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21 Artists Share Their Vision of the Near Future

Warning: This post contains images with nudity. Viewer discretion is advised. Inside the Gulbenkian museum you start off viewing a round meteorite hanging from the ceiling (titled “Teoria“/Theory by Eduardo T.

World’s Most Controversial Photographers

Warning: This article contains images with nudity. Viewer discretion is advised. There are many things that can make a photographer a figure of controversy in the media.

Kaboom! Tropical Fruit Explosions

This is a personal project by German studio FOREAL, who purposely wanted to combine different mediums (photography, CGI and drawing) to create fresh looking images.

Graffiti with an Energetic Flow

He started writing his graffiti name Bacon on walls in Toronto in the early 90s. Twenty years has past since then and his urban art has really evolved.

Digital Portraits in Electric Colours

From his studio in Montreal, Quebec, digital artist Patrick Seymour creates a stunning collection of individualistic art.

Fantasy Castle Floating on Waves

Swedish photographer, artist and designer Peter From is an expert at seascape photography and Photoshop art, as you can see by the images published on this page.

Wicked Tattoos of Heads Cut in Half

Looking back at history, a beheading by a sword (or an axe) was an honorable way to die for an aristocrat or a valiant warrior.

Mythical Hand-Drawn Illustrations

The sublime illustrations published here are the works of artist Alejandro García Restrepo. He manages to render surreal visions in nothing but simple pencil.

10 Great Examples of 3D Typography

From a water slide structure forming the word “YOLO” (short for “You Only Live Once,” so might as well jump on it), to grilled burger meat shaped to spell “Relish,” there is a lot you can do with 3D typography… especially nowadays with current software.

10 Amazing Anime Films of 2014 and 2015

The Anime genre is beloved the world over for its distinct style of animation and its magical stories, rooted in science fiction and fantasy.

Vhils’s Graffiti and Styrofoam Art Is Exhibited in Lisbon

Street artist Vhils has finally gotten the credit he deserves. This is his first major solo show at the Electricity Museum (EDP Foundation) in Lisbon, located near the breathtaking Jeronimos Monastery and Belem Tower.

Photographing Bolivia’s Shaman Doctors

Artists Thomas Rousset and Raphael Verona made an epic journey into the heart of South America, to the Altiplano region of Bolivia, for a very special assignment.

The Visual Tricks of Ruben Chase

Rubén Chase is a conceptual and fine art photographer from Vigo, Spain, and highly skilled when it comes to utilising the power of digital techniques in photography.

Fun, Fruity Paper Sculptures

Lobulo has worked in Barcelona for many years and is currently based in London. One of his recent projects was creating paper sculptures of fruits and vegetables for Brit grocery chain Tesco, and erotic toys for another advertising campaign for OFFF Barcelona 2014.

Journey Down the Worm Hole

Spanish illustrator and animator Jon Juarez has a whimsical and child-like approach to his art. The images showcased here are all book covers for various titles.

Timur Lysenko’s Ravishingly Dark Tattoos

There is darkness and beauty in Timur Lysenko’s tattoos. His work was mentioned to me through Paul O’Shea, a long-time reader and member of Illusion’s Google+ community page.

10 South American Films You Should Watch

From a European perspective, the continent of South America can seem at times like the great unknown.

Grim Gargoyles and Superheros: The Art of Alex Ross

Often referred as the “Norman Rockwell of Comics,” Alex Ross is an acclaimed comic book artist who has illustrated more than 1,000 pages and covers in the course of 30 years.

Shriek of the Blind Monkey

Warning: This post contains images with nudity. Viewer discretion is advised. Kelly Blevins is a Pittsburgh-based artist.

New Watercolor Tattooers of 2014

Consider the time that goes into crafting a beautiful painting on canvas. Then consider doing it all over again, this time with an electric rotary on the elastic and unpredictable surface that is the human body.