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Featured Work: 12 Minimalist Avengers Posters by Matt Needle

Matt Needle is a geek. He’s a comic, movie, and TV geek. And that’s cool as hell. Otherwise we wouldn’t have his awesome graphic posters to drool over.

Daily Freebie: 100 Unigrid Icons (AI) by IcoJam

Today’s daily freebie comes from Icojam, a team of 2 designers – Stan & Andy. The design duo has been passionately drawing icons and UI stuff for the past 7 years.

Be More Productive As a Designer by Using Pre-made WordPress Layouts

It’s especially hard these days to find a career that lets you be your own boss and live your own life, especially if you want to have a good, productive lifestyle.

4 Awesome Design Websites and Blogs to Follow

One of the greatest benefit websites and blogs have over research thesis and books, is that they’re always updated with fresh content.

Daily Freebie: 36 Abstract Pixel Patterns (.PAT + PSD)

Today’s daily freebie comes from Matt Gentile over at The Icon Deposit, a awesome free resource centre for budding designers!

Comic Illustration in the Sky by Thomas Lamadieu

Today’s daily inspiration comes from French illustrator Thomas Lamadieu who’s taken the art world by storm with his comical illustrations. Tom is an traveller and like most of us, he takes pictures of the cities he visits.

Daily Freebie – Social Media Triangles Icon Set

Today’s daily freebie comes from the talented guys at S-icons. This set contains 20 social media icons in a triangle shape in different formats and sizes.

25 Patterns That Should Be iPhone Wallpapers

If you’ve been using the iPhone and have grown tired of the default iOS wallpapers, you’re not alone.

15 Creative and Minimalistic Printed Banner Designs

While you might be more used to banner ads on the Internet than in real-life (unless you have AdBlock installed, of course), printed banner ads are still big business.

8,024 Post-It Create Sticky Pixelated Superheroes

Today’s daily inspiration come from Ben Brucker. Ben was once a bored man, sitting in his office, staring at his empty walls.

Daily Freebie: Reen – A Portfolio Template Made for Designers (PSD)

Today’s daily freebie come from web designer Blaz Robar of Melbourne, Down Under. This FREE PSD resource comes from his website where he gives back to the design community with freebies.

Watercolor Paintings of Epic Proportions by Lorraine Loots

Today’s daily inspiration comes from artist Lorraine Loots from Cape Town, South Africa. As an accomplished miniaturist, she’s recently embarked on a new miniature project of epic proportions.

Daily Freebie: Barcelona- a Curly Typeface

Today’s daily freebie comes from industrial and graphic designer Martí Garcés of Barcelona, Spain. Marti’s gracious enough to release this awesome curly and squiggly typeface for us to use in our projects.

Daily Freebie: Assorted Doodles Pack (EPS) by Eduardo Recife

Today’s daily freebie comes from the desk of Eduardo Recife of Brazil. As an illustrator who doodles at leisure, Eduardo’s giving away some of his goodies on his website Misprinted Type.

Daily Inspiration: Stunning Celebrity Portraits by Evgeny Parfenov

Today’s daily inspiration comes from Russian freelancer, Evgeny Parfenov. As an accomplished illustrator, Evgeny brings to life celebrities and humans in an expressive form that is brilliant by any standards.

15 Fonts That Should Be On Google Fonts

If you’re a web designer like me that skews towards reliability, ease of use, variety and compatibility, the Google Font library is a good start.

Daily Freebie: Hand-made Scribbly Background Patterns

Today’s daily freebie comes from freelance artist and designer Lane Kinkade from the City of Angels. He’s put together a series of hand-made squigglies in Illustrator for use as background patterns, textures, and anything our creative minds can think of.

Daily Freebie: Super Clean e-Commerce Apparel Theme (PSD) with Hack

According to Frost & Sullivan, online sales in the US will hit $1.9 trillion by 2020, while sales in China will touch $2.1 trillion.

Daily Freebie: 47 Hipster Vector Icons to Live By

Is the hipster dead? We don’t think so. In today’s daily freebie, get your hipster style rolling with this great free icon set from the hipsters at Creativetail.

Daily Inspiration: 15 Clever and Functional Packaging Designs

Today’s daily inspiration takes a look at some clever packaging wrapped around the most mundane of everyday things.