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Incredibly detailed murals depicting life and death are creepy!

At once surreal and goosebumps-inducing, Alexis Diaz’s murals are definitely worth a second glance over the shoulder.

Digitally stitched birds in flight showcase otherworldly dynamics

At once wondrous and astounding, this series of unusual composites depicting birds in flight examines motion.

Australian illustrator imagines popular characters before their morning coffee

We all know what it’s like before we’ve had our morning coffee — the world’s a blur, and God forbid anyone try to talk to us.

Miniature elephant sculptures exquisitely carved on the tip of a pencil

Elephants are majestic enough thanks to their sheer size. But artist Cindy Chinn has found another way to make them look just as awesome.

Vibrating pools of liquid line the walls of Loris Cecchini’s exhibition

Ripples and waves when seamlessly integrated into blank, white walls of a gallery make for an otherworldly exhibition.

Sprawling gardens of Château de Marqueyssac captured in striking photos

Photographer Philippe Jarrigeon captured the incredible topiary gardens on his visit to Château de Marqueyssac.

Martin Molin is back with two new freaky musical contraptions

A few months ago, this incredible contraption that makes music using marbles became viral on he internet.

3D street art features tunnel leading to another dimension

One will need to focus hard and look multiple times to realize that this mural is just a mural and not an ever-lengthening tunnel system on the side of a building.

7 photos of whales and dolphins from a retirement spent sailing the world’s oceans

Christopher Swann has been running whale watching tours for more than 23 years. Having brought his guests to such whale watching hot spots as Hebrides and the Sea of Cortes, he has retired and is now “sailing away around the world” exploring the seas and looking for his beloved whales and dolphins.

Psychedelic paintings explore deep relationship with humans and nature

Psychedelic artwork can be likened to a doorway that leads to the exploration of our relationship with nature and the universe.

‘Boiling Point’ aerial photograph depicts tensions in and around Chicago

Street art doesn’t get any hotter than this. In fact, this piece has reached the boiling point. Photographer Paul Octavious employed the use of a drone, and while soaring above the suburbs in Chicago, he captured a lonely cul-de-sac.

Dance with your own shadow to improvised music from interactive installation

Mesa Musical Shadows is the title of an installation that Montréal’s interaction design studio Daily tous les jours has installed in Arizona’s Mesa Arts Center.

7 objects that have self-deprecating thoughts

Blending her background in typeface design and hand-painted signage, Annica Lydenberg founded the design studio Dirty Bandits to work on typography, lettering and illustration projects.

Unsettling dance performance by an animation puppet

For a stop motion film, you need an animation puppet to imagine bodily motions of your character. Dario Imbrogno has taken that literally, using an animation puppet as a character.

Installation of pinwheels demonstrates a community’s interconnection

The Pinwheel Pavilion is a temporary architecture installation at London’s Museum Gardens. Created by Five Line Projects Design and Research Office, the project won the Archtriumph Summer Pavilion Competition in 2016.

Insect macro photography reveals masked figure-like forms

Part study of symmetry, part observation of insects and their anthropomorphic appearance, this series by Pascal Goet is an incredible one.

Design innovation: Solar panels are embedded into stained glass

A new design technology by Marjan van Aubel integrates solar cells into stained glass windows. Producing the products under the brand Caventou, the technology is similar to photosynthesis in the solar cells use the property of color to create an electrical current.

Letterforms made using mailed letters

Niral Parekh has created a series of sculptural typography pieces that use mailed letters to create letterforms.

Dolls out of a dream

Marina Bychkova creates mesmerizing dolls. Her process can take years, and each Enchanted Doll is unique.

3D modeling + math + lasers = Fashion

Nancy Yi Liang could revolution the fashion industry. Anyone that has purchased clothes knows that unless they are tailored, they rarely fit perfectly everywhere on your body, there is always something.