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Artist ships glass with FedEx for exhibition featuring shattered boxes

Making sure fragile items don’t get destroyed while on their way to destinations is tough. Walead Beshty captures the experience in shattered glass boxes.

Mesmerizing helicopter views of Los Angeles by Dylan Schwartz

Taken from high above the city, Dylan Schwartz‘s aerial photography is mesmerizing. The creative Director and photographer based out of Los Angeles frequently takes helicopter rides at dawn and dusk, capturing breathtaking views of towering skyscrapers, bridges, and sports complexes.

Amr Elshamy: The Art of Storytelling and Magical Sceneries

Amr Elshamy, otherwise called Hotamr, lives in Egypt where he makes wonderful blends of narration and otherworldly workmanship from science fiction, dreamlike universes to monsters generally past our creative ability.

Amazing first color photographs stored in Musee Albert-Khan in Paris

Albert Kahn was a rich French banker and lover of culture and art. At the first glance, he had a crazy vision.

The Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival is back, and 2017’s sculptures are bigger than ever

We have previously covered a story about the very same festival, back in 2013. The annual festival is coming soon this year, and the sculptures are crazier and bigger than ever.

Artist gives tutorial on how to make landscape paintings using watercolor

Jem Bowden teaches us how to create landscape watercolor paintings by showing one of her own pieces. We see the actual photo of the artist’s subject.

Remembering the defunct ‘Faux Museum’: a paradise for oddities and confusion

The Faux Museum was once the bread and butter of Tom Richards, its curator (and often, janitor). It was located in Portland, Oregon and contains a wild collection of knick knacks.

Designer duo makes gender-fluidity a reality in fashion week debut

Over the past few years, we’ve seen Hollywood and big clothing brands try to capitalize on the current cultural relevance of being “gender neutral”.

Sparks Gallery hosts National Sculpture Society exhibit in San Diego

The National Sculpture Society celebrates its inaugural this month. Its Southern California division will host the society’s first group show, which will run from January 7 to March 5 at Sparks Gallery.

Chinese folk art created on Apple devices now available for free download

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, Apple has posted (in select regions) digital artwork depicting Chinese New Year traditions.

Young artist earns millions of YouTube hits because of exemplary character art

American Artist Ross Tran is the embodiment of how sheer talent and imagination can create massive success, even at a young age.

Sir Anthony Hopkins’ colorful paintings on display in Las Vegas and San Diego

The veteran actor, best known for playing Hannibal Lecter in the movie franchise, is also a world-renowned painter and artist.

250 mirrors reflect changes in California’s Laguna Beach

Reflecting the beautiful sunset on California’s Laguna Beach coast is Phillip K Smith III‘s latest installation – and it is absolutely stunning.

The Nomad Key is an incredibly-designed minimalist charging cable

Nomad Goods has got a very impressive portfolio of top-notch smartphone accessories featuring everything from leather wallets to iPhone cases.

New York-based designer creates new letters and numbers series for over a month

A month of interactive graphic design? Jesseca Dollano was up for the challenge. The designer was born and raised in Hong Kong but now lives and works out of New York City as a digital designer for DesignIt.

This young artist draws 3D optical illusions on his own hand

Jordan Molina is a gifted young artist. And his talent is almost magical, his paintbrush might as well be a magic wand.

Floral beards and crowns liven up statues in Brussels

Flower crowns make everything come alive – even otherwise lifeless busts and statues. Florist Geoffroy Mottart has created a variety of elaborate arrangements of flowers in forms of crowns and beards.

These terrifying doglike creatures are pure nightmare fuel

Kiss all your favorite dog art goodbye because it’s about to be replaced by these terrifying illustrations by Holly Lucero.

Photography series known as #Combophotos feature hilarious mashups of things, animals, and places

Stephen McMennamy has been at the photography game for a while and there seems to be no end in sight for his hilarious digital manipulations.

Paintings perfectly capture the gloom of rainy days in big cities

These paintings by Mike Barr are good enough to beat any filter-infused Instagram photos. The Australian painter is a master of creating rainy cityscapes, depicting gray atmospheres and moods of gloom.