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All the books a tiny wizard could ever wish for

Ericka VanHorn makes books, but unlike any other books you could get in a bindery, she specializes in fantasy miniatures, at a scale of 1:12.

The museum-quality art collection that the Gap Inc. founders built over 40 years

The founders of the Gap clothing brand, Doris and Don Fisher, have collected over 1,100 pieces of art since they launched the company in 1969.

People behind their screens: the characters of Facebook

Italian illustrator Giovanna Giuliano has developed a witty set of drawing portraying “The People on FB.” We see the facebook user who browses while eating dinner, we see the user who is lounging on the sofa, and the bored user that is looking for a distraction.

Miniature sculptures engraved with a huge talent

Salvat Fidai is a very meticulous artist, and his work will speak louder than any compliments I can give him.

Winners of the Australian Book Design Awards

They say not to judge a book by its cover. Except that is, when it’s a competition for the best book design.

Spectacular early submissions for the National Geographic photography contest

The National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest is underway and here are some of the incredible photographs that have been submitted early.

50-ft tall mural in New York helps you work better with 10 helpful tips

If you’re looking for ways to make work more effective, look no further than this massive mural at the intersection of New York’s Houston and Mott Streets.

Sculpting paintings in virtual reaity

Google has created the ultimate way to experience art. Their new app, Tilt Brush, connects users with their art with a digital brush and headset.

The ping-pong table meets high design

Designer and furniture maker Sean Woolsey takes ping pong seriously. He reluctantly began playing at the age of 10 and hasn’t stopped.

Quirky Rube Goldberg machines made with marbles and magnets

Magnets make everything cool and, when combined with blocks, make for some inventive chain reactions.

18 illustrated differences between NYC and San Francisco

It’s part of a long-standing debate between the East and West coast — which one is better? Illustrator and comedian Sarah Cooper weighs in on the debate with a series of drawings that look at the similarities and differences between living in New York City and San Francisco.

A taco lover’s dream come true

Mexican gastronomy is appreciated all around the world. The most representative aspect of it is the tortilla, of course.

Rare aerial phenomenon produces colorful jet contrails in Japan

If you look up more often you just might find something awe-inspiring like Kagaya who happened upon this colorful sight in Japan.

Impressively detailed miniature replica of Charles Miner’s 1900s studio

Historically accurate depictions of places might be making a comeback. Ali Alamedy has built a miniature replica of Charles Miner’s photography studio.

7 sculptural chairs by Peter Shire

Los Angeles-based sculptor and furniture maker Peter Shire was one of the original members of the Milan-based Memphis Group which is known for its postmodernist designs of bold colors and shapes.

The Doodler

Kerby Rosanes is a Filipino illustrator who works with a simple pen and a piece paper. However, his work is anything but simple.

The Atlas of Emotions: Stamen Design partners with the Dalai Lama

Stamen Design recently launched The Atlas of Emotions, a collaboration with the Dalai Lama, Psycologist Dr.

10 photos of retro computing

In a project that he calls Guide to Computing, London-based photographer James Ball who works under the brand Docubyte has beautifully captured the design evolution of computing.

Incredible floating murals by Dutch artist Collin van der Sluijs

Great murals are found in unexpected places and on abnormal surfaces. Collin van der Sluijs explores life’s struggles in some explosive street art on cracked and uneven facades.

Hyperrealistic polygonal wooden toys rendered in 3D

Freelance illustrator and 3D artist Mat Szulik has been hard at work blurring the line between the digital and physical worlds with fantastic 3D wood toys comprised entirely of polygonal shapes.