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IKEA Rock Climbing Wall Scales New Heights

Ikea continues to stun the advertising world with their creative marketing campaigns. There has been the incredible instagram website take over and their excellent billboard tactics.

The Most Delicious Billboard Is Made Entirely of Cake

There are so many things to love about innovation in the marketing industry, but we wonder if any of that innovation is as delicious as Mr.

4 Simple Steps to Better Facebook Marketing Results

There are no one-size fits all strategy to implementing a successful Facebook campaign. Consumers are challenging to predict, and even more difficult to turn into actual paying customers.

VW Broken Billboard Shows That Original Parts Matter

In Turkey, lots of Volkwagen owners prefer to get cheaper parts for their cars which ultimately don’t work properly.

Corona Brightens Up Your Day With The Sun Beam

Nobody likes sitting on a shady patio. You originally went outside so you could enjoy the sun with your friends.

Digital Billboards Simulate Real World Tornado Disaster

Since Pepsi MAX released their virtual reality bus stop stunt, we’ve been looking forward to seeing another company take the concept up and show us what they’ve got.

KLM Unites Amsterdam and New Yorkers With Digital High Five

If you’re a company with a smart marketing agency, there are no limits to what you can do with your campaigns.

Hypnotist Performs Time Travel Experiments in IKEA

It is often very challenging for established companies to make a noticeable impact with their advertising that both inspires their existing audience and encourages more people to choose their products.

Real-Time Makeup Projection Mapping Is Absolutely Mesmerizing

We live in such an exciting modern world, full of new technological advances and an endless amount of potential for the future.

Carlsberg Brings Countries Together With Border Football

It might be responsible for some of the biggest street brawls in England and parts of Europe, but you can’t deny that football brings people together.

Reebok Challenges Fans To Tattoo The Biggest Logo On Their Bodies

Nothing says brand loyalty like getting your favorite logo tattooed on your body, right? What? Strange though it might seem, brand tattooing is far from a new idea, but we’ve certainly never seen it done in the way that Reebok is doing it in their latest campaign running in Sweden in partnership with the Tough Viking race.

Dogs Up For Adoption Being Matched On Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps with over 10 million users and over 600 million ‘swipes’ per day.

Delivering Excellent Customer Service Through Your Social Media Profiles

Without a social media presence, most brands are bound to fail. It’s only logical: many individuals spend the majority of their online time on social networks.

FartBombs: Add Fart Sounds To YouTube Videos For Good

What is it about puerile jokes that always brings out a shocked little giggle from within us? It doesn’t seem to matter how old we are, a well-placed fart joke will always illicit a laugh, whether it’s hearty and loud, or embarrassed and controlled.

Volkswagen Surprises Moviegoers With Shocking Cinema Stunt

When it comes to something as important and powerful as road safety, it can be hard to get your point across with traditional advertising that, despite many tragic and funny ideas, is often ignored.

Molson Gets Strangers To Sing “O Canada” For A Free Beer

The first thing that we feel we absolutely have to say about this campaign, is that it is yet another in a line of awesome Molson Canadian campaigns that have hit the web in the last year or so.

What’s The Deal With The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

By now, if you haven’t heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge we’re going to have to assume you’ve been living under either a literal or metaphorical rock recently.

Marketing 101: Learn How Your Charity Can Reach Benefactors Online

Whether you’re the proud founder of an animal charity or the leader of a foundation with an environmental focus, you need plenty of promotion to get your nonprofit off the ground.

ASICS Creates Volleyball Machine That Serves Like Kerri Walsh Jennings

We’ve been very impressed with some of the interactive and engaging campaigns that ASICS have run in the past.

IKEA Creates The World’s First Website Built In Instagram

Every now and again, a brand does something that isn’t just totally unexpected but game-changing for the world of guerrilla marketing innovation that you just know you’ll be seeing mimicked and recreated by brands the world over.