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Wait for a ride inside the most obvious bus stop ever made

Just incase it was not clear before, THIS is a bus stop. This humourously overt stop is constructed of three 14 foot letters spelling out the word “BUS.” It lives in Baltimore, Maryland and was conceptualized by the Spain-based artist collective “mmmm…,” a collaboration between Emilio Alarcón, Alberto Alarcón, Ciro Márquez and Eva Salmerón.

New Lucasfilm headquaters designed like Star Wars sandcrawler

Andrew Bromberg of architecture firm Aedas has designed the new headquarters of Lucasfilm in Singapore to look like a Sandcrawler from the original Star Wars movies.

Curious underwater yarn bombing gives submerged objects cosy sweaters

Yarn bombing is a glorious rebellious act combining the seemingly contacting cultures of craft and street art.

Surprising pro-sunscreen video shows how the sun sees your skin

Always wear sunscreen, folks. If you are the type of person who can’t be bothered to put on sunscreen, here is a little video that should change your mind.

Simpsons characters inspire brilliant minimal wine bottles

It’s the shape of Marge’s hair that did it. The tall blue coif that looms above the character’s head was surely the trigger for Moscow artist, Constantin Bolimond’s wine bottle design.

12 close-up photos of mouths highlight unique personalities

At first, looking at this series of photos by Dimitra Williams gave me a horrifying vision of my life if had chosen to be a dentist.

Smartphone finger smudges blown up for a closer look at mobile computing

Whenever a new technology or tool infiltrates mainstream culture there is an evolution in the way we think, communicate, or behave.

Watch this projection mapped makeup transform a face in seconds

Nobumichi Asai is a projection mapping machine. In the past the artist has projected moving and altering images onto things like cars, docks and buildings and now has a new subject.

12,400 gallons of beer wort come alive this scary fermentation time-lapse

Before commencing a 6-day fermentation process for their ‘Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale,’ Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. set up a camera.

Robin Williams’ incredible persona immortalized by artists from around the world

Surely, you’ve heard the sad news of Robin Williams’ tragic death. The news immediately broke into the hearts and minds of fans, friends, family and artists who collaborated with Williams, with unthinkable grief.

5 animated body x-rays show how we bend, clench and twist

GIFs are addicting nuggets of Internet content, but it turns out they can be educational as well. These 5 animations made by Cameron Drake show typical x-rays of various human bones and joints in motion.

Time-lapse photography reveals remarkable images of stars in motion

It is difficult to understand when looking up at the night sky that the star-scene we see is constantly in motion.

A monster turtle made of welded together junk metal

You are looking at a massive turtle composed of metal scrap junk by Indonesian artist Ono Gaf. He has used small found industrial scraps to compose this larger than life, and surprisingly realistic, animal.

Impressive body paint blends models into New York City backgrounds

Body painter Trina Merry has made a few people invisible in a city with more than 8 million bodies. The artist has models pose in front of New York City scenes and then goes through a painstaking painting process, replicating the background on their bare skin.

These detailed “algae-graphs” are living, growing pictures

In a process similar to traditional photo processing Lia Giraud has figured out a way to culture microscopic algae into incredible photographs.

Illustrations of mossy green islands that will stir your imagination

Every once and awhile I like to give an artist a bump. This week that artist is truly deserving of it.

Fashion meets floral on the pages of this stunning sketchbook

Best I can figure, Grace Ciao has simply become one with her influences. She literally glue-sticks them on the page!

Magical wire sculptures dazzle sightseers at Trentham Gardens

Wire sculptures are all the eye-candy these days and UK sculptor Robin Wight has quite a knack for creating fantasy-themed works of wonder.

Blurry photos reveal the hidden beauty in average urban environments

I’m something of a photography buff. As a matter of fact, at some point it’s how I made my living. So when I saw these photographs by artist Takashi Kitajima I just had to know how he did it.

Art prankster makes ancient statues pose for selfies

The selfie phenomenon might go down in history as an icon of the 21st century. It is its firm roots in modern smartphone culture that makes seeing them in historical situations totally awkward.