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Flickr Friday

Herzkompott und anderer Schmierkram I place my dislocated leg into the freezer (next to your heart). Quiet and cold as a souvenir, maybe as deposit, like you want (I don’t want it anymore).

Satirical Illustrations by Jean Jullien

French-born artist Jean Jullien creates satirical drawings that poke fun at our society and our relationship with technology, in particular, mobile devices.

Mobile Photography by sejkko

We usually ask our Insta Fav candidates for recommendations to get to know other exciting mobile photographers and that's also how we discovered sejkko, a 'scientist working in the area of complex systems, working as an artist interested in visual magical realism', how he describes himself.

The Big Bubble by Alex de Witte

Netherlands-based product designer Alex de Witte created 'The Big Bubble', a lamp made of blown glass and looks like a bubble was dropping from your ceiling.

#ignt_itsallred Winner Peechaya Burroughs

With our weekly Insta Fav Feature we offer you a chance to actively promote your own account to become a future Insta Fav on the blog.

Handmade Porcelain Sculptures by Kate MacDowell

American artist Kate Macdowell creates delicate porcelain sculptures that show the conflict between our romantic ideal of living in unity with nature while our contemporary impact on the environment doesn't quite fit that intention.

Helio Curve Kinetic Installation By Reuben Margolin For Hyundai

Last week we attended this years Milan Design Week where we also came across this kinetic installation designed by Reuben Margolin for Hyundai.

This Extension Transforms A London Townhouse Into A Contemporary Family Home

Cousins & Cousins Architects transformed a Victorian home in East London, creating an addition that is inconspicuous and transformative.

Geoff Johnson Shows What It’s Like For A Child To Live With A Hoarder

Omaha-based photographer Geoff Johnson created the series 'Behind The Door', showing the living conditions that he and his sister Jennifer grew up in, and what it is like to be living with a parent who is a hoarder.

Alejandro Duran Turns Found Plastic Into Colorful Installations

Artist Alejandro Duran collects bits of trash that washes up from locations around the world, transforming them color-based, site-specific sculptures.

#ignt_springfever Top 10 Submissions

We received many amazing submissions to our interactive Instagram project with the hashtag #ignt_springfever, thank you everyone for taking part.

Win An Exhibition At Beijing Design Week

Beijing Design Week offers an expansive overview of China's transforming design landscape while it serves as a laboratory for innovative perspectives that, from industry to academia, inspire and shape contemporary design discourse and practice.

Heritage Inspired Reserve Collection by STANCE

We teamed up with STANCE to focus on a rather underappreciated piece of our wardrobe: the sock. Dedicated to the spirit of individuality with a design philosophy that believes in expression and function, STANCE started their business in San Clemente in 2010.

Roshan Adhihetty Photographs Nude Hikers

Swiss photographer Roshan Adhihetty created the series 'Die Nacktwandere' (nude hikers), investigating in the questions if being nude is a right and if the human body is a natural element.

Illustrator Thoka Maer Takes Us To Her Favourite Spots In Brooklyn

We went on a trip to New York together with Airbnb where we met illustrator Thoka Maer in Brooklyn. She gave us a tour through her neighborhood, showing us some of her favorite places.

Flickr Friday

In the biggest casualness I’m next to you. Your view: somewhere. Around us they are dancing Cha-Cha-Cha.

Dana Muskat Creates Adorable Big Stuffed Sea Dwellers

Paris based fashion designer Dana Muskat creates adorable huge stuffed animals under the name Big Stuffed.

Justin Bettman Creates Sets From Discarded Furniture On NYC’s Streets

Photographer Justin Bettman and stylist Gozde Eker construct incredibly elaborate sets on the sidewalks of New York City from discarded objects and furniture.

Flickr Friday

In the biggest casualness I’m next to you. Your view: somewhere. Around us they are dancing Cha-Cha-Cha.

Volodymyr Kuznetsov at ART COLOGNE for Art Collection Telekom

Last year we came across the Art Collection Telekom for the first time when we visited the selection at me collectors room in Berlin.