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Beautiful Girl Portraits By Matteo Montanari

By Seth Sebastian Matteo Montanari is a 32-year-old fashion photographer. He was born in Italy. In 2002, Matteo moved to London.

Photography by Markus Henttonen

By pro4oto Crowded beach from above, beach, beach life, people, heat, summer, holiday, swimming, sea, water, fun, joy, flirt, enjoyment, sun, sunbathing, bikini, colorful, paradise, pleasure, tourism, Spain, photography, from above, rhythm, moment, painting like, people in miniature, Tenerif, Mallorca, Barcelona, Sitges, sociology Markus Henttonen is a Finnish artist photographer currently living and working in Berlin.

Tangled Oil Paintings of Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

By Archie Tinkerbell Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado is an extremely gifted, Mexican oil painter. His paintings usually consist of shapes that come together to make a beautiful scene.

Advertising Campaign The Art of Shaving: Barber Spa 3

By Archie Tinkerbell BBDO New York has introduced a new witty advertising campaign of shaving salons The Art of Shaving.

A Renovation in Umbria by Paola Navone

By Archie Tinkerbell This beautiful renovation project was designed by Paola Navone. It is located in Umbria, Italy.

Miami’s B Side By Mauricio Candela

By Mauricio_Candela Miami-based Photographer Mauricio Candela, just started a personal project, where his intention is to find the other side of Miami.Miami, a city well known for fashion, good looking people, party, architecture, beautiful beaches, money, mansions and much more, has obviously a side that a lot of people don’t see, it’s also a beautiful side of it, but is more real, more down to earth, less flashy and more human.

Happiness is by your Side – illustrated GIFs of everyday moments by Maori Sakai

By Desmond Ignaz Japanese illustrator Maori Sakai creates cute illustrated GIFs out of everyday moments in life.

Live Music Photography by Jay Hynes

By pro4oto Jay Hynes is a professional photographer and art director based in Melbourne, Australia. Jay shoots a lot of advertising, portrait and music photography.

A Finnish ‘Wildlife Whisperer’ Captures Stunning Photos Of Animals Eating Out Of His Hand

By fraufaya A couple years ago, 21-year-old Konsta Punkka realized he has a special gift. In some sense he can talk to animals.

WUNDERLAND – The Miniature World of Frank Kunert

By Desmond Ignaz More than simply a photographic satire, the “miniature worlds” of Frank Kunert are compositions of ideas, models of sets which he spends weeks and months meticulously putting together from plastic, modeling clay and paint until the results are perfect, almost lifelike.

Murad Osmann’s Follow Me To For Harper’s Bazaar Bride India

By fraufaya Photographer Murad Osmann went viral last year with a collection of photographs called “Follow Me To”.

Photorealistic Paintings of Food and SuperHeroes

By fraufaya Here is an incredible series of photorealistic paintings made by talented artist Doug Bloodworth.

A Close Look At Amazing The Motorcycles Of “Mad Max: Fury Road”

By fraufaya Mad Max: Fury Road is currently killing it at the box office, an incredible win especially due to its R rating, and if you’ve seen it, it’s easy to see why.

Heroes of Classical Paintings Transported To The Streets Of Modern Kiev

By Flynn Matthews Art director Alexey Kondakov transported Gods of the Renaissance paintings to the streets of modern Kiev.Transposed as they are, they obtain new meaning through our filter of adventures in city life.

Fashion Photography by Baard Lunde

By pro4oto Baard Lunde is a talented photographer based in Tromsø, Norway. He shoots a lot of beauty, glamour, fashion and editorial photography.

The David Brown Automotive Speedback GT Is a Classic Brit With Modern Power

By fraufaya David Brown Automotive made a huge splash on the scene last year when it debuted it’s Speedback GT and recently specs of the classic styled designed car with a modern twist hit the web.

Mesmerizing Star Wars Exhibition at Madame Tussauds

By fraufaya In the framework of an immersive Star Wars exhibition, Madame Tussauds museum in London has recreated with a professional team the iconic characters and 16 emblematic scenes of the saga.

Newly Unearthed Behind-The-Scene Photos From Nirvana’s Nevermind Promo Shoot

By Flynn Matthews In 1991 after photographer Kirk Weddle shot the ‘baby reaching for a dollar’ album art, he met with Nirvana at a closed swimming pool in LA to shoot some similar-looking promo shots for the LP.

All Things Fall: Massive 3D-Printed Zoetrope by Mat Collishaw

By Samur Isma English contemporary artist Mat Collishaw has created an incredibly spectacular Zoetrope (the device to demonstrate the motion pictures based on the inertia of the human eye) printed the 3D-printer.

Hypnotizing 3D Paper Patterns by Maud Vantours

By Flynn Matthews It may not be directly related to your home, but what Maud Vantours has designed with her 3D paper designs is really quite unbelievable to see.