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The density of urban streets illustrated for the Business of Fashion

The Business of Fashion commissioned London-based illustrator Rod Hunt to create a series of drawings for its Company Culture Guide and an article on global retailers.

Outdoor sculpture looks like lace but weighs 40 tons

The Hive is a giant outdoor sculpture created by Nottingham-based artist Wolfgang Buttress in collaboration with designer and engineer Tristan Simmonds.

Fantastic kaleidoscopic GIFs featuring flowers, butterflies and more

If you like flowers and also happen to like gif images, then Anna Taberko has you covered with her brilliant series of animated floral patterns.

Artist creates ethereal, water-based images

Not your average fishbowl–artist Vince Pezzaniti’s dreamlike subjects of water, fish and more create thought-provoking images.

‘Today’ clock offers unique spin on traditional time-pieces

When it comes to unique clocks, it doesn’t get any better than Scott Thrift’s latest timepiece, Today.

This psychedelic edit of 2001: A Space Odyssey is surreal!

It’s great to see one of the greatest science fiction films of all time, 2001: A Space Odyssey, withstand the test of time in the works of people like Bhautik Joshi.

Bold six-foot sculpture of symbolizes mankind’s dialogue with nature

Mankind’s interaction with nature has been explored and documented numerous times. Nazar Bilyk continues to explore our communication with the environment through this six foot tall sculpture.

This funky tabletop has wooden rockets and puffy clouds for legs

Rockets and tables don’t usually come together perfectly, but Stelios Mousarris has found a fun way to pull it off.

5 photos of roads that will make you lust for adventure

If you’re thinking about a summer road trip, this photo series by German photographer Christian Schmidt may whet your appetite.

Astonishingly detailed LEGO kit features 1960’s Volkswagen Beetle

LEGO designers are hard at work making some astonishingly detailed models. This 1960’s Volkswagen Beetle is their latest piece.

Einstein illustrated: a new graphic novel

Anne Simon is a French artist and illustrator who worked with Swiss writer Corinne Maier to create a new graphic novel about the scientist Albert Einstein.

From math to murals

The artist, Katy Ann Gilmore, has a unique background. Having studied both art and mathematics in college, the influence of geometry is evident in her precision linework.

Sculptural staircase uses spiraling forms to make a grand entrance

Inside the Atrium office tower in Tel Aviv, Israel, a sculptural staircase bends and swoops, creating a fluidity within the open-air office building.

Painter uses text as backgrounds for Banksy-esque art

What’s black and white and re(a)d all over? Loui Jover’s unique pieces of art. The Australian artist utilizes newspaper clippings, sheet music and more to create innovative backdrops for his contrast-heavy paintings.

The organ of the ocean

Croatia’s 230-Foot Organ is astounding. Utilizing wind and water energy of the Adriatic Sea, the organ creates the eeriest sound.

Enchanting skeleton key necklaces

Starla Moore is a entrepreneur who launched her own handmade necklace jewelry line. Most of her original designs are key-shaped with dragon, wings, stories, or magic motifs.

Finnish photographer creates Dexter-esque Lego scenes

For most of us, Legos were fun toys we played with in our childhoods, creating imaginary worlds and friends with the little plastic figurines.

Flowing iron sculptures

Sachiko Kodama is a Japanese artist who uses a very particular media to create her mesmerizing sculptures.

Dip Dyes for plant-based tattoos

Ukrainian tattoo artist, Rita “Rit Kit” Zolotukhina is redoing the way tattoos are created. By dipping leaves and other plants in tattoo stencil ink, Rit Kit, is replicating nature on her clients in a whole new process.

Stop-motion film tells of a furniture-maker’s ancient processes

Furniture maker Jim Tolpin was turned into an animated character in the stop-motion short film by Andrea Love.