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Beautiful pictures prove dog is kid’s best friend

Andy Seliverstoff is a Russian photographer residing in San Petersburg. He loves dogs, kids and photography.

Quirky stop-motion animation video by popular YouTube artist

Animation tutorials are abundant on YouTube but Alexander Unger‘s videos are a little different. Unger runs a popular YouTube channel where he shares sculpting and claymation tutorials.

Layered papercut art creates a dynamic 3D effect

John Ed De Vera is an artist that with a steady hand, a refined technique and a lot of creativity. He creates art of layered papercut, giving you the feeling that these pictures were just taken as the figures in the sculpture were moving.

This hair of mine – a celebration of African hair styles

Hair is a symbol of strength, resistance, of ethnicity and womanhood. Cyndia Harvey, a London-based artist, gathered together with African women from the African Diaspora and researched their connection with African heritage and meaning of beauty.

Photographers blend nature and the human form through 19th century photo technique

Photographers Barbara Ciuer and Lindsay  Lochman created a project in which they used a special photo technique.

Duo creates imaginative illustrations using sheet music

Music scoresheets are sketchbook pages in disguise. At least, that’s the impression you get from Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich’s works.

Eero blankets your home in speedy, reliable WiFi through an elegant form factor

Considering the many WiFi range-extending devices out there, Eero takes the effort out of the equation and replaces it with simplicity and reliability.

Translucent, ocean-inspired ceramic sculptures by Jennifer McCurdy

Artist Jennifer McCurdy blends everyday objects with inspiration derived from the symmetry and asymmetry found in nature to create some amazing ceramic sculptures.

photographs feature bright red streaks of light piercing the dark woods of Spain

We’ve seen light installations in unexpected places before but Nicolas Rivals‘ takes a turn for the dark and bleak.

Amazing 3D models of animals and humans inspired by paper

With countless ways of depicting hair and fur in today’s digital art world, Maxim Shkret‘s 3D illustrations are unique and bold.

Can you guess these movies recreated featuring cats?

 For all the cat lovers out there, Movie Cats is a very recent Instagram that you may want to follow.

Photographer depicts objects from famous films

Jordan Bolton is a poster artist from America. In one of his coolest projects, he recreated the objects from the well-known films such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Carol, Amelie, as well as Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Fantastic Mr.

Retro glamour in Leo’s Oyster bar

Leo’s Oyster bar is a relatively new hot spot in San Francisco. It “smells” retro with the botanical wallpaper, black and white tiles and floral decoration all around the place.

Transforming the shape of the human body into a living canvas

Gesine Mardewel is a skilled German bodypaint artist. There is very little to say about her, but that’s because her work says it all.

Sea rocks brought to life

Robert Rizzo is an Italian artist residing in Malaga, Spain. He uses acrylic paint to transform sea rocks softened by the waves, into works of art – embellishing them with the essence of live animals.

Painting with ductape

We’ve all used duct tape at some point in our lives. I can’t even make a straight cut sometimes – it sticks to itself and you have to throw it away because it becomes a useless, sticky mess .

Amazingly satisfying video of paint being mixed (more interesting than watching it dry)

This should go down as one of the most satisfying videos to watch ever! Exploring symmetry, Canadian artist Annette Labedzki, who specializes in abstract figurative painting, recently discovered the human attraction towards obscure but satisfying videos on Instagram.

Pictures show the decaying beauty of forgotten places

Matthias Haker is a German urban explorer and freelance photographer with a keen eye. He finds derelict corners of the world, with no restoration projects going on to preserve their former glory, and captures the nostalgic beauty that haunts them.

Elaborately-dressed bagworms dresses female consumer culture in Japan

Aki Inomata is tackling female consumer culture in Japan as part of her elaborate series in an odd and creative way!

Discarded chunks of wood become colorful and dynamic assemblages

These hanging sculptures are so well-composed that one will never guess they were made out of discarded pieces of wood.