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Trump’s Momentous Portrait in The Washington Post

The 20th-century philosopher Marshall McLuhan famously wrote, “Politics will eventually be replaced by imagery.” Today, as President-elect Donald J.

The Secret World of the Street Cats of Kazakhstan

‘I have always been around cats” writes Kazakh photographer Evgeniya Gor. She admires cats for their natural grace and independence and is forever observing, rescuing and looking out for strays when not at home with the two feline friends of her own—Masha who she rescued from the streets 17 years ago, and her kitten Chaus, who is now 9 years old.

80 Angry Women on the Election of Donald Trump

Mon Blossom © AM DeBrincat © Anne Arden McDonald On November 9th, 2016 multimedia artist Indira Cesarine watched Hillary Clinton concede the presidential election to Donald Trump.

Hiroshi Sugimoto and the Magic of the Darkroom

Lightning Fields 327, 2014 © Hiroshi Sugimoto Hiroshi Sugimoto’s photographs are often described as “timeless,” but the truth is, they’re all about the passage of time.

A Treasure Trove of Photos from Vancouver in the 1950s and 1960s

Ferry Barber Shop, 1959 © Fred Herzog and Equinox Gallery Black Man Pender, 1958 © Fred Herzog and Equinox Gallery The Vancouver of the 1950s and 1960s has vanished.

Revealing the Unexpected Magic of Small-Town Iowa

Strawberry Point, IA Grant Wood Scenic Byway, IA “I thought the future would be uniformly futuristic,” Iowa City photographer Barry Phipps says, looking back on his childhood daydreams, “The reality is more of series of layers of cultural accumulations.” The artist has been photographing Iowa’s nooks and crannies—small towns, gas stations, sprawling cornfields— since he first moved with his wife from Chicago in 2012.

‘Flying Dogs’ Have the Time of Their Lives

Amy © Julia Christe Scotch © Julia Christe It all started with a dog named Flinn and his frisbee. His owner, photographer Julia Christe, set out to capture in an instant the unbridled joy of playing dogs like Flinn, and after quite a lot of shenanigans with dozens of canines, Flying Dogs was born.

In ‘Children of War’, Photographer Captures Daily Life in Syria

In the center of Aleppo, civilians are being shot at and killed. Syrian kids playing in a car that was blasted in the war in Zahabiyah, an area in the south of Aleppo.

Powerful Photos of the Body After Death

When photographer Patrik Budenz first requested permission to document the work at Berlin’s Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences in 2007, the answer was no.

Lust, Desire, and Longing Behind-the-Scenes at Japan’s Love Hotels

Belgian photographer Zaza Bertrand doesn’t speak Japanese and was only able to gather bits and pieces of words exchanged between the people she met in the country’s popular rabuhos, or love hotels.

When Sex Workers Grow Old, This Is Where They Go

Portrait of Norma Angelica, a resident of Casa Xochiquetzal © Bénédicte Desrus The residents of Casa Xochiquetzal in Mexico City range from the age of fifty-five to eighty-six, and at some point in their lives, they have all been sex workers.

Mother and Daughter Reconnect Through Photography

Contemplation When her mother’s health began to deteriorate in 2009, American fine art photographer Sarah C.

Photographer Captures Feeling of Homesickness in China

Solastalgia, as opposed to nostalgia, is loosely defined as the distress felt by an individual when their home environment is under assault, or has changed beyond recognition and does not recall their memories.

Loneliness and Hope in Detroit After Dark

Detroit is under Dave Jordano’s skin. He spent his college years there in the 1970s, but as an adult, he took a 30-plus year intermission from photographing the city.

One Photographer’s Whimsical Travels Around the World

Ciragan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul Ortahisar Kalesi, Turkey Photographer Ekaterina Mishchenkova, who goes by the name Katia Mi on Instagram, travels fifteen to twenty times each year, and every picture she makes is informed by the architecture, heritage, and language of her surroundings.

Secrets Lingering in the Shadows of Baltimore

Baltimore photographer Josh Sinn makes pictures inspired by music. It can be a tune that’s stuck in his head or a song that comes on the car radio as the drives through the city on a cold winter evening.

Memories from an Arkansas Cotton Farm in the 1980s

Cheryl with Silos, Rotan Switch, Arkansas Cully Cooking, Rotan Switch, Arkansas When she was a girl, photographer Lisa McCord spent summers and holidays at Rotan, her grandparents’ Arkansas cotton farm.

Dizzying Cityscapes by an Adventurous 20-Year-Old Photographer

Singapore Singapore Yik Keat Lee’s favorite photographs are the ones that give him what he calls the “flashback effect.” No matter where in the world he is, he makes pictures in order to fast to moments of adventure and intensity before they slip away.

A glimpse into the little-known world of ski in Iran

Scattered skiers and a dog are photographed at the Tochal resort in the Alborz Mountains north of Tehran.

66 Enchanted Photos of Snow Around the World (Sponsored)

Maryland © Anna Smolens (@purplehorsedesigns) Landmannalaugar, Iceland © Jessica Cantlin ( For our latest group show, we asked you to submit your best photographs of now.