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Announcing Memberships & Community Forums

Our thanks to Webydo: The Center of Your Web Design Empire for sponsoring us this week. Hot on the heels of our recent announcement regarding Platter 2.0, we’ve got two more announcements to make today.

Webydo: The Center of Your Web Design Empire [Sponsor]

Our thanks to Webydo: The Center of Your Web Design Empire for sponsoring us this week. Webydo is a web design canvas, made for designers.

The Platter 2.0

In February 2013, we introduced The Platter on Beautiful Pixels. The Platter was our new series wherein we tried to bring you some great apps, websites and other interesting content.

Coinometer & Coins — Bitcoin Value Tracker for iPhone & iPad

Coinometer is a super simple iPhone app that lets you keep track of the Bitcoin pricing. It is designed to do one thing only and it does that excellently.

Currenci — Simple Currency Converter App & Widget

Currenci is a really simple currency converter app for iPhone that also offers an equally simple Today Widget in the Notification Center on iOS 8.

Saver – Beautiful Personal Finance Tracker

I was a Saver user for a long time and adored every detail of the app on my iPhone 4S. I loved the app so much that I used it on my iPhone 5s even though it didn’t support the fullscreen and the fact that it hadn’t been updated in a long time.

Timr — Simple Timer & Stopwatch App

Every so often, we come across an app here on Beautiful Pixels that manages to impress us thanks to its sheer simplicity.

Mobiles Wall — Wallpapers for iOS, Android & Windows

Mobiles Wall is a site dedicated to being a one-stop source of wallpapers. It offers wallpapers for a host of devices, including all iOS devices, a plethora of Android devices with different screen dimensions as well as Windows phone devices.

Calorific — Beautiful Photos of What 200 Calories Look Like

Calorific is an absolutely stunning app for iPhone and iPad that helps you see what exactly 200 calories look like.

Hydra — Amazing Photography App for iOS

Pretty much every camera app for iOS that has come out lately focuses only on one major feature — to improve upon the photos you’ve taken.

Alternote — Evernote Powered Note-Taking App for Mac

Alternote is a beautiful new note-taking app for Mac that’s powered by Evernote. Currently in Public Beta, Alternote sports a host of features that make it an absolutely handy app to have on your Mac for note-taking, jotting down ideas, free-form writing or pretty much any kind of writing.

Let Your iOS Device Enhance Your Mac Productivity with Duet Display

I’ve often seen apps that let you use your iPad as a secondary display featured and praised highly on app review websites.

Typed — A Better Blogging Platform

Exactly two months ago, we wrote about Typed — a stunning Markdown Writing app for Mac from the house of Realmac Software, developers of apps like Clear and Ember.

Wants and Needs – Put Your Life Into Perspective

Wants and Needs by Pixolini is a very interesting app. It aims to help you organize your life by getting the things you want, need, and are thankful for put into perspective.

Twitterrific 5.9 for iOS

Twitterrific has been my goto Twitter app on iOS for a while. It is the best looking app on the platform and it has gotten a lot better functionality wise with the last few updates.

Socioball – An Elegant Social Puzzler for iOS

Yellow Monkey Studios, the team that brought us the amazing Huebrix, is back with a new game for iOS devices.

Voca — A Beautiful App for Cheaper & Better Calls

With an expected expatriate population of 56.8 million by 2017, the need for borderless communication is essential.

Shifts — Work Calendar for Shift Workers

Shifts is a brilliant new iPhone app for anyone who works in, well… shifts. The app has been designed, developed and built by Snowman, popularly known as the developers of apps like Checkmark, Circles & Super Squares.

Next Keyboard — A Phenomenally Better iOS Keyboard

When iOS 8 was announced at WWDC ’14, one of its notable features was the ability to install third-party keyboards and use them in various apps in place of the stock iOS keyboard.

Squares — A Challenging Puzzle Game

Screeny — Easily delete unwanted screenshots from your iOS Devices. Unlike Mikhail who is a huge game nerd, I only like and play a few simple games.