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Strangely dreamlike illustrations that rewrite the laws of science

Guy Billout is a French-born/New-York-based illustrator whose works have been featured in prestigious publications like The New Yorker, The New York Times, New York Magazine and The Atlantic.

Wheel-thrown sculptures use rings of color to describe space

The technical term is ceramicist, something I didn’t know until researching Mr.Matthew Chambers. Chambers is a true artisan and so his works don’t really look like anything you’d see in grandma’s china cabinet.

Bizarre illustrations mashing pop culture madness into geometric mazes

Korean illustrator John Chae has a very distinctive style that falls on the stranger side of Tumblr art.

Other worldly illustrations that use old drawings as new canvases

I’m not really sure where to begin. Is it art imitating art? Art transforming life? These thoughts and more were the result of an interesting new series from artist Mattias Leutwyler called ‘Behind the Glory.’ At first glance it may not be apparent, but each of his new drawings is a collaboration with another artist.

See the inner workings of the once, most densely populated place on the planet

Most people have never heard of Kowloon City, a large housing structure in Hong Kong that was once known as the most densely populated area on the planet.

Thanksgiving plates imagine the bizarre eating habits of famous artists

Whether you’re picky or porky, we all have a way of filling our plates at Thanksgiving. It’s the power of repetition, I suppose, and we’ve all been working on it since we were tikes, barely able to see over the turkey.

Animated video explains why children want to be famous

Truth is, when we were kids, we didn’t love fame as much as today’s youth – it was all about experience.

7 inspirational videos of powerful words and dazzling images

YouTube channel Tragedy & Hope makes inspiration its mission. Using a media platform that often symbolizes a downward spiral of cat videos, this channel amps up the humanity.

Science and art unite in these beautiful animated wing gestures

There can be an elegance to science illustrations. Clear and simple illustrated texts have long been inspiration for artists, the scientific community, outdoor enthusiasts and others.

15 stunning high-speed photographs of a simple drop of water

German photographer Markus Reugels seeks to capture what he calls “magic moments” by using water, color and light.

London park is filled with murals through ‘Living Walls’ program

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park has commissioned a series of street and mural artworks spanning more than two kilometers in nine different locations.

Long exposure photographs capture the perpetual bustle of Tokyo

New York-based photographer Matthew Pillsbury recently made his second pilgrimage to the flamboyant city of Tokyo.

Channeling the power of the sun for beautiful wood burned art

An award-winning Filipino artist is using the power of the sun’s rays to create beautiful, detailed drawings on wooden boards.

Abandoned salt mine in Romania is transformed into an unlikely attraction

An abandoned salt mine in Romania was transformed into a dazzling museum and recreation space. The attraction called ‘Salina Turda’ has been ranked by Business Insider as one of the world’s most spectacular destinations.

Realistic illustrations of fine art hide an absurd secret in the details

Tokyo-based Sagaki Keita makes insanity-inducing compositions of classical and famous works of art. Her unique process combines thousands of tiny figure and face cartoons to form realistic renderings of the subjects.

Hyperrealistic 3D paintings of cute aquatic creatures

Keng Lye is a Singapore-based artist who brings aquatic creatures to life with his 3D acrylic paintings, which look so real they could easily pass as photographs.

Hand drawn selfies give us a look at the private lives of Disney characters

So the cartoons are taking selfies now… should have known it would come to this. Although I’ve got to say this lot is pretty funny.

Ultra-realistic cake sculptures that will make you look twice

‘Debbie Does Cakes’ is a California-based cake studio that offers custom sculpted cakes exclusively designed by its resident cake artist Debbie Goard.

Intricate metal tree sculptures twisted to life

Clive Madison is a wire sculptor – something of an ambiguous term, until you sample his work. Madison works with only full length wire strands, never cut, glued, or soldered, but twisted into beautiful manifestations of nature’s giants.

Baby parts bedazzled! 6 sparkly and strange mixed-media sculptures

They’re both sparkly and strange. The unlikely combination of doll parts and beaded surfaces has resulted in intriguing mixed-media sculptures by Betsy Youngquist.