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Over There 2

Over There 2 is a lovely little location-sharing app for iPhone, built by the same team who brought us Simply North.

Get Moving for iPhone

Since the introduction of the iPhone 5s, we’ve seen several fitness related apps appear on the App Store.

Make Epic Collages With Bazaart For iOS

Remember the time when not everyone’s social pages, websites and phones looked the same? The time before “skeuomorphic” design was even a thing?

STEP Journal

It’s raining journal apps here on Beautiful Pixels. It started with Journey for Android, Heyday for iPhone and now STEP Journal has showed up on my homescreen.

Tempo — Another Weather App for iOS

It’s been a while since we’ve written about a weather app here on Beautiful Pixels, hasn’t it? Let’s correct that.

Light Flow

Most Android phones today have an LED notification light and many apps have started making use of this with colored LED notifications for their apps.


Listen is music player app for iPhone that’s aims to make the experience of listening to your music a “seamless experience”.

That Movie With

Here’s a handy app for all you movie enthusiasts out there. The next time you’re trying to recollect that movie with Actor X & Actor Y, That Movie With will help you right away.

Heyday Is Your Personal Timeline

Journal apps like Day One and Journey are great, but they only work if you are willing to. What if you’re not?

Lush for iPhone

The App Store has loads of great apps for everything. When it comes to mixing drinks, there are some really good apps as well.

Calculate Tips Quickly & Split Your Restaurant Bills with Tip

Tip is a simple & elegant iPhone app that lets you quickly calculate the tip on your restaurant bills and also gives you the option to split it between any number of people that you want.

Units Gets Rebranded to Unitica, Goes Universal with iCloud Sync

Units — the very beautiful unit converter app for iOS 7 by Aleksandar Vacić was recently updated to version 3.0.

SignEasy – Expedite Paperwork Electronically [Sponsor]

SignEasy, an electronic signature company offers a free 2 month premium subscription to all the readers of Beautiful Pixels!

Albums (feat. Louie Mantia) [Radio Edit]

Albums is a freshly released iPhone app that removes all the unwanted complexity out of playing or listening to music on your iPhone.

Split Your Restaurant Bills Easily with Plates

Plates by Splitwise is a nifty iPhone app that lets you quickly & easily split the bill whenever you’re at a restaurant.

Hotjar — Unlimited Insights From Your Visitors & Customers [Sponsor]

Launching a website is no easy task. There’s a lot that goes into building one before you hit the big button and make it live.

Sablo Is a Chaotic and Trippy Experience

Sablo, by Disportium, claims to “let you explore the nebulous boundary between order and chaos — complexity”.

Unclouded For Android Wants To Make Sense Of Your Messy Cloud Storage

iCloud was supposed to be our file system saviour. The dream of managing data without interacting with files didn’t end well thanks to how unreliable iCloud was at launch.

Poptile for iOS

Poptile is an extremely fun tile breaking game for iPhone and iPad. The game has been developed by indie studio 1Button, the fine folks behind Task.

iStat Menus 5

If you’ve read my Mac app reviews, you know how much I love dark interfaces. Many apps released for OS X use the standard light look and interface colours instead of going for a more modern look.