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Photo du Jour: Lone Stars

Open Since 1950 For It’s only a short walk from home, New York-based photographer Courtney Dudley returns to her hometown just beyond the borders of Dallas, Texas, capturing her surroundings through a lens that is at once intimate and alien.

Photos of Wayward Farmers Reinterpret the Mythos of the American West

Dean, 2013 Drew Emerging, 2014 For Manifest, photographer Kristine Potter reinterprets quintessential visions of the American West, reframing the Colorado Western Slope and its remote inhabitants in such a way that distorts and obscures traditional legends of the past.

Playful and Absurd Still Lifes by Molly Cranna

© Molly Cranna / Offset © Molly Cranna / Offset Los Angeles-based photographer Molly Cranna’s playful still lifes position themselves at the border of the seductive and the grotesque.

From Kazakhstan to Kentucky: 36 Photos Provide a Glimpse Inside Zoos Around the World

Kodiak Bear, Lake Superior Zoo, Duluth, Minnesota © Areca Roe Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark © Kasper Palsnov Tibetan Bear, Chongqing, China © M.

Photographer Journeys Around the Globe in Search of the Oldest Living Organisms

La Llareta #0308-2B31 (2,000+ years old; Atacama Desert, Chile) What looks like moss covering rocks is actually a very dense, flowering shrub that happens to be a relative of parsley, living in the extremely high elevations of the Atacama Desert.

Abandoned Room with a View

© Pete Ryan / National Geographic / Offset To see more of Pete Ryan’s work, please visit Offset. Offset is an exclusive category channel partner on Feature Shoot.

Photo du Jour: A Forest of Internet Photos

Autumns We have all downloaded that ocean scene or forest desktop background, so saturated with color and disreality, yet somehow alluring enough to draw us in.

Call for Submissions: Photos of the Subway

Photos: Travis Ruse It could be said that the subway is one of the best places for people watching. With the endless stream of characters from all walks of life parading in and out through those subway doors, it’s no wonder photographers have been known to sneak a photo or two.

Modern American Ruins Photographed by Rob Dobi

Windows of a sugar refinery factory © Rob Dobi / Offset Control panel in an abandoned power plant © Rob Dobi / Offset Abandoned bathroom in a hospital © Rob Dobi / Offset Connecticut-based photographer Rob Dobi is drawn to abandoned buildings by a suspended sense of mystery, preferring to know very little about each location before his visit.

Heartbreaking Photos Capture Shelter Dogs in the Minutes Proceeding Euthanasia

2011/06/13 11:44 a.m. Taiwanese Public Animal Shelter Time until Euthanized: 40 Minutes 2011/10/24 12:09 p.m.

Poignant Photos of Nuns Who Live in Complete Silence

Sisters of Sclerder is photographer Ibolya Feher‘s documentation of the simple life of The Carmelite order in the south west of Cornwall, England, one of the oldest and strictest orders of Nuns in the Catholic faith.

Good Luck Cats

© Francesco Libassi / Offset To see more of Francesco Libassi’s work, please visit Offset. Offset is an exclusive category channel partner on Feature Shoot.

Feature Shoot Recommends: Top 10 Things for Photographers to Do in New York (October 20-26)

© Stevie Nicks / Morrison Hotel Gallery We at Feature Shoot are always on the lookout for new and exciting things going on in the world of photography, and we are thrilled to introduce a new weekly feature showcasing some of the many photo-related events, activities and shows happening in New York.

Photo du Jour: Demolition Derby

© Randy Harris / Offset As a newcomer to the White Lake, New York area in 2006, photographer Randy Harris made a point of exploring some of the region’s idiosyncrasies, and he ventured onto the location of his first ever demolition derby, where he immediately jumped into the fray.

Darth Vader Rides the Bus!: Photographer Inserts Star Wars Characters Into Daily Life

“This is how the world was to me when I was young,” says Toronto-based photographer Thomas Dagg of his series Star Wars, an arresting homage to his own childhood.

Our 10 Favorite Photos from the 2014 Nikon Small World Competition

Noah Fram-Schwartz Greenwich, Connecticut, USA Jumping Spider Eyes Reflected Light 20X Mr. Jens H. Petersen MycoKey Ebeltoft, Denmark Anagallis arvensis (scarlet pimpernel) Macroscopy 80X Dr.

Colorful Cacti

© Lawren Lu / Offset To see more of Lawren Lu’s work, please visit Offset. Offset is an exclusive category channel partner on Feature Shoot.

City Boys Hunting on a Gaming Reserve in Rural Spain

In a world that is increasingly urban-focused, photographer Ricardo Cases documents the niche experience of city-dwellers traveling to the countryside for a holiday full of “real” rural living.

Amiko Wenjia Li’s Photos Reminisce on the Fragility of Youth

Amiko Wenjia Li (BFA 2015) is a photographer from Shanghai currently in his senior year at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

‘Cholafied’ Turns Celebrities into Mexican Gang Divas

Angelina Jolie – The Billy Bob Years Chola Mark Zuckerberg aka Daddy Nobucks Jay Z aka Chola HOVA – Kim K Sit Yo @ss Down For Cholafied, Los Angeles-based artist and advertising student Michael Jason Enriquez transforms celebrities into 1990s street gang divas.