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Irresistible calendar raises awareness for doggie adoption

Animal rescue nonprofit Louie’s Legacy and fashion photographer Mike Ruiz have teamed up for the 2015 ‘Hunks and Hounds’ calendar.

Watch these planes take off and land as hypnotic orbs of light

Plane spotting is actually a thing, everyone. To aviation enthusiasts, there’s nothing like watching an airplane take off and land – it is majestic.

Vein-inserted jewelry uses your blood flow to create energy

How badly do you need to recharge your phone? This Israeli graduate student wonders if people would use their own biology to produce power by attaching a device directly into their veins.

Dancing “don’t walk” man should be installed at every crosswalk immediately

This fun project by car manufacturer Smart addresses a simple experience in everyday life that irritates us all – waiting for that dang crosswalk sign to change.

This detailed woodcut has taken 2 years to produce! The detail is magnificent.

Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth of Tugboat Printshop have been making woodcut prints since 2006. Their process is entirely handmade, beginning with the low relief carving of ¾” birch plywood, followed by hand-rolling the blocks with ink, and finally pressing the images onto archival paper.

The ‘Star’ superyacht will redefine your ideas about boat design

Buying a Yacht is the ultimate declaration of financial supremacy over the rest of the world, so when selecting one you need to make it impressive.

Tokyo muralist paints gallery walls with beautiful dirt

I used to hear it all the time… “Don’t touch that,” “Wash you hands,” “That’s dirty!” A life lesson I’m glad I heeded in retrospect, even if it was a bit over dramatic.

9 old photos prove that Victorians had personalities after all

One of the interesting moments just after photography became accessible to the average consumer in the 1800s is the period when people didn’t smile in pictures.

Poster series features classic gunslingers from comic books and movies

Recently, Guardians of the Galaxy brought another awesome comic book gunslinger to life, Star-Lord Peter Quill.

A couple poses in 8 perplexing Internet-inspired photographs

Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree have created a self-portraiture project titled ‘Complements.’ With photographs that are visually striking and evocative, the couple explores their self-image through a series of wacky photographs.

Subtle patterns inspired by the geometry in soap bubbles

The series is subtle and beautiful. The muted grays and browns create a quiet space to experience the images that are at first simple, but then become complex the more they are viewed.

10 delightful photos of dogs in mid-shake

Carli Davidson was inspired by something very unusual — the regular cleaning of her dog’s drool off the walls, a side effect of his slobbery head shaking.

Fun graphics celebrate the small differences. What kind of person are you?

Do you put ketchup on your fries or on the side? Do you eat the pizza crust or leave it behind? The foodie app Zomato takes a look at these polarizing issues in a recent ad campaign.

Intriguing collages show people melting into their surroundings

Berlin-based photographer Michel Lamoller’s project ‘Tautochronos’ is all about the coexistence between humans and their surrounding landscapes, to the point of merging into one another.

Classic Disney characters get caught in the 21st century selfie trend

In an attempt to bring the classic Disney princesses and characters into the 21st century Amanda Whitelaw has humorously illustrated them all taking selfies.

The incredible Whale Stapler will make your office more aquatic

Ari Glogower has been working tirelessly for the past year, following his successful Kickstarter, to bring to market a product that will change every home and office – The Whale Stapler.

135 analog clocks work together to tell numeric time

We have covered some pretty neat time keepers, like the Nixie tube clock or the Concrete Clock, but this one is impressive on an entirely different level.

Designer uses cut paper to achieve a unique graphic look

It’s easy to design things on a computer that appear to be three dimensions, like they were cut from paper.

Is this stained-glass sleeper car the future of automobiles?

Typically future-cars are portrayed as metallic, colorless and minimal with a spaceship-like presence. Dominic Wilcox has presented a totally different model with bright colors and decoration.

6 ephemeral lingerie models dissolving into space

Using digital painting effects, UK-based photographer and graphic designer Alberto Seveso morphed photographs into fleeting swirls that look like ink immersed in water.