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How Promotional Products Can Improve Your Brand Awareness

Giving away is what people like. And they like it even more if they are on the winning end of this product.

6 Tips to Help You Succeed at Content Marketing

Long gone are the days when marketing to customers was as simple as suggesting that they buy your product.

Tunisie Telecom Offers Beachgoers Free WiFi In Exchange For Trash

In Tunisia, trash on the beach is a huge problem. Some beachgoers enjoy the beach, but end up leaving their trash for someone else to pick up.

Formann Gym Embarrasses Men Who Can’t Open A Jar Of Pickles In Clever Marketing Stunt

Formann, a fitness club just for men, wanted to attract new customers by way of embarrassment. How did they do this?

5 Essential Packaging Design Tips for Smaller Brands

When it comes to packaging for your product, you should be viewing its design as one big call to action for the consumer – “buy me; I’m your best option”.

Triple Black Challenge ft. Triple Black Collection by Foot Locker #FLTV #Tripleblack

If ever there was an agency that had taken advertising out of its own comfort zone and into the glorious realms of new experience, it would be Hot Cow with their Triple Black Challenge for Foot Locker.

10 Years of GoPro: How the California-Based Business Made It Big

10 years ago, Nick Woodman’s office (and bedroom) was a Volkswagen van. Today, he is the billionaire founder of GoPro, formerly Woodman Enterprises.

Pornhub’s Controversial New York’s Times Square Billboard Taken Down

There is truly nothing like New York’s Time Square and how it has been one of the most popular places to place up billboards and advertising.

Tweet to Eat Vending Machine Is Creepy Yet Supremely AWESOME

Walkers Crisps, an English company, have been running an extended campaign not unlike a number of other potato chip companies where they go to the people and seek new and unusual flavors for their products.

A Young Valet Gets An Unexpected Surpise

Volvo Trucks have kept us on our toes in the last year with their innovative and interesting video campaigns that have covered everything from Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits between two trucks, to a hamster driving a truck out of a quarry, and just about everything in between.

How to Successfully Execute Content Marketing in a Start-up

When starting with a start-up of your own, and this happens to all of us, nobody knows about your project except for your relatives and friends.

Strauss Ice Cream Hides Delicious Hidden Treasure On Tel-Aviv Beach

When guerrilla marketing targets children and families, we’re always interested to see the results. This is partially because kids, unlike their cynical and aged counterparts, are ready to accept a situation and embrace the joy and magic of it.

North Face Store Floor Disappears, Forcing Shocked Shoppers to Scale the Wall

North Face, an outdoor clothing company, is arguable one of the most well known brands when it comes to outdoor apparel.

Nescafé Locks A Thousand Red Mugs All Around Croatia

Bringing social media campaigns into the real world isn’t really that difficult, but doing it in a way that is innovative, new, and likely to attract attention can be.

11-Year-Old Dubstep Girl Could Be The Next Youtube Dance Sensation

This past week a 11-year-old girl by the name of Adilyn Malcom or “Audacious Adi” as seen on YouTube has taken the internet by storm.

40 Cool and Creative Ads That Are Larger Than Life

Sometimes the most shocking campaign that sticks out in our mind is the one that is the biggest. Going big is a great way to get your brand noticed in a large and crowded area.

TopShop: Instagram Powered Social Catwalk

TopShop is famous for their cutting edge fashion and social catwalks. This year they decided to try something new and social by creating an Instagram/Facebook powered Social Catwalk.

Smart Car Creates a Highly Amusing Dancing Traffic Light That Will Get Your Hips Moving

If you’re a business selling smart cars and smart transport, your marketing had better be just as smart as your products, otherwise disappointment is the meal of the day.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Recipe For Going Viral

It isn’t easy to predict what marketing strategies will produce viral content. To be sure, we’ve seen some blundering attempts recently, but take heart: There are some consistent elements in successful campaigns that your brand can follow.

NYC Coffee Shop Recreates ‘Friends’ Central Perk Coffee Shop

Need a coffee fix and are in the Soho area? Eight O’Clock Coffee has you covered with their pop-up cafe at 199 Lafayette St.