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Self Portraits Examine the Disparity Between We Are When We Wake Up and The Person We Present to the World

Mel Keiser’s Becoming Mel is a series of paired self-portraits—one taken immediately upon waking, the other after she’s put herself together for the day—repeated each day for a month.

Step Right Up: Our Latest Group Show Takes You to the State Fair

Clackamas County Fair on August 17, 2012 © Leah Nash Pizza © Bruce Booher The race. South Carolina State Fair, Columbia, SC, 2011 © Andrea Bonisoli Alquati Our latest group show examines the weird, wild and wonderful state fair.

Photos Showcase the Exquisite Intricacy of Iranian Mosques

The Pink Mosque, or Nasir al-mulk Mosque, is a historical site located in Shiraz, Iran. Vakil mosque was built in the 18th century, during the Zand period.

Virginie Gosselin’s Surreal Food Still Lifes

© Virginie Gosselin / Offset © Virginie Gosselin / Offset In her playful still lifes, Canadian photographer Virginie Gosselin marries her surrealist aesthetic with her longtime interest in food, cultivated from her childhood at a farm in Quebec.

Surprising Portraits of Museum Guardians in Russia

Stroganov Palace, Russian State Museum Matisse Still Life, Hermitage Museum In Russia, museum guardians are not the usual security men.

Call for Submissions: Life in the County

© Rachel McGinn / Offset In our modern era, life in the countryside has become an ultimate fantasy. In real life as in these romantic daydreams, the country offers the best of both worlds, the beauty of the wilderness merged with the comforts of civilization.

Behind-the-Scenes Photographs of the Pasadena Police Department in the 1980s

(6/7/86) Agent Lee Baroni with “Duster” (subject under the influence of PCP) who attacked patrol car (8/8/85) Agent Lionel Salgado looking for rock cocaine in suspected Crip’s mouth.

An Intimate Look at Kindred Spirits Evie Lou and Laura Jane (NSFW)

Evie Lou and Laura Jane looks at the complex and intimate relationship between photographer Noelle McCleaf’s mother and her best friend.

Portraits of Legendary Las Vegas Burlesque Stars Prove that Aging Can Be Sexy

Stephanie Blake Joan Arline, the Sexquire Girl For her series Dames: The Legends of Burlesque, New-York based photographer Stephanie Diani photographed older dancers wearing costumes that were significant or special to them.

We Interviewed Keren Sachs About What it Means to Be a Photographer Represented by Offset

© Peter Adams / Offset © Charles Gullung / Offset Since Feature Shoot started working with Offset six months ago, we’ve had a lot of inquires from photographers who are curious about selling their work through the agency.

Otherworldly Landscapes Made from Junk Food

Fruit Loops Landscape Moonrise on Bologna Blue Dye #1 Precipice For Processed Views, photography duo Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman construct sweeping landscapes from highly refined foodstuffs, including sugary breakfast cereals and sodas, canned and packaged meats, snack chips, sand candy.

Portraits of Mothers Who’ve Been Given Makeovers by Their 3 to 5-Year-Old Daughters

Model:Ashley Donoghue Makeup Artist: Aavie Donoghue (Age 3) Model: Kerri Madsen Makeup Artist: Abby Howell (Age 4) For #DaughterDoesMyMakeup, Canadian photographer Elly Heise invited girls aged three to five into her studio, arming them with the mascara, blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick needed to makeup their mothers’ faces however they wished.

Adorable Portraits of Puppies Enjoying a Good Shake

Koda Vincent For dogs, shaking off can a calming activity, one that relaxes the muscles while getting rid of pesky moisture, bugs, or even negative emotions.

Feature Shoot Recommends: Top 10 Photo Events and Happenings in New York (Dec 15-21)

© Ken Schles BOOK SIGNING: Ken Schles, Dashwood Books, 33 Bond Street December 16, 6:00-8:00pm Photographer Ken Schles will be signing two new titles published by Steidl, Night Walk and Invisible City.

Feature Shoot Recommends: Top 10 Photo Events and Happenings in London (Dec 15-21)

© Gabriele Galimberti EXHIBITION: Gabriele Galimberti: Toy Stories, V&A Museum of Childhood, Cambridge Heath Road December 15 Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti’s portraits of children from around the world with their toys is a moving commentary on material wealth and the universal nature of children’s playtime.

Enchanting Misty Landscapes by Ysbrand Cosijn

© Ysbrand Cosijn / Offset © Ysbrand Cosijn / Offset For his computer-generated aerial images, Netherlands-based photographer Ysbrand Cosijn blankets the wilderness in layers of mist, imbuing his imagined landscapes with a sense of enigma and wonderment.

Portraits Capture the Joy and Suffering of the Ugandan People

Photographer Gloria Baker Feinstein first arrived in Uganda in 2006 to participate in a photography workshop.

The Best Photo Links of the Week (Dec 8-12)

© Jess Bonham From highbrow to lowbrow (and everything in between), this is what we found of interest in photo-land this week.

Mysterious Photos Illuminate the Clandestine World of Graffiti Artists

Rome, 2013. In front of the emergency exit stairs. Rome, 2013. A fire extinguisher is used in a train tunnel to escape more easily from security guards.

Photographer Creates Magical Portraits of Her 4-Year-Old Daughter in ‘Seen Not Heard’

For Seen Not Heard, North Carolina-based photographer Heather Evans Smith explores her relationship with her 4-year-old daughter, turning her lens on the girl for the first time to construct fanciful portraits that highlight both the joys and anxieties of childhood.