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Photos of Lust and Desire in 20th Century New Orleans (NSFW)

BJ Robinson, 1983 © George Dureau, Courtesy Arthur Roger Gallery and Higher Pictures Roosevelt Singleton, 1974 © George Dureau, Courtesy Arthur Roger Gallery and Higher Pictures “My photographs are family pictures.

A Look Inside the Maria Lionza Gathering in the Venzuelan Jungle

In the jungle heart of northern Venezuela, an annual pilgrimage takes place in which gatherers converge to honour their Queen, Maria Lionza.

Bold Patterns Created by Animals and their Shadows

Alexey Menschikov uses photography to construct graphic patterns. Taking shapes from real life – cats, birds, people, jutting architectural lines – he plays with light and shadow, reproducing the images in Photoshop to make playful grids of repeating form.

Moving Photos of Restless Souls Who Live on the Open Road

“I’m not homeless. I might be houseless, but these freight trains are my home,” Mark confided in photographer Nicholas Syracuse, who has for twenty years been recording the history of those who, like Mark, have behind the comforts of mainstream life for the freedom of the railway.

The Unparalleled Joy of Dogs on the Beach (Sponsored)

Magnolia, Massachusetts © Cavan Images / Offset “A dog can never tell you what she knows from the smells of the world, but you know, watching her, that you know almost nothing,” the great poet Mary Oliver writes in her 2013 book Dog Songs.

The Secret World of the Inquisitive Hokkaido Fox

Romance is in the air. It was the time of day immediately following sunset. I heard a voice. “Wherever you go, I will follow you” the voice says.

21 Photographers Divulge Their Pet-Peeves

Danny Lynch – the Great Stromboli © Muir Vidler Muir Vidler: Longwinded, pretentious artist statements.

Photos of The Iconic Route 66 Take Us Back in Time (Sponsored)

Route 66 Diner on Central Ave, Albuquerque, New Mexico © Julien McRoberts / Offset Route 66, California © Cavan Images / Offset Fake dinosaurs along Route 66 in Holbrook, Arizona © Julien McRoberts / Offset “I feel like much of our country has become one big strip mall,” confides American photographer Julien McRoberts, who has spent much of her life traveling the world.

The Roma of Poland and Their Daily Struggle for Survival

Kalici’s wife Eva carries Zyna. Karolina escaped from her parents’ home in a different part of Poland because of love for Alex, one of the slum’s inhabitants.

Sophie Gamand on the Power of Photography and the Love of Dogs (Sponsored)

Amy, adopted In the United States alone, an estimated one million homeless pit bulls are euthanized. New York photographer Sophie Gamand never expected to be a leading voice for these dogs, but after her series Pit Bull Flower Power went viral, she was thrust into that role.

One Daughter’s Story Caring for Her Elderly Parents in China

“If you don’t succeed caring for your elders, you fail as a person,” says Norwegian photographer Line Ørnes Søndergaard of expectations for children in China.

Marvel at Fleshy Nudes Made Out of Foam

Imagine a perfectly fleshy pre-Raphaelite bottom, rendered not in paint but in pastel-coloured foam. This is the work of fine artist Etienne Gros, whose series Les Mousses sculpts polyurethane foam around wire skeletons to form undulating chunky forms, uncannily like human bodies but completely inert.

Legendary Sports Photographer Walter Iooss Teams Up With Your Art Gallery (Sponsored)

Rare Air, Coconut Grove 1993 © Walter Iooss Blue Dunk, Lisle, Ill 1987 © Walter Iooss Michael Jordan.

The Modern-Day Cinderellas of Colombia

Karen lives with her mother, who is a secretary and saved money for more than a year and took out a loan to organize the party.

The Mysterious, Innocent Complexity of the Playground

The Sack Race The Light Childhood, like old age, is a riddle we spend our entire lives trying to solve.

Photos Examine the Obsession for White Skin in Vietnam

At the red lights of Ho Chi Minh City’s intersections, Italian photographer Monia Lippi leaps ahead of the storm of sweating motorcyclists and scooter drivers who come to a momentary stop before the lights switch.

Photojournalist Takes on Popular Video Game Mafia II

How can a photojournalist consolidate a thirst for exploration with the need for home comforts? Paris-based photographer Sylvain Entressangle has found the perfect solution to this all-too-common dichotomy; his seemingly classical black and white photographs of a quintessentially American city in the 1940s-50s era are in reality street captures from the popular video game Mafia II.

We Asked 13 Photographers About Their Worst Moment on a Photo Shoot

© Muir Vidler Muir Vidler: I was shooting an international beauty pageant in Libya. On the last day, the organiser somehow arranged that we’d all go and meet Colonel Gaddafi, so an hour later, myself, the journalist and fifteen beauty pageant contestants found ourselves in a room in Gaddafi’s house waiting for him to appear.

Meet Suzanne Gloria Lyall, A Girl that Disappeared 18 Years Ago

Suzanne Gloria Lyall Suzanne’s handwriting Suzanne Gloria Lyall has been missing since March 2 1998. Then nineteen years old, she was employed on a part-time basis at “Babbages Software” in the Crossgate Malle in Guilderland, New York state.

The Pixar-Like Insects Living in Your Backyard

When he is not busy with his long-term documentary projects, Romanian photographer Remus Tiplea turns his camera towards a subject close by.