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Hours Now Lets You Track Time with a Today Widget

Hours — the absolutely gorgeous time tracking app for iPhone that we wrote about back in July has released its iOS 8 update a few days ago.

Teevee 3 now has a Today Widget for Upcoming Episodes

Over the last few days, several apps have been updated for iOS 8 with support for Today widgets, Share sheet extensions and extensions.

Storehouse for iPhone

Storehouse has quickly turned into my favorite app on my iPad, and quite possibly one of my most frequently used apps along with Unread and Pocket.

Rego 2 — A Better Way to Bookmark Your Favorite Places

Back in 2013, we told you about this fantastic app called Rego. Rego offered a meticulously crafted UI that let you bookmark your favorite places into collections that you could refer later on.

Being a Mobile Designer at [Sponsor]

We are constantly focused on providing our users the best possible experience with our iOS and Android apps.

My Finances Adds Today Widget & iPhone 6 Support

My Finances, the ridiculously minimal finance tracking app for iPhone & iPad that we wrote about back in May this year, has been updated today with a notable new feature that takes full advantage of iOS 8 and one of its new APIs.

OmniFocus 2 for iPad and OmniFocus 2.3 for iPhone

OmniFocus 2 for iPhone brought a visual overhaul to Omnigroup’s OmniFocus that later made its presence felt in the Mac app.

1Password 5 for iOS 8

1Password is the most important app on any device for me. If you use it properly, it will be to you as well.

Calendars 5.5 Adds Today Widget & Interactive Notifications

Calendars 5 — the gorgeous calendar app by Readdle has today been updated to version 5.5, just in time for iOS 8.

PCalc 3.3 for iOS 8

I’ve reviewed some great calculator apps on Beautiful Pixels. All of them are unique and get the job done brilliantly.

FiftyThree’s Paper Introduces Mix — An Open Platform for Creativity

iOS 8 is scheduled to be released to the public tomorrow, September 17th, 2014. With this release, Apple has made a gigantic leap by offering some incredible new APIs that let 3rd-party developers add remarkable functionality to their apps.

Creative Market’s Super Deluxe Bundle [Sponsor]

New design bundle from Creative Market. Graphics, fonts, icons, textures, Photoshop plug-ins and more.

Miranda — Time Zone Converter for iPhone

The App Store is filled with plenty of time zone converters for iPhone and iPad. Many of the ones that I’ve tried are terribly crafted, have clunky & confusing user interfaces or are just plain ugly.

Mingle — A Gesture Based Contacts App

Mingle is a Gesture-based alternative contacts app for iPhone developed by Sam Ghobril. It sports a minimal, neat & clean layout and a spiffy user interface that lets you perform actions on your contacts, such as call, message, email, tweet, etc.

Perspective Icons 2

Silvia Gatta over at Icons & Coffee released this beautiful set of icons this past week that’re designed specifically with OmniFocus 2 in mind.

Alone for iOS and Android

Laser Dog Games, the developers that brought us the absolutely fantastic Puk, are back with a new game, Alone.

Day One —€” A Simple and Elegant Journaling App [Sponsor]

Day One, recipient of Mac App of the Year and the prestigious Apple Design Award, is widely recognized as one of the best journaling apps available for Mac and iOS devices.

Quotebook 3 for iOS

Although I haven’t posted on lately, it has always been a nice place to discover new apps and see what others are using.

Lumy — Magic Hour App

Lighting is arguably the most important factor when it comes to photography. How good a photo ends up being is directly dependent on the way a subject is lit.

Sporty — Find Someone to Play Your Favorite Sport With

As kids, we used to love playing sports. Be it football, cricket, baseball or even something as simple as hide & seek, outdoor activities used to be a lot of fun.