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6 Content Writing Tools to Boost Your Content Marketing

All people rely on the Internet whenever they want to acquire certain pieces of information. Whether it is educational or whether it is about a business brand, all online users would turn to websites.

Pandora Shows Us How All Mothers Are Unique

Pandora, one of the world’s largest jewelry brands, wanted to run a very unique experiment in preparation for Mother’s day.

Ikea Creates Pop-up Breakfast in Bed Experience

How long has it been since you had breakfast in bed? For us, it has been way too long, which is why this innovative new campaign from Swedish furniture powerhouse IKEA so caught our attention.

Moviegoers in Poland Are given Free Chocolate with a Small Unsavory Twist

A secret is always intriguing and manages to create a mysterious atmosphere when used in advertising.

Adorable Dog Billboards Utilize RFID Technology To Follow Potential Adopters #LookingForYOu

Have you ever felt like you see the same advertising campaign so often, it feels like it’s following you around?

How Biskrem Created The Ultimate Instagram Adventure Social Marketing Campaign

What if Instagram turned into your new favorite (and addictive) adventure game? How can a brand boost its presence through a fun, and social game?

Lay’s Creates A Human Claw Machine

Lay’s Asia recently recreated the claw game for this fun activation campaign. We are all familiar with the metal claw game  where you can win stuffed animals (if you can get that claw to actually grab one), but Lay’s decided to switch it up by replacing the metal claw with children!

‘Shadow Wi-Fi’ Found a Way to Prevent Skin Cancer & Provide Free Wi-Fi

Long sunny days can be ideal for a visit to the beach, especially during summer. Beachgoers love the sun and they sometimes get exposed to its rays for several hours.

Dark and Drank: The Marketing Genius Behind Alcohol Sales

Marketing campaigns employed by industry giants in the distilled spirits business helped to transform the very nature of advertising in our digital age.

Astra Beer Billboard Uses Face Detection To Target Women On The Street

It’s not always easy to promote a product to an audience that is different than your usual one, and this creates the need for innovative ideas.

The First Instagram Filter Based Vending Machine: #instacandy

Have you ever wondered how an Instagram filter could taste? Grey Istanbul was eager to find out and that’s why they created a filter-based vending machine that relies on Instagram photos.

Powerade Creates Genius Workout Billboards To Help You Break A Sweat

Powerade recently created a set of very unique billboards that doubled as workout equipment. With the help of Ogilvy & Mather, Powerade created several workout billboards that allows people to practice their rock climbing, weight lifting and boxing skills.

Surreal Artworks from Hikaru Cho Create Stunning Optical Illusions for Samsung

Tokyo-based artist Hikaru Cho was commissioned by Samsung to create realistic 3D optical illusions that were painted directly onto faces.

Mad Men: How Careers in Advertising Have Changed

It is remarkable to note how technology is affecting the focus of advertising these days. Within the last five to ten years the marketing behavior of consumers has changed greatly and advertising executives are rushing to keep pace with new technology and improving programs.

New Apple Watch Ads Focus on Human Element

Apple has decided to create three new different ads for the launch of the Apple Watch, in an attempt to help consumers understand its features, its usability, and its concept.

‘Stories in the Sky’ Use Kites to Promote Children Reading!

How do you motivate children to read books when they lack the motivation and most importantly, the resources?

Interview With Sam Cadman, Director at Station Film & Rogue Films

Sam Cadman is a director at Station Film, North America and Rogue Films, UK. Most notably recognized for his work on a prank television show called Trigger Happy TV.

The 9 Step Checklist for Squeezing the Most Out of Viral Campaigns

Viral content is like a gift sent down from up above. Sometimes it’s completely unexpected, other times it’s a premeditated plan.

Top 20 Awesome Tips to Skyrocket Your Offline Marketing

Capitalizing on online marketing has been the trend nowadays, but who says offline marketing is dead?

Nike Motivates All Women While Working Out With New Ad

Nike has created a brand new campaign named #betterforit and addresses women that need a boost while working out.