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Down the rabbit hole: Melbourne's Jackalope Hotel

Greeted by a 7-meter high rabbit in the entryway, guests’ perception of reality is instantly altered when entering Jackalope Hotel.

Monkeying Around

The life of an IT guy. It can’t be all that thrilling. Or can it?? Thai Architect firm, Onion, says otherwise.

A gold standard: Au79 takes lattes to the next level

Just for a moment, let’s take it back to high school chemistry. The class you always used to ditch. Remember that dreaded periodic table?

Ice cream truck? We prefer a whole museum.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to dip your feet into a pool of 100 million brilliantly colorful plastic sprinkles that look good enough to eat?

Member’s Only

Espionage. Scandal. Nefarious strangers. Soho’s lavish, 60s inspired speakeasy has all the makings of a Goldfinger-era Bond flick.

Solera supermarkets serving produce-chic

If Keith Haring and Banksy had ever collaborated, we’re pretty sure Cologne’s Solera supermarket would be that love child.

Vida restaurant serves up sumptuous touches

Remember back to when you were a kid and your parents vehemently warned you not to touch anything? Antique shops stacked with floor-to-ceiling fragile heirlooms and the likes?

Bond Agency puts the golden touches on Paulig Kulma Café

Located in the heart of Helsinki, Paulig Kulma Café is a latte lover’s dream, serving up beans that’ve been roasted on-site with TLC.

Masquespacio unveils day-to-night eatery, La Manera

Upon first viewing Masquespacio’s vibrant new eatery, La Manera, one word comes to mind: Patina. The Valencia-based restaurant is brimming with rich, bronze finishes spanning from light fixtures to leather-clad barstools.

hcreates designs Cobra Lily around a mysterious femme fatale

“Who is Cobra Lily?” enquires the flickering neon sign as guests enter the hip eatery in Shanghai’s popular Xintandi complex.

Go fish: Jean de Lessard puts a new spin on the traditional seafood market

Not to be limited by the confines of a small space, Montreal designer Jean de Lessard created a journey of the senses via a dynamic, angular interior.

Avangard Gym flexes serious muscle

The gym. That torturous, three-letter word that rears its ugly head every January 1st come New Year’s Resolutions.

Shanghai Stunner: Atelier I-N-D-J unveils JI-SHI Urban HarvesT

Holy light fixture heaven. One peek inside JI-SHI Urban Harvest and guests can’t help but cast their eyes upward to ogle the delicate balance of suspended lighting.

Anagrama steps it up with the design of Novelty Apparel’s retail space

Pink. When executed in excess it can be disastrous. Repellent even. For whatever reason, folks have the tendency to go overboard and create a full-blown coral conundrum.

Breakfast is served: Designers Créatifs introduces luxe, Standard Café

There’s something to be said for skipping the rush-hour McMuffin and enjoying a leisurely breakfast whilst perusing the morning paper.

Studio Gram designs electric blue Level One

It may be called Level One, but the innovative Adelaide-based restaurant by Studio Gram is next level.

Avroko’s brilliantly designed Dropbox cafeteria brings more to the table

C-a-f-e-t-e-r-i-a. The word itself takes us back to third grade. Namely, schlepping a prison-style steel tray past a table full of catty girls who are all-too-happy to notify the entire lunchroom, “You can’t sit with us.” (*shivers run down spine).

Welcome to the jungle: Lambs and Lions greet Casa Cook guests in style

One step inside the reception area at Casa Cook, and guests are met with vibrantly hand painted tile work that reflects the wild, bohemian character of the hotel and its locale.

India Mahdavi puts modern spin on 145-year old patisserie, Ladurée

Can you say, “macaron heaven?” Our mouth is positively watering just looking at India Mahdavi’s delectable new patisserie, Ladurée, that opened recently at Quai Des Bergues.

Retail Reimagined: AN Interior Design Co. unveils new HEIKE concept store

The vibe of fashion brand HEIKE'S new Concept Store in Hangzhou, China is what we’d imagine it’s like to be inside an airplane’s little black box.