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Damien Urvoy's Ubo Clock: Times Are Changin'

Damien Urvoy found inspiration elsewhere for his minimalist tabletop clock. Specifically, he looked to the outside of Paris's Centre Pompidou.   Time may mostly be told via digital technology these days, but Damien Urvoy's minimalist Ubo clocks present time in a simple and colorful way.

Homer Simpson and Pietre Mondrian Inspired Wine Bottles by Constantin Bolimond

Although it's likely that Homer Simpson would scoff at the modernist works of Pietre Mondrian, he would certainly be interested in a high potency drink of unknown flavor  ("Mmmmmmmm, Marge shaped mystery alcohol....[glug glug glug glug]") and herein lies the quite savvy comedic punch behind Belarusian designer Constantin Bolimond's Simpsons inspired wine bottles.

Yoga Design Lab: Yoga Mats and Towels for the eco-conscious

Snapshot: Yoga Design Lab's yoga mats achieve an all-in-one product while also being produced an in eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing design.

‘Some Beautiful, Some Helpful’, All Honest: An Interview with Giulio Lacchetti

For Giulio Lacchetti, it makes much more sense to disobey than to conform. Since 1992, the Italian industrial designer has consistently gone against the grain and against the norm, redesigning all aspects of life and livability, everything from daily objects like champagne openers to the very words he utters in conversations, turning out new “models” that make much more sense.  The intensely thoughtful, Achille Castigiloni-quoting, and cheerful Lacchetti produces work that redefines object typologies for a new era, and he’s wracked up an impressive list of collaborations that includes masterpieces from Alessi, the famed Italian household appliances manufacturer, the head of which, Alberto Alessi, gave Lacchetti a significant breakthrough in the industry about six years ago.

A Wedged Bear in a Great Tightness: Pooh Glassware Set

Despite being the most famous resident of the 100 Acre Woods, Winne the Pooh is self-admittedly a Bear of Very Little Brain, and has gotten himself into some memorable predicaments within the pages of A.A.

Dalton Containers By La Mamba Studio

“Our work focuses basically on human experience behavior, concretely on the understanding of the recent ways of interacting between people and objects to create new forms and proposals in the world of furniture.” Dalton containers are a decorative collection of dry food containers designed by the Valencia based, La Mamba Studio.

Paper Plains: Takehiko Inoue inspires Torafu Architects’ latest line of AirVases

Using artwork by the world renowned Manga artist, Torafu have reinterpreted his vision into lightweight, flexible bowls.

Manhattan Lamp: Caula Crafts Pendant With Michelangelo's Italian Marble

Named after the place of origin of its marble, the Calacatta Manhattan quarry in the Italian city of Carrara, the "Manhattan lamp" is Canadian designer Rodrigo Caula's latest creative feat.

A Ruby in the Rough: Wheels & Waves Helmet by Les Ateliers Ruby

Parisian designer, Jerome Coste, creates custom versions of Ruby classics – Pavillion & Castel - for the annual Surf & Cycle Festival in Biarritz.

Packing a Metaphysical Punch: Cody Hudson’s Vibes Melt Down 2043 is Imposingly Small and Smokily Hallucinatory

Case Studyo has collaborated with Chicago based graphic designer Cody Hudson to realize the limited edition Vibes Melt Down 2043, a small porcelain sculpture that matches its artistic appeal with an everyday functionality.  Hudson–also known by his artists name Struggle Inc.–intends Vibes Melt Down mainly as an incense burner.  Case Studyo works all over the creative spectrum, publishing a variety and multifaceted library of works not necessarily tied by any overriding (oppressive?

All The Right Things In All The Right Places: La Familia Contendores & BASE by bravo!

bravo! founder Rodrigo Bravo talks about his design process, what inspires him, and last but not least, his intricate and highly functional products.  bravo!

Bright Idea: Coil Lamp by Castor

At the end of a chain reaction, an Apple adaptor links power to Castor’s Coil Lamp – try wrap your head around that one.

Reindeer Antler Hoses From Sweden

For Swedish company Garden Glory, manufacturers of a line of colorful trägårdsslan–English “garden hoses”–and accompanying accessories, aspects like design and color and form are as much a part of gardening as they are there normal venues of art and architecture.  “Miss Garden Glory” Linda Brattlöf matches her predilection towards design with her passion towards gardening to turn out Garden Glory’s 20 foot long high quality hoses and accompanying accoutrements, which embody the freedom and pleasure of modern gardening through the inspiration derived from the glamorous spectacle of its design.  Flare is inserted into a normally bland gardening tool in a manner befitting the cover of Vanity Fair, not Good Housekeeping, in its artistic verve and supermodel re-rendering of domesticated agriculture.  The many colored hoses render as insufficient the traditional green and yellow ones, caked and stained with dirt and grime as they typically are, while their lustrously colored exteriors are are also a high quality membranous material designed for ease of cleaning.  Curiously titled colors like “Black Swan” (black), “Candy Crush” (pink), and “Minty Mermaid” (turquoise) lend an immediate, sentimental personality to the line of hoses, allowing veteran and/or aspiring gardeners to instantly tune into their own inspirational spectrum by selecting one that reflects the desired tone of their garden.  If a picture-perfect gardening snapshot features an individual holding a hose from which spurts a stream of water into a flower bed, Garden Glory’s line of colored hoses automatically elicit the inherent flaw to that photo (i.e.

Hidden Treasure: Lesha Galkin's Shkatulka

A modern twist on a Russian tradition, designer Lesha Galkin’s unique storage set is full of surprises.

Nebula Diffuser: A new kind of scent—no plugs or oily sticks

This sleek scent diffuser by Studio WM will have you throwing out your reed diffusers and old fragrance plugs in a second.

Twenty-Four Hours Ahead: The Time Zone Rug

The pattern on this massive 2 x 3 meter area rug—about 6.6 x 9.8 feet for those of us in the States—might look vaguely familiar.

Concrete Timelines: Prime Geometric Wall Clock

Taiwanese designers and retailers CitieSocial have one time piece in their Prime collection, which includes other utilitarian items such as stools and light fixtures, as well as terrariums and scissors.  The star shape of the clock is based on Islamic geometric patterns: ubiquitous designs used for everything from decorative elements on all types of objects, to adorning the surfaces of monumental architecture.

Senhor Prudêncio's Bicycle Case: A Modular Briefcase for the Steel Horse Set

Portuguese designer João Pedro Filipe, founder of Senhor Prudêncio, has introduced a grown up version of the messenger bag, providing bicycle commuters a safe and stylish way to carry essentials without tarnishing a business savvy attire.

Skate Afloat: Pro-Skater Bob Burnquist's Floating Skateboard Ramp Makes Waves

Professional skateboarder Bob Burnquist has skated on almost every surface imaginable. In 2013, when Visit California asked him to dream big and try something completely new, he and his team decided to build a ramp...that floats.

Smile! You’re on Animal Camera

Surveillance cameras are always something of an intimidating, imposing intrusion no matter where they are.