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5 Secrets of Businesses That Have Happy Customers

Every day we come across businesses that are arrogant enough to think that simply because they sell a unique product or because they are the biggest player in the market they do not need to treat their customers with utmost respect.

Artis Puts Mechanical Angler Fish in Amsterdam Canals in Ambient Marketing Campagin

Artis, a local zoo In Amsterdam, wanted to let people know that the zoo was still open at night. To spread the word, they decided to take the spirit of the zoo to the streets of Amsterdam.

Commercials: Evolving or Dying in the Digital Age?

In 1995, Stanford Law professor Paul Goldstein called the digital music age a “celestial jukebox,” because almost anyone could acquire music from the ubiquitous cloud.

Sony’s “Octographer” turns an octopus into a photographer!

Sony has decided to take creativity to the next level by training the first octopus to become a photographer.

Depaul Shows the Actual Two Sides of Homelessness

A very clever poster campaign was created by Depaul UK, in order to raise awareness regarding youth homelessness in the most interesting way.

This Is How You Keep People from Peeing on Walls…

St. Pauli is the party district in Hamburg, Germany. Like most party districts, it’s filthy. Partygoers drink too much and end up peeing on the walls.

Dove Asks Women Around the World to Make a Choice…

Would you describe yourself as beautiful? In Dove’s newest experiment, they discover that a lot of women believe they are just average.

McDonald’s Bucharest Joy Maze Will Get You Moving

McDonald’s was determined on March 24th to spread smiles throughout 24 cities all over the world and Bucharest was also part of their large imlovinit24 campaign.

Heineken Invited Dreamers to Their Private Island Only to Get the Wake up Call of Their Life

It’s easy to have a dream, and it’s even easier for that dream to remain only a dream. Heineken wanted to inspire a select few individuals by running a contest to win a trip to a magical dream island.

Carlsberg Creates Probably The Best Poster In The World

Carlsberg just created #ProbablyTheBest poster in the world. It gives free beer! This unique poster also is a working beer tap which allows people to grab a free Carlsberg beer.

Uber Tests Public Breathalyzer Stations That Hail Free Uber Ride For Drunk People

It’s better to be Uber safe than sorry. Uber partnered with Rethink Canada and created a pop-up breathalyzer station in Toronto called Uber Safe.

McDonald’s surprises Poland with Jingle Bench

It was March 24th when McDonald’s launched their ambitious global campaign “Moments of Joy”, spreading 24 gifts of joy in 24 cities, as part of the bigger #imlovinit campaign.

London’s OXO Tower Turned to Candlelight for Earth Hour 2015

One of London’s most-loved landmarks, the OXO Tower, was turned into a large candlelight to celebrate Earth Hour 2015 – the world’s biggest, annual celebration of our planet.

Ontario Pharmacists Association Popout Questions Wall

Sometimes it can be difficult to think of a way to break through the clutter. Ontario Pharmacists Association was facing the same frustration.

McDonald’s 24 Gifts In 24 Cities In 24 Hours. Are you Lovin’ It?

On March 24th, McDonald’s launched a major global campaign that aimed to bring the world together by giving 24 gifts in 24 cities in 24 hours.

49 Hilariously Misplaced Ads That Will Make Your Laugh till Your Sides Hurt

The best advertising is about being in the right place at the right time with the right message. Sometimes it’s easier to just blast your advertisement in the most places possible, but as we can see in this article, it might not be the best idea to do so.

How to Bounce Back from Marketing Mistakes

Guerilla marketing is a great way to promote your business and reach an even wider audience than would be possible with traditional marketing methods.

Would You Take Free Coffee from Someone Who Is HIV Positive?

AIDS Concern Hong Kong conducted a small experiment with coffee. They created a mobile coffee bar that gave away free coffee to anyone who wanted one.

Five Ways to Promote Your Products Right

In an ever evolving marketplace, it can be a daunting task to promote your products the right way to reach customers.

Super Bock Creates Foosball Table Powered by Beer Caps

What’s better than foosball? Free foosball! Ok, well not quite. Super Bock modified a foosball machine to accept payment in the form of Super Bock bottle caps instead of coins as a way to promote their beer brand in the bar.