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Take a Look at The Best Tools and Resources for Web and Design Professionals

If you’re on the lookout for some of the best tools and resources to help you in your work as a web developer or graphic and web designer, then look no further.

Giveaway: Lifetime subscription to over 100+ Premium Responsive WordPress Themes

Nothing could be better than getting something for free, right? And this giveaway won’t let you down.

What You Need to Know about Logo Redesigns [Infographic]

Redesigning a logo is no easy task and even some of the most famous of brands have got it wrong in the past.It requires creativity, planning and careful execution to get it right.

Reducing the Time You Spend on Logo Design

Designing a logo takes more time than designing a whole website and even when you love your ideas the client hates them.

19 Popular Logos With Messages Hidden In It

Nowadays, most popular company logos hidden various messages within theirsymbol.Conversely, making a creative logo is always considered to be extremelytricky task for every graphic designer.

WordPress for Marketing? It’s Not Just for Bloggers Anymore!

If you are a blogger or just enjoy setting up a site that offers the perfect framework for writing and photos – WordPress can’t be beat.

14 Insanely Epic Font Combos For Your Next Project

Typography is everywhere, but choosing the right combination of typefaces for your project is one of the hardest – and most time-consuming – tasks you’ll probably face as a graphic designer.

The Swiss Army Knife of Website Analytics and Feedback: Hotjar’s All-in-One Platform

The web development industry has a tricky problem at hand, particularly when it comes to piecing website performance data and user feedback together.

To Have An Image Slider or Not?

Does a slider reduce a website’s search engine optimization ability / findability? The net is a hotbed of creative efforts and over a period of time, no stones have been left unturned by designers to create really interesting and intriguing websites.

A New Quality Destination For Web Designers and Developers

Finding quality web design story has never been this easy. A new and exciting website has recently been launched for web designers and developers.

40+ Photos Of Animals With Their Cute Little Babies

Who doesn’t like animals, especially when they have a mind-numbingly insanely cute look. This is the reason why we all love adorable baby animals even more.

How to Create an Open Tin Can with Pieces of Fish in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator can be a little tricky to get your hands around, particularly after getting used to the workflow of applications like Photoshop.

How Can Photoshop And Illustrator Help You Earn Online

Earning online is the best thing now days and people are looking for different ways of earning at home.

Do’s And Dont’s To Keep In Mind During Web Typography

One of the most common elements of your website is typography. After all, it is for reading the content that visitors typically look to visit your web-pages.

25 Strange, But Creative Inventions. #13 Is Absolutely Genius!

Saving time and making our lives easier are the main tasks of the modern gadgets, especially when it comes to daily uses.

Website Designs for Various Cultures – Proceed with Caution

Cultures matter. Cultures especially matter if you are moving into an international market with your product or service and need web design that is appealing and inoffensive to a people whom you may or may not understand.

40 Latest High-Quality Free Fonts For Professional Designers

The world of typography can be daunting, to say the least. For a few dollars, you can download thousands of fonts in just a few minutes and tens of thousands free fonts are available if you are willing to sort through them all.

Logos: Powerful Brand Images

A business name and yet still a more powerful image is linked to a company’s identity. Whether it is an individual product or service, logos indicate a person’s relation to it amongst other choices.

30 Awesome Mountain Photos That Will Make You Go Aww

Our planet is full with mysterious places, from flowing rivers to tropical rain forests to the deep canyons, but there are some places which are more mysterious than other.

How To Market Your WordPress Theme For More Sales

The process of designing and building a WordPress theme is really enjoyable for aspiring coders. The same thing cannot be said about promoting the theme since the entire process can be really frustrating.