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Tinder-Style App, Magazine and IRL Community for Collaborating Creators

An app and publication seeks to help creatives find exactly the skills and ideas they need

IKEA Recreates Iconic Mealtime Master Paintings

The Swedish brand reimagines three iconic pieces as taking place in the modern day to celebrate enjoying meals with others

Human Clock Unites Global Population in Time

TEDxAmsterdam celebrates the diversity of the global population, where everyone is affected by time

Museum Audio Tours Match Your Mood Using a Mobile App

Visitor-curated routes evolve over time with new user comments

Reddit Hosts Worldwide Search for Treasure Boxes

The popular online community has launched a scavenger hunt for 'gifts from the internet' across the globe for its members

‘Uber for Pot’ Delivers Medical Marijuana in Under 10 Minutes

The new delivery service wants to bring competitively priced top strains to your door, and fast.

Social Movement Provides Real-World Environments for People to Connect

FreeConvo is a cause that encourages you to strike up conversation with strangers

Music Video Strings Together a Narrative with Scientific Phenomena

Musician creatively harnesses an array of concepts in engineering and science

Lock Sphere Forces You to Think Outside the Box with Mind Games

Equipped with multiple high-sensitivity sensors, the object can feel slight vibrations and knows the color of the sky

Land Rover’s Interactive Novel Pairs Fiction with Real-Life Auto Adventure

The automaker animates British author William Boyd’s novel on Tumblr page

Nintendo 64 Game Mod Purposely Glitches Appearance for New Experience

For many children of the 90’s (and perhaps some children of the 80’s), video games are more than just a form of entertainment: they’re a world unto themselves, with laws of programming – in turn, simulating laws of physics – that can be tested and explored.

Spotify’s First Artist-in-Residence Shows How Music Unites Humans

Every second, Spotify finds two users that started the same song at the same time and plays a snippet on its page, Serendipity, while showing the city each one lives in

Interactive Campaign Matches People’s Facial Expressions with Museum Works of Art

Rijks Emotions aggregates emotional data and pairs you with a similar painting of the past

Getty Images Announces Amateur Photographer Contest Winners

The photo brand's #RePicture challenge comes to a close with category champs in #Mother, #Women and more

Museum of Modern Art Invests in DIY Electronics Kits

In a modern fusion of designers and engineers, New York's MoMA has added electronics-infused pieces to its collection

Ericsson Short Introduces an Innovative Company Every Time You Pause It

As online video gains more popularity, the mobility company shows us how filmed experiences will help brands differentiate

Google’s Nest Pop-Up Art Installation Warns of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The company set up a translucent cube to raise awareness of the invisible and silent killers that can be found in one's home

Artist’s Paranormal Exhibit Lures in Ghosts with Gadgets

Playground for the dead aims to channel deceased with items they left behind

Anti-Bullying Artwork Showcased in an Online Mural

Online platform lets artist showcase their work for “The Bully Project’ to help raise awareness

Movember Goes Digital with Hairy Screensaver

A bro culture joke has gone not only digital but proactive with a fundraising screensaver