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Win an Annual Subscription: PixelKit Premium UI Kits and Design Resources

Let’s start the week off with some freebies, shall we? We’re running a giveaway courtesy of the folks at PixelKit, who are generously sharing three annual membership subscriptions with our readers.

Walking the SEO and Web Design Tightrope: How to Balance UX and Site Crawlability?

It’s no longer enough to be a web designer in this day and age. Thanks (or no thanks) to website builders that allow startups and business owners without any design experience to create a website by just dragging and dropping elements unto a page on their site,  the need for a professional designer may not be as high unlike before.

Best UX Design Solutions for Date Input Fields

The purpose of user experience design is to focus solely on how an interface behaves. This is traditionally more important than the actual design because a pretty-looking website is useless if nobody can use it.

15 Insanely Beautiful Leaflet Designs

Editor’s note: Chris is a print design enthusiast with a passion for minimalism. He has collected over 100 leaflets over the years, which now serve as inspiration for his design projects.

38 Amazingly Well-Designed Emoji Iconsets

Emoticons have a long history on the world wide web. They got started back in the day of chatrooms and AOL Instant Messenger but have since grown to all chat programs.

The QR Code Quandary: Is There Saving This Maligned Marketing Tool?

There was a time when QR codes are the hottest thing in the marketing world. Originally designed by Denso Wave in 1994, these were used by the automotive industry in Japan to track different parts in manufacturing the vehicles.

40 Vector Illustration Scenes for Website Layouts

Digital art has engorged into a tremendous field of painting, vectors, and even animation. Designers who can build impressive scenes with Illustrator or Sketch have a leg up on the competition.

10 Smartphone & Tablet Mobile Apps for Prototyping

Digital prototyping is a popular activity for creating simple interface mockups. The UI design process starts with an idea which is then fleshed out into a mockup.

The Only React.js Tutorials and Resources You’ll Need

There is a need among developers to use a framework that will let them achieve fast-loading websites and applications.

How To Use Balanced Symmetry in Web Design

Professional designers incorporate many different ideas related to composition. One of the lesser-discussed but vitally important ideas relates to symmetry.

32 Inspiring Websites for Automotive Companies

Car companies are streamlined by some of the most talented engineers of the modern era. Thus a modern website is vital to the success of an automotive company’s product design & branding. Brings Blogging Back to Basics is the latest upcoming blogging platform that makes it easier for writers, storytellers, and journalists to publish their work online.

Light App Development Indicative of China’s Online Consumption

Web development is an evolving industry with a singular goal: create a seamless web experience. Current web design trends gravitate towards this notion – developers are embracing the use of HTML5 and CSS3 to design fast-loading responsive websites without compromising their quality.

What’s Your Response to Responsive Design?

More than two years have passed since web designers, SEOs, and the web-savvy community predicted the need for a responsive website; but, until recently, not everyone got the message.

A Primer to Scalable Vector Graphics: Advantages, Benefits, Resources, and More!

Scalable vector graphics (SVG for short) let designers create high-quality images using  XML by describing two-dimensional graphics.

22 Smartphone Perspective PSDs for Conceptual App Mockups

Perspective photo mockups are beyond useful when it comes to interface design. These mockups offer designers the ability to craft pixel-perfect interfaces and display how they would look on a real device.

Tips & Tricks for Designing Uniform Website Icons

Featured image source Beautiful icons are the rainbow sprinkles on top of a delicious website sundae.

The 10 Best Parallax Design Tutorials Ever

Parallax scrolling is nothing new to web design. If anything, this effect must be used more often to create stunning and attractive pages on your website.

Site Architecture Tips to Make Your Blog Load Faster

As a blogger, your main concern is to share your ideas top your target audience. To get to that point, you will need to learn how to build a blog, something that this resource can help you do.

Pragmatic Routines for Improving your Digital Design Skillset

Featured image source The proverbial idea that “practice makes perfect” seems quite sensible. If you continue to practice a certain skillset you’ll eventually master the process and improve much quicker.