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Good Thing Design

Good Thing is an American design studio and manufacturer of small products and household accessories.(...) Read More about Good Thing Design (78 words) INDUSTRIAL DESIGN | Permalink | No comment |

Minimalist Colorful Photography by Matt Crump

We have already reviewed the work of Matt Crump, the self-taught minimalist with no formal training in photography.

Graphic Art Calendar

There are probably very few of you who have a printed calendar besides your desk anymore.

Tiny Shop for Tiny People

Tiny is a concept store for kids located in the heart of Berlin.

LIANES by Quentin de Coster for L’Air du Temps

Chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre met designer Quentin de Coster at a conference in March of 2013. During this event, they presented their work and noted many common points between their respective artistic worlds.

Submarine Sandwich Anyone!?

  PES Film created another stop-motion wonder! Amazing mouthwatering work frame after frame. (...) Read More about Submarine Sandwich Anyone!

Gustavo Salmeron’s Epic Man Cave in Madrid

Spanish actor Gustavo Salmeron had a very clear idea of what he wanted when he set out to design his home in Madrid, a mix between New York, Berlin and Brazil.

Thirty Illustrated Masks

Check out this cool animation featuring thirty illustrated masks by Martine Frossard.(...) Read More about Thirty Illustrated Masks (7 words) ILLUSTRATION | Permalink | No comment |

A Photographic Study in Blue

This photo series is a collaboration between photographer Alexandra von Fuerst and Finnish fashion designer Sonja Fabritius, who graduated from Esmod Berlin last year.

Romina Ressia Fine Art Photography

Argentinian painter Romina Ressia took the classic renaissance portrait style and added a little modern twist to it, resulting to some (...) Read More about Romina Ressia Fine Art Photography (86 words) FINE ART | Permalink | No comment |

Moroccan Riad in Palm Desert on Sale for $25,000,000

Built over four years by a cutting-edge architectural team and a group of skilled Moroccan craftsmen, the 16,800-square-foot home known as Casbah Cove is part of Palm deserts most luxurious gated community, Big Horn Golf Club.(...) Read More about Moroccan Riad in Palm Desert on Sale for $25,000,000

‘Refoulement’ Sculptures by Alex Seton

Sydney-based artist Alex Seton is best known for his refined technical skill in carving Wombeyan marble, a legacy of his childhood growing up in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales near a local quarry.

Architects Jewelry by Diego Delgado-Elias

Peruvian architect Diego Delgrado-Elias graduated from the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture of Paris. During his studies there he was inspired to create the Architect Jewelry collection.(...) Read More about Architects Jewelry by Diego Delgado-Elias (58 words) DESIGN, SHOP | Permalink | No comment |

Julian Wild’s Sculptures

The work of London-based sculptor Julian Wild is a playful delight to the eye, as these interesting sculptures investigate the semiotics of materials.(...) Read More about Julian Wild’s Sculptures (47 words) SCULPTURE | Permalink | No comment |

Paul Davies’ Layered Landscapes

The focus of Paul Davies’ work is the relationship between the built and natural environments. Davies’ paintings depict homes set in idyllic, leisured landscapes.

‘From the Floor Up’, A Collection of Bespoke Rugs

Fabrica and Tai Ping carpets present, ‘From the Floor Up’, a collection of bespoke rugs that blur the lines between art and customary rugs.(...) Read More about ‘From the Floor Up’, A Collection of Bespoke Rugs (73 words) DESIGN, FEATURED, INTERIOR DESIGN | Permalink | No comment |

Aerial Photography Taken While Paragliding

Kacper Kowalski specializes in aerial photography,capturing natural and architectural landscapes that look more like graphics than photographs.(...) Read More about Aerial Photography Taken While Paragliding (35 words) PHOTOGRAPHY | Permalink | No comment |

Imi Knoebel’s Professional Commitment to Color and Shape

Imi Knoebel’s signature abstract ‘knife cutting’ in primary tones has never felt more relevant.

“The Journey”, A Film by Monica Menez

Monica Menez is an award-winning fashion photographer and filmmaker based in Germany.

Anahi Restaurant in Paris

  The bursts of laughter next to the clinking of glasses is what you will find upon pushing open the door of Anahi, a mythical Argentinian restaurant where parties feed on the good vibes.(...) Read More about Anahi Restaurant in Paris (113 words) CULTURE, FOOD, INTERIOR DESIGN, TRAVEL | Permalink |