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Enormous geometric portraits made from reclaimed wood by Strook

Stefaan De Croock works with reclaimed wood sourcede from old houses to create geometric portraits. The Belgian artist, also known as Strook, creates large and small-scale portraits suspended on walls using recycled wood taken from discarded doors and paneling.

NeoLucida XL: A portable invention that lets you trace objects in real life

Pablo Garcia recently created an optical device that allows the user to trace images in real life. The artist and SAIC professor’s invention called, “NeoLucida XL,” –is a contemporary and portable take on the two century old Camera Lucida, an instrument which reflects rays of light using a prism to allow objects in real life to be traced.

Moonlike Icy Lakes: An otherworldly look at the icy waters of Lithuania

Frozen leaks don’t really get the attention that they deserve. But Mantas Bačiuška is striving to give it to them.

Classic Picasso works fantastically reimagined in 3D by Omar Aqil

What better way to bring Pablo Picasso’s work to 2017 than making it 3D? Pakistan-based digital artist and art director Omar Aqil took a few artworks by Picasso and reimagined them in 3D rendering as part of a series called MIMIC.

Carly Waito’s oil paintings depict the tiniest details in minerals and crystals

Carly Waito‘s oil paintings depict minute details found in minerals and crystals. The Toronto-based artist creates small-scale oil paintings with copious amounts of detail in every layer.

‘Kracken’ is an imaginative playscape inspired by a terrifying mythical sea creature

Kracken is a mythological creature that struck fear into the hearts of unfortunate explorers at sea. In Yantian, Shenzhen, however, it’s part of playground for kids designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.

Ornate egg-inspired porcelain forms by Juliette Clovis

Juliette Clovis series of porcelain sculptures surrounds the form of an egg. Covis crafted each piece in La Manufacture La Seynie, the oldest Limoges porcelain manufacturer in France.

Watch: Extremely satisfying and mathematical wood shavings

There’s a plethora of super satisfying videos on the web and this one goes out to all the wood carving enthusiasts out there.

Luciano Polverigiani’s experimental sculptures are playful and visually-appealing

Luciano Polverigiani‘s ceramic creations combine the goodness of fine art sculptures and toys. The South American artist crafts objects out of various clays and mud, fires them with eucalyptus wood in gas kilns until they are vitrified.

Neuroscientific data used to create mind-blowing images of the brain

Two years ago, Dr. Greg Dunn took the initiative of mapping the neutrons in the brain as part of his artistic series, “Self Reflected.” The artist and neuroscientist collaborated with Dr.

Fragile miniature structures made on top of toothbrushes and brooms

Takahiro Iwasaki creates architectural structures from the bristles found on toothbrushes and brooms.

New manhole-printed shirts by Berlin collective, Raubdruckerin.

We’ve covered Raubdruckerin‘s unique shirts printed with manhole cover designs before. And now they’re back with some new clothing and accessories.

Quirky faceless figures defy gravity in Daan Botlek’s murals

Daan Botlek creates wall murals with anonymous figures interacting with the physical environment in creative ways.

Glass Cabin: Structure in the woods made entirely out of stained glass panels

Featuring her magnificent stained glass designs on every surface, Neile Cooper‘s cabin in the woods is a sight to behold.

Distorted sculptures from Jonty Hurwitz will warp your mind

Jonty Hurwitz is a London-based artist with a knack for creating expressive anamorphic artwork. Each sculpture at first appears to be skewed and distorted to the point where its visibly meaningless to the viewer.

Italian street artist critiques societal issues with sarcasm and humor

Using street art to discuss today’s hotly debated topics from climate change to capitalism, Blu proves himself to be a straight-edge artist.

Bamboo steals the show at the International Bamboo Architecture Biennale in Baoxi, China

The very first International Bamboo Architecture Biennale took place last fall in the village of Baoxi, China.

Plants sprout from iPhones and computers in Sasha Katz GIF series

Juxtaposing nature and consumer technology, Sasha Katz imagines just how well the two vastly different objects in our lives mesh together.

Bring tattoos to life with soundwave technology by Skin Motion

Innovating in the area of tattoo art, Skin Motion brings tattoos to life with soundwave technology. Immortalizing your favorite sounds by tattooing them onto your skin may be the next big thing thanks to Skin Motion creators Nate Siggard and his girlfriend, Julianna.

DJI’s ‘Spark’ is a mini drone that will make you feel like a Jedi

DJI, the drone giant of the world, is out with its latest and smallest one yet: the Spark. Featuring all of DJI’s signature drone technologies, the Spark is a mini drone aimed at capturing great moments.