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Kinetic Art Installation Created Using Old Tech

Commuting first encounters on display in the Taipei 101 Metro station

Secret Menu for Chocolate-Dipped Cone Filled with Espresso

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen in Los Angeles serves coffee in edible cups

The Impact of Pet Ownership on Human Creativity

From the media we consume to the ways we pass time, a crowdfunded illustrated book reflects on the central role dogs play in owners' lives

Sex Toy Infographic Reveals Our Erotic Tastes

One man's study of erotic purchase trends invites consumers to join him down the rabbit hole and see what's been placed there.

Skyscraper Adorned in Philips LED Lights for Massive ‘Tetris’ Game

A Drexel University professor takes over the north and south side of the 29 story Cira Centre to break a world record

Explore Our Digital Obsession at Pop-Up Cereal Bar

SoHo exhibition offers free cereal and a cold hard look at how human relationships are impacted by technology

The Tech Connection to the Rising Popularity of Music Festivals

Study points to technology as a driving factor in the outdoor event boom

Craftsmanship in Rural Regions, Small Cities Unfolds in Documentary Series

Niche telecom brand embraces the low-tech craftsmanship of middle America

Burning Man: Desert Land Of Misfit Tech

Festival known for dust-blown 'roughing it' now playing host to the art, entrepreneurs, and royalty of high tech

Art Gallery Tours Transformed by Antennae Audio System

An innovative art history expert in New York City is using technology to enrich the practice of touring art galleries in Chelsea

Growth and Death of Flowers Visualized in Real-Time Installation

Infinity of Flowers, opening in Tokyo this month, is an interactive display that uses technological innovations to convey the circle of life in nature

Social Media Photos Turned into Postcards for Inmates

After serving time, entrepreneur starts Pigeonly to bridge divide between prisoners and society

Mac Screen Clutter Transformed into Digital Collages

An artist displays the digital – as well as mental – landscape

Architecture Exhibit Designs Dedicated to Cancer Patients

The Carnegie Museum of Art is hosting the exhibit Maggie’s Centres: A Blueprint for Cancer Care.

Nick Cave Curating Museum of Important S**t

Celebrities and artists lend a hand in sorting online collection of user-submitted "touchstones," "totems," and memorabilia

Tokyo Restaurant Entices with Year-Long Unlimited Beer Pass

Brasserie Beer Boulevard will sell One-Year Passports granting consumers endless Asahi

Documentary Exploring UK’s DIY Graphic Arts Scene

The film, directed by Anthony Peters and Paul O'Connor, explores the rise of analog craft making in a digital age

Urban Beardsmen of Europe Photographed to Promote UK Brand Launch

Thee most stylish facial hair sporters captured in series for 'Urban Beardsman' magazine

Award-Winning App Promises Butlers for All

The sharing economy's newest asset may be automatic, all-around, in-home service on a budget

Homeless People’s Handcrafted Signs Auctioned as Art Pieces

'Behind the Sign' is a project that auctions off the one-of-a-kind creations, with proceeds going to The Doe Fund