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10 Enviable Infinity Pools Photographed Around the World

Infinity pool at the Amalfi coast, Italy © Chris Caldicott / Offset Infinity pool at Grootberg Plateau, Namibia © Chris Schmid / Aurora Photos / Offset Hotel infinity pool in Singapore © Peter Adams / Offset Since its arrival at the Palace of Versailles in the 17th century, the infinity pool has become the ultimate symbol of opulence and luxury.

Rolling Stone Photo Editor Sacha Lecca on His Adrenaline-Pumping Shot of Cage the Elephant

Last month, Feature Shoot hosted the first ever edition of The BlowUp, a new quarterly event in which we asked about fifteen photographers to tell the stories behind one of their favorite images.

Ancient African Trees Illuminated by Starlight

Hercules Corvus San Francisco-based photographer Beth Moon has spent more than a decade of her life hunting down our planet’s aboriginal trees, chasing them to their isolated and solitary bowers at the edges of civilization.

Residents of Detroit Reveal the Most Recent Shot on their Camera Phones

“Selfies and sunsets and food pics bore me,” says Californian filmmaker Ivan Cash of The Last Photo Project, which has brought him to eight cities in search of the intimate contents of strangers’ phones.

‘Iris’ Tells the Story of a 93-Year-Old Fashion Icon

Iris Apfel is an international fashion icon; she’s modeled in campaigns by leading fashion houses and been snapped in the street by Bill Cunningham for The New York Times.

Surprising Portraits of Russian Teens Who Love and Idolize Vladimir Putin

Tanya Arkhipova: “I like how Putin treats his children and wife, I think he’s a great husband. He made people respect Russia.” Fan Club Putin In 2007, Russian President Vladimir Putin was named TIME magazine’s Person of the Year.

Your Art Gallery Connects Photographers with Collectors and Curators Worldwide (Sponsored)

It’s no secret that photography is changing, and although it can be a scary time to be a photographer, it’s also an incredibly exciting one.

VIDEO: Michael Lavine on His Stirring Portrait of The Notorious B.I.G. in a Graveyard

Last month, Feature Shoot hosted the very first evening of The BlowUp, a new quarterly event in which we ask about fifteen remarkable photographers to tell the stories behind one of their favorite images.

Portraits Capture the Unlikely Charm of an Eccentric, Aging Woman

Lee on a rare hot summer evening. Lee is reflected in the front window of her house. Shortly after this picture was taken her son emptied the house, filling six dumpsters in the process.

Ecstatic Youth Photographed at a Rolling Stones Concert in 1978

On June 17th of 1978, two seniors students at Malverne High School in Long Island approached their teacher, New York-based photographer Joseph Szabo, and offered him a deal: in exchange for driving them to Philadelphia’s JFK Stadium, he was invited to attend his first ever rock concert, a Rolling Stones performance with an estimated audience of 90,000 euphoric youngsters.

15 Irresistible Photos of Dogs in Cars

© Tetra Images / Offset © Ashley Jennett / Offset © Julia Christe / fStop / Offset For humans, a car ride is a means to an end, a way of getting from Point A to Point B.

Gripping Portraits Give Voice to Afghanistan’s Imprisoned Women, Jailed for ‘Moral Crimes’

In Afghanistan, countless women are imprisoned for what are referred to as “moral crimes,” a vague term used to apply to cases in which they have fled from abusive and forced marriages or domestic slavery, and to accusations of premarital sex, very often applied to survivors of forced prostitution and rape.

Enigmatic Photos Explore Glastonbury’s Mystical Community

French-born photographer Grégoire Bernardi came upon the town of Glastonbury by chance, on a weekend trip with friends who had heard that Somerset was the perfect urban antidote.

Call for Submissions: Photos of Abandoned Pools

© Samantha VanDeman Everyone loves a good abandoned space photograph, but there are few locales as eerie as a deserted pool.

Joyous Photos Capture Friday Nights in a Tiny Village in Burkina Faso

In the small community of Bereba, Burkina Faso, the heat lingers consistently at an oppressive 100 degrees Fahrenheit, its resident farmers working the day away tending to their animals, harvesting vegetables, and carrying out the household duties, all completed with access to neither running water nor electricity.

Mystical Photos Capture a Fairytale Universe Dreamt Up by a 7-Year-Old Girl

Fairytale, says Polish photographer Marta Berens, is co-authored by her seven-year-old daughter. The distinction is important; Tosia is not her subject but her collaborator, and this is the story they have written together.

Captivating Images Capture the Friendship Between a Photographer and Her 97-Year-Old Muse

Fake tattoo. Real fruit. 97-year-old Marie Ulmer still owns a self-portrait she made nine decades ago, when she was a quiet, reserved child who used her own face in teaching herself how to draw.

15 Photographs of Landscapes Covered in Fog and Mist

Fog over a river and hill in Russia © Cavan Images / Offset Three trees rising out of the mist © Cavan Images / Offset Running track obscured by fog © Walter Shintani / Offset Fog is often described as a type of low-hanging cloud, a mass constructed of many minuscule drops of water suspended mid-air.

Sally Mann on Love, Photography, and Her New Book ‘Hold Still’

As a child, Sally Munger rode horses through the Virginian countryside; as a teenager, she could be found ditching class and canoodling with boys in the library of Vermont’s prestigious Putney School.

Photographs Capture the Worldwide Phenomenon Known as ‘Dark Tourism’

The collapsed Xuankou school buildings, part of a tour of ruins from the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Sichuan, China.