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The Digital Liquid Butterfly

Using an enticing mix of computer digital effects and traditional photography, Ukrainian artist Alex Koloskov can create a whole host of wondrous shapes.

Lost Souls and Resurrected Unicorn

Colombian visual artist Hernan Marin has curated a deeply hypnotic and cryptic style. The ghostly figures in his most recent series all look like lost souls, trapped in some kind of purgatory surrounded by a wall of nothingness.

The Rhino and the Skull

Ivan Kamargio is a graphic designer, photographer and illustrator from Mexico. The style of imagery in his art is defined by the macabre and the surreal.

The 3D Chalk Art of Leon Keer

For six straight days, street artist Leon Keer worked on a chalk drawing that included images of childhood attic objects (like old teddy bears and a baby doll) laying on the floor, and a big hole leading to an underground city.

Can You Read the Words?

Australian graphic designer Gareth Chang has created a fascinating project entitled, “Sight For Sore Eyes.” It is a visually stimulating series that plays with optical illusions in deceptively simple ways.

Foreign Tattooers Working in a Portuguese Studio

Last February, Piranha Tattoo Studios won second place for “Best Color” at the 19th Milano Tattoo Convention.

Painting Your Toxic Memories

Januz Miralles is a fine artist and painter from the Philippines. In his most recent series of works, he has perfected a visual style which is immersed in intoxicating and mysterious imagery.

7 Apocalyptic Movies for 2015

Film theorist legend, André Bazin, described the creative urge and audience appetite for big screen carnage as the “Nero complex.” An amusing reference to the Roman emperor’s supposed behaviour at news the eternal city was burning to the ground, so the story goes, he played a fiddle and seemed to enjoy the spectacle before him.

Illustrating The Mushroom Man

David de Ramón is a freelance illustrator based in Madrid. He has developed a lovely, down to earth style that contrasts wonderfully with the fantastical subject matter of his art: Dragon riders soaring through a blue night sky and mythical forest nymphs blending in and hiding behind autumn trees.

Lipstick and Candy Crushes—Paintings by Lartigue

Maybe I’ve seen too many reruns of the 2013 MTV VMAs… Because the girl shown in the 3rd image below looks like Miley Cyrus.

Yellow Inked Mickey Mouse

Taking pop culture icons like Mickey Mouse and Pluto and reconstructing them with a zany colour palette and a surreal twist, is what Warsaw-based illustrator Tomek Płonka does so well.

21 Artists Share Their Vision of the Near Future

Warning: This post contains images with nudity. Viewer discretion is advised. Inside the Gulbenkian museum you start off viewing a round meteorite hanging from the ceiling (titled “Teoria“/Theory by Eduardo T.

World’s Most Controversial Photographers

Warning: This article contains images with nudity. Viewer discretion is advised. There are many things that can make a photographer a figure of controversy in the media.

Kaboom! Tropical Fruit Explosions

This is a personal project by German studio FOREAL, who purposely wanted to combine different mediums (photography, CGI and drawing) to create fresh looking images.

Graffiti with an Energetic Flow

He started writing his graffiti name Bacon on walls in Toronto in the early 90s. Twenty years has past since then and his urban art has really evolved.

Digital Portraits in Electric Colours

From his studio in Montreal, Quebec, digital artist Patrick Seymour creates a stunning collection of individualistic art.

Fantasy Castle Floating on Waves

Swedish photographer, artist and designer Peter From is an expert at seascape photography and Photoshop art, as you can see by the images published on this page.

Wicked Tattoos of Heads Cut in Half

Looking back at history, a beheading by a sword (or an axe) was an honorable way to die for an aristocrat or a valiant warrior.

Mythical Hand-Drawn Illustrations

The sublime illustrations published here are the works of artist Alejandro García Restrepo. He manages to render surreal visions in nothing but simple pencil.

10 Great Examples of 3D Typography

From a water slide structure forming the word “YOLO” (short for “You Only Live Once,” so might as well jump on it), to grilled burger meat shaped to spell “Relish,” there is a lot you can do with 3D typography… especially nowadays with current software.