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NASA’s latest promotional poster is Star Wars themed—no joke!

It’s true that these look like photoshop mock-ups or spoof posters. But the posters below are legitimate promotional posters put out by NASA’s Space Flight Awareness group.

Brilliant suitcases with contorted figures molded on the surface

Artist Wei Li is making luggage specialized for those of us who need to carry around… bodies. This brilliant series of suitcases uses the forms of real figures to shape the outside.

Strangely mesmerizing 3D GIFs of wobbling objects

Julien Rivoire is the founder of Bastard Graphics, a Lyon-based design studio that specializes in art direction, illustration, and animation.

Whimsical miniature sculptures of Palm Springs and NYC

McKean Studio has created six Mini City scenes of Palm Springs and New York City, available for sale.

This clever stop-motion film paints with LEGO bricks

In a fantastic bit of creativity, the short film below bridges 2D with 3D in an imagined reality where LEGO bricks can be painted into being.

Mind-bending calligraphy appears to stand in three-dimensions

3D Letters have never looked better floating on a flat piece of paper…wait, what? Turkish calligrapher Tolga Girgin has been coming out with some eye-popping 3D calligraphy and bending minds of unsuspecting Instagram users at the same time.

Explore the forest with a strange cartoon in this interactive online experience

It is time to take a break from work to stimulate your imagination. ‘A Way to Go’ is a surreal interactive online experience that allows you to run around a forest behind a frantic cartoon man.

Creepy hand-carved candles are realistic human body parts

If you’re a fan of wax-themed horror flicks like the House of Wax series, these creepy scented candles are for you.

Cuteness overload— penguins wearing tiny hand knit sweaters

In response to a request for support from Victoria’s Phillip Island Penguin Foundation, many tiny sweaters have been knit by volunteers.

Greatest invention ever? Make your own customized pancake portraits

It was only a matter of time. First you can add your face to toast, and now you can put your favorite selfie on your pancakes.

Dreamlike 3-minute music video shot in just 5 seconds with high-speed camera

For the music video of French act Siska’s single ‘Unconditional Rebel,’ director Guillaume Panariello decided to embark on “the shortest shooting ever.” The technically impressive video was filmed in one single shot of only five seconds.

Watch 100 years of hair and makeup in Iran in just one minute

This new video by Cut is an enlightening look into the past 100 Years of Hair and Makeup in Iran. In just one minute, the movie brilliantly demonstrates the evolution beginning with 1910 all the way through present day.

Animals made from chicken wire look unbelievably realistic

This talented artist is creating powerful sculptures of terrifying animals using materials you could find at your local hardware store.

Designer chocolates shaped to represent Japanese words for textures

For the French interior design trade show Maison et Objet, Oki Sato, head designer of Japanese design studio Nendo, was commissioned to design a unique set of chocolates.

Abandoned mall turns into winter wonderland under a blanket of snow

Pseudonymous photographer Seph Lawless has made a name for himself shooting America’s abandoned places.

Breathtaking photos of humans encapsulated in think dripping honey

LA-based photographer Blake Little decided to make honey the focus of his astonishing photo series called ‘Preservation.’ Nude or barely-dressed models in a wide variety of ages and body shapes were completely covered in honey to let the sticky and shiny substance drip its way into graceful compositions.

Insanely kitschy chandeliers with dangling octopus tentacles

Philadelphia-based artist/photographer Adam Wallacavage has a fascination with octopuses and chandeliers, and he managed to mash up both interests in these magnificently kitschy… octopus chandeliers.

Strangely fascinating beauty photos of shampooed heads of hair

Chinese art director/photographer Cheuk Lun Lo finds beauty in an unlikely subject: heads of hair covered in white shampoo foam.

Haunting paintings of post-apocalyptic dreamscapes

Russian artist Yuri Shwedoff’s fixation on post-apocalyptic dreamscapes results in devastatingly beautiful space-themed paintings.

Goofy light paintings made on epic landscape backgrounds

We have seen light painting before, but none quite like the work of Darren Pearson. The photographer pays attention to every detail of the image, not getting lost in the excitement of the technique.