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Instagram Star Tim Landis on the Secrets of His Success

Amboseli National Park, Kenya Chennai, India Before he was a jet-setting photographer, Tim Landis was a curious medical supply delivery man with a passion for beautiful places.

The Photographer Who Devoted 15 Years to LGBTQ Role Models

Mother Flawless Sabrina, Female Impersonator. New York, NY. George Takei, Actor from Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, Star Wars, Heroes.

A Photographer Explores Love, Loss, Life and Death

akkedis, prince albert, karoo, south africa fallen giraffe, somerset east, eastern cape, south africa – from the series ‘the fallen’ I once saw a box.

A Journey to the World’s Southernmost Inhabited Place

“It’s a sort of last frontier, a legend-filled land that people want to visit as a place where discoveries can be made,” says Ghent-based photographer Britt Vangenechten of the world’s southernmost inhabited place.

Science Fiction and Real Life Collide in These Photos of ‘The Future’

© Ben Alper / The Archival Impulse © Daniel Temkin Curator Jon Feinstein put out the call for the exhibition Future Isms in the midst of the Presidential election, when our destinies weren’t fixed and two distinct futures played in our imaginations. The group show, on view at Glass Box Gallery in Seattle, presents an almost infinite number of potential futures, as seen through the eyes of 22 photographers and photo-based artists.

One Photographer’s Surreal, Poetic Vision of the World (Sponsored)

Taken with the Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Sweet 50 Optic Taken with the Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Sweet 50 Optic Hengki Lee‘s photographs aren’t from a different world; they’re from a parallel, funhouse mirror version of our own.

What the Lives of Strangers in Old Photos are Like Now

The son of Polish parents, who “went on a journey to hell and back” before settling in England in 1947, postwar, Chris Porsz now lives in Peterborough, England.

Photos Imagine Trump As An Immigrant

Photographer Veronica Gabriela Cardenas wanted somehow to tell the stories of our country’s undocumented immigrants.

An Intimate Look Behind the Scenes in a Chinese Nightclub

Ukrainian photographer Sergey Melnitchenko first arrived in China as a dancer. Performing in a nameless Chinese club he describes as being “more like a huge bar with a stage,” it wasn’t until he paid full attention to the surroundings that the singular atmosphere of the place struck him.

One Grandson’s Poetic Photos of His Widowed Grandfather

Harald Pettersson fell in love with Hjordis the first time he saw her. They lived on nearby farms in a Swedish village.

Voyeuristic Photos of Tokyo Commuters on the Way to Work

Michael Wolf makes rush hour last an eternity. Now in its forth edition, his smash-hit book Tokyo Compression– along with the coinciding exhibition by Blue Lotus Gallery– chronicles countless weekday mornings on the city’s packed subway cars, where human bodies, their breath and their sweat, leave dewdrops of condensation on the glass.

Photos of the Eternal Kinship Shared by Women and Horses

As a child, Finnish photographer Wilma Hurskainen found horses enchanting, but she wasn’t permitted to ride them until she grew up.

The Photographer Who Stalked a Serial Killer

From March 17th until July 11th, 2016, a serial shooter targeted the Phoenix neighborhood of Maryvale.

Photos Address Women and Their Complex Relationship with Domesticity

For most of history. Anonymous was a woman. – Virginia Woolf Chicago-based photographer Patty Carroll‘s most recent project Anonymous Women is made up of a series of staged photographs using models, drapery and household objects to address women and their complex relationship with domesticity.  Having grown up in mid-century suburban Chicago during an era where suburban living was idealized, Carroll has since developed a deep fascination with the idea of home. In these highly saturated theatrical scenes, anonymous figures appear draped in cocoon-like textiles and are accessorized with chandeliers and other household objects to comment on the role of women in the home.

Tragedy, Death and Disaster in Mexico City

Mexico City (VW burning), 1951 © Enrique Metinides. Courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery State of Mexico, 1963 © Enrique Metinides. Courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery Enrique Metinides photographed his first dead body at the age of twelve.

Don’t Miss Eggleston’s ‘Los Alamos’ on View at Foam in Amsterdam

William Eggleston, En Route to New Orleans, 1972-1974, from the series Los Alamos, 1965-1974 © Eggleston Artistic Trust / Courtesy David Zwirner, New York/London William Eggleston, Memphis, 1965-1968, from the series Los Alamos, 1965-1974 © Eggleston Artistic Trust / Courtesy David Zwirner, New York/London When he first started the project in 1966, a young William Eggleston had plans to publish the Los Alamos photographs over a series of 20 volumes.

145 Minimal Photos Find Magic In the Mundane

© Lulu Ash (@luluashstudio) For our latest group show, we invited you to submit your minimalist photographs.

One Father’s Photos of the Magic of Childhood

“As we age,” Kentucky photographer Adrian C. Murray says, “we tend to forget the wonder that comes with being young.” He’s rediscovered pieces of that awe and curiosity in his three young children, two boys and a girl, all under the age of five.

50 Years Later, The Courage of Gordon Parks

Untitled, Shady Grove, Alabama, 1956. © The Gordon Parks Foundation from the book I AM YOU: Selected Works, 1942–1978 by Gordon Parks, published by Steidl The Fontenelles at the Poverty Board, Harlem, New York, 1967 © The Gordon Parks Foundation from the book I AM YOU: Selected Works, 1942–1978 by Gordon Parks, published by Steidl I Am You, the new book of Gordon Parks photographs published by Steidl, The Gordon Parks Foundation, and C/O Berlin, draws its title from a 1967 Life photo essay called A Harlem Family, in which the photojournalist told the story of an African American couple named Bessie and Norman Fontenelle as they struggled to feed and clothe their nine children. Parks penned the introduction himself, beginning with the following lines: “What I want.

Haunting Photos of Polar Bears in a World Without Ice

No Snow, No Ice? Photographer Patty Waymire has sent prints of No Snow, No Ice? both to former President Barack Obama and to current President Donald Trump.