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The shocking story of a woman jailed because of a stillbirth

After suffering a stillbirth in 2007, police arrested Teodora del Carmen Vásquez as she lay in a pool of her own blood.

Kesha Lee: the genius behind all of your fave Atlanta rap

Kesha Lee has a comprehensive social media footprint, meticulously tracking her journey from unknown, struggling trainee to award-winning sound engineer for the Atlanta stars who rule the rap world today.

Watch a sneak peek of the Sense8 finale

Sense8, the cult, sci-fi show, which tracks the lives of eight ‘sensates’ living all over the world and connected through their minds, is back!

The America's Next Top Model & RuPaul crossover will be epic

Tyra Banks is back, honey. After leaving America's Next Top Model (ANTM) in the hands of Rita Ora for a season, the superstar model is returning with mega plans to work with RuPaul's Drag Race.

Protest against slavery in Libya today like Naomi Campbell

Anti-slavery marches against the Libyan slave trade are taking place all over the UK today after news of black migrants and refugees being sold by Arab slave traders captured the nation's attention.

The Instagram archiving the indie scene from the 60s and 80s

For a daily fix of all things indie dating back to 1983 and beyond, follow @sceneinbetween, the account run by fashion author, historian and self-titled “music nerd”, Sam Knee.

Read an unseen Nick Cave poem

If you aren’t familiar with The Vampire’s Wife, it is the label launched by Susie Cave – wife of iconic singer-songwriter Nick Cave.

Bella Hadid speaks out in support of Palestine

To say that Trump has made has made some unpopular decisions during his time as President would be a huge understatement.

The man who threw away over £60 million of Bitcoin

The value of cryptocurrency Bitcoin has skyrocketed and while some believe that the the increase might not be legit or sustainable, it means that many people are, for now, unexpectedly sitting on fortunes.

Talking to the hackers dumping porn on Isis websites

Daeshgram – taking their name from the Islamic State and melding it with Instagram (duh) – is a group of young Iraqis resisting against Isis.

Women banned from Facebook for saying ‘men are trash’

In 2017, we've found ourselves saying things like “men are trash” more than ever – and with decent reason.

Meet the Handmaids protesting in Alabama against Roy Moore

“We want a senator not a predator,” a sign held up by one demonstrator said – these protesters, dressed as handmaids from Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel and this year’s biggest TV show, were there to challenge the Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Beautiful images of what being Black, British & Muslim means

Born in the UK to Sierra Leonian parents – originated from the Fulani people of Guinea – Ejatu Shaw was raised in Black, British and Muslim communities in and around London, within what she describes as a relatively loosely-ruled household.

Hanging out in a country manor with the new Givenchy gang

After months of build-up and a few cat-themed teasers, Clare Waight Keller finally presented her debut collection for Givenchy.

Engineers have created a living tattoo

Engineers at MIT have manufactured a 3D printing machine that creates a ‘living tattoo’ – the ink is made from “genetically programmed living cells”.

Sleaford Mods review those terrible Nationwide poetry ads

We know, we know – it’s not clever to hate on adverts. But everyone knows that Nationwide’s ‘Voices’ poetry ads are the literal worst, a new nadir in the post-crash trend for banks to peddle a kind of folksy, ‘on-your-side’ image that is a slap in the face to long-suffering Brits everywhere.

Vine is coming back: let's remember its legacy

Just one week ago, the founder of Vine, Dom Hofmann, reignited hope in the thousands of people who’ve been desperately missing the app since its closure in 2016.

The graduate designer exploring her visa status via fashion

With insane tuition fees, part-time jobs and ever-increasing rent, isn’t exactly news that life as a creative student in London can be difficult. If you’re an international student, there’s also the looming spectre of visa issues, and the fact that you might get booted out of the country as soon as you finally earn that diploma.

GAIKA launches Armour In Heaven capsule

This act of dressing up is based on a story. It’s a form of time travel. I think that history and time are entirely imaginary.

Vinca Petersen: Future Fantasy

Taken from the winter issue of Dazed. You can buy a copy of our latest issue here.  Vinca Petersen and Ben Freeman can’t quite agree on when they first met.