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These LEGO wall paintings and sculptures will bring out your inner child

We’ve covered LEGO sculptures on DesignFaves countless times but David Hughes brings along a fresh, and welcome twist.

New series of furniture by Martyn Thompson inspired by the Ionian Sea

This year’s London Design Week yielded loads of fabulous exhibits. However, the exhibit by the Martyn Thompson Studio probably stood out the most!

Facial tattoos: the people behind the ink

Mark Leaver is a photographer with an amazingly curious eye for those known as “Others”. One of his latest projects called “Tattoos” personifies the mystery of body decoration in Britain’s facial tattoo community.

This book for graphic designers features six new typefaces inspired by “new classics”

If you’re a bookworm and a graphic design buff at the same time, then this book is for you! Kansas City and San Francisco-based Willoughby Design have designed a book that enables you to explore new typefaces created to represent “new classics” in contemporary design.  The interactive book is called, “Fresh Takes on Classic Type on CLASSIC® Papers,” and features six unique typefaces with stories behind each of them in the words of the creators.

Iridescent plumes of oil and water brilliantly capture the human eye

Eyes may be windows to the soul but they’re also extremely complicated to draw and render. Artist Fabian Oefner has been exploring the visual effects of iridescence for ages.

Creepy, illuminated anglerfish lurks over dark stairwell in Norway

Site-specific graffiti is very popular nowadays and this wonderful piece by Skurk exhibits  many of the reasons for why that is.

Intricate insect-like kinetic sculptures with hidden electronics

Indonesian artist Dedy Shofianto has designed a series of sophisticated kinetic sculptures in the form of insect-like creatures.

Gracious flowers in bloom captured in stunning time lapse videos

Flowers blooming in slow motion never get old and this video clearly illustrates the reason why this is true.

Alien ecosystems depicted in mysterious gouache illustrations

Who said planets had to be round? Why can’t they be nice and angular like in Nicole Gustafsson’s work?

Delicate glass is transformed into highly-detailed floral sculptures

Amber Cowan works with pressed glass to create some incredibly complex floral sculptures. Like wow! The Philadelphia-based artist and educator received her MFA in 2011 in Glass/Ceramics and since then has been constructing complex yet beautiful floral vessels with multiple components.

These strange animal clusters by Marco Mazzoni will freak you out!

Marco Mazzoni delivers perfectly bizarre illustrations to his audience. Making them at first believe they’re looking at concentrated nests of flora and fauna.

Blocky LEGO brick creations reveal hidden shadow figures

John V. Muntean is a LEGO master-builder who creates these bulky blocks that, when spun on a single axis in front of a light source, reveal multiple projected shadows.

New ethereal universe jewelry by Secret Wood

We’re back with some new jewelry by Secret Wood (previously on Design Faves) with mythical worlds encapsulated within them.

French artist celebrates RIO 2016 with two large fabric murals

In honor of the Olympics, artist JR has unveiled two murals in Rio to celebrate the momentous occasion.

19th-century dress transformed into ghostly, crystalline sculpture by the Dead Sea

You’ve probably seen this making the rounds on Facebook, but this salt-infused dress is too fabulous to ignore.

Go behind-the-scenes with Kubo and the Two Strings’ animators

Kubo and the Two Strings is out and it’s being met with extreme praise at the box office. So, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at some of its talented crew at work.

New York artist launches ambitious project to paint murals of 50,000 bees

Street art gets the busy-bee treatment at the Burt’s Bees headquarters in Durham, North Carolina. New York-based artist Matt Willey recently founded the Good of the Hive Initiative, a project that involves him painting 50,000 bees as part of murals around the world.

These unusual digital animations will creep you out!

Prepare to be amazed and amused by Hayden Zezula’s unusual animations. The visual artist and animator shares some crazy animations on his Tumblr, going by the name Zolloc.

A heartfelt narrative told through Jungho Lee’s picture book

With the advent of e-books, picture books have reached a new level of artistic splendour. Illustrator Jungho Lee took home the title of overall professional winner at the World Illustration Awards 2016 recently, thanks to some of his wonderful illustrations from his own picture book.

Street artists unleash maniacal faces in urban spaces

A few humorous murals began turning up in Barcelona this past year by a revered street artist. The artist known as Penao uses windows and holes on the sides of abandoned buildings to create quirky faces, complete with noses and lips.