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Norwegian Takes Norway for Joyride in NYC in Interactive Billboard Campaign

This holiday season Norwegian airlines decided to create a very fun and interactive billboard to help inspire people in Norway to travel.

Crane Game Encourages Donations to Help Homeless People in a Very Unique Way

Roughly translated as the Foundation for Street People, the Fundación Gente de la Calle are a charity based out of Chile that specialises in bringing attention to the plight of homeless men and women, and making a difference in their lives.

Oxford Fitness Creates 16 Foot Treadmill #LaGranTrotadora

Some say bigger is always better. Well Oxford Fitness definitely thinks that’s the case! To promote their fitness center, they decided have a little competition.

Japanese Kissing Booth Allows People to Show Public Affection in the Most Romantic Way

According to DENTISTE’, people in Japan are known to be somewhat shy and often have a difficult time expressing their feelings towards loved ones.

Mentos Surprises an Amateur Guitar Player in the Most Awesome Way

There is always that one time in your life where you think, hey, I should join a band. Mentos decided to work with Neogama BBH to help make this happen for one lucky person in the most amazing way.

Air Canada Surprises Canadian Bar in London with a Very Generous Gift

Finding the time and money to go home for the holiday season, especially if you live over 6,000 km away.

Motocross Legend Rides Motorcycle on Open Roller coaster Track in Red Bull Stunt

Red Bull is known for some of the most daring and amazing stunts we’ve ever seen. Everything from the Red Bull Stratos jump to building BMX ramps on moving trucks.

Festival de Magie de Québec Poster Makes You Into A Magician

The Québec City Magic Festival (known locally as the Festival de Magie de Québec) runs every year around the start of September, and it has started to get some global attention.

In Brazil, Black Friday Sales Take To The Sky With Flying Mannequins

Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States and is known as one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

Heineken ‘ShareTheSofa’ Campaign Owned Social Conversation On Twitter

During the 2013 Champions League, sponsor Heineken launched a campaign that got a lot of people to take notice, and even more to start talking.

Ford Explorer Marries Traditional and Mobile Marketing with Creative Interactive Mobile Print Ads

Whoever said that print advertising will be left in the past obviously hasn’t met the folks at BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel.

Malaysia “A Minute of Silence” Mobile Campaign

If you’re Malaysian, 2014 has been a seriously challenging year. With the MH370 tragedy occurring in early March, and the devastating MH17 crash occurring in mid-July, the entire country has been in a state of shock and mourning.

Is It the End of Vending Machine Campaigns as We Know It?

We’re a huge fan of creative vending machine marketing stunts. This past year we’ve seen some really creative vending machines used in marketing stunts such as ones that made you smile, ones that made you exercise, or even ones that connected you to a stranger.

One Bus Stop Gets A Unique And Creative Twist

We love seeing creative bus stop examples, and this one is definitely out of the box! A couple changemakers decided to work together and create a bus stop that actually spelled out the word bus.

Living Billboards With Live Bacteria Spreads Awareness of Food Poisoning In Infectious Way

Every year over 700,000 Dutch people get infected and food poisoned by seemingly invisible bacteria often found in their own kitchens.

10 Risqué Advertisements That Helped Further a Brand

No matter how far along humanity claims to be, every guerilla marketer knows that sex still sells. The trick, of course, is to be a bit clever in how sexuality, intimate situations and risqué suggestions are presented in advertisements, whether those advertisements are in print form, on the Internet or within videos.

Jodi Lee Foundation Bowel Cancer

The Jodi Lee Foundation is an organization that helps spread awareness of bowl cancer, the second biggest cancer killer in Australia.

Prudential Creates World Record Breaking Domino Topple

Taking something that people struggle to understand and communicating it in a way that is powerful and visual should be the aim of every advertising campaign.

35 Beautiful and Color Filled Vintage Ads For Your Inspiration

If you’re stuck in a creative rut here is a beautiful list of old advertisements in hope to get your creative juices flowing.

Ad Students Create “Nurse Nicole” to Give Tinder Men a Checkup

Tinder is one of the most popular online dating applications today with over 750 million “swipes” per day, over 10 million introductions, and up to 5 million matches.