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Portraits of animals by Ralph Hargarten

BRANSCH artist Ralph Hargartens portraits of animals are much more than simple animal photographs. In his pictures, Ralph captures the personality of his subjects.We see what we want to see – removed from their natural surrounding, the pictures reduce the impression to the animal itself, its beauty and their emotions.

Back to school by Petrus Olsson

Based on the brief from Stadium, BRANSCH artist Petrus Olsson developed and refined a concept focusing on music.

Macro by Levon Biss

Exploring the world of macro, BRANSCH artist Levon Biss brings his skills with sports photography to bear.

Reflections by Christian Stoll

BRANSCH artist Christian Stoll discovers abstract beauty in everyday objects, both in his work and in his life.

Kids of Milan by Achim Lippoth

BRANSCH artist Achim Lippoth had the honor of photographing the first Marcelo Burlon kids collection, “Kids of Milan.” This new line is the latest venture of the italian based designer.

White forest by Achim Lippoth

The new Anne Kurris winter collection 14/15 shows kids exploring an enchanted white forest, existing of paper trees.

The real deal by Achim Lippoth

BRANSCH artist Achim Lippoth collaborated with Ogilvy & Mather to shoot the new Gerber campaign, “It’s not Gerber until they say it’s Gerber.”  Makers of baby food often tell parents that their products are nutritious and delicious, but Gerber asked a panel of 2000 of the toughest critics – baby taste-testers – to put its claims to the test.

United Bommel by Henning Bock

The bommel is a traditional wool garment that is used as ornament or costume jewelry. Depending on the shape and use, it gives the impression of a more original, rustic, or traditional costume.

Angry birds by Olaf Blecker

Visiting Cape Town recently, BRANSCH artist Olaf Blecker was impressed and inspired by the variety of birds he encountered.

Gif by Christian Stoll

We are bombarded by news and media constantly nowadays.  BRANSCH artist Christian Stoll takes on the issue in his latest personal work.


“Only time tells the truth.” BRANSCH artist Joerg Reichardt’s images are encounters that describe brief moments, short takes out of time. All the images in his recent series from Cuba were taken in a short period of four weeks.  They range in subject, but share the ephemeral – sometimes, random inspirational encounters, sometimes people he has sought out.

Bereit wie nie by Levon Biss

In a prescient move, BRANSCH artist Levon Biss was commissioned by Mercedes and Jung Von Matt to shoot the entire German national team.


BRANSCH artist Frieke Janssens is known for her evocative visual work, tackling still-lifes, portraits, conceptual work, and more.


In this day and age, one can zip from country to country in a few hours.  With so much travel, things can go wrong.

The Spirit of Life by Sven Schrader

BRANSCH artist Sven Schrader traveled the globe for his latest work, images and video for Bertelsmann.

Eyelashes by Andy Rudak

BRANSCH artist Andy Rudak likes to find the surreal in the everyday.  In his latest work, he takes small objects from the same genre and creates a canvas that from a distance looks like a collection of small coloured dots.

Cannes Lions for dog’s best friends by Achim Lippoth and Sven Schrader

BRANSCH artists Achim Lippoth and Sven Schrader recently won Silver and Bronze Lions, respectively, for their genre-bending work.

Waterboys by Maarten de Groot

Drops, drops, waterdrops everywhere. Most of the earth is water, and the human body consists of about 65% water.  BRANSCH artist Maarten De Groot searches for how water plays on our bodies, via professional water polo players.

The fashionable cyclist by Maarten de Groot

Athletes are not necessarily known for their style, but in his latest work for Soigneur magazine, BRANSCH artist Maarten De Groot displays the two sides of one who is, pro cyclist Thomas Dekker.

New work by Sven Schrader

BRANSCH artist Sven Schrader has some fun with the emerging GIF format in his latest work. Enjoy!