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Minimalist maps become graphic wall art

Celebrating a sense of place, GrafoMap is a new online platform that lets users plug in a location and customize a map that can then be printed to become part of your decor.

Custom pinhole cameras made out objects found in nature

Sometimes it takes more than just being somewhere to capture it perfectly. David Janesko and Adam Donnelly have a great idea to make that happen.

16 photos of buildings silhouetted against cyan skies

Norwegian photographer Øystein Sture Aspelund has turned his lens towards architecture with the series CYAN and its sequel CYAN II.

Colorful stonehenge-like sculptures line the desert in Las Vegas

Every inch of the world is a canvas for beautiful artwork. Even if it’s in the middle of the desert in Las Vegas like Ugo Rondinone‘s latest.

Fantastic paper sculptures transformed digitally by Eiko Ojala

We’ve covered the wonders of paper craft before, but we’ve seen nothing quite like this series by Eiko Ojala.

Revealing the beautiful cellular structure on plants in 10 photos

In a series that he calls Morphogenesis, UK photographer Rob Kesseler worked with teams of cellular and molecular scientists in the Instituto Ciencia Gulbenkian in Portugal.

Ably: wear it forever, wash it never

Brothers Raj and Akhil Shah have created the clothing of dreams. It never stains or stinks and it’s all sustainable: introducing, Ably.

Hyperrealistic paintings show interaction between children and animals

Children’s interactions with members of the animal kingdom like wolves, bears, and birds have made up a number of our favorite fairytales.

Paintings present a pixelated view of summer fun

It’s a pixelated worldview. In a series called Splash, artist William Betts creates enticing summertime pool scenes using  tiny dots of acrylic paint that align to a grid, referencing an 8-bit jpg.

Quirky miniature installations right under your feet

This is street art on a whole new level. A miniature level, that is. Slinkachu’s site-specific art is one that can be found right under your very nose.

Elephant on a trampoline animation and 8 other unlikely animal adventrures

French animator and film director Nicolas Deveaux has created a series of imaginative short films that are a delight.

New technology can bring braille to a Kindle-style tablet

“Imagine having a Kindle, that isn’t a visual Kindle, but instead has a tactile surface that can be read by a person who is blind, using Braille,” said Dr.

Quirky cartoon characters take over real life in fantastic GIFs

We’ve seen blends of photography and digital illustrations before, but Yoyo the Ricecorpse puts a unique spin on the craft by making her work animated.

Bright blue seats in Poland turn stairs into sunbeds

No Studio is made up of Polish artists Magda Szwajcowska and Michal Majewski who have installed many of architectural works throughout their native city, Wrocław.

Stained glass and mosaic tile, the art of NYC subways

MTA Arts & Design has commissioned more than 250 permanent art installations in the subways of NYC. A prime location for public artworks, the works have a daily visibility of more than 8.5 million people.

9 classic sneakers, each drawn using a single continuous line

Is there a classic sneaker design that you have a fondness for? Maybe it’s a beloved pair of Adidas, or maybe it’s some rocking converse high-tops?

Architecture comes indoors with this unbelievable piece of lighting design

It’s a hyper-realistic reproduction of the Vatican’s Saint Peter Basilica. Created by Alessandra Mantovani and Eleonora Barbareschi of Studio AMeBE, the innovative chandelier titled “Cupola, and light it was!

Super Mario World meets Game of Thrones

Steven Jase is an animator and graphic designer, and apparently a Super Mario / Game of Thrones fan as well.

In conversation with architects: 9 video interviews from the Venice Architecture Biennale

The theme for the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 is “Reporting from the Front”. In its 15th year, the annual architecture exhibition was curated by Alejandro Aravena.

The edges of artmaking— online quiz results in gallery display

Jonas Lund’s project Fair Warning is an interactive digital platform that uses an online quiz to question the quantification of our clicks.