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XX Dinners By Ithai Schori and Chris Taylor

With more than 100 seasonal recipes for twenty dinners, Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor and photographer and former professional cook Ithai Schori share their passion for making good food and feeding friends with their new cookbook XX Dinners.

Graphic Poster by Quim Marin

The Barcelona-based Art Director and Graphic Designer, Quim Marin, has mastered the language of graphic poster design.

Vegan Milan: Mantra

As the first raw and vegan restaurant in Italy, Mantra stands out as a refined specialty. (...) Read More about Vegan Milan: Mantra (79 words) FOOD, TRAVEL | Permalink | No comment |

Insta Edit @domsebastian

@DOMSEBASTIAN FOLLOW When asked Dominic Metcalfe back in 2013 about the future of his brand Dom Sebastian, he said; “I’ll have to see how much I can fit into one year.” (...) Read More about Insta Edit @domsebastian (676 words) PHOTOGRAPHY, SPECIAL FEATURES | Permalink | No comme

Capturing Lively Innocence: Osamu Yokonami

Osamu Yokonami is a Japanese photographer specialised in lively, clean, and playful portraits. (...) Read More about Capturing Lively Innocence: Osamu Yokonami (56 words) PHOTOGRAPHY | Permalink | No comment |

Gary Stephan: Paradoxical Views

Gary Stephan‘s acrylic paintings range from irregular, sensitive brushstrokes to very austere, geometric shapes.

Monochromatic Copenhagen Townhouse

Originally constructed in 1898, this gorgeous home is where Sofie and Frank Christensen settled after a complete renovation.

Joseba Eskubi’s (Sur)Realist Mixed Media Paintings

Spanish artist Joseba Eskubi works with soft, amorphic and organic forms in a universe of decay and his paintings appear in a surrealistic world.

Felipe Hess’ Apartamento Sergipe

Apartamento Sergipe is a private home designed by Felipe Hess and is located in São Paulo, Brazil. (...) Read More about Felipe Hess’ Apartamento Sergipe (77 words) INTERIOR DESIGN | Permalink | No comment |

Model Zine: Put Your Best Face On

Spanish graphic designer Ana Mirats adds a quirky spin to the world of models with her Model Zine issue #02.(...) Read More about Model Zine: Put Your Best Face On (69 words) GRAPHIC DESIGN, MODELS | Permalink | No comment |

Idiosyncratic Lodging: Koyasan Guest House

Koyasan is a remote mountain top village north of the Wakayama Prefecture in Japan. As if getting there through its winding roads didn’t already make for a remarkable experience, being able to choose among an array of unique lodging options enhances that feeling.

The Cookbook Book

Compiled by a panel of experts and featuring 125 seminal cookbooks from the last 100 years, Cookbook Book is a celebration of the world’s most beautiful, influential and informative cookbooks.(...) Read More about The Cookbook Book (93 words) BOOK & MAG, EXCLUSIVITY | Permalink | No comment |

The Cactus Store LA

From the street, the Cactus Store in Echo Park, LA looks unassuming. (...) Read More about The Cactus Store LA (90 words) STORE | Permalink | No comment |

Lady in The Loo

Plastik Magazine was launched in Beirut in 2009 by Eli Rezkallah, making it the first visual publication in the Middle East.

Bespoke Craftsmanship : Wald Plug Lamp

Relying on traditional craftsmanship and deliberate practice, Wald is a bespoke object, thoughtfully and logically made using simple, honest materials and processes.(...) Read More about Bespoke Craftsmanship : Wald Plug Lamp (78 words) INDUSTRIAL DESIGN | Permalink | No comment |

Pettersen & Hein Ethical Aesthetics

This collaboration between Danish furniture designer Lea Hein and Norwegian artist Magnus Pettersen challenges the fine line between art and design.

Amber: Branding for Honey Brand

Amber, is a new brand identity and bottle packaging that envelops a blend of rustic folkish contemporary for a honey brand – nestled with dark grays, whites and yellowish browns.(...) Read More about Amber: Branding for Honey Brand (144 words) GRAPHIC DESIGN | Permalink | No comment |

Celebrating Etro

Etro is the first monograph published to celebrate and shed light on the acclaimed fashion house’s history and influence.

Insta Edit @yuanxisun

@yuanxisun FOLLOW 24 year old Yuanxi Sun from Beijing is one of those Instagram nomads you just got to envy.

Surreal Homes by Matthias Jung

Reminding me a similar project by Robert Overweg, German designer Matthias Jung created these surreal houses.