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10 essential zombie apocalypse escape route maps. Be prepared.

Have you ever wondered what your evacuation route and destination should be in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

A terrifying look at the faces that make Hitchcock’s horror films

Artists are not the only ones who creatively explore faces. Movies and television may not use paintbrushes to communicate facial expression, but they use camera framing, lighting, acting, and other techniques to create a shot and convey an emotion.

Eerie paintings depict a futuristic world inhabited by robots

Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag has created a series of science fiction inspired paintings that show a world inhabited by both humans and machines.

Creepy handmade dolls embody the spirit of Halloween

Marianna Nardin, the founder of Circus of Lost Dolls, creates unique macabre art dolls from clay and other materials.

Dangerous-looking popsicles designed to look like cacti and viruses

In this study that appears to be part-social experiment and part-fun project, creative organization Bold or Italics has made dangerous-looking popsicles.

Heartbreaking clay sculptures of a family fleeing their home in Gaza

Palestinian artist Iyad Sabbah has created this emotionally moving installation of clay sculptures in the Shuja’iyya neighborhood of Gaza.

Creative wedding video made using a GoPro-mounted whiskey bottle

A wedding is a day of diverse emotions and to document the range accurately takes a skilled photographer…or Redditor Drowsy_Jimmy to tape a GoPro to a whiskey bottle.

Cityscape wood sculptures describe a journey into city life

When making the move from the suburbs into the city James McNabb was inspired to make art about his experience.

21 outstanding contestants from the World Beard and Moustache Championships

Each year hundreds of hopeful contestants show up to participate in a highly anticipated fashion-art spectacle – The 2014 Just for Men World Beard and Moustache Championships.

Breathtaking textures of nature captured in abstract photographs

With one push of a button the shutter sounds and an image is captured. But if you’ve ever picked up a camera you know it’s so much more than that.

Artist paints magnificent glowing waterfalls from natural pigments

Every once and awhile an artist breaks the mold… like literally smashes it on the ground. That’s Hiroshi Senju.

Intricately cut paper depicting everything from ants to anime

Paper arts have grown in popularity in recent years.Techniques like paper cutting and quilling have been showing up all over the place. Akira Nagaya has practiced the former art (called Kirie in Japan) for years, creating absolutely amazing leaves, flowers, animals, and more, all from paper. As a side project, he also creates anime characters by cutting standard Post-Its.

Abandoned psychiatric hospital made even creepier through street art

Renowned Brazilian street artist Herbert Baglione has taken what is already a fairly spooky setting — an abandoned psychiatric hospital — and made it that much more terrifying.

Impressive pop-up architecture laser-cut from paper

Architecture is evolving at an incredible rate. Some time in the near future you may be able to print your house!

Chocolate skulls with brains are the perfect Halloween treat!

It’s about time for Halloween again, and you know what that means… Bring on the severed limbs, the cut out costumes and the pumpkin shaped buckets.

Adults use kids’ commentary to act out hilarious newscasts

Kids are adorable and their imagination is refreshingly absurd. The things they say seem normal and cute when coming from a child’s mouth, but with a simple change of context Bored Shorts TV makes hilarious videos.

Exquisite perforated surfaces reimagine common three dimensional objects

Argentinean artist, Pablo Lehmann, labors extensively over each piece of sculpture. Constructed primarily out of paper, textiles or plastics, the lacy forms gain their perforated surface from text cutouts.

Mom creates impressive food stories to make mealtime fun

As a highly efficient mom, Lee Samantha realized that if she could get her older child to eat independently it would free up more of her precious time.

Excess amounts of sweets on women question the boundaries of “sexy”

In a super strange photography series, Keith Allen Phillips has documented attractive women covered in sweet foods.

Expressive line drawings from a live concert by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Illustrator Isabella Cotier took a pen to paper while at a concert by the band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.