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Photos Of The Artists And Hustlers of Jamaica’s Dancehall Scene

Young Love is a point-and-shoot portrait of Jamaica’s dancehall tradition shot by London-based photographer Ivar Wigan.

Artist Daniel Lismore Expresses His Vigorous Personality in Fashionable Sculptures

For a lot of people, getting dressed may be a regular chore. However, for London-based artist Daniel Lismore, picking clothes and layering accessories enables one to express his bright, multidimensional character.

Nicolas V. Sanchez’ Ballpoint Pen Sketches

NewYork City based artist Nicolas V. Sanchez creates masterful drawings with just the assistance of a couple of ballpoint pens, which makes amazingly realistic portraits and still lifes in his several sketchbooks.

The World’s Most Awe-Inspiring National Animals, Illustrated

Animal tracks are the unique footprints of each species, and many animals likewise have the ability to call to mind, in a single image, impressions of the country that they are thought to represent.

People Around The World are Sharing Photos That Look Just Like a Wes Anderson Movie

There is an interesting photo hunt happening online, which makes much more interesting if you are a lover of this visual style seen in the iconic films by director Wes Anderson.

This Is What Bike Graveyards Of China Look Like

Back in 2008, the city of Hangzhou, China put $24 million towards a bike-share program which was designed to clear the air of the exhaust smothering the city.

This Couple Spent 26 Years to Build a Wildlife Sanctuary for 200 Endangered Species in India

In 1991 Pamela Gale Malhotra and her husband, Dr. Anil Malhotra initiated the only wildlife sanctuary in India, called SAI Sanctuary.

The Loudest Whisper in the Universe

I am Josef Lee, a writer/artist from Singapore. After struggling for years in writing and drawing picture books, I am well aware of the hardship that every creator goes through in trying to find our audience.

London Taxi Company changed into ‘LEVC’, and unveiled its new design for TX Electric Taxi

London cab firm relaunches as LEVC, signaling another phase in the organization’s transformation. London electric car company has the dream to be the Metropolitan business automobile provider of choice to cities across the world, with investment financing from celebrations totaling £325 million.

Bernhard Lang’s Abstract Aerial Photos of Fish Farms

German photographer Bernhard Lang takes amazing photos of orbicular fish farms. The odd, ovoid enclosures look like abstract geometric layouts, barely linked to the flourishing ecosystems of fish which lay just under the surface.

Niharika Hukku Ceramics Painted to Match the Blue Sky

Sydney based artist Niharika Hukku contrasts the fine detail work she discovered as an illustrator to her painted ceramics, producing natural scenes which vary from white clouds to colleges of fish.

Hyperloop One Launches Prototype in First Full-Scale test

Hyperloop One, tech firm intending to construct Elon Musk‘s Hyperloop declares its first ever full-scale method evaluation was a triumph.

This Artist Uses Her Body To Create These Marble Installations

In ‘Fleeting Components,’ Milena Naef utilizes her body to explore the physiological and psychological weight of this rock.

Real Life Business Cards Of Your Favorite Pop Culture Characters

Business cards are important for business interactions to ensure a personal connection.  They serve as an addition to company and personal branding.

This Origami Pineapple Pavilion by Studio Morison Is A Homage To English Garden Houses

‘Look! Look! Look!’ Taking center stage in the backyard of this mansion, the bit intends to emphasize the work of landscape designer Capability Brown.

Leo Caillard Immortalizes Iconic Super-Heroes

Leo Caillard maintains an artistic fascination with intertwining the new using the historical. The French performer – that formerly ‘dressed’ classical characters in the Louvre’s sculpture set in stylish outfits – generates a collision of components that compels the viewer to question the functions of the topics introduced.

This Irish Artist Crafts Amazing Creatures from Avocado Pits

While many people see that the avocado pits as trash, the Irish artist Jan Campbell see them as a chance, which she attained with her unbelievable sculpting abilities.

Kanghee Kim’s Spontaneous Clouds and Unreal Reflections

Photographer Kanghee Kim juxtaposes daily minutes to make scenes that glance in another Earth, subtly putting artificial reflections in coils of wire or at the series of a back windshield.

Illustrator Depicted How Famous Disney Movies Would Look If They Were Made Nowadays

The majority of us know every small detail from classic Disney films from a heart, but have you ever wondered, just how would these stories seem if they were created today?

The Dr. Seuss-Like Trees of San Francisco Shot by Kelsey McClellan

While walking through her neighborhood in San Francisco‘s Outer Sunset area, photographer Kelsey McClellan is constantly surprised to detect the odd foliage adorning her neighbor’s lawns.