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A Deeply Human Look at the Lives of Transgender Youth

“All my friends say ‘Oh, I started my period.’ or ‘I’m a B cup now.’ It’s hard for them to understand that that doesn’t happen to us and that we can’t give birth.

The True and Untold Stories of The Black Panthers

B Kwaku Duren © Bryan Shih, from the book ‘The Black Panthers: Portraits From an Unfinished Revolution’ Charlotte O’Neal © Bryan Shih, from the book ‘The Black Panthers: Portraits From an Unfinished Revolution’ In 1981, one year before the dissolution of the Black Panther Party, co-founder Bobby Seale told a full college auditorium, “Today we don’t need guns; we need computers.” On the 50th anniversary of the party’s founding, photojournalist Bryan Shih sees that prediction coming to life in the Black Lives Matter movement: once more, young people are making their voices heard, against a backdrop of our country’s police brutality, mass incarceration, and systemic racism.

Remembering the Horrific Exile of Thousands of People

Fatima Uzhakhova, Ingush, was a granddaughter of biggest landlord in the Caucasus. Her family was split: some were repressed as “public enemies” of the Soviets, andothers joined the Bolsheviks.

Paul Nicklen Captures the Beauty and Fragility of the Polar Regions

To counter contemporary political discourses denying climate change, we need only turn our heads to the polar regions to understand the urgency of protecting these fragile yet beautiful ecosystems.

Tales From a Street Photographer in St. Petersburg

When I asked Alexander Petrosyan to tell me why St. Petersburg is a great place for street photography, he answered honestly.

Minimalist Snapshots of the World by ‘the Agoraphobic Traveller’

Impressive cactus, Sun City, Arizona. Football game, Chile. “At first I was uncomfortable with sharing my mental health issues publicly,” photographer Jacqui Kenny, sometimes known as the “Agoraphobic Traveller,” says, “Now it’s something I talk openly about.” An estimated 1.7% of the human population suffers from agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder characterized by fear of public spaces, public transportation, open spaces, and/or large crowds.

Fashion and Architecture Collide in the Work of ‘Modelographer’ Josef Adamu (Sponsored)

From Josef Adamu’s Squarespace website It’s impossible to put Josef Adamu inside a box. He’s a creative director, but he’s never content staying behind the lens.

A Death Photographer on the Sacred River Ganges

Warning: this article contains images of dead bodies. The expression “when one door closes, another opens” seems apt when Italian photographer Matteo de Mayda recounts the tale of how this series began.

The Couple Who Found A Shared Love For Tornado Chasing

07 May 2016: A classic severe weather set-up in the high plains of Colorado near the town of Wray, which yielded one of the most photogenic tornadoes of the year.

The Only Spaces for Intimacy in Romanian Jails

When Romania became part of the European Union in 2007, the country had adjustments to make. Among them was that every jail in the country had to have an ‘intimate room,’ a place for inmates to spend private time with their partners.

20 Years of Protest in NYC, in Photos

Brooklyn, 1991. A woman walks by a line of police during the Crown Heights race riots in Brooklyn. This was a three-day racial riot that occurred from August 19th to 21st and pitted African American and Caribbean Americans against Jewish residents.

Haunting Visions of the Sprawling American West

French photographer Emmanuel Monzon thinks living in the United States is like living inside a painting.

The Forgotten History Of The Koreans Of Mexico And Cuba

To many it might come as a surprise to learn that there are Korean-Mexicans and Korean-Cubans, though with this revelation it becomes imperative to come to terms with the largely forgotten tragedy which befell their ancestors.

These Majestic Photos Capture a Disappearing Way of Life

In 2001, California-based photographer Oliver Klink embarked on a project to document the disappearing traditions and customs across Asia as modernization and cultural homogenization takes its toll.

Visions of Iceland from a Remote Sheep Farm

In her remote corner of Iceland, photographer Marzena Skubatz makes her home in a sheep farm and weather station.

Portraits Depict Life In A Powerful New Zealand Gang

Casey Morton, a photographer based in New South Wales, Australia, wanted to document the contradictory existence of belonging to one of New Zealand’s most powerful gangs, the Black Power NZ.

A French Photographer Finds Magic in the Streets of China

French photographer Marilyn Mugot longs for dépaysement. The word doesn’t have a direct English translation; some dictionaries define it as “disorientation” or “a change in scenery,” but the artist describes it simply as “this feeling of being far away from home.” And she found it in China.

The Woman Who Wanted to Photograph Every House in Poland

© Zofia Rydet, from the series Sociological Record, Courtesy Foundation Zofia Rydet © Zofia Rydet, from the series Sociological Record, Courtesy Foundation Zofia Rydet “Zofia Rydet mentioned in one of her letters that taking photos for her is like vodka to an alcoholic,” curator Sebastian Cichocki says of the 20th century photographer, “It’s like an addiction, so she collects more and more and more and she’s never satisfied.” Rydet, a native of what was then part of Poland and is now Ukraine, was obsessive about photography.

Animated Gifs Tell a Story of War and Hope on ‘Syria Street’

Abbas, Shopkeeper, Bab al-Tabbaneh Nisrine’s family, Bab al-Tabbaneh Hana Awad working, Bab al-Tabbaneh “People get used to war,” photographer Brandon Tauszik says.

Greetings from Uzbekistan, the Country that Grows Cotton in the Desert

London-based photographer Marco Barbieri has always been interested in countries where politics and religion play a central role in people’s lives.