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15 Best Design Books for Learning to Make Website Textures, Icons, and More

The craft of web design is often overlooked as easy – as if anyone could pick it up & learn. In some ways this is true: anyone can learn to be a great web designer.

How To Design Readable Comment Threads

Comment sections are built for user interaction. Websites are mostly about consumption and comments are a way for readers to share their thoughts with others.

Design Principles: 7 Vital Characteristics of a Check-out Process Page to Boost Conversions

You may have a streamlined marketing campaign for enhancing the sales of your online business or eCommerce website, but boosting the conversions should take precedence over everything else.

Building a Scalable Identity for Print & Web Design

No matter what field of design you choose to specialize, identity is always something to consider. Whether you’re an icon designer or a calligrapher your job is to work with ideas that match companies and concepts.

The New Kid in Town – eCommerce Multi-purpose Themes

Online shopping, once somewhat of a rarity, has in recent years become commonplace, and more and more consumers are doing at least some of their shopping with tablets and other hand-held devices.

Five Steps to WordPress Security (with a Sixth Thrown in for Good Luck)

Editor’s note: This post was written by Andrew May, the owner of a well-established web design agency Mays Digital in London,England.

8 Best Tools for Testing Responsive Websites

Everyone who builds websites knows that responsive design is important. In fact, any modern website should be built with responsive techniques in mind.

Create Scary-Good Ghost Buttons Using These Resources

While the name connotes spookiness, ghost buttons as a design practice are anything but. This design trend that has been gaining stream since last year is a cool way to feature CTA buttons on the landing pages of your website.

The Hidden Secret for a Greater Conversion: Design an Onboarding Process

According to a study done by Intercom, “40 to 60 percent of users that register for a trial of your online services will use it just once and will never return.” The problems which lead to these results generally are: a) the user does not understand technically how to use our service or b) the user does not come to understand what is the benefit that will be gained from interacting with our application.

Everything You Need to Know About Adobe Creative Cloud in 7 Tutorials

Much has been said about Adobe Creative Cloud, most of which are unflattering. The sudden shift from the traditional release cycles of the Creative Suite series to a software as a service (SaaS) model, in which users must subscribe to its services online to receive the latest version of the bundled software, has irked the rabid and devoted Adobe followers.

7 Best Tools for Web Designers in 2015

Experienced web designers know that they are skills are useless unless they use the right tools to enhance their final products.

Recreating Photoshop Effects in CSS – Part 2 – The CSS Code

In part 1 of this tutorial series I demonstrated how to create vector shape buttons with layer styles in Photoshop.

How Typography is Shaping the Course of Web Design: A Primer

Typography can influence the overall web design like no other page element. The choice or combination of ill-advised typefaces can determine an beautiful website to an awful one.

Recreating Photoshop Effects in CSS – Part 1 – The PSD

Freelancers and agencies both require a smooth design workflow. This typically starts out with drafting wireframes that eventually turn into full mockups.

Adobe Keyboard Mapper Showcases Hundreds of Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

Editor’s note: This post was written by John,  a design enthusiast with a passion for blogging, too. He regularly writes on the subject of design on his own blog, along with a number of other popular publications.

33 Open Source Sass-Based CSS Code Snippets

Nothing says experienced frontend developer quite like Sass. From agencies to freelancers, it seems like everyone is talking about Sass/SCSS development.

Essential WordPress Plugins to Make the Designer’s Life Easier

WordPress takes the cake when it comes to flexibility and customization. Designers have the option to take an existing theme and tweak it as they see fit to create a web design that not only communicates their branding effectively, but also delivers content in the easiest and most convenient way possible.

Creating Your Dependency Management Symphony Using Composer

As a developer, it is a necessity to use a front-end framework to manage your CSS and JavaScript when building pages in a website.

Best JavaScript Libraries for Building Web Interfaces

Web application development is typically considered the realm of PHP and Ruby. Granted these are both safe and recommended languages for larger applications, but JavaScript has become useful as an intermediary.

30 Content-Heavy Online Magazine Website Layouts

Online magazine design is a complex topic, but one consistent element is the value of typography. Great web design hinges on typography and this is especially true for blogs & magazines.