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Life by Thirza Schaap

BRANSCH artist Thirza Schaap loves the easy feel kids have while playing and just being. Their lives are simple: water, life, fun.

‘I want to be’ by Achim Lippoth

Kids have limitless imagination and energy, and BRANSCH artist Achim Lippoth channels this energy and imagination effectively in his work.

A kick a day by Levon Biss

Shot for WIRED UK, BRANSCH artist Levon Biss’s latest work features world freestyle soccer campion Andrew Henderson.

Daan Brand in Cape Town from 02 January to 30 january 2015

BRANSCH artist Daan Brand will be in Cape Town, South Africa for the month of January. He is available for any client needs, whether sun, beach, scenes of Table Mountain or shots of great whites.

Rugby by Levon Biss

Rugby is a well known sport, and is also known for its physicality and injury risk. BRANSCH artist Levon Biss was commissioned by the Observer magazine to illustrate their story on whether children should be allowed to play rugby at school.

Anders Geipel by Jan Schuenke

Anders Geipel is an up and coming Danish/German actor who lives in New York. BRANSCH artist Jan Schuenke created a modern street style portrait series featuring Geipel with strong graphics and using patters and walls with high contrast and harsh light in Brooklyn.

Can we get much higher? by Levon Biss

Many people love traveling by train, and for Virgin Train’s latest campaign, BRANSCH artist Levon Biss was commissioned to capture their love.

Edisonga project by Magnus Winter

Edisonga is an artist duo – Jana and Magnus – who bonded over their shared appreciation of fashion, art and the truth of emotion.

Taiwan, the beautiful isle by Henning Bock

A hidden gem in Asia, Taiwan has long been a destination that BRANSCH artist Henning Bock wanted to visit.

The wandering eye by Jo Magrean

BRANSCH artist Jo Magrean has carried around this cutout eye for six months now. He uses it to connect with people he comes across in his travels; people are normally more comfortable in front of the camera with something to play around with. While not his original intention, Jo discovered that how people use the eye is very revealing; whether they hide behind it, eat with it, use it as background, etc.

Light Collector by Sven Schrader

Sven Schrader is known for capturing the imagination and wonder of childhood; in his latest work, Schrader shows a boy trying to catch starlight.

Kenwood by Shimon and Tammar

BRANSCH artists Shimon and Tammar were commissioned by Sigma to shoot their new mixer.  With a background in both food and still-life, they were the perfect choice.

Love To Cook – Love To Eat by Shimon and Tammar

BRANSCH artists Shimon and Tammar are working on a cookbook by that merges their love for photography, cooking and eating healthy fresh food, entitled Love To Cook – Love To Eat.

Still Life by Jo Magrean

BRANSCH artist Jo Magrean is known for his natural, realistic pictures of people and their environments.

Brother by Achim Lippoth

BRANSCH artist Achim Lippoth shot the new campaign for Brother in collaboration with French advertising agency Rosapark.

Crazy horses by Ralph Hargarten

Continuing his portraits of animals, BRANSCH artist Ralph Hargarten took the chance to take these portraits of horses.  Because of their eyes, horses usually look at you from the side and can’t really see you from the front, the way Ralph photographed them.  Despite this fact, his subjects seem to l

Birds of a feather by Mat Baker

In New Zealand, there is an unbelievably diverse ecosystem; within are some of the most beautiful species of birds in the world.

Eagles and Apple Pie by Daan Brand

BRANSCH artist Daan Brand’s work contains many elements, and he strives to provoke his viewer with many emotions in each photograph.

Invictus by Levon Biss

BRANSCH artist Levon Biss is famous for his images of athletes and celebrities around the globe. He loves athletics in all its forms; this series shows athletes from the Invictus Games, an athletics competition for injured British servicemen and women.

Excuse me while I blow my own mind by Kai Wiechmann

There is much cool stuff happening to us and around us, but a lot of it really happens in our heads. BRANSCH artist Kai Wiechmann provides his playful take on this: “We ‘supercharge’ the things we use, read, and touch ourselves, while at the same time what we we project, will always be part of what surrounds us.” He liked the idea of portraits with faces obscured by something that reflects fragments of the environment.