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45 Powerful Public Awareness Ads That’ll Make You Think

No matter how bored or irritated we might be about the overflow of advertisements around us, public awareness ads still manage to catch our attention.

How to Provoke Users’ Emotions and Actions with Your Website?

Emotion drives the users. Emotions make people share the content, make decisions quicker and pay money more confidently.

Why We’re Accepting Failure As The Norm Online – The Real Reason People Don’t Buy From You

What do physical stores and ecommerce sites have in common? What are the most obvious similarities in both?

Being Honest With Yourself When Pricing Services

Pricing your services as an independent creative can be a much more complex issue than assessing a rate based on what your competition charges and offers, the current state of the economy, or by determining a rate from a salary you once commanded as a full-time employee.

These 40 Hilariously Perfect Timing Dog Photos Will Make You Look Them Twice

As we’ve already seen that right timing in photography is very important. It gives photographer a power to convert a normal shot into a once in a lifetime shot because it requires a great deal of time, patience, and little bit of luck.

Contact Page is More Important Than You Might Think

Website is a general term referring to an entity of web pages. Each page of a website is equally essential, but why then all noise is about the ‘About Us’ page, landing or home page?

A Collection of 45 Web Layouts with Vector Illustrations

The bright and crispy vectors added to a webpage make it appealing and extremely attractive. Good websites from well-known companies are known to make use of vectors to make their web pages interesting a lot more fun to visit by users.

20 Smart Web Design Quotes Written with Elegant Vintage Fonts

From the title of our blog post it’s clear enough that today we will talk about retro style. The most striking fact about this design trend is that it is ever in vogue.

Whoever Took These 34 Animal Photos Is A Timing Genius

One of the most important things in photography is right timing. A photographer can convert a normal shot into a once in a life-time shot with lots of patience and perfect timing.

Job Websites: Does Design Matter?

Job portals help you to find the most appropriate current job openings fast and easy. These sites are intended for bringing employees and employers together, as website is the best method to reach both candidates and recruiters.

How to Spot & Avoid Bad Web Hosting Companies

Here are the facts: Web hosting is a shady, shady industry at the best of times. While there are plenty of well-meaning companies, money-hungry affiliates and deceptive marketers have turned the web hosting game into a high-stakes affair.

The Ethics of Proofreading for Students

Should you do your own essay proofreading or should you allow a proofreading service to do it for you?

Constructing an Integrated Social Marketing Ecosystem

Social media has taken over. It is no secret that every day more and more organizations are using social marketing to boost their marketing strategies.

Sites for Housewives Helping to Stay Attractive and Interesting for Kids and Husband

Let’s begin our entry with accurate numbers, as they never lie and it’s useless to argue with them. So, attention please: British housewives spend almost half their leisure time online – more than any other social group in the world, according to research on internet social lives.

The Best Tips For Using Your Website To Convert Customers [Infographic]

While pretty much every business has a robust strategy for traffic generation, few pay as much attention as they should to conversion rate optimisation.

Accent Colors and Their Role in Web Design

What is the most decisive element on a website? You might think it is content, and right you are. Though, there are many circumstances affecting on how this content is perceived by user and if it is eye-catching at all.

Reasons for You to Switch to HTML5, and Examples that Further Advocate it

A virtuoso stretch of innovation, HTML5 is indeed a technology that has brought new blood to the genre of website development.

50+ Humorous But Evil True Facts About Our Daily Life.

Do you know 90% times you discover spelling errors in an email just after you’ve sent them? Or do you know which single most useful application Facebook is missing apart from their hundreds of existing applications?

All The Main Photography Mistakes That Beginners And Pro Make

There is an old saying in photography: “If you don’t make mistakes, you’re doing something wrong!” Professional photographers take thousands of pictures of just one event, sometimes hundreds of pics of just one door.

The Extraordinarily Useful WordPress Hacks You Probably Haven’t Used as Yet

Now, as “everyday” as WordPress may have become – for the fact that every second or third website you come across is powered by WordPress – there are always the frequent “how the heck did they do this!