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Printed Confectionary: The Sugar Lab Takes on 3D Printing

Snapshot: Snowglobe perfect details and detailed swoops of lines mark the products of the Chefjet 3D Printer.

The Strangely Good Branding of Provisions

Snapshot: In the bustling streets of Singapore, The Strangely Good are resurrecting the WW2 aesthetics of European & American Grocery Stores at P.V.S with a clean, refined edge.

Interview: Francesco LoCastro's Transfiguration

"My favorite art is generally made by people younger than me. It smells of revolution." Francesco LoCastro, as serious and authentic as he is brimming with stories of the Miami art world, partly takes responsibility for this burgeoning epicenter of contemporary art at the tip of the Florida peninsula.

Kiss and Hug: 3D Artwork at the Malmo Festival

“I am The Malmo Festival - a warm, friendly and sustainable festival and I have taken the city of Malmö for a wild dance one week every year since 1985.

Line in Between: Sounds of New York City

Snapshot: Artists Wes Batts, Kayla Colaizzi & Mike Laura took to the streets to transform the New York Cityscape into a scintillating soundscape, titled 'Line in Between'.

Enter Through the Light Cave

Snapshot: FriendsWithYou has unveiled a colorful, elephant-like experimental installation commissioned by Art Production Fund at the feet of The Standard hotel in New York.

A Moscow Memoir: Russia's Retrospective at the Venice Biennale Architecture Exhibition

Spotlight: Recent, significant shifts towards a modern infrastructure in Moscow makes Russia's Moskva installation - part of the 14th Venice Biennale architecture exhibition - a calling card for Russia's rebranding as a center of global and innovative design.

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Creative Instagrammer of the Week: Yener Torun

Snapshot: Yener Torun is an architect with a passion for graphic design, walls and the vibrant colors & people that can bring them to life.

Creative Instagrammer of the Week: Foster Huntington

"I pulled into Nazareth, I was feelin' about half past dead. I just need some place where I can lay my head..." - Foster Huntington We’ve all had that moment: sitting at your desk at 11am on a Groundhog Monday, realizing there’s another 6 hours to go and just wishing that you were somewhere – anywhere – else.

Subarctic Migration: Salt's Fish Rack

Snapshot: Like a viking longhouse, Rintala Eggertsson Architects create a sprawling, skeletal iteration of the fish rack, a gritty symbol of the spirit of Norway and built as part of the region's SALT celebration.

Abstract Nail Art: Paintbox NYC

Snapshot: Former Beauty Editor, Eleanor Langston, uses her years of industry experience to transform how you feel about nail care with New York's new Paintbox.

Bees & the City: The Vulkan Beehive by Snohetta

Snapshot: Designed with inspiration from its buzzing residents, Oslo’s hottest new lodging is strictly for bees only.

Carving Away at History: Vhils Styrofoam Dissection Exhibition in Lisbon

Though vandalism is often seen as deviant behavior, Vhils seeks to use destruction as a means of progression.

Edible Selfies? Eat Your ‘Art Out

Kate Middleton may be the Duchess of Cambridge, but her brother James is the King behind UK Startup “Boomf”.

Legendary Writer Warren Ellis and Artist Michael Allred Create The Spirit of BACARDÍ

We’ve all ordered a Bacardi and Coke from time to time. But how about BACARDÍ on the rocks with a splash of revolution, a dash of earthquake, a shot of raging fire, garnished with imprisonment and exile?

MMMM...'s B-U-S: Baltimore's Type-Driven Bus-Stop

Changing the community, one bus stop at a time. The team who brought you NYC's Meeting Bowls transforms bus benches into sculpture.

Acceptable in the 80s: Yoko Honda Takes Us Back

Taking inspiration from retro pop culture, this young Japanese artist brings the disco era back to life.

Home is Where the Hammock is: Mi Casa, Your Casa by Esrawe

Esrawe Invigorates Atlanta’s Woodruff Arts Center with a field of red metal houses. Snapshot: Atlanta’s Woodruff Arts Center is the latest scene of Mexican firm Esrawe’s industrial design solutions, which here takes form as 40 red metal frame houses outfitted with detachable hammocks that dot the interior piazza of the institution.

Close Knit: An Interview with Jacqui Fink, the creator of Little Dandelion

“One part bonkers and two parts universal”: We talk to Jacqui Fink, the master knitter behind Little Dandelion, who tells us how she turned her creativity, innovation and passion into a breakthrough career – all inspired by a dream.