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Ikea spoofs Apple in hilarious commercial for their 2015 catalogue

Swedish furniture giant IKEA takes a light-hearted jab at tech giant Apple with their latest commercial for their 2015 catalogue, billed as the ‘bookbook™.’ Parodying the likes of iPad and iPhone commercials, the viral clip positions their catalogue as the next big thing in technology.

Immersive installation lets visitors explore a surreal indoor forest

Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana have created an immersive art installation currently on view at the Swedish Contemporary Arts Museum.

Ridiculously fun GIFs that will remind you of growing up in the ’90s

Paul Robertson is an Australian animator who has done professional work for Disney’s Gravity Falls, Adult Swim, and several video game titles.

Tortoise wheelchair made from LEGO parts will melt your heart

Veterinarian Dr. Carsten Plischke used some crafty ingenuity to help Iris Peste’s pet tortoise, Blade.

Mr. Incredibeard sculpts his facial hair into literally anything

San Francisco-based Mr. Incredibeard, aka Isaiah Webb, has been hard at work sculpting his versitle facial hair into all kinds of wild designs.

This process creates photos from any material…including human ashes

Bill Fink is an artist who has spent the past 30 years developing a photographic technique he called “Time and Matter Photography.” Rather than the standard silver halide development process or more modern inkjet printing, Time and Matter Photography uses virtually any material to create photographic images.

Modern celebs mashed up with classic historical paintings

An incredible property of historical art is that it is a window into the time period in which it was painted.

5 powerful world leaders turned into hilarious desktop speakers

This amazing series of desktop speakers by Petro Wodkins uses the busts of 5 world leaders as their designs.

Lonely robotic finger seeks love by perpetually “liking” girls on Tinder

I have a soft spot for art that mocks modern technology and this sculpture by Tully Arnot really got me excited.

Artist embroiders amazingly realistic thread paintings

Cayce Zavaglia is an artist who has taken the old craft of embroidery to the level of high art. Zavaglia creates detailed, almost photorealistic portraits and calls them “thread paintings.” The thread paintings are small, typically eight-and-a-half by eleven inches. When viewed close up, they maintain their visual integrity.

Feathers meticulously deconstructed and composed into beautiful art

Chris Maynard is a master of feather art. The artist takes the delicate objects and cuts, shifts, and reassembles them into unbelievable little compositions. Maynard has been making feather art since he was 12-years-old but only recently began to show his work, in 2010.

Old whittled paintbrushes made into elegant renascence women

San Francisco-based artist Rebecca Szeto gives old paintbrushes whose functionality has been exhausted a new life as sculpture.

Projecting bracelet turns your wrist into an Android touchscreen

The big question in tech at the moment seems to be: How can we get these dang computers out of our hands and pockets for optimal convenience?

Strange animal sculptures exist between nightmares and dreams

Erika Sanada’s solo show titled ‘Odd Things: Daydreaming’ features small animal sculptures made with incredible sensitivity.

Backpack fashion designed with creepy anatomical accuracy

Konstantin Kofta has designed a fashion line called the ‘hug’ collection that mimics human anatomy in his functional accessory objects.

Unbelievable 3D murals appear to hover in city corners

Portuguese mural artist Odeith is painting sculptures on walls. His work is, of course, two-dimensional, but from the perfect angle it appears to hover in midair in the corners of cities.

Steampunk animals made from junk with dozens of moving parts

Igor Verniy finds inspiration in junk… elegantly aged and curiously mechanical junk. The art begins as objects like scrap metal, old bike chains, and silverware and is transformed into extraordinary depictions of animals and insects.

Intricate creatures made with origami like you have never seen before

Polish artist Piotr Sokołowski creates colorful animals from intricately folded paper. I could call this work origami, but it is not like any origami I have seen.

Video of hundreds of balls on an escalator is endlessly entertaining

In a funny public stunt disguised as a “science experiment” En Was Not Here unleashed a massive amount of plastic balls onto an escalator.

Rude baked goods are offensive and delicious at the same time

Graphic designer Sarah Brockett has executed a hilarious baked goods project she calls ‘Bold Bakery.’ The sarcastic collection of sweets features cookies, pies, and cakes with unconventional messages on them.