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Playful photo series of walking models covered in balloons

Ramona Rosales is a New York-based photographer whose commercial work includes celebrity portraits and fashion editorials.

Amusingly cute GIFs illustrating comical life situations

Hama House, a Japanese illustrator, creates GIFs to demonstrate and capture the anxieties and comical moments of everyday modern life with an offbeat, tongue-in-cheek sense of humor.

Giant light installation looks remarkably like the aurora borealis

Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde has created a light installation that is nothing short of impressive. Using blue LED beams, Roosegaarde created a display that mimics the Northern Lights.

Ice cream eaters carve fun face-melting creations in their cups

A Japanese ice-cream brand is inspiring the food artist in everyone with a fun surprise in some of their ice-cream cups.

Trippy video of water and paint dancing inside a fishbowl

Unless you read the brief, it’s hard to tell what it is you’re looking at in ‘Waterballet – Shortcutz,’ the latest short film from the Hyde Park project of Dutch artist Kamiel Rongen.

Wacky pop art canvas is indented to double as a real chair

The line between art and furniture is blurred in Japanese design firm YOY’s amazing creation, the ‘canvas chair.’ In their words, it’s “a canvas shaped chair with a drawing of a chair.” One can either hang it on the wall as a piece of art, or use it as a chair by leaning it against the wall.

Photography and graphic design combined for surreal images

French photographer Vincent Bourilhon has created an entire world in each one of his images. In his newest photos, Bourilhon uses a unique photo manipulation technique that employs a cinematic approach to tell stories. A mix between photography and graphic design, the photographs seem to be inspired by high production films.

Intricate origami designs mimic amazing prehistoric creatures

Adam Tran, a chemistry teacher and member of the Vietnam Origami Group, has taken the art of paper folding to a new level.

Artist uses noodles to create 10-foot-tall sad spaghetti monster

What do you get when you put together a 10-foot-tall melancholy monster with spaghetti? One of Theo Mercier’s largest (and most unique) works.

Silkscreened psychedelic gig posters that will blow your mind

San Francisco-based artist Chuck Sperry is an adept of design and hand screen printing of rock poster art.

Models become invisible thanks to ridiculously talented body painter

If you want to meet a present-day illusionist, look no further than Natalie Fletcher. The insanely talented young body artist from Texas creates impressive illusions, blending her models with backgrounds of natural scenery.

Site-specific paste-ups interact with objects in the streets of Paris

French artist Charles Leval, aka Levalet, brings humor, provocation, and edgy surprise into the already art-filled streets of Paris.

Eyeliner and lipstick used to create exaggerated self portraits

Sebastian Bieniek first made waves with ‘Double-Faced Girl,’ a unique portrait series that used makeup to draw different faces on a person.

‘Mythbusters’ co-host accurately recreates maze from ‘The Shining’

Adam Savage, known to most as the co-host of MythBusters, spent a month working to create a scale model of the Overlook Hotel hedge maze that was shown in The Shining. While the maze wasn’t shown for long in the horror film, Savage used several screenshots taken from the movie to painstakingly recreate the scene.

Incredible dancer appears to levitate effortlessly in every day spaces

Mickael Jou has combined both of his passions — photography and dancing — into a unique take on the popular “365 Self-Portrait” project.

Artist recycles old stuffed animals into inspiring new creations

LA-based artist Nina Salerno can’t walk by an old abandoned toy without giving it a chance to live again.

Captivating photo project inspired by Brothers Grimm folk tales

German photographer Kilian Schönberger continues his photo project of landscape photography inspired by Brothers Grimm folk tales with his latest installment entitled ‘Brothers Grimm’s Wanderings.’ Evoking the atmosphere of the ancient fairytales, these gorgeous captures of European landscapes echo the tranquil mood of the stories.

Unusual portraits explore the dark corners of the human psyche

Boris Pelcer is a Bosnia-born artist and illustrator based out of Milwaukee, WI. He created a series of extraordinary black and white portraits in which he explores the mystical land of the human psyche.

A sci-fi classic recreated with giant candy gummies

Dune is a sci-fi classic that has been adapted into both films and TV mini-series. The epic novel was written in 1965 by Frank Hebert, won the inaugural Nebula Award for Best Novel, and has since become the world’s best selling science fiction novel.

Fearless models pose with wildlife for fairy tale-inspired images

With the assistance of fearless models and vibrant wildlife, Katerina Plotnikova captured some unique images that appeal to the Disney princess inside everyone.