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Protected: 5 Smart Tips to Avoid Being Scammed by a Moving Company

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Canadian Artist Tackles Issue of Loneliness in Touching Illustrations

Toronto based graphic designer Marissa Korda has launched a poignant series that deals directly with the problem of isolation that was mass.

Romanian Designer Created Concrete Lamp That Allows User Customize it with A Stone

Rock comes with all the Slash concrete lamp by Bucharest designer Dragos Motica. Therefore, the user can crush the shade to reveal the reinforcing steel net.

Weta Workshop Shows How Miniatures For Blade Runner 2049 Were Built

Today we are going to have a look in the Weta Workshop team behind the scenes and they created the remarkable miniatures out of Blade Runner 2049 movie directed by Denis Villeneuve.

Australian Artists Creates Tiny Version of Hong Kong Urban Life

Australia-based miniaturist, Joshua Smith, has finished a job predicated on 23 temple street, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

This Self-Taught Polish Cosplayer Can Transform Herself Into Literally Anyone

Cosplayers – such as musicians – have a learning curve if they want to attain greatness, that they have to go through, but it would appear that Justyna Sosnowska has discovered a shortcut.

These Beer Cans Matched the Color of Each Brew with Pantone Number

Spanish designer Txaber has managed not just to simplify but also to transform otherwise clear beer bottle and can packaging down to a minimum, perfectly recognizable tag.

Kate Kato’s Papercut Wildlife Sculptures

Botanical paper artist Kate Kato has been utilizing found and recycled paper to build intricate all-natural dioramas.

Gentle Giants Studio Created A Collection Of Candles Designed To Raise Awareness Of The Global Warming

The collection of candles, designed for BOZU Italian Design Workshop, is entitled Bergy Bit, which is the accurate term for a small iceberg “piece” that has broken free from a larger iceberg.

Kaloyan Stoyanov’ Colorful Concept Illustrations

Professional concept artists set in the hours to achieve their dreams. Concept art is a mix of realism and creativity to make beautiful works of art for both video games and movies.

Estudio Cavernas builds a Thai Youth Center With Only Sugarcane and Timber

Estudio Cavernas is an architecture and construction non-profit organization based in Mae sot, on the Thai-Burma border.

Brazilian Photographer Reveals The ‘Truth’ Behind Professional Photoshoots

We’ve all seen it when flipping through Instagram; these perfect portraits of girls in woods couples perched on the shore, and girls posing like models in abandoned buildings.

The Vipp Shelter Hotel Allows You to Spend the Night In Swedish Forests

When the Vipp shelter initially made its introduction, adventurers rejoiced. To get 1,000.00 euros a night, this 55 sqm calm hideaway awaits you in the Swedish wilderness.

Protected: How to Get The Best Selfie – Things You Don’t Really Think About

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This Japanese Artist Creates Extremely Hyper Realistic Drawings with a Pencil

It might not surprise you those amazing things can be achieved with pencils and paper, but artist Kohei Ohmori’s breathtakingly lifelike drawings are bound to leave you amazed.

The Secret Life of the Pencil: Portraits of Today’s Artists as Seen Through Their Pencils

Photographer Mike Tinney and industrial designer Alex Hammond were considering the current state of engineering and imagination when they had an observation: with enormous advances in technology, client demands for speed and fast turnaround frequently venture to the unreasonable leaving precious little time for thinking, sketching, or ideation.

Protected: Why Upgrading Your Car Is A Good Investment

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Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant Is in Norway and Looks Like a Rock

Europe is home to the Greek Parthenon in Athens, the Roman Colosseum in Rome, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and many more architectural masterpieces.

THOSE Architects Transformed Dairy Farm into Modern Sales Office

Most property sales offices are structures that sit alone uncomfortably, on large tracts of property: prosaic temporary and utilitarian beasts, there to serve no longer, and a purpose.

Limited Edition Luxury Jaquet Droz Tropical Bird Repeater Read

The singing bird has always been a beloved creature, inspiring numerous artworks throughout time and adorning clocks, music boxes, and lots of other goodies.