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3 Ways Virtual Reality Is Reshaping Marketing

Virtual reality is finally catching on, and it’s transforming the nature of marketing. The virtual reality market will grow from a compound annual growth rate of 57.8 percent between 2016 and 2022 from $1.37 billion in 2015 to $33.90 billion in 2022, projects Markets and Markets.

4 Ways Merging Guerrilla Marketing with Your Web Design Can Boost Your Online Brand

It’s no secret that web design is an important factor for successfully conducting business online, however many web marketers fall into the trap of creating a stale or even bland web design that fails to captivate the imagination and desire of their website’s visitors.

Is Guerrilla Marketing Good for Your Business?

Marketing is too broad to define. Some people think it’s about selling. Partly it is true because that is the ultimate goal of marketing; however, it is more than just selling.

Netflix Offers DIY Doorbell Cover That Entertains Trick-or-Treaters

Netflix knows that some people would rather stay inside at watch scary movies. They decided to create a do-it-yourself doorbell that entertains trick-or-treaters while you’re busy streaming Netflix.

Going Guerilla: Get Inspired by the Latest Street Art Trends

Using somewhat unconventional methods in the marketing world is always a bit of a risk, but nevertheless tends to be part and parcel of any creative task.

Marketing and Manufacturing: What Does the Future Hold?

Mobile technology has made a transformative impact on both manufacturing and marketing. The two industries have never been exclusive (both falling under the larger umbrella of supply chain management), but today’s digital world has brought the two together in ways that could not have been dreamed of 50 years ago.

The Berry Company Hits the Streets and Makes People Feel Good in Latest Social Experiment

The Berry Company, a family run food business, decided to hit the streets of London to brighten people’s day in their latest marketing campaign.

Tactical Optics: 4 Proven Branding Strategies That Just Plain Work in Business

Maybe you helped develop your company name, designed the logo and wrote every product title and tagline.

Six Online Marketing Strategies that Really Work

With the application of technology in marketing and advertising, a paradigm shift has been realized. The internet specifically has had a profound effect on marketing and has completely revolutionized how businesses are noticed and gain customers.

Whirlpool Increases School Attendance By Changing One Simple Thing

Every day thousands of kids miss school just because they don�t have clean clothes to wear. Whirlpool saw this as an opportunity to help children in need and help solve a real problem.

9 Really Annoying Ad Trends That Just Won’t Die In Peace

Source: Advertisers strive to create a perfect ad that would draw prospect’s attention and make a clear statement, but somehow they often end up getting on their audience’s nerves.

How Guerilla Marketing Works for Small Businesses

Guerilla Marketing, at its core, is advertising that utilises cheap and creative tactics to generate hype and draw attention to a product or service.

Kellogg’s Krave Creates Live Art Installation using Cereal at Comic-Con

Comic-Con is a comic book convention that is held every year since 1970 in San Diego, CA. It’s a time where thousands of comic book fans come to hear the latest from the industry and share experience with other like-minded individuals.

How to Apply Guerrilla Marketing to Facebook

Guerrilla marketing is essentially an approach to advertising that uses cost effective, unconventional methods to raise the profile of a company.

Pokémon Go Showing The Potential Value In Augmented Reality

It was only officially launched on 6th July, but Pokémon Go has already become a massive hit for Nintendo and its partners.

An Association for Disabled Children in Brazil Encourages Gratitude in the Most Beautiful Way

Sometimes we need to be thankful for what we have and to keep a positive attitude in life. The Assistance Association for Disabled Children (AACD) in Brazil partnered with Z+ to create the fantastic problem-solving machine.

Retailers Gain Foottraffic via the Success of Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is the hot mobile game that has millions of people exploring locations to capture virtual Pokémon characters.

Volkswagen Creates Mobile Basketball Hoop That Searches For Empty Parking Spaces

Volkswagen is turning car parking spaces into miniature basketball courts with their latest Volksparking campaign.

APIs and New Twitter Rules: How to Grow Your Account the Right Way

APIs are application programming interfaces; basically they automate a certain level of social media interaction on your Twitter account.

Samsung Creates LANdry, the First Laundromat Internet Cafe

Being a parent can be hard sometimes, especially when your children don’t help around the house. Samsung decided to help out the parents by creating a unique laundromat.