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Stanley Kubrick’s stark but beautiful photos document 1940s NYC

In the 1940s, long before he became a renowned film director for movies like “2001: A Space Odyssey,” “A Clockwork Orange” and “The Shining,” Stanley Kubrick was a photographer and a student at the City College New York.

Comparative photos show rockers before and after their intense concerts

It is incredible to be at a live rock concert and to feel the energy of the musicians and the crowd. The mood makes a massive shift from the preconcert chatter, to the post show adrenaline and exhaustion.

11 surreal photographs of radical 1960s furniture design

The prolific duo of artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaulo Ferrari are up to their old tricks again.

Illustrator draws 1,000 emojis in 1,000 hours for smartphone app

Emojis are taking the smartphone world by storm to the point where instant messaging apps are literally competing against one another on account of who has the most extensive emoji library.

Grotesque flesh sculptures installed in the picturesque Swiss Alps

In a strange and striking sculpture installation Andrea Hasler (previously) has placed large fleshy masses within the picturesque Swiss Alps.

Outrageous portraits of pop culture figures made entirely from candies

Pop artist Jason Mecier is best known for his outrageous portraits of pop culture icons, ‘painted’ entirely with candies.

Photographer reveals the many faces of the forest hidden inside the trees

I think it was the movie Snow White that forever changed the forest for me. What was once a place of serenity and growth was augmented into a dark hallow with evil eyes, and lashing claws.

7 fractured portrait illustrations with an odd allure

The feeling of one’s mind exploding is not uncommon. However, discovering that one’s head was filled with extinct animals certainly would be a unique experience.

Bold mural with fluid line work explores the nature of language

In the library at North Carolina State University, artist José Parlá took on an interesting and complex concept—the nature of language.

Art exhibit features the work of one of NYC’s real “Mad Men”

A new exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York showcases the work of McCauley “Mac” Conner, one of New York City’s original “Mad Men” of the 1960s. His hand-painted work appeared in magazines like McCall’s and Redbook.

Artist paints in a trance-state to create revealing portraits

Guillaume Bruère paints the essence of people, not the real physical depiction we might expect. Working rapidly in trance-like state he attempts to stay one step ahead of his consciousness while working.

8 portraits show the gorgeous transformation of the people behind Burlesque

Burlesque began in a simpler form a few hundred years ago and has evolved into an increasingly popular modern art performance combining dance, comedy and strip-tease.

Terrifying home hovers above the ocean on the side of a cliff

This is a home for the true thrill seeker. Australian design firm Modscape has conceptualized this insane looking abode located literally on the side of a cliff.

9 imagined cloud animals made real through playful illustrations

Argentinian artist Martín Feijoó brings his childhood imagination to life by creating illustrations based on clouds in his series ‘Shaping Clouds.’ As a child I spent hours watching the sky finding fantasy worlds in the clouds. Feijoó simply used photography and his illustration skills to take this fun activity to a literal level.

6 images from the Library of Congress turned into super creepy GIFs

Kevin Weir spends his time scouring the Library of Congress online archive for perfect images for his creepy animated GIF art.

New book features photographs of fingers covering the camera lens

For years, Erik Kessels, principal at the Dutch communications agency KesselsKramer, searched for photographs that have the photographer’s finger over the lens.

Electric Waste Orchestra turns tech trash into upcycled musical instruments

As technology changes at a rapid pace, the world’s supply of tech trash is ever-increasing. The Illinois group Electric Waste Orchestra has developed an innovative approach for how to re-purpose some of the electronic junk that is no longer useful for its original purpose.

7 adorable stickers illustrate silly Japanese food puns

What’s more adorable than anthropomorphic food cartoons? Anthropomorphic Japanese food cartoons, of course!

Depression era photographs recreated using thousands of upturned crayons

We’ve all seen the crayon art made from melting wax into different shapes. It’s a fun DIY project that almost anyone can do, regardless of your artistic skills (of course, there are some beautifully artistic examples, as well).

The Michelin Man stars in an unusual hotel concept for the heart of Paris

You may be familiar with the Michelin Man (whose real name is actually Bibendum), the giant, lumpy white mascot of the Michelin tire company.