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The 13-Year-Old Pageant Girl Who’s Challenging Racism in Brazil

Luana, Maysa’s sister, decided she also wants be a model. Sunday morning, after buying bread for breakfast.

19 Fine Art Photographers Describe Their Daily Routines

© Andi Schreiber Andi Schreiber: I crave routine in terms of my art making but it’s impossible to achieve.

This Transgender Man Steals the Show in New Period Underwear Ad

Suddenly, periods are in vogue. What was taboo two years ago is now openly discussed; feminine hygiene products are getting better and they’re being shared more widely with women in developing countries where the stigma is pervasive.

Candid Photos of ‘Desktop Dining’ in the American Workplace

Michael Brennan, Managing director in high-yield bond sales, Citigroup, New York. Pizza and chicken soup.

Breathtaking Images of Syria Before the Civil War (Sponsored)

Azm Palace in Hama © Lisa Limer / Offset A rural village © Lisa Limer / Offset In the spring of 2001, Rhode Island-based photographer Lisa Limer traveled to Syria on assignment for a leading travel magazine. When the photographs were, as she puts it, “at the printers, ready to run,” the story was abruptly shut down, and her breathtaking photographs of Syria were not published.

Photographer Captures Harsh Arctic Landscapes and Research at the ‘End of the World’

“The Arctic is constantly melting, reforming, appearing and disappearing. The weather changes, creates or simply hides the land.

Sydney’s Beaches, As Seen from 400 Feet Above Ground

Maroubra Beach The water in Sydney, suggests Australian photographer Gabriel Scanu, is unlike the water anywhere else in the world.

Dye Sublimation Printing and the Future of Fine Art Image-Making

Work by Lissa Rivera Since its inception in 2005, Ken Allen Studios in Brooklyn has been a pioneer in the field of digital printing, carrying its founder’s decades of experience and knowledge of photo history into the modern age.

Portraits of People Who Have Overcome Unhappiness (NSFW)

Dóri, Budapest, 2015 Mária at her home, 2015 “Hungarians really like to complain, and we are the one of the most depressed nations”, emphasises Hungarian photographer Eva Szombat, who has observed signs of unhappiness both in herself and the people around her.

Behind-the-Scenes in the Life of a Dominatrix

The key to BDSM, says New York City-based photographer Samir Abady, is trust. He’s witnessed the profound intimacy that enfolds inside the dungeon of a dominatrix; there have been moments so delicate that just the click of the shutter could break the spell.

LG Takes Us Behind-the-Scenes with YouTube Sensation Devin Super Tramp (Sponsored)

At the time of this writing, Devin Graham of Devin Super Tramp has 779,244,531 views on YouTube and an astonishing 4,118,120 subscribers, but before he was a celebrity filmmaker, he was a kid making music videos with his siblings.

Beneath the Wounds of War, Hope Lingers at the Heart of Afghanistan

Iranian-American photojournalist Moe Zoyari spent a total of forty-four days embedded with the United States military in the summer of 2009.

What It’s Like to Photograph Deep in the Rainforest in the Republic of Gabon

Man with an orphaned monkey After receiving an invitation to partake in a project, Brooklyn-based photographer Sasha Bezzubov suddenly found himself deep in the rainforest of one of the world’s most precious ecosystems in the Republic of Gabon, photographing the odd and unexpected mix of people inhabiting the place.

Esteemed Photojournalists Teach the Secrets of Storytelling (Sponsored)

Teviston, California. 2001. Boy with an old farm truck. © Matt Black Law enforcement in Ferguson after firing tear gas and watching a police car burn during a night of protests and rioting over a grand jury’s decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

Eerie Photos of Hong Kong, Devoured by Fog

Hong Kong-based photographer Andy Yeung knows his city by heart; he’s walked the streets of Quarry Bay, explored the crevices of public housing in the Ping Shek and Choi Wan Estates.

People Who Narrowly Escape Death Expose Their Scars

Mike, moped crash, 9th March, 2009 Mike, moped crash, 9th March, 2009 English photographer Emily Goddard’s self-confessed “morbid curiosity” about death and scars started when she was a child and her godmother’s late husband had a large spherical growth on his cheek.

Mystery and Magic on a Lonely Farm in Iceland

Photographer Agnieszka Sosnowska lives on more than one square mile of feral Icelandic terrain, a landscape flecked with a thousand folktales, passed down from one generation to the next.

The Magic of Being a Child in the Summer (Sponsored)

© With the ducks on the dock of an Austrian lake © Jenna Reich / Offset Picking blackberries at the edge of a meadow © Jenna Reich / Offset In the spring of 1853, Lewis Caroll wrote the poem Solitude and ended it with the following stanza: “I’d give all wealth that years have piled / The slow result of Life’s decay / To be once more a little child / For one bright summer-day.” He was only twenty-one at the time, but he keenly felt the loss of his early years, their wonderment and tenderness.

The Stunning Winners of the Spring Photo Contest at Ken Allen Studios

The Unexpected © Elena Lyakir, First Prize Water Tower © Yoav Friedlander, Second Prize The Unexpected resembles a portal into another world, a primordial realm in which the sky and the earth collide and overlap to become one.

Humanizing Photographs of People with Albinism in the Congo

Growing up in the Congo, photographer Patricia Willocq remembers being fascinated by this condition from a young age.