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New Photo Book Breaks Down Stereotypes of Muslim Men in the UK

“We are all in this together. And in the long term, revenge and violence will not work against extremists.

Timeless Photos of the American Midwest

Somewhere near Stoughton, Wisconsin, there’s a white townhouse on top of a hill. It’s alone up there, surrounded by sky.

Alec Soth’s Iconic Sleeping by the Mississippi 13 Years Later

Alec Soth, ‘Peter’s houseboat, Winona, Minnesota’ from Sleeping by the Mississippi (2017). Courtesy of the artist and MACK Alec Soth, ‘Maiden Rock, Wisconsin’ from Sleeping by the Mississippi (2017).

Photos of An Old Nuclear Launch Center Capture the Anxiety of the Trump Era

Rocket refueling suits worn by propellant transfer technicians were hung up on the wall outside of the cableway tunnel that leads to Titan II missile silo.

Whimsical Photos of Over-the-Top Acrylic Toenails

When photographer Amy Lombard was a little girl, she visited South Carolina, where she saw a woman with extraordinarily long fingernails— “the kind that curl.” The memory has followed her into adulthood, lingering in the background throughout the years.

A Glimpse at Life in Kyrgyzstan

“Today, no one has time for feelings, they’re all out making money. The discovery of money hit us like an atom bomb…” Svetlana Alexievich, Secondhand Time: An Oral History of the Fall of the Soviet Union The citizens of former USSR belonged to one of the most powerful forces in the world, and now they don’t.

Andres Serrano’s Unnerving Photography Series, ‘Torture’

“Fatima”, was Imprisoned and Tortured in Sudan, 2015. 60 x 50 inches. Scold’s Bridle IV, Hever Castle, Kent, UK, 2015.

The Rohingya Crisis: Beyond the Numbers

“We are citizens of Burma. Aung Sung Suu Kyi can save our citizenships and keep us in our land but she gave power to the hands of the Army Chief Min Aung Hlaing, and in doing so gave him the power to kill us.

Birds, Cats, and Landscapes: Our 25 Most Popular Instagram Photos of 2017

1. Photographer James Needham (@jamesneedham) captured this moment while visiting Cusco, Peru. “The little girl was chasing after her older siblings as they played among the market stalls in the village square,” he remembered.

This Photographer Captures the Beauty and Uniqueness of Marginalized Communities

New York based photographer Justin French captures people and their beauty in a raw and beautiful way, usually directing his lens towards those whose identities are created by the intersections of different experiences, making their very existence inherently political.

Heartbreak and Hope in the Lives of Turkey’s Stray Dogs

Lucky The squad Untitled For a few years, Ekin Kucuk wasn’t able to photograph dogs, especially the homeless ones.

The Man Who Photographs Dogs Like People

San Gimignano, Italy Kolkata, India London London street photographer Alan Schaller looks for special dogs the way he looks for special people.

Photos of the Vending Machines That Illuminate Japan at Night

If one of Eiji Ohashi’s friends spots a vending machine is some obscure, out-of-the-way spot in Japan, they tell him about it.

This Haitian Photographer Captures Marginalized Communities with Hyper-Realist Portraiture

Kòktèl (2017) PETWO (2016)   Haitian photographer Zarita Zevallos takes a particular interest in identities, communities and their place in the world we live in today.

Love and Agony in the Distressed Polaroids of Gail Thacker

Rafael at Home, 1997 Mark Morrisroe in Bed, 1989 “I am not a photographer,” Gail Thacker insists. “I am a painter who discovered a medium that has a soul with painterly effects.” Her love affair with the camera began in 1989 when a dear friend, the photographer and performance artist Mark Morrisroe, gifted her with a box of Polaroid 665 Positive/Negative film.

36 Unexpected Holiday Gifts for Photographers

For photographers, the perfect gift can far outlast the holidays, whether it’s an extraordinary camera, a thought-provoking yook, or a life-changing experience.

69 Magnum Photographers Reveal Their Contact Sheets in New Book

Havana. Ministry of Industry. Ernesto Guevara (Che), Argentinian politician, Minister of industry (1961-1965) during an exclusive interview in his office.

New Book Is a Road Map Through The Life of Photographer Roger Ballen

Mimicry, 2005 Roly Poly, USA, 1972 Stare, 2008 When Roger Ballen graduated from high school in 1968, his parents gave him a Nikon FTn camera.

Submit to The Print Swap for a Chance to Exhibit Work at MOPLA

Gullfoss © Dani Vottero (@danivottero) The fourth-ever Print Swap exhibition will take place this April as part of the 10th Anniversary edition of the Month of Photography Los Angeles!

Portraits Reveal the Many Faces of Bureaucracy

Ram Prabodh Yadav (b. 1970) is sub-inspector (deputy inspector) of police in Maner Block, Patna district, State of Bihar.