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Flickr Friday

Enjoy our weekly Flickr Friday with a selection of our favourite Flickr photography. If you’d like to take your chance, you can also submit your work to our iGNANT Flickr Group.

Close to Home by Andie Wilkinson

France-based photographer Andie Wilkinson created the series ‘Close to Home’, an on-going series that revolves around rural family life in South West France.

Animated drawings by Maori Sakai

Maori Sakai is a freelance illustrator and graphic artist based in Tokyo, Japan. Her animated drawings revolve around the weather, flowers and the everyday while they are so neat and whimsical.

Jasmine by Weronika Izdebska

We’ve featured the amazing works of photographer Weronika Izdebska previously on iGNANT, now she’s back with her new series entitled ‘Jasmine’.


To highlight the launch of the new Lexus NX, design duo Hellicar & Lewis created a digital artwork that’s inspired by the design and the shapes of the car.

Fire paintings by Spazuk

We’ve featured the work of fire painter Spazuk previously on iGNANT. Now he is back with his series ‘Ornithocide’ featuring live and dead birds juxtaposed with various manmade devices designed to kill.

Villa Kanousan by Yuusuke Karasawa

This seemingly ordinary cubical situated on a humble hillside of Honshu Island in Japan reveals a quite unusual interior.

Insta Fav #90: Emma Fineman

Our Insta Fav of the week is Emma Fineman, a painter from San Francisco. Besides taking beautiful snapshots of her surroundings and her friends, she is also creating amazing oil-paintings, using expressive brushstrokes and layering colors.

The Girl and her Dog by Jeong Woojae

With his paintings of ‘The Girl and her Dog’, Korean painter Jeong Woojae address the inner human contradiction that comes with owning an animal – at once it evidences our emotional insecurity and need for support, and yet it simultaneously resolves this craving, providing the healing and solace that makes us stronger.

Dreamy photography by Adi Dekel

We’ve featured some of Adi Dekel’s beautiful photography on our weekly best of Flickr selection. The young talent is only 18-years old and her portfolio is slowly filling up with amazing shots, often including herself as a model.

Hyperrealistic sculptures by Marc Sijan

Marc Sijan creates incredibly hyperrealistic sculptures depicting ordinary people. On his website it says: “People often have been fooled by Sijan’s work.

Jonathan Brown at LEADAPRON

In collaboration with Freunde von Freunden, mb! Magazine met Los Angeles-based art dealer Jonathan Brown, a connoisseur of things rare, fine, and out of print.

CIPEA #4 by AZL Architects

AZL Architects created ‘House #4′ for CIPEA, an exhibition of architecture in China. The task was, to design a house with at least five bedrooms, public spaces, and hospitality accommodations on 500 square meters.

Milo by Lightovo

Designed by Poland-based lighting studio Lightovo, Milo is an interior lamp with a glass shade that’s supposed to remind us of our deep connection to mother earth.

Photography by Yu-Hong Kuo

We’ve featured some of Taiwan-based Yu-Hong Kuo’s photographs previously on our Flickr Friday. Looking at his portfolio, we think its’s time to present a larger selection of his works.

Paint Chip Art by Peter Combe

San Francisco-based artist Peter Combe creates three-dimensional artworks out of confetti, that he stamps out of paint swatches and other everyday materials.

Studio Maio

The project, designed by architects Anna Puigjaner and Guillermo Lopez, members of MAIO design team, involves the conversion of a space that formerly housed a washing place into an open studio for professionals from different fields of architecture and design.

Unstoppable Spirit by Land Rover

Artist Nino Mustica created an installation in collaboration with Land Rover Design Director, Gerry McGovern in London.

Make Art Not War by Mr. Blick

French artist Mister Blick replaces guns and weapons in vintage black and white photographs with colorful illustrations of flowers.

iiu Susiraja’s body talking Selfies

The work of Finland-based self-portrait photographer iiu Susiraja is definitely not for everyone. She states that she once got email from an unknown sender, saying she should ‘go get a proper job.’ Though iiu Susiraja conceives criticism as one of the best parts of her work.