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Flickr Friday

Here is our weekly selection of our favorite Flickr images, you can visit the photographers streams by clicking on their name and take a look at our previous selections here.

Candy-colored photography by Phebe Schmidt

With her bright and poppy works, Phebe Schmidt is challenging our perception of images and beauty. The Melbourne-based photographer captures tightly constructed, hyper real compositions, that use their pastel-colored surface as a mean to hide reality, to cover subversive undertones underneath a layer of expertly rendered perfection.

Else by Hanna Lenz

“Ninety-seven is an age to which you don’t congratulate. You shouldn’t become older than ninety at all!

Laurel & Rebeccah Wassner: An Even Match

Laurel and Rebeccah Wassner have been participating in organized sports together since they were five years old.

Uniqlo Denim

A few months ago Uniqlo opened their first German store in Berlin. The Japanese manufacturer became famous for what Japan is best known for: understatement.

Insta Fav #82: Faisal Al Fouzan

Kuwait-based photographer Faisal Al Fouzan is our Insta Fav #82. He enjoys capturing the urban landscape around him and is mainly inspired by new places that he explores with his camera.

Intimate Photography by Cary Fagan

Texas-based photographer Cary Fagan’s work is rooted in the beauty and intricacies of the female body.

Paris Roof Tops by Michael Wolf

Being born in Munich, growing up in Canada and the United States and now living in Hong Kong, German photographer Michael Wolf is fascinated by his surroundings and contemporary life in big cities.

Illustrations by Carmel Seymour

With her watercolor/crayon illustrations, Carmel Seymour is delving into the boundless realm of imagination.

Travel Photography by Marianna Jamadi

Marianna Jamadi is a passionate traveler capturing beautiful and authentic scenes from around the world.

Color-coded photography by Emily Blincoe

We’ve already featured talented Austin-based photographer Emily Blincoe a couple of times on iGNANT. Her output is amazingly creative and never fails to make us smile.

An homage to paint by Trent Jaklitsch

New York-based filmmaker Trent Jaklitsch created a remarkable short film called ‘Tone’ that documents the minutia of painting.

Dreamy photography by Du Yang

Female photographer Du Yang is based in Beijing where she graduated from Beijing Film Academy. Her work is filled with dreamy and poetic pictures that are closely related to nature and the unexpected.

Vivid imagery by Veronika Gilková

Photographer Veronika Gilková actually received a degree in psychology before she started to focus more on photography.

The Photography of Jan Durina

Slovakian photographer Jan Durina creates sensual and mysterious images that seem to tell a hidden narrative.

Top 10 Hide-Outs

Although we enjoy living in a city like Berlin, we occasionally feel the desire for some peace and quiet and the need to seclude ourselves from the rush and the noise of the town to enjoy some fresh air in the great outdoors.

Realistic Paintings by Micheal Sydney Moore

Micheal Sydney Moore is a 23-year-old oil painter based in London. His work centers around high-realism in portraiture.

Sunday Pleasure – Home Alone

These days our inbox fills up with ‘out of office’ replies while we get spammed with vacation pictures from our friends and family on Facebook, Instagram and all other available channels.

Flickr Friday

We are smearing our self-pity-spread (thick) onto our bread, daily that is, of course straight onto the (rancid) drama-margarine, for that speacial mixture, (explosive) until from out of the corner of the mouth that sticky goop gushes and all I want to do is vomit.

Casa Rambla by Land Arquitectos

Rambla House, is a weekend house located along the central coast of Chile, at Zapallar City designed by Land Arquitectos.