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This photographer endured the freezing Iceland temperature so we have an idea of its beauty in winter

We’ve all heard of artists who would deliberately choose to inconvenient themselves for the sake of producing an out of this world art.

Elicia Edijanto explores relationship between wildlife and children through ominous paintings

Elicia Edijanto has a way of circling back to DesignFaves (here and here) every now and again with her wonderful silhouetted paintings exploring relationships between children and animals.

Altoids tins as canvas is perfect for any painting-on-the-go idea

You know Altoids? Those “curiously strong mints” that are packaged in rectangular tins and were originally created in London in the 1780s.

Artist creates clay representations of objects from Studio Ghibli movies

Millions of people have been under the spell of Studio Ghibli’s undeniable charm and childlike imagination for many years.

Future of fashion: solar-powered coat made by COMME des GARÇONS alumnus can charge all your electronic devices

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have access to a charging station all the time even if you’re in the middle of literally nowhere?

Traveler artist uses her bicycle-powered sewing machine in stitching real life portraits from exotic places

Harriet Riddell realized her love for sewing when she started going to life drawing classes. Instead of a pencil, she brought her machine and class and stitched the assignment, much to her classmates’ “dismay.” Riddell wanted to capture the present in her stitchings but couldn’t figure out how as sewing machines needed electricity.

700-year old Kalo Tower in Denmark gets a modern-minimalistic architectural makeover

The Kalo Tower, an important piece of structure in Danish history which dates back to 700 years, has recently gone through a major renovation for the first time in centuries.

Cute clay pots made in Egypt can water your plants even if you’re away

One of the many things that a traveler dreads to go home to is a withered plant. Plants are as beautiful as they are fragile.

Korean artist’s uncompleted sculptures explore human melancholia, existentialism

Park Ki Pyung, a Seoul-based sculptor, and student, creates haphazardly finished sculptures that are heavily inspired by his personal reflections about existentialism.

Bizarrely-shaped modern house designed for a pilot mimics environment, boasts Korean architecture

A modern house now stands in the middle of a residential area near Incheon airport and it is not like any other structure in the neighborhood, even in the whole country.

Floating ramp dream project takes skateboarding to greater heights

What do you get when you dream big? If there’s anyone reliable enough to show you the fruits of dreaming big, it’s professional skateboarder Bob Burnquist.

Williamson Goods and local bicycle company collaborate on luxurious bike made of python skin

With the rise in popularity of bicycles nowadays, more and more vehicle companies strive to step up their game in designing trendier and smarter bikes.

Floating trailer made of fiberglass is perfect for sea-loving campers

Good news for campers and sea lovers alike: An enclosure that serves as a floating “tent” is now yours for the taking!

Miniature house turns into a mechanical shop of desserts at Berkshire’s The Fat Duck

Heston Blumenthal makes an ingenious addition to his renowned multi-sensory dining offering. With the help of design firm Seymourpowell and cabinetmaker Mark Heeler, a miniature Victorian mechanical house that boasts sumptuous desserts now stand at his three Michelin-starred Berkshire restaurant The Fat Duck.

An artificial cloud that rains tequila (yes, you read that right)

This is not a drill. In an attempt to lure in more people to their country and increase tourism, the tourism board of Mexico has commissioned LAPIZ to create an artificial cloud that rains not water, but tequila.

Artificial lighting experimentation produces hyper-realistic, psychedelic images of flowers

We’ve always naturally seen flowers in their full bloom and color, not borrowing any of their innate beautiful aspects from another source.

Cartoon women happily floating, swimming underwater illustrated by Sonia Alins Miguel

Women are known to be deep, relentless and sensitive. Like the sea, they hold so many secrets and feel in great depths.

Environmentalist photographs white polar bears stuck in artificial homes made for zoos around the world

There is something about zoos that makes it hard not to fall in love with them. Not only are they full of wild animals that you would otherwise never have a chance to see in your lifetime, they also produce that childlike, carefree feeling.

Michael Wolf captures different emotions in Tokyo’s congested subways

Known mostly for his magnificent architectural photographs of bustling cities like Hong Kong and Chicago, Michael Wolf is no stranger to the chaos and madness of rush hour.

$2000 titanium flask that can store two kinds of whiskey at once is for the serious collector

This one is for the hard liquor lovers. Scottish single-malt whiskey maker Macallan has recently collaborated with Swiss watchmaker Urwerk in creating a unique, limited edition whiskey flask.