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22 Smartphone Perspective PSDs for Conceptual App Mockups

Perspective photo mockups are beyond useful when it comes to interface design. These mockups offer designers the ability to craft pixel-perfect interfaces and display how they would look on a real device.

Tips & Tricks for Designing Uniform Website Icons

Featured image source Beautiful icons are the rainbow sprinkles on top of a delicious website sundae.

The 10 Best Parallax Design Tutorials Ever

Parallax scrolling is nothing new to web design. If anything, this effect must be used more often to create stunning and attractive pages on your website.

Site Architecture Tips to Make Your Blog Load Faster

As a blogger, your main concern is to share your ideas top your target audience. To get to that point, you will need to learn how to build a blog, something that this resource can help you do.

Pragmatic Routines for Improving your Digital Design Skillset

Featured image source The proverbial idea that “practice makes perfect” seems quite sensible. If you continue to practice a certain skillset you’ll eventually master the process and improve much quicker.

25 Eye Candy Websites Built with the Be Theme

Is the inspiration fairy trying her best to elude you? She may be fast, but we’re faster. We gathered some fine-looking samples of homepages to get you back on track and continue to do what you love: design stunning websites.

30 Passionate Valentine’s Day Graphics & Illustrations

With the season of love fast approaching it seems only natural to celebrate this profoundly amorous occasion.

Best Online Tools & Resources for Creative Freelancers

Featured image source Joining the army of freelancers in any creative field is always a challenge. Your chops really need to be up-to-par with the growing market of artists and designers.

36 Sketch Freebies for Web & UI Designers

Most UI designers have probably heard about the ever-popular Sketch 3. It’s an application built for OS X which combines the detail of Photoshop layer effects with the versatility of Illustrator vector shapes.

An Essential Guide to Preparing Business Documents for Print

Editor’s note: This post was written by Jonny Rowntree, a freelance writer for Elanders UK. Many designers nowadays are finding themselves working in an increasingly digital environment.

32 Shopify eCommerce Websites for Design Inspiration

Selling stuff online has moved from a seemingly underground process into a greatly respected career path.

A Brand New Direction in Web Design

Looking back over your shoulder, it’s obvious that web design has evolved in many respects, and it will most likely continue on the same accelerated course.

When To Use JavaScript vs. CSS3 for Animation

Animated web content has been around for years in the form of GIFs and Flash content. But as those older methods fall to the wayside newer techniques have grown in their place.

The Effects of TLS and SSL on User Experience Design

Creating an effective website can be a time consuming and laborious process, but when done right the results can lead to high traffic and excellent conversions.

Crucial Design Elements that Every UI Kit Needs

Interface design is the cornerstone to any type of digital design career. Whether an interface is created for the desktop, web, or mobile, plenty of features tend to overlap and lead to the same conclusion.

Important Tips for Crafting a Fresh Website Redesign

The practice of web design is not just about crafting something out of nothing. Many times you’ll work with clients or personal projects that already have a foundation, but just need an overhaul.

30 Brand New Freebie Vector Iconsets

Is there anyone in the design community who truly abhors freebies? Perhaps the Grinch and Scrooge McDuck but I’m not sure their opinions count.

21 Free Typography Tools for Web & UI Designers

Penmanship practice can go a long way towards understanding traditional typography. Yet when it comes to digital typography the subject gets more confined and particular.

35 Website Layouts using Fixed Header Bars

Users often feel quite divisive on the subject of sliding navbars. It has also become a sizable topic of debate amongst designers.

Modern Tools for Advanced CSS Development

Web development has taken a turn towards more candid and fluid information. More people are willing to release free open source code just to help the community and other developers working on similar projects.