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Dreamy photography by Gloria Marigo

Italian photographer Gloria Marigo creates dreamy images in pastel and soft tones, with new interpretations of childhood fairy tales and playful elements.

Office Off by Heri&Salli Architects

A gridded timber frame extends around the exterior of ‘Office Off’ by Austrian studio Heri&Salli and transforms the building into a climbing frame, inviting the workers to test facades, hang sun-screens or grow plants.

Sunday Pleasure – Homemade Popsicles

While summer is already coming to an end here in Berlin, we still like to keep some of the warm season’s ease for the colder days that are yet to come.

Flickr Friday

Enjoy our selection of Flickr images that we wrapped up in the following Flickr Friday. Make sure to also visit the photographers Streams by clicking on their name.

Social Pool by Alfredo Barsuglia

In the middle of the California desert and a few hours away from LA you’ll find the minimalist art sculpture Social Pool by viennese artist Alfredo Barsuglia.

For what it’s worth by Dillon Marsh

In the landscape series ‘For what it’s worth’ south african photographer and artist Dillon Marsh explores the manmade features in our landscapes and reveals curious details about our relationship with the environment.

Up in the Air by Antoine Rose

In his aerial photography belgian photographer Antoine Rose captures Miami’s beaches and the coastlines of Long Island while being strapped onto the outside of a helicopter.

Alpine Cabins by Pedevilla Architects

The alpine cabins ‘Wohnhaus Pliscia 13′ in South Tyrol designed by local studio Pedevilla Architects combine locally sourced and contemporary elements with a focus on sustainability.

‘Untitled’ by Paweł Fabjański

Paweł Fabjański is a visual artist and photographer based in Poland. While most of his professional work is commercial, he likes to experiment with more abstract ideas for his personal portfolio.

Floating Recipes by Nora Luther and Pavel Becker

Whenever their schedules allow it, designer Nora Luther and photographer Pavel Becker like to get together in their studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg to work on some of their own projects.

Summer photography by Katja Kremenic

Katja Kremenics intimate yet strong imagery is a travel through the many different worlds of summer. Therefore the sea and beach have a prominent role as the iconic backdrop for the photographs.

Ocean Beach by Douglas Ljungkvist

The graphic, colorful and still series ‘Ocean Beach’ by Brooklyn based photographer Douglas Ljungkvist documents a unique place in the American landscape, a vacation paradise in the 50s named Ocean Beach in the north of Lavallette NJ.

2014 EyeEm Awards – ‘The Portraitist’ Finalists

After introducing you to the EyeEm Festival & Awards in July, we are now happy to present the 10 finalists in the ‚The Portraitist’ category, where we had the pleasure to be part of the jury.

Woven Portraits by David Samuel Stern

By actually weaving two separate prints on vellum of the same model, Brooklyn-based Photographer David Samuel Stern aims to build a bridge between direct portraits and abstraction.

House of the Infinite by Alberto Campo Baeza

Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza created an expansive piece of landscape architecture, an infinite plane facing the Atlantic Sea.

The Blue Room Paintings by Anwen Keeling

In his latest work ‘The Blue Room’ australian artist Anwen Keeling creates sensual oil paintings of the female form as defined by diffused light and shadow coming from the windows.

Sewn Drawings by Jessica Wohl

Jessica Wohl is a Tennessee-based trained illustrator, who is now working in the fields of drawing, painting, collage, installation and performance.

Guest by Fiona Osborne

The series ‘Guest’ by London-based photographer Fiona Osborne explores the relationship between people and their uncommon surroundings.

Sunday Pleasure – Take a Walk

We walk every day, though we rarely take the time to walk just for the sake of walking. Taking a leisurely stroll is certainly one of our favorite Sunday Pleasures but since we’re so used to viewing walking as a means to an end, here’s a primer on how to enjoy a good old-fashioned, Zen-like saunter.

Flickr Friday

Here is our weekly selection of our favorite Flickr images, you can visit the photographers streams by clicking on their name and take a look at our previous selections here.