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The incredible Whale Stapler will make your office more aquatic

Ari Glogower has been working tirelessly for the past year, following his successful Kickstarter, to bring to market a product that will change every home and office – The Whale Stapler.

135 analog clocks work together to tell numeric time

We have covered some pretty neat time keepers, like the Nixie tube clock or the Concrete Clock, but this one is impressive on an entirely different level.

Designer uses cut paper to achieve a unique graphic look

It’s easy to design things on a computer that appear to be three dimensions, like they were cut from paper.

Is this stained-glass sleeper car the future of automobiles?

Typically future-cars are portrayed as metallic, colorless and minimal with a spaceship-like presence. Dominic Wilcox has presented a totally different model with bright colors and decoration.

6 ephemeral lingerie models dissolving into space

Using digital painting effects, UK-based photographer and graphic designer Alberto Seveso morphed photographs into fleeting swirls that look like ink immersed in water.

Abstracted urban paintings describe city-life in Shanghai

Shanghai-based artist Lu Xinjian finds inspiration in his home-city translating his urban environment into complex paintings.

Tragic nuclear catastrophe explored through enjoyable hobby-crafts

Our culture’s juxtaposing feelings toward war, tragedy and violence are perplexing – we simultaneously fear it and are fascinated by it. Anna Burns in collaboration with Michael Bodiam explore this phenomenon through the lens of nuclear catastrophe.

Delicate paper bugs made from recycled magazines

This series of colorful crafty bugs was made by Belgium-based creative studio Soon using recycled magazine pages.

Learn the colorful secret behind how Jawbreakers are made

Who could forget that delightful and obnoxious candy that requires hours (or days if you save it) of commitment to suck through the mysterious layers of color.

Cosmic art collages created from Macbook screenshots

Japanese artist Toru Izumida utilizes the screenshot as an artistic tool to stitch together collages from web-based media.

Eye-popping images of 10 foods literally covered in gold

Photographer Jonpaul Douglass has got the Midas touch for his food art series ‘Gold Foodz.’ With a painted coat of gold for that extra touch of class, common household food items like pineapples, bananas, cheese puffs, corn dogs, peppers, french fries, eggs, pizzas and more become royalty.

3D paintings with objects literally bursting from the frames

Dr. Yuki Matsueda’s brilliant 3D paintings display a certain fascination with motion in stillness. The Japanese artist’s sculptures are meticulously coated and molded in PET plastic to give the impression that the objects are escaping from the frames, when in fact they are all fastened in place.

Mysterious hooded sculptures make their way around the world

Some artists create an icon and believe in its message so strongly that they make it over and over for years.

Surreal paintings of fantastical universes and dreamlike landscapes

Raffaello Ossola is a Swiss painter who is famous for his acrylic paintings of fantastical universes and dreamlike landscapes.

Floating organism sculptures made with a surprising everyday material

Brooklyn-based Sui Park creates fragile-looking sculptures that appear as sea creatures gently floating above the floor.

Individuals unconsciously sculpt their “ideal” image with their mind

These subtle side-by-side images show an individual’s actual portrait compared to what might be their personal ideal image.

Incredible paper airplane gun folds and shoots every 4 seconds

It is proven time and time again that DIY inventors rule. The ‘Rubber Band Machine Gun’ we covered previously is pretty rad, but this Paper Airplane Machine Gun is just insane.

Nearly 250,000 sprinkles were used to make this photo realistic beagle

Has a photo ever looked so good you wanted to lick the page? Well this is the first time you can. Canadian art student Joel Brochu made an incredibly detailed portrait of a kindly beagle, using nothing more than sprinkles.

Laser cut illustrations bring woodworking into the 21st century

Wood carving is an age-old profession. Men would toil for days, maybe months, on a single chair or headboard.

A flock of sheep dyed rainbow colors reminds us to dream

Life on the farm can get kinda predictable, so here is an idea to spice up the daily grind. Gray Malin has released the ‘Dream Series’ featuring sheep dyed crazy bright colors against the beautiful Australian countryside (checkout that rainbow!