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A Peek into the Lives of an Eccentric Couple in the Netherlands

Emmy and Ben, Arles Egbert and his underpants In a period of quiet following the completion of her redhead project MC1R, Netherlands-based photographer Hanne van der Woude met a man named Ben.

Quirky Observations of Japan from a Free Climber’s Perspective

born, 2013 One day, when returning back from climbing… I realized I wasn’t viewing the environment with the climber’s eye after a certain point. I became curious of the ‘border line’ — and decided to approach the city with the climber’s eye. — Ryota Kikuchi Japanese free-climber stroke artist Ryota Kikuchi uses his camera to present a unique perspective of the city in his latest project Respectablandscape.

Heart-Stopping Photos of the Void That Is Turkey’s Salt Lake

The Salt Lake, known as Tuz Gölü in Turkish, haunted Peter Edel for two years after his first visit to the Central Anatolia Region until at long last he was able to return to make the pictures that previously existed only inside his head.

Colorful Compositions Found in the Streets of Burano, Italy

Different people have different theories about why the island of Burano is so colorful. Some, Italian photographer Mirko Saviane admits, believe the bright buildings are meant to guide the fisherman as they make their way back home.

Squarespace’s Easy, Simple Approach to Domain Names (Sponsored)

A few years ago, Forbes published an article hinting at the importance of acquiring the proper website domain name.

A Complex Portrait of Fatherhood in East New York

Raheem Grant, 39, poses for a portrait with his daughter, Nature Grant. “When I was growing up I didn’ t have a father.

The Patchwork of Hope and Fear in Afghanistan

A mother and her two children look out from their cave dwelling. Many families fleeing the Taliban took refuge inside caves adjacent to Bamiyan’s destroyed ancient Buddha statues and now have nowhere else to live.

‘Water Stories’ Shines a Spotlight on a Worldwide Crisis

Paraguay River, Cáceres, Mato Grosso, Brazil, 2015: The river is central to daily life in Cáceres, and Claudio and his family go there regularly to swim and play.

15 Photoville Exhibitions We Can’t Wait to See

© Sophie Gamand There’s nothing like Photoville. For New York City’s single largest annual photography event, United Photo Industries has repurposed over sixty shipping containers, transforming them into miniature art galleries lining Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Minimalism Is On The Rise (Sponsored)

Red train © Kevin Krautgartner / Offset Tennis court © Charles Gullung / Offset “Minimalism glut” sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s a perfect phrase, coined by writer Kyle Chayka in a recent issue of The New York Times Magazine.

Growing Up in the Magical Woods of South Carolina

Photographer Jen Ervin first visited Ark Lodge when she was just seventeen. She was still relatively new to South Carolina, and she had met a boy in a record store.

Incredibly Intricate Mandalas Honoring Dead Animals

In her series Kit and Caboodle, English artist Fleur Alston creates incredibly intricate collage mandalas, a dead animal at the center of each.

Daughters Steal the Show on Minimalist Fashion Instagram

Photographer and fashion blogger Dominique Davis never meant for her daughters to be a part of her work.

Intense Aerial Photos Reveal Mankind’s Effect on the Planet

Magenta Bloom, Fort Morgan, CO, 2014: Purple algae blooms in the nutrient-rich waste from a feedlot near Fort Morgan.

The Truth About the Bridgend Suicides

A short drive from Cardiff through ploughed and green fields lined with hedgerows and the occasional leafy oak and you arrive in the small town of Bridgend in South Wales.

A Visual Journey Through California from the Desert to the Ocean

© Gregory Halpern 2016 courtesy MACK © Gregory Halpern 2016 courtesy MACK New York born photographer Gregory Halpern is no stranger to the West Coast.

Hillary Clinton’s Wardrobe Celebrated on New Instagram

She comes in colors everywhere She combs her hair She’s like a rainbow Coming, colors in the air Oh, everywhere She comes in colors #hillaryclinton #mickjagger #pantsuitfriday #rollingstones #sheslikearainbow #pantsuit #lookoftheday #suitup #streetstyle #hillarystreetstyle A photo posted by What’s ur Hillarystreetstyle?

Intimate Photographs of Tiny Creatures in Human Hands

When I first saw these photographs by Portland artist Tamara Lischka, I wasn’t sure if what I was looking at was real.

These Drone Photos Will Inspire You to Explore the World (Sponsored)

Ocean Drive, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands © Karolis Janulis / Offset Yoga in the park, Vilnius, Lithuania © Karolis Janulis / Offset Offset Artist Karolis Janulis always wanted wings, to see the world not as humans see it but as the birds do.

Wet plate collodion portraits that will make you lose sense of space and time

In this digital era where moments are captured at the click of a button, photographs are losing their value as artistic objects.