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Rescue ‘Fortress’ In Tanzania Protects Albinos From Human Hunters

The rescue centres in Tanzania protect albino people from the vicious hunters who sell their body parts to witch doctors.

This Artist Creates Impressive Paintings By Using His Boxing Gloves

Photo by Antonio Calanni/AP Photo When he creates art work, Omar Hassan doesn’t get out paint brushes.

Ombre Tights Hand-Dyed By Tiffany Ju

With fall already upon us and winter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to stay toasty during those long cold months.

Maid-Themed Cafe In Chinese City Of Hangzhou

Photo by AsiaWire A cafe has been bringing in droves of new customers after hiring young women to dress up in Frech maid costumes while serving diners.

Eerie Photographs Captured By An Urban Explorer Show An Abandoned Mental Asylum Crumbling Into Disrepair

An exterior view of some boarded up windows at Rauceby, an abandoned mental asylum in Lincolnshire, UK.

UK Royal Society Of Biology’s Photographer Of The Year Shortlist

“The Autumn’s Beauty” by Amitava Chandra. “This unique white grass, a gift from nature to enhance the beauty of autumn, is colloquially called kash.

This Guy Took Apart A Drum Set And Turned It Into Something Awesome

After years of being a band geek this guy was left with clunky old instruments scattered throughout his home.

Rural Daily Life In A Small Tuscany Village Beautifully Photographed By Marco Sgarbi

“I was born in Italy in 1967 and for the last 20 years, I’ve been spending my life between Italy and France.

Badass Steampunk Skull Rocker Leather Waist And Holster Bag

The blaster bag pocket flap combined with the money penny body splattered with spikes, skulls and some antique badassery.

Breathtaking Photos Of London From Above

High-flying photographer Jeffrey Milstein (previously), renowned for his aerial photos of US cities, snaps landmarks through the open door of a helicopter.

Amazing Hand Painting Illusions By Ray Massey And Annie Ralli

London-based photographer Ray Massey teamed up with a talented body painter Annie Ralli to transform hands into architecture, sport scenes and other deceiving objects.

Elderly Animals By Isa Leshko

Melancholy photo project, created by US photographer Isa Leshko. Here: Blue, Australian Kelpie, Age 19.

Japanese Artist Makes Models Burst At The Seams With Creepy Zips, Buttons And Power Plugs Painted On Their Skin

With zips, power plugs, laces and buttons adorning their bodies, these young models look like something out of a travelling freak show.

Fantasy Animals By Lee Cross

Artist Lee Cross creates her own animal sculptures without the use of any dead carcasses. The basis of each animal’s shape is made out of materials such as wood, clay and chicken wire, and is then wrapped up in a soft padding.

This Artist Duo Uses Face As A Canvas To Recreate Famous Classic Paintings

Art has a different way of inspiring the audience, and for photographer Tatiana Jablonskaya and makeup artist Oksana Vinogradova, it inspired them to re-create paintings on a canvas they knows very well — on the face.

Art Of The Deep Space

A view of the surface of the planet Proxima orbiting the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our Solar System.

Vintage Pie Ads

From the glory days of pie in America. Enjoy! h/t:

How To Go All Out For Halloween Without Decorating Your House

Don’t want to decorate your house, but still want to decorate for Halloween? This is how it’s done.

German Swat Team Members Get Chain Mail Like Anti-Knife Equipment

German police officers have been dealing with an increasing number of knife attack incidents with refugees.

Breathtaking Minimalist Tattoos By A Korean Artist

When it comes to tattoos, sometimes it’s just better to keep things simple. More info: @ilwolhongdam, Facebook