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Increase Response Rates Over 30% With Personalised Direct Mail Campaign

With more and more money being thrown at digital marketing every year, now is a great time to look at ways to maximize the impact of your print campaigns and restore balance to your marketing efforts.

[Infographic] Harnassing the Power of On-hold Marketing

Nearly all businesses these days have some form of on-hold marketing. Generally though, it is not very well thought out and is used purely to fill the waiting time between when a customer calls and when the customer finally gets through to speak to you.

Marketing Tips to Make your Next Event A Success

Creating emotional connections is one of the hardest things to achieve in marketing, that is why conducting thorough research about your target consumer’s day to day journey, can be very helpful with finding the points that will spark lasting brand experiences.

Subaru Surprises Non-Subaru Owners With Free Snow Shovels

Winter in Canada sometimes leaves resident’s cars buried in snow; however, for 500 lucky residents, Subaru surprised them with a little special gift  this past year.

A Quick Guide to Retaining Customers for Life after the End of Any Promo

If you have ever ran any sort of promotion for your business, assuming that it was a successful promotion, you will probably have noticed a very definite spike in subscribers, sales or traffic during the special offer or event.

[Video] Business like a Swede – a Rap Message about Collective Agreements

Following last year’s viral success about an American man who “lives like a Swede”, TCO is now back to teach us how to do business like a Swede in this awesome new viral video.

Inside the Life of Graffiti Street Artist Berns

Meets Berns aka El Ultimo Inca (The Last Inca), a graffiti street artist from Peru. Berns graffiti style originated from the roots of his Peruvian culture and consisted of letters and bombing but has since transformed into something so much more powerful.

Sky Atlantic Promotes New Tv Show Fortitude by Releasing a Polar Bear in London

The campaign shows that Sky Atlantic was advertising its new TV show set in the Arctic, in the fictional town of Fortitude which has a bigger population of polar bears than people.

33 Best Fashion Illustrations and Advertisements from the past

What better way to find inspiration for your next campaign by going back through old fashion ads? Here is a list of a variety of ads from the 90’s all the way back through the mid-century.

How and When to Take a Vacation from Your Online Business

There comes a time in every business owner’s life that a vacation is an absolute necessity. It’s easy to get burned out if you never take time for yourself, even though the work, work, work culture of the United States dictates otherwise.

Diamonds in the Rough: Understanding the Difference between Good Content and Great Content

We live in an age of content overload. Go online and it doesn’t take long before you’re bombarded by content, whether it be text, images, video or a combination of the three.

Russian Olympic Committee Creates a Social Heatlamp That Shares the Warmth

What’s one way to get warm during the winter? By participating in this fun social heat lamp! The Russian Olympic Committee partnered with MOST Creative Club and placed 10 of these unique heating lamps throughout Russia and challenged people to walk up and be active.

Guerrilla Job Hunting: How One Man Got a Job at Jung Von Matt

Sometimes it can seem very difficult to land a job, especially if it’a at an advertising agency where the competition is tough.

Carlsberg #barbandits Interactive Bar Tap Allows Patrons to Try Their Luck and Win Free Beer

The campaign by the Danish Agency Konstellation for beer giant Carlsberg talks about Carlsberg’s interactive tap, which activates a slot spin with photos once someone purchases a beer.

Sibylla Instagram Campaign Allows Patrons to Get Fortune Told via Fries

The video shows a Swedish Fast Food brand, Sibylla, which together with the agency Volt decided to team up with a Fortune Teller in a unique way.

Ford Pulls an Epic Speed Dating Prank on Unsuspecting Single Men

Got a hot date for Valentine’s day? You might want to make sure she doesn’t drive a mustang. Ford recently pulled a hilarious stunt on unsuspecting bachelors who signed up for a blind date with an attractive woman who happened to be a professional stunt driver.

Want to Extend Your Brand Reach? Create a Marketing Video

When it comes to unconventional marketing, video marketing is one strategy that allows for much creativity in so many ways.

This Valentine Experiment Proves It’s Not Just All about Flowers and Chocolate

According to a small survey, only 2% of Danish men love Valentine’s Day. Anthon Berg, a chocolatier, decided to run a little Valentine experiment to convert nonbelievers into people who actually enjoy being more romantic towards their loved one.

Midttrafik Bus Viral Ad May Be the Most Epic Bus Video Advertisement Ever

I rarely watch videos advertising bus companies, but when I do, I watch videos from Midttrafik. Midttrafik isn’t your standard bus company.

Mcdonald’s Allows You to Pay with Love. Are You Lovin’ It?

McDonald’s decided to take their slogan, “I’m Lovin’ It” to a whole new level with their latest campaign that debuted with their Super Bowl ad.