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‘Wood’ by Achim Lippoth

BRANSCH artist Achim Lippoth’s new kid’s wear collection shoot Vol. 40 creates a strong contrast between a creative wooden set and colorful styling of his young talent.

Carefree by Jo Magrean

In his latest personal work, BRANSCH artist Jo Magrean taps into memories of childhood and adolescence, and the carefree, lighthearted nature of those experiences.

Pure luxury by Jan Schuenke

In collaboration with New York agency PI&C, BRANSCH artist Jan Schuenke created a new images library of interior, architecture, and lifestyle images for Hilton luxury brands Waldorf Astoria and Conrad Hotels.

Jackrabbit by Ralph Hargarten

BRANSCH artist Ralph Hargarten shot the latest campaign for Europe’s biggest electronic consumer market, Media Markt.

Havana Hours by Joerg Reichardt

Havana exudes an aura of impenetrable enigma in BRANSCH artist Joerg Reichardt’s photos. His portraits of its people capture them in a moment of blossoming hope, their desires seeming palpable, crossing paths with the yearning gaze of the camera.Time, seemingly stopped, yet in a haze, evokes memories of lost happiness.

Rites of spring by Achim Lippoth

Using homemade paper flowers, BRANSCH artist Achim Lippoth shot the new SS/15 collection for Anne Kurris. The new collection stands out due to revised prints, bright motifs and individual fabrics, and Achim captured all this with his trademark flair.

Made in Belgium by Achim Lippoth

BRANSCH artist Achim Lippoth presents some of the most famous Belgian kids fashion designers and their new kids collections in a recent editorial for his magazine, kid’s wear.

Diesel by Achim Lippoth

BRANSCH artist Achim Lippoth shot the latest spring/summer 2015 campaign for Diesel Kids.  Full of movement, life, and verve, Achim’s images were exactly what Diesel was looking for.

Kaffeemuseum Emmerich by Marina Weigl

BRANSCH artist Marina Weigl loves coffee, and combining her interest in the black gold with her art, discovered and shot old and new coffee roasters and mills at the “Kaffeemuseum Emmerich.” She photographed them in two different styles: first, as standalone still-life subjects, with clean looks at the machines and framed with color, emphasizing their uniqueness.

In the glow of happiness by Sven Schrader

Im Glanze dieses Glückes by Sven Schrader from BRANSCH on Vimeo. Winner of the 2015 Football Film Festival’s short film competition, shortkicks, BRANSCH artist Sven Schrader’s film brings one back to the 2014 World Cup, won by Germany.

Loads and loads by Jean-Louis Wolff

Everything bought or sold in Bengal transits through the cramped lanes of the Burrabazar in Calcutta.

Strong autos for strong women by Ralph Hargarten

With International Women’s Day as background, SIXT Germany and BRANSCH artist Ralph Hargarten published a light-hearted campaign with pictures of strong, determined women behind steering wheels being caught by speed cameras.

The new literature by Reinhard Hunger

BRANSCH artist Reinhard Hunger was commissioned by Der Spiegel to illustrate their magazine full of literary comments and criticism for Spring 2015.

Spring of your youth by Olaf Blecker

Inspired by the vitality and limitless energy of the teenagers around his Kreuz/Koln neighbourhood in Berlin, BRANSCH artist Olaf Blecker created a series of portraits of them.

Prince Pug by Ralph Hargarten

BRANSCH artist Ralph Hargarten is known in part for his expressive portraits. Sometimes, he applies his eye for human emotions to the animal world.

Todays’s look by Thirza Schaap

BRANSCH artist Thirza Schaap collaborated with one of the most inspiring creatives she has ever worked with, Erik Kessels, for her latest project.

Pastel studio by Thirza Schaap

Colors have always been one of BRANSCH artist Thirza Schaap’s main interests. For this story, she was inspired by a passing delivery person while on the streets of South Africa.

Yoga paperclips by Andy Rudak

BRANSCH artist Andy Rudak constantly sees life and character in objects around him, from the largest tree to the smallest matchstick.

Augen auf! 100 Jahre Leica Fotografie with Julia Baier

Exhibition in Fotografie Forum Frankfurt, Braubachstr. 30-32, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Opening 12.03.2015 the exhibition will be on view until 31.05.2015.

Car of the future by Petrus Olsson

Car ads often look extremely polished, and sometimes overly so. BRANSCH artist Petrus Olsson plays with this idea while promoting public transport in his latest campaign.