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Flickr Friday

On our weekly Flickr Friday we present a little selection of our favorite images that we've found on Flickr during the week.

Whimsical Cardboard Lamps by Vera van Wolferen

Usually cardboard is something you'd throw away after use, though Dutch artist Vera van Wolferen recycles cardboard, using it as material for her whimsical lamps, postcards and stop-motion animation films.

Dance Self-Portraits by Mickael Jou

Dancer and photographer Mickael Jou merges is two passions in his '365 Photos' series. The Berlin-based creative seemingly defies gravity in some snaps, while others feature him in skillful dance poses.

New Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic

We've featured Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic previously on iGNANT though now he's back with a bunch of new works spotted in the streets of Johor Baru and Singapore.

Insta Fav #ignt_balloons: Daniel Rueda

Recently we introduced you to our new Insta Favs challenge that offers you a chance to actively promote your own account to become a future Insta Fav.

House C and House D by Studio AUTORI

House C and House D by studio AUTORI are a part of the 'Terra Panonica' estate, located in Mokrin, Serbia.

Blake Little Covers People in Honey For ‘Preservation’

Artist Blake Little covers individuals of varying ages, backgrounds, and body types in gallons of honey while being photographed, exploring the idea of 'Preservation' with stunning results.

Dom’Up Treehouse

Dom'Up is an innovative treehouse that draws inspiration from tree camping and traditional treehouse structure.

Mind-Bending Photography by Erik Johansson

Swedish-born, Berlin-based photographer Erik Johansson creates stunning surreal images that often seem rather like paintings than photographs.

Geographic Tongues by Elisabeth Hogeman

When we first came across these images taken by Elisabeth Hogeman, we felt disgusted and fascinated at the same time in a pretty weird way.

BMWi x Soho House: Preis der Nationalgalerie

Recently we introduced you to the Art Journey Awards, a collaboration between BMW and Art Basel that offers artists the opportunity to undertake a journey of creative discovery.

Top 10 #ignt_mirror Submissions

Since we received so many amazing submissions to our interactive Instagram project with the hashtag #ignt_mirror, we decided to not only introduce you to our winner, Pedro Castro, who got featured as an Insta Fav last week, but also show you our Top 10 of all the submissions we received.

Haffenden House by PARA-Project

PARA-Project created the Haffenden House as a writing studio with a garage/breezeway at ground-level; library, bathtub, and writing space on the second-level; and reading room on the third-level.

The Lovers by Lauren Fleishman

American photographer Lauren Fleishman created the series 'The Lovers' which was inspired by a series of love letters written by her grandfather to her grandmother during World War II that she found in a book next to his bed.

Crayon Sculptures by Hoang Tran

Crayons don’t have to be just for coloring. Hoang Tran creates tiny sculptures, hand-carving pop-culture icons into them.

Hyperreal Drawings by Antonio Finelli

Italian artist Antonio Finelli creates fascinating hyperreal portraits of elder people that talk about time and and the traces it leaves in our lives and faces.

A Short Getaway to Barcelona

We're tired of cold temperatures and bulky winter jackets and we'd just wish for a few more degrees outside and a break from the every grey views on Berlin's streets.

Flickr Friday

Every Friday we present our favorite Flickr photography of the week in a blogpost. If you want to see more of the selected photographers, check out their portfolio by clicking on their name.

Knyttan – Design your own Garments

We came across Knyttan, a London-based fashion brand that was established to remove the layers between designers and customers – and by doing so, give everyone a better choice.

Atelier Pam & Jenny by l’escaut architectures

A graphic designer asked for a working space in her own garden, which was the starting point for Atelier Pam & Jenny by l’escaut architectures.