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Mary Iverson’s paintings depict problematic choices of man on nature

As climate change continues to deteriorate many parts of the globe, more and more people are coming forward to share their own opinions about the problematic choices of man on nature.

Douglas Barnhard’s tiny wooden birdhouses inspired by iconic architectural projects

Many people would agree with the idea of creating little living spaces for our bird friends. After all, they do not only benefit the birds but also add character to its surroundings.

Find your way through these fantasy worlds illustrated in colorful maps by Arlin Ortiz

Arlin Ortiz is no stranger to fantasy maps. As a young boy, he would draw his own version of worlds using Pam Beasant and Alastair Smith’s book on How to Draw Maps and Charts as his guide.

Théo Guignard creates intricate and colorful vector mazes that are inspired by his childhood

It is said that childhood experiences can more likely influence your personality and work as you grow old.

David Shannon’s popular children’s book illustrations on display at Muskegon Museum

David Shannon only knew how to spell the words “No, David!” when he first started writing and illustrating books at age 5.

Utah recognizes Robert Smithson’s ‘Spiral Jetty’ as an official state work of art

Robert Smithson’s iconic 1970 sculpture “Spiral Jetty” has been named official state work of art by the Utah Senate and the Utah House of Representatives.

Airbus’ radical drone-car concept may be the future of transportation

Recently, French aviation giant, Airbus, unveiled a concept vehicle that it perceives will redefine transportation as we know it.

Ceramic bowls made of porcelain look like a splash of liquid frozen in time

Aylin Bilgiç is a Turkish ceramic artist born and currently based in Istanbul. She graduated from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty Department of Ceramics and Glass.

Rejuvenated abroad: American artists who brought home the spirit of the styles they learned on their travels

Among the things artists are known for is a desire not to get stuck, to keep moving. When inspiration has ebbed, artists tend to seek it elsewhere.

These charming illustrations made with crayons will definitely brighten your day!

When you mention crayons to an adult person, you automatically get a response of pure delight mixed with confusion and wonder.

Fashion designer Rayah Kassisieh turns wool art installation into blankets for Syrian refugees

2016’s Amman Design Week has seen interesting art installations. Through Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah’s support for the development and emergence of arts and design in Jordan, the event has curated some of the most influential and collaborative works and crafts.

Nora Luther & Pavel Becker photograph food ingredients tossed in mid-air

Culinary enthusiasts will love this. Everybody knows that cooking can be quite a challenge especially when the recipe you want to accomplish requires a long process and a whole lot of ingredients.

Chen Man is being called Asia’s Annie Leibovitz and her photos prove why

Born in China’s worst living conditions in the 1980’s, Chen Man harnesses her work’s inspiration from her hard experience through childhood in Beijing.

Condé Nast showcases a century of fashion photography in Beijing

Fashion photography has always been deemed to be one of the precursors of today’s Hollywood culture. From Broadway actresses in the 1920s to glamorous Vogue and Vanity Fair spreads, fashion has indeed come a long way with regards to its artistic representation through the lens.

Contemporary African artworks go up for auction in Paris

Contemporary African art continues to successfully integrate itself into the Parisian art scene as another auction of works by contemporary African artists will take place at PIASA auction house in the French capital on April 20.

Pigmented water + perfect timing + genius photographer with a camera = amazing art you’ve never seen before

Mark Mawson is a London-based photographer who takes amazing underwater photos. His works are so good, it’s almost ridiculous we have not featured him before. Having been working closely with water, Mark developed within him an interest to experiment the aqua and level up his art by adding color and texture to it.

Company School of painting: The hybrid Indian style that the British loved

The Company School of painting, or the Company style, was partly an offshoot of the widening influence of the British East India Company in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Polly Verity creates mesmerizing three-dimensional geometric repeat patterns in paper

Origami is a type of paper art that has been practiced for hundreds of years. Another paper art closely related to it is a relatively younger art called tessellation which first came out in 1920’s.

Asian Art Museum exhibit demonstrates Sikhs’ rich religious and cultural tradition and their connection to the US

“Saints and Kings: Arts, Culture, and Legacy of the Sikhs,” an ongoing exhibit at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, showcases both the multifarious religious and cultural heritage of Sikhs and their ineluctable connection to the state of California.

Eli Lotar’s photography and cinematography, leveraged by his relationships, reflect his politics and time

Eli Lotar (1905-1969), a French photographer who was born and grew up in Romania, had a wide connection.