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The shadows of dogs reveal a fun new perspective on K9 life

In Thomas Roma’s series ‘Mondo Cane,’ the photographer has shot images of dogs wandering around a park in Brooklyn.

Artist uses coffee as her medium for unique paintings

Maria A. Aristidou has taken to use a very unconventional medium for her array of watercolor paintings — coffee.

Impossible architecture realistically collaged into dream-like structures

The most celebrated products of architecture are ones that defy logic and transcend the limits of thought.

Children gaze into rainbow-filled voids in these cryptic murals

Muralist Julien “Seth” Malland uses bright colors and curious narrative to convey a variety of thought-provoking themes.

Hip-hop stars side-by-side with humorously similar historic fashion

Art and cultural icons often set fashion trends, inspiring street style around the world. But have you ever wondered what inspires them and where they get their trend-setting looks?

Artist uses murals to raise awareness for disappearing honey bees

For his ‘Save the Bees’ project, street artist Louis Masai has taken to the London streets to raise awareness about the grave effects of honey bee’s colony collapse disorder.

Surreal paintings of girls merging with nature and architecture

Andrea Wan (previously covered here) is an illustrator and visual artist born in Hong Kong, raised in Vancouver, and now based in Berlin.

Meet the friendly 8-bit instant photo Gameboy gun

This funny weapon is a gun that takes a picture of the person you pull the trigger at and then prints out their photo on the side of the device.

Unusual painted portraits of femininity and fashion

Riikka Sormunen is a Helsinki-born, Berlin-based illustrator with a background in fashion design. Her stylish illustrations of the female identity quickly gain accolades for their unusual moodiness and stylized individuality.

3 iconic directors immortalized in spectacular illustrations

The legacy of some film directors lies on the impact their films have on their audiences. Namely, Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Scorsese, and David Lynch are three such directors.

Man replaces half his hipster beard with completely absurd things

This São Paolo-based photographer has trashed 4 months of hipster fashion work for a crazy art project. Adrian Alarcon shaved off half of his thick beard and replaced it with hilarious and random objects for a project titled ‘Fifty Fifty Selfie Barber Shop.’ In his documentation of what must have been a very fun day, Alarcon shows us what he would look like with sprinkles as a beard, bugs, toys, tacs, and more.

450 eaten Nilla Wafers accurately show the phases of the moon

NYC-based designer Yona Lee has created a glorious art piece that accurately depicts the phases of the moon in eaten cookies.

Glass table appears to be suspended in mid-air by floating balloons

At first sight, the tables below may appear to be supported by floating balloons. However, they’re just a playful trompe-l’œil by Duffy London.

Watch this inflatable water-slide ball crush helpless running humans

Devin Super Tramp has recreated the deadly rolling boulder scene from the Raiders of the Lost Ark with an amusement park/water slide twist.

Brilliant flip-books made with a simple hole punch

Artist Scott Blake recently revealed a new project in which he performs some animated magic using just paper and a hole puncher.

Delightfully wacky GIFs of a digital animal kingdom

Animator, filmaker and iPad game designer TJ Fuller is an animal lover, and he makes that clear in his fantastically trippy GIFs.

Loyal rescued bird is the subject of a whimsical Instagram feed

A boy and his bird are the subject of @penguinthemagpie, one of the cutest feeds on Instagram. The feed is a heartwarming collection of photos of Penguin, a bird rescued and raised by Bloom’s son Noah.

Photos of frozen waterfalls and caves inspired by mysticism philosophy

In the on-going series ‘Gravity,’ photographer Hayato Wakabayashi shoots awe-inspiring photographs of frozen waterfalls and caves in Japan.

Iconic photos recreated in detailed scale models

Inspired by some of the most iconic photographs that have ever been captured, a photographer duo are having a new take at the shots by creating incredibility detailed, scale models of the photographs. Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger, a duo that usually shoots photographs for advertisements, calls this project ‘Iconen,’ because of the historic value of the photos recreated.

Photos reveal the beautiful life of Mongolian Reindeer People

In photos that seem like they are out of a fantasy novel Hamid Sardar-Afkhami depicts the Dukha people of Northern Mongolia and their close relationship with the native reindeer. They are reindeer herders and use the animals for milk, cheese, and also mounts for the hunt.