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Haunting array of floating chairs put Lake Poroto under the spotlight

“Fragile Chairs” is an environmental art installation created by Japanese-based art studio Hidemi Nishida.

Lia introduces the world’s first flushable pregnancy test – and it’s beautiful

An all-female US-based start-up company just made pregnancy testing more sustainable, discreet, and easier for women.

Furniture and homeware designed with wireless charging to create “mobile environments”

In this modern world of technology, it seems that being able to instantly recharge devices has become a great necessity.

This Paris dormitory is filled with artwork made by 100 street artists

As part of the street art festival Rehab 2, Lyon-based art collective Bitume gathered one hundred street artists to adorn every level of La Maison des Arts et Metiers in Paris with their own unique artwork.

If you’re looking for girl power today, you’re reading the right article

Social media has its pros and cons. It helps people engage with friends and families and encourages making new connections.

Unexpected guilty pleasures of most powerful people in the world shown in satirical food project

It is safe to say that Dan Bannino has a mild obsession with satire and food. If you don’t already know, we’ll remind you of how he once did a still photography of the diets of big names in Hollywood that we’re pretty sure are supposed to be hush-hush.

Enrique Metinides: the photographer who has seen all the darkness in the world

First responders to a crime or accident know how gruesome things can be when they arrive at the scene.

Let Them Eat Fake: a case study of social media’s influence on people’s eating habits

We’ve all seen plastic food in windows and counters of fast-food chains. And while these petty representations don’t exactly make the real ones appetizing, they look eerily similar and that’s what makes the idea somewhat sickening.

Air-to-water technology designed for the military now used for humanitarian projects

“We are a business company, but our vision is a humanitarian one,” this is what Water-gen executive chairman Maxim Pasik said about their company’s collaboration with disaster-relief units.

Check out these cool wooden hooks for hanging your bikes!

Los Angeles-based design firm Ono produced lovely handmade wooden hooks for those who like their bikes displayed on the walls as if they were art.

Furniture without glue, screws and nails

Robby Cuthbert is a furniture designer who doesn’t rely on glue, screws, and nails. This young man uses principles of tensegrity to hold the structure just in place.

19th Century Valentines

This is one of the most interesting handmade cards made just for Valentine’s Day. Produced in the mid-19th-century, the cobweb valentine cards were decorated by the motifs typical for the Victorian era.

The Griffin Warrior: Researchers unearth Greek figure’s tomb with treasures

Researchers from the University of Cincinnati discovered a 3,500-year-old tomb in the Southwest Greece.

700-page book explores gorgeous renderings of flora discovered by Ernst Haeckel

Artist and biologist, Ernst Haeckel, created literally hundreds of gorgeous renderings of biological discoveries he made over the years.

Adrift: Ominous silhouetted figures march in new murals by David de La Mano

We’ve covered David de la Mano‘s amazing silhouetted murals before (here) and now he’s back with more!

Bridges and castles hide portals to other worlds in Andrew McIntosh’s paintings

Portals into other worlds like the ones found in Andrew McIntosh‘s paintings would be fascinating to encounter in real life.

Large-scale pen and ink drawings by Olivia Kemp inspired by European scenery

We’ve seen detailed ink illustrations of all shapes and sizes here on DesignFaves, but Olivia Kemp‘s works are off the charts!

Collaboration of artists transforms ready-to-eat food into elegantly plated Michelin-starred meals

A chef, videographer, and photographer have proven that even the most unappetizing array of snacks can be reconstructed into a meal deserving of a place at a Michelin-star restaurant’s menu.

Husband and wife duo turns yoga poses into eerie photograms

Aside from being married to each other, Rob and Nick Carter have one other thing that bonds them – art.

Expedia mashed up the best features of 14 cities to create hybrid travel destinations

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend the day walking over Australia’s Harbour Bridge then finding yourself lost in the maze of charming, authentic shops of Marrakech?