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Sculptor Masterfully Crafts Everyday Objects Out of Wire Frames

What would everyday objects look like as the most minimal possible outlines? Berlin-born sculptor Thomas Raschke has dedicated his Wire Frames project to answer precisely this question.

Miniature Paper Architecture That Moves by Charles Young

In his spare time, Edinburgh-based Charles Young creates these miniature paper scenes that move. With a Bachelors and a Masters in architecture from Edinburgh College of Art, he studied the way buildings are constructed for six years.

Enormous Horse Head Sculptures Illuminate the Scottish Skyline at Night

Towering 30 meters (nearly 100 feet) above the ground, The Kelpies consists of a pair of enormous horse head sculptures installed by artist Andy Scott in Falkirk, Scotland.

Damien Hirst's Aerial Cityscapes Formed with Needles, Pins and Scalpels

New York Light glints off New York, Paris, Baghdad and fourteen other cities in Black Scalpel Cityscapes, the latest series by renowned UK artist Damien Hirst.

Iceland Goes Underwater in Surreal Series, "Siren Songs"

Having worked as a digital artist for George Lucas' Academy Award-winning motion picture visual effects company, Industrial Light & Magic, San Francisco-based Sam Breach was happy seeing his name on the big screen for such movies as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean, but knew in his heart that he wanted something more.

Remarkably Pristine Ancient Greek Mosaics Uncovered in Turkish City of Zeugma

A team of archeologists led by Professor Kutalmış Görkay of Ankara University recently unearthed three ancient Greek mosaics in the Turkish city of Zeugma near the border of Syria.

Stunning Portraits of Farm Animals Capture Them in a Different Light

In photographer Kevin Horan’s series Chattel, he poses a question: what would it look like if his ungulate neighbors came into the studio and asked to have their portraits made?

“Jack in the Beanstalk” Retold Through a 3D Laser-Cut Storybook

Japanese graphic designer and architect Yusuke Oono is a favorite here at the Met, and with good reason - his laser-cut storybooks are incredible!

Photographer Captures Inner Clockwork of Old Calculators

In his series Low Tech, photographer Kevin Twomey gives us a glimpse of the convoluted inner workings of decades-old calculators.

Pregnancy Book Changes in Size with the Expectant Mother

Pregnancy is a special time for a woman, and Mother Book created by the advertising firm Dentsu Naoya documents it in an extra meaningful way.

Intricately Detailed Millennium Falcon Model Made From Cardboard Boxes

Instead of tossing out a basement's worth of cardboard boxes, animation artist Thomas Richner gave them new life as an immaculately detailed model of the Millennium Falcon.

Infographic Visualizes Which Countries are the World’s Happiest

Which country is the happiest in the world? To find the answer, you simply need to look at this infographic published by, a resource for people who want to live abroad.

Regularly Proportioned "Lammily" Doll Promotes Realistic Beauty Standards

From a young age, many girls are exposed to the unrealistic beauty standards that traditional Barbie dolls set as a nearly unattainable ideal: tall, blonde, blue-eyed, heavily made-up, and extremely slender.

12 More Photos of People Awestruck by Nature

Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia After we published our first set of photos that showed people awestruck by nature, we felt as though we owed it to you to find more images.

Mother and Artist Documents the Miscellaneous Objects Found in Her Baby Son's Mouth

As anyone who's ever watched over a toddler for more than ten minutes knows, babies will pick up just about anything and put it in their mouths.

Giant Head Sculpture is Covered with Wads of Chewing Gum

So this is what it looks like when you give people free reign to put their chewing gum on a sculpture!

Hand-Carved Wooden Sculpture of a Monk Distorted by Glitches

Perth, Australia-based artist Paul Kaptein explores themes of emptiness and time in his new sculpture titled and in the endless sounds there came a pause.

Hilarious Series Replaces Humans with Sloths on Famous Album Covers

Do sloths make everything better? Matt Tucker, the Picture Editor at Buzzfeed UK, thinks so. He’s the mastermind behind this hilarious series of sloths that replace humans on iconic album covers.

Artist Boldly Reimagines US Currency with Modern Design

Blending vivid colors, sleek geometric patterns, and minimalist elegance, American designer Travis Purrington offers up a bold new vision for US currency.

Top 10 Breakthrough Artists in 2014

The best of the best! It's that time of year again, time to look back and list the Top 10 Breakthrough Artists of the Year.