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Collaborative street art project encourages recreations of famous works

Through the ‘Outings Project,’ which was started by artist Julien de Casabianca, street artists are encouraged to recreate some of the world’s most famous portraits in “urban galleries,” or the typical canvas for street art — city walls.

15 runway dresses side-by-side with their possible inspiration

It’s hard to imagine where ideas for dresses come from until you see the striking similarities these have with their inspirations.

Spine-chilling portraits of New Zealand’s Mighty Mongrel Mob

Wellington-born and New York-based photographer Jono Rotman spent the past eight years familiarizing himself with New Zealand’s largest mob gang – the Mighty Mongrel Mob.

Song anatomy stereotypes by genre— it’s funny because it’s true!

Different genres of music follow different song formulas, and this structure can be surprisingly consistent.

Blood portraits painted from smashed mosquitoes

The mosquito repellant, Glorix, has released a new ad campaign for their product which is both disturbing and… fitting.

The quiet intimacy of relationships in 12 illustrations

The grand gesture and the epic overture are a minor part of what makes most relationships thrive. It’s often the everyday sweetness and the quiet kindness that create a meaningful romance.

Aquatic octopus shoes give your feet tentacles

When it comes to shoe design, there seems to be all kinds of frontiers that have yet to be explored. Designer Kermit Tesoro has released this wacky new high-heel design that features a sculpted octopus that wraps around the foot to become the shoe itself.

Real animal skulls painted with the world’s biggest brand logos

Using a bold combination of subject matter Gurt Swanenberg has painted real animal skulls with the logos of the world’s biggest brands.

Perched driftwood dragons look like fossils from another world

James Doran-Webb creates incredible dragons using found driftwood. Specifically, the sculptures are of wyvern, a four-limbed dragon with the first pair of legs extending into wings.

8 photos of private words in a public context

Context changes everything. When artist Peyton Fulford took private words and put them in a public context, the resulting installations feel insightful, uncomfortable, or voyeuristic.

Clever clothing line lets you blend in with your urban environment.

The urban morning commute can be a real drag. While much of the world drives to work alone, slowly waking up, having to taking the train subjects you to mass amounts of people that you just are not ready to deal with.

Pipelines bursting with vegetation weave through Paris museum

Artist/designer Alexis Tricoire has installed a massive new piece in Paris that is a man-made tubular dragon bursting with vegetation.

Overwhelmingly pink sculptures made from chewing gum

Using chewing gum, artist Maurizio Savini makes sculptures of people and animals that are all the iconic gum-pink color.

The old and new clash in prints that show the playful nature of cats

All we hear about these days in regards to cats is how evil and selfish they are, but self-taught artist Tadashige Nishida is painting a different picture of the feline personality.

Unique gypsum crystal desert creates snow-white sand in New Mexico

White Sands is an area of New Mexico, USA, that has stunning snow-white dunes in the Tularosa Basin. The sand is not your typical quartz variety, it is composed of gypsum crystals, responsible for its unique white color.

Colorful digital quilts with dazzling complexity

Andy Gilmore is a New York-based artist making dazzlingly complex digital compositions. His work looks like Digital Age quilts with colors, shapes, and patterns that would be far too complex to stitch by hand.

Artist speeds up time to create stunning geological sculptures

British ceramicist Tamsin van Essen takes a literal approach to her sculpture, representing layers of geological sediment.

Disgustingly cute animal sculptures that you just can’t resist

Elizabeth McGrath’s sculptures look like demented toys, adorable yet disturbed. They have bloodshot eyes, open wounds, and dripping teeth, but there is still something alluring about their size and neediness.

Funhouse-like collages created using only paper and scissors

Lola Dupre is an Ireland-based artist who specializes in hand-made collages on wood panels. Her work features distorted faces and bodies of celebrities, politicians or anonymous characters who are hand-cut, duplicated, glued, stretched or shrank several times to fit the artist’s final vision.

Explore this cottage-shrine to a fictional person’s life and death

After nearly 5 years, acclaimed British artist Grayson Perry has finished a new architecture-art-narrative stunt in the town of Essex, England.