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A breath of fresh air

“God, I wish I had asthma.” Said no one, ever. Not yet, anyways. But maybe in the future they will. San Francisco based multidisciplinary designer, Tim Zarki, has just unleashed a colorful asthma solution for the always-picked-last-for-dodgeball crowd.

Unwrapping Mast Brothers Chocolates

Farm-to-fork has had a good run. But bean-to-bar? We hear it’s the next wave of hipster-approved craft chocolate.

Get On Board

Mar Cubillos’ twin fin says it all. “Good Joo-Joo” is not only an insanely glassed 5’6” diamond tail, but the name itself embodies the ethos of FLKLR.

Coffee just got perkier at Blend Station

Whether it’s your first mug or the 16th of your manic day, Mexico City design agency, Futura, with their client, Blend Station, have reshaped java expectations from shop to cup to that first glorious sip.  With a minimalist canvas as the interior, the brilliantly stark white walls are broken with flowy, chalky black swaths and pitted against walnut and pine hued sofas, lo-pro tables, and unforgivingly stiff banquets as serious as the roast.

Universal Favourite serves up Complements Chocolates

Forget what you thought you knew about chocolate. Because Hershey’s has a new daddy. Feast your eyes on the mouth-wateringly colorful, delectably designed, modular treats that Universal Favourite recently churned out.

Sweet tooths apply within: Keiko Akatsuka serves up delectable cookie boxes

Put on your sunnies, people. Keiko Akatsuka’s delectable packaging for dry goods brand, Brown Sugar 1st, will put your retinas in overdrive.

Buster + Punch team up with Mutt Motorcycles for limited LDN born beast

London-based metalworks shop Buster + Punch have teamed up with Mutt Motorcycles to birth a custom 125cc bike that let’s you feel like a rockstar, during your daily commute — all for the price of $7,000.

Masquespacio Goes Memphis with “Toadstool” furniture collection for Missana

Over the past six years, we at KNSTRCT have had the pleasure of witnessing the creative evolution of Valencia-based design studio Masquespacio, as they have diversified their craft from interior design and graphic design — to furniture design with the launch of their “Toadstool” collection for Missana.  At the helm of Masquespacio is Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse, a creative duo who joined forces with Missana two years ago when the upholstery brand appointed the them as their artistic directors.

Window Wonders: Martin Azúa designs 47 Birds Scarf Inspired by the view from his studio window

Martin Azúa, a Basque artist and designer working in Barcelona peers out of his studio window everyday and sees flocks of birds.

Lightly Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary With Infinitude Table Collection

In celebration of Lightly’s 10th anniversary, the Melbourne-based design shop crafted a beautiful new tableware collection that explores raw materials, simple shapes and a refined textural pallet.

Hello Bone: Crafting A Wearable Dialogue With Bone Porcelain

Spain-based jewelry designer Maite Leyún, founder of Hello Bone, has sculpted a fleet animals and geometric shapes from porcelain with a wild new jewelry collections titled, Geometry and Fauna.

Larose Guyon Unveils Dawn of The 20th Century Collection, La Belle Époque

Montreal-based designers Félix Guyon and Audrée Larose, founders of Larose Guyon, a brand new high-end design company offering a range of innovative objects and luminaires.

Beautifully crafted 3D printed prosthetic leg cover in the form of athletic leg muscles

Similar to Pixar's famous ability to turn cold machinery into warm and lovable characters, designer Tomáš Vacek, founder of Studio Vacek, has transformed the typical rod-like prosthetic leg into a muscly, body-friendly extension.

Wearable Architecture: Studio Vacek Sculpts Concrete Jewelry & Box for Gravelli

Today, concrete is the most widely used man-made material. We’re used to witnessing it’s form on massive architectural structures, such as the Hoover Dam.

From Us With Love Creates Display Blocks For TID Watches

Stockholm based design studio, FORM US WITH LOVE have teamed up with TID Watches once again for the shapely display of their new TID No.

Illumination Innovation: Rough Diamond Chandelier by Ben-Tovim Design

“Rough Diamond Chandelier is a marriage of computer technology and hand-craftsmanship.” explains Jonathan Ben-Tovim, founder and creative director at Melbourne-based Ben-Tovim Design.

Blanket Statement: Marsha Golemac for Kate & Kate Capsule Collection

Melbourne-based Stylist and Art Director Marsha Golemac has teamed up with local blanket makers Kate & Kate for an undeniable arresting, yet politely restrained capsule collection of geometric and colorful blankets.

Roll/Truss/Cage Bottle Openers by Umbra Studio

The form and function of some objects tend stay exactly the same, others evolve over time. While the functionality may see little change, the transformative power of an evolving object often tells a completely different story than its predecessor.

Bounce Back with Bower’s Tipsy Writer

Snapshot: Need something that can disguise itself as a completely practical desk device while also being able to come to the rescue when you need an outlet for fun and/or procrastination?

Shape Up Chandelier by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Industrial Designers Dylan Davis and Jean Lee, founders of Seattle-based Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, are packing their bags and moving to New York City, just in time to put their Shape Up 5-Piece Chandelier on display at Sight Unseen OFFSITE this week.