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Glitch Photography by Sabato Visconti

Photographer and visual artist Sabato Visconti transformed pictures into odd glitches, presenting an unexpected, disarranged aesthetic in his works.

The Argument With Spring by Jessica Tremp

Photographer Jessica Tremp who we featured previously created the series ‘The Argument With Spring’ as a beautiful visualization of a tug of war between the vanishing, fading memories and grief and the inevitable regeneration and change that come with the force of passing time.

Top 10 Bike Racks

We love biking and we’re glad that the biking season is still on though it’s slowly starting to get uncomfortably cold, windy and rainy on our bikes soon, so you might want to think about storing it at a safe and dry place.

Time Lapse Photography by Dan Marker-Moore

Photographer Dan Marker-Moore created a series of collages in which a single image is made up of slices of photos taken in a time lapse.

House for Trees

In response to the rapid and near total urbanization of vietnamese cities, Vo Trong Nghia Architects designed a prototypical house as part of an ongoing initiative to reverse the trend.

Twins by Alma Haser

After releasing her series Cosmic Surgery last year, photographer Alma Haser is now back with her series ‘Twins’ that is actually just the first of two parts, the second will be coming in November.

Magdalena Wosinska

We’re following Magdalena Wosinska’s work since we’ve discovered her photography in 2011 and we’re fascinated with her energetic, spontaneous and inspiring imagery as well as with her strong and laid-back character.

Renaissance Brushstrokes by Romina Ressia

For her project ‘Renaissance Brushstrokes’ photographer Romina Ressia created a set of classic portraits operated – without digital manipulation – but with brushstrokes which work as the link between two eras, and between the old and the contemporary.

Sunday Pleasure – Sleeping in

We love sleeping and the feeling of waking up refreshed, starting into a brand new day. Though during the week it always feels like we’re not getting to indulge enough in that joy, so we like to stay a bit longer in bed during the weekends or take an extra nap in the afternoon.

Flickr Friday

On our Flickr Friday we introduce a selection of our favorite Flickr images. If you’d like to see one of your images in the selection, you can submit your work here.

Concrete Cabin Refugi Lieptgas

Urlaubsarchitektur created the Refugi Lieptgas that looks like a traditional wooden hut at first glance.

Antoine Henault

We’ve already feature images by the talented photographer Antoine Henault in our weekly Flickr Friday and now it is time for his own feature.

Nature-inspired Cinemagraphs by Julian Douvier

Strasbourg-based creative Julian Douvier creates beautiful, nature-inspired Cinemagraphs. The animated pictures of water dripping, rolling weaves and moving light have a tranquil, mesmerizing quality that is a perfect inspiration for the upcoming weekend to go and enjoy a lakeside retreat or a long walk in the park.

Dreamy imagery by Heiner Luepke

Hamburg-based photographer Heiner Luepke aims to shoot a rather artistic fashion photography, focusing on details and strong emotional references.

Hyperrealistic resin art by Keng Lye

Sixteen years after founding his own graphic design agency in 1995, Singapore-based artist Keng Lye decided to leave the design industry behind and focus on his own art – especially his breathtaking and hyperrealistic pieces comprised of synthetic resin and acrylic paint.

Insta Fav #85: Madelynn Furlong

Our Insta Fav #85 is Madelynn Furlong, a stylish and talented 24-year-old who is an assistant designer at Target, a stylist with Hackwith Design House and blogger at Wide Eyed Legless.

A Poster a Day by Kayankwok

May we introduce another fun 365 Day Project created by Chinese artist, illustrator, and a graphic designer Kayankwok.

+node by UID Architects

UID Architects created ‘+node’ by placing 3.5 meters cubes similar to a wooden bird’s house on the side just like a toy building block.

Hand-coloured photographs by Shae de Tar

Fashion photographer Shae de Tar creates dreamy images that feel like spellbinding illusions. Her technique of handpainting negatives dates back to the early 1900 while her images remind us of 1960′s concert posters.

365 Postcards for Ants by Lorraine Loots

Cape Town-based artist Lorraine Loots created the project ’365 Postcards for Ants’, painting a tiny picture every day for 365 days that she uploaded on her Tumblr and Instagram.