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New Works by Brock Davis

Brock Davis merges the fantasy of a child with the skills of an adult. We love his creative approach, turning everyday things in funny little installations that make us smile.

Humorous Collages by Naomi Vona

Italian artist Naomi Vona created these works that are equally simple as genius. She shops vintage photographs from people all over the world, drawing and collaging right on the pieces of personal history.

Poetic Jewellery by Ruby Robin

Irish artist Ruby Robin creates handcrafted jewellery that contains little bits and pieces of nature.

rOtring Challenges Creatives to #ThinkOn Globally

Since its launching in 1928, rOtring aims to enable people to think and create wherever inspiration takes them.

The Shepherd’s Daughter by Clare Benson

Photographer Clare Benson grew up in northern Michigan, born into a family of hunters. For her, the tradition of hunting – and the rugged northern landscape that serves as its backdrop – represents themes of memory and mortality, which she weaves in and out of her work for some time.

Iceland Heartland

iGNANT On The Road left for a road trip around Iceland to capture the emotional atmosphere of longing, calmness and expanse.

66MRN-House by ONG&ONG

ONG&ONG created a Zen-inspired dwelling with strong architectural lines and shapes that are accentuated by the materials used.

Experimental Photography by Kersti K

Malmö-based art and fashion photographer Kersti K creates intriguing images that often seem to be part of a bigger narrative.

A Body Of Work by Polly Penrose

London-based photographer Polly Penrose explores her changing body as it ages with her on-going series 'A body of work'.

Sunday Pleasure – Tea Party

We're preferring tea over coffee anytime while we're also a bit tired of the current Third Wave coffee hype, so we teamed up with Paper and Tea for today's Sunday Pleasure to introduce you to the art of drinking tea.

Flickr Friday

It's starting to get really cold in Berlin these days so we're all the more looking forward to spend some cozy quality time at home on the upcoming weekend.

La Luge by Yiacouvakis Hamelin Architectes

La Luge is a secondary home lying in the midst of the forest in La Conception, Canada. It was designed by Yiacouvakis Hamelin Architectes.

Escrime by Jean Baptiste Courtier

We've featured French photographer Jean Baptiste Courtier previously on the blog. Now he drew our attention to his latest work entitled 'Escrime' ('Fencing') where he showed a couple of fencers doing ballet outdoors.

Surre by Homo Ex Machina

London based photographer Milana Zadworna aka Homo Ex Machina creates surreal images that are inspired by the human body, neurobiology, mathematics and cosmos.

Insta Fav #93: Nana Hagel

Our Insta Fav of the week is Nana Hagel, a food and travel journalist from Copenhagen. Her feed is filled with clean and bright images from her surroundings while the pictures make us want to dive right into her world of breakfast, coffee and other great places to hang out.

Tsubomi House by Flathouse

Architectural practice Flathouse created this tiny home in Tokyo, Japan. The footprint of the house, including the biscuit shop that is part of it, is only 26m2.

Photo Exhibition by Marlen Mueller

Berlin-based photographer Marlen Mueller is capturing sensitive and intimate images of her friends and her surroundings, creating very natural and mostly analogue photographs.

‘Inside Rolls-Royce’ in London

Rolls-Royce decided to engage directly with their fans new and old in a series of free interactive exhibitions called Inside Rolls-Royce.

Jonty Hurwitz’s Nano Sculptures

London-based artist Jonty Hurwitz has created the smallest known, human-shaped sculptures in the world that's completely invisible to the human eye.

Water by Mustafah Abdulaziz

Documentary photographer Mustafah Abdulaziz created the series 'Water' as a photographic typology of a natural resource in crisis.