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Fun illustrations show everyday life in the digital age

Through a series of comical illustrations, Jean Jullien has accurately depicted the lives of those in the midst of the digital age.

Colored pencil shavings create unique pop culture images

For a unique take at the popular 365-Day Instagram Challenge, Meghan Maconochie has created a number of art pieces using colored pencil shavings.

Ghostly sculptures made with dexterity out of wire mesh

Edoardo Tresoldi creates ghostly sculptures using a material that you can pick up at your local hardware store.

Artist uses manipulations to create quirky illusions

In a series of black-and-white drawings, artist HuskMitNavn has created a number of quirky illusions by adding easy effects to his art.

Nude women lay on illuminated cattle in uncomfortable photo series

In a very strange yet seductive pair of photo series titled ‘Beefacakes’ and ‘Cattleize’ Anne Lamb captures cattle in eerie lights and uncomfortable situations.

Retro 3D illustrations mixing surrealism with pastel colors

Dani Aristizábal is a Colombian art director/illustrator who is getting attention for his colorful, retro 3D illustrations that bring surrealism into the 21st-century.

Surreal drawings depict a creepy and whimsical world

In a series of black and white surrealist drawings, Amandine Urruty creates a unique world filled with animals, children and creatures that are both whimsical and cheerful, along with creepy and grotesque.

Sculptures combine food, death, and sex for a truly unpleasant experience

Dirk Staschke packs all of the things that no one wants to talk about, but everyone experiences into his ceramic sculptures and pictures.

J-Pop live performance uses projection mapping and motion capture in real time

A glimpse of the future of live concert is here, thanks to Japanese electro-pop girl group Perfume. Their six-minute performance of ‘STORY’ turned heads at SXSW this year because of its high complexity involving projection mapping and motion capture in real time with no post-production.

Giant Batman poster collaged with cut-up pages from real comic books

Mr Garcin is an artist from the South of France who is well-known for his superb collages of comic books and superheroes.

Larger than life people drawn entirely with colored pencil

Looking at a massive realistic head in the face is a surreal experience. We quickly look at it as our self and become paranoid that we are exposing something not visible at a normal scale – dark secrets hidden in the pores of our skin.

Photo series features the powerful hands of NYC shoe shiners

For his new series Christopher Griffith focused on an unlikely subject, the experienced hands of New York City’s shoe shiners.

Experimental digital art from a bio-robotic world

In an effort to improve his digital rendering skills, Vancouver-based Joey Camacho began to create a new art piece each day on his computer.

Hovering colored liquid captured against a vast landscape

Liquid photographed in mid-air is a popular internet sensation, but Jeremy Floto and Cassandra Warner of New York-based photography studio Floto+Warner have done a stand-out job on their recent series.

Imagine living on one of these personal single-occupant planets

Barcelona-based artist Cinta Vidal Agulló creates surreal illustrations where small meteors become single occupant planets.

See why these virtual fish are superior to your real fish

Using CGI technology Memukhin Oleg has made his very own aquarium filled with a school of realistic fish.

Eerie figures stare into space between meditation and depression

Daisy Youngblood is an artist working in ceramic and bronze who makes powerfully spiritual sculptures.

Mother captures heartwarming photos of her son and dogs

In a heartwarming photo series, Agnieszka Gulczyńska shoots images of her son Igor and their three rescued dogs.

Eye-popping 3D paper illustrations made by hand

The handcrafting duo Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann from Zim&Zou are creating some of the most intricate paper illustrations around.

Remarkable photographs reveal the elegant lives of underwater creatures

  In his newest series, Jorge Cervera Hauser has captured photographs of sea life in remarkable situations.