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Photographs isolate light for a powerful symbol of hope and life

At first, one might mistake ‘After Lights Out,’ Julien Mauve’s photographic series, for simple nightscapes.

Elegant Japanese illustrations of European landscapes

Fumio Watanabe is a contemporary Japanese illustrator who makes lovely eye candy in the form of brightly colored illustrations of European landscapes.

Gorgeous illustrations inspired by antiquated European engravings

Washington-based artist Olivia Knapp draws stunning black-and-white still lifes, albeit with a bizarre twist.

Watch thousands of starlings put on a breathtaking sky performance

This recently shot video by Alpaca Media shows one of the world’s mysteries – a murmuration of starlings.

Artist dad creatively visualizes odd sayings of his 3-year old daughter

Parenthood can be both daunting and exciting. But for illustrator Martin Bruckner and his wife, it is flat entertaining.

Texas women with guns rule this thought-provoking photography series

Inspired by an incident at a Houston hair salon where a customer’s gun went off accidentally in her handbag, Shelley Calton began her series, ‘Concealed, She’s Got a Gun.’ The photographs depict women in various environments with handguns by their sides.

9 stunning winners of this year’s National Geographic photo contest

There were 9,200 entries from over 150 countries. The steep competition of National Geographic’s photography contest was rewarded with the Grand Prize Winner receiving $10,000 and a trip to the company’s headquarters in Washington D.C.

Mondrian sticky notes—an unlikely mashup of art and office supplies

The Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian, is known for his brightly colored geometric abstractions. The careful design with squares of red, blue, yellow, and white have the streamlined simplicity that is the goal of many desk organization tools.

Fun fairy tale cups magnify illustrations when filled with water

‘The method of drinking a fairy tale’ is a series of glassware by Japanese design company D-BROS. Designed by Yoshie Watanabe, the glasses feature adorable illustrations of classic fairy tale characters like Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White.

Mesmerizing time-lapse videos of colorful blooming cacti

Plants are one of those things that hold an incredible curiosity in how they can move so slowly, yet so dramatically, over time. Visualizing this process is endlessly fascinating and one man in Jacksonville, Florida is giving the world a time-lapse flower-blooming fix via Instagram.

Disturbing dinnerware with protruding fingers and open mouths

Roni Baranga has successfully creeped out the Internet with her collection of dinnerware decorated with protruding fingers, mouths, and tongues.

Extreme weavers construct a giant hammock 400-feet above the desert

Adrenaline is a rare companion to the textile arts. Yet, a high-altitude weaving project created an unlikely playground for adventurers.

Psychedelic visual GIF interpretations of EDM remixes

Aussie artist/creative director Leif Podhajsky was commissioned by Bose & Spotify to come up with visual interpretations of the top most remixed songs on streaming service Spotify.

Eye-popping photographs glamorizing daily produce and fruit

Italian photographer Maurizio Di Iorio has a knack for making ordinary food items look glamorous. Whether it’s fast food, fruit, or fresh produce, Di Iorio’s still life photography always utilizes bold, intense color combinations to great effect.

Walk among the clouds in this dreamlike installation

Have you ever dreamed of walking among the clouds? Japanese artist Kohei Nawa has created an installation that immerses viewers into its billowy white forms.

Remarkable patterns created by thousands of standing people

From a distance, these patterns look like they might be created with pointilism or a similar technique.

3D printed face-vases cleverly show your profile in their negative space

Last year for Mother’s Day, Brooklyn-based architect and computational designer Nicholas Desbiens created a thoughtful 3D printed gift for his wife.

Brilliant company will mail glitter bombs to your worst enemies

Everyone has a sworn enemy. You know, the person who you despise with every ounce of your body. Maybe it’s your Aunt Lucy who made you wear ugly Christmas sweaters your entire childhood or the guy in the breakroom who hasn’t discovered deodorant.

3D printed sculptures are animated when spun at just the right speed

John Edmark designed these intriguing ‘Fibonacci Zoetrope’ sculptures that become animated when spun under a strobe light or are captured by a video camera with a fast shutter speed.

Evil personified Earth tortures humanity in hysterical video

As humanity has progressed over the past couple hundred years we have put a lot of stress on our beloved home planet.