossible Lake Sits Hundreds of Feet Above the Ocean

Halfway between Iceland and Norway lies the rugged Faroe Islands. This windy and wet archipelago is home to the curious Lake Sørvágsvatn, a body of water that appears as if it’s situated hundreds of feet above the ocean.

"12 Cats Lady" Cares for a Dozen Rescued Felines Full-Time

Caring for one housecat can be hard, but manageable. Ensuring enough exercise, scooping the litter each day, and patching up scratched furniture are just a few of the toils that come with a feline friend.

Designer Turns Her Ordinary Bathroom Into an Extraordinary Work of Art Inspired by Nature

Fashion designer Roza Khamitova had a dilemma. She had gathered so many sketches of potential scarf designs for her clothing line, Shovava, that they no longer fit in the boxes and bins under her bed.

Adorable Guinea Pig Is the Photogenic Star of Her Own Magical Portraits

It's not always easy to get pets to cooperate for hours of photo shoots, but somehow Mieps the Guinea Pig manages to pose long enough for her Netherlands-based human, Marloes van Antwerpen, to snap a great photo.

Selfless Man Stays Behind in War-Torn Syria to Voluntarily Care for Hundreds of Stray Cats

The conflict in Syria continues to force millions of refugees out of their homes. These victims of war are constantly torn from loved ones and must leave friends, family, and pets behind.

11 Awe-Inspiring Feats Captured by Winners of the Red Bull Illume 2016 Photo Competition

The energy drink Red Bull that “gives you wings” also provides action and adventure sports photographers the opportunity to showcase their most compelling images.

Selfless Man Stays Behind in War-Torn Syria to Voluntarily Cares for Hundreds of Stray Cats

The conflict in Syria continues to force millions of refugees out of their homes. These victims of war are constantly torn from loved ones and must leave friends, family, and pets behind.

Adorable Portraits of Unlikely Animal Pairs with Matching Fur

A connoisseur of the cute and cuddly, Warren Photographic specializes in commercial shots of nature and animals.

Customizable “Dragon Slippers” Line Your Cold Feet with Cozy Crocheted Scales

The dropping temperatures are the perfect time to add some whimsy to your wardrobe. Wearing more layers, after all, means that there are more opportunities to infuse a sense of fun into your everyday attire.

New Parents Dress Up Their Triplets in Adorably Hilarious DIY Halloween Costumes

Baby’s first Halloween is an undeniably exciting (and inevitably adorable) milestone for new parents.

Filmmaker Accidentally Captures Perfect Drone Shot of Newlyweds on a Rooftop

Filmmaker Brandon Li stumbled upon an unexpected capture when reviewing stills from a drone test. If great photography is a balance of skill, timing, and luck, Li certainly had a combination of all three.

Gravity-Defying 'Inception' Coffee Table Suspends a City Skyline Over Itself

Designer Stelios Mousarris has added to his Inception-inspired series of coffee and dining tables, Wave City, with a new, sleek black edition coffee table.

Syrian Refugee Saves Woman's Wedding Day After She Has a Wardrobe Malfunction

Most weddings experience their own form of unwelcome surprises, with some are easier to remedy than others.

Photographer Mom Poginantly Documents the Incredible Bond Between Her Son and His Pets

We all know that a dog is man’s best friend, but what about a rabbit, a cat, and a guinea pig? In her sweet series, My Son and His Pets, photographer Ana Rosenberg documents her son’s undying companionship with these cuddly creatures.

Real Size of Large Wonders of the World Are Put Into Perspective through Visual Comparisons

It’s hard to understand just how big (or small) something truly is, especially when it appears in an unfamiliar context.