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Baku 2015 – Follow the flame

Client: BEGOC | Agency: UBMG (URBIS) | Developer: POSSIBLE CEE | Producer: Charles-Henry Contamine | Creative Director: Steven Delcourt | Project Leads: Nazim Aliyev, Kanan Gafarov

4:20 Dead Obies

4:20 is created to promote a cartoon serie. Each episode, aired at 4:20 on Monday, showcases a member of Dead Obies, a post-rap band.

Dashboard ENGIE-Tennis au Féminin

ENGIE (ex GDF SUEZ) is well known for its Women’s professional tennis sponsorship actions and wants to expend their reach on the digital.

For Better Coffee

For Better Coffee founder Kalle Freese has the goal to become "Jamie Oliver of coffee". For Better Coffee is a brand, and a version 1.0 of a larger product, launched to both market the man and his craft and also spread the word of better coffee.

Créations Namale

Namale is a word that comes from the Fijian language and means "Unique Jewel", it perfectly represents Créations Namale’s products which are all handmade and crafted with the finest materials available.

Dream Team Katarzyna Konkowska

Katrzyna Konkowska is a stage and exhibition designer. Her designs are influenced by abstraction and futurism, inspired by imaginary objects, nature and light.

Les Jardins de la Poudrière

A high standing promotional Real Estate in Switzerland. Beautiful & ecological way of living in a natural environment.

Think Blink corporate website

Beautiful design, crafted with care and dedication. For you and for ourselves to make the world a bit prettier.

Truth Labs Portfolio

Truth Labs is a Chicago based digital design studio. We create digital products that make people's lives easier.

Signature international

Signature International, a cultural project initially launched in 2005 with the help of Dennis Hopper, has reinvented itself in a digital format.

Tens Sunglasses

Tens is an independent sunglass company that prides itself in seeing things differently.


Within a minimalistic design we focussed on creating an optimal experience across all devices. The site is stripped down to the pure essentials, just like their shoes.

Natural Food & Beverages

NATURAL FOOD & BEVERAGE intends to provide you with the fruit of the remarkable diversity of French regions where the quest for product excellence lives on.

Way to Go

Way to Go is an interactive experience for human beings between 5 and 105 years old. Maybe it lasts six minutes; maybe it lasts forever.

Brdr. Krüger

Brdr. Krüger is a 125 old woodshop that produces well renown Danish furniture classics. Just as with much of the furniture itself, the new digital identity is based on design principles inspired by the simplicity of Swiss design as well as the era it comes from.


Revelator is the only platform you need to run a music business. Explore what the software offers through an animated story that highlights key features and product UI.

Ava Sessions

In Ava Sessions, a new experience for the film Ex Machina, an A.I. named Ava uses facial recognition and emotion tracking to analyze you as she draws your portrait in real time and in three dimensions.


We’ve pushed the boundaries for a business to business platform. Experience the minimalistic design, simplifying a complex business model.


We craft unique digital experiences throughout the universe.

Weber - BBQ Cultures

In a combination of cinematic and interactive elements this Weber campaign takes the user on an inspirational journey through five distinct BBQ cultures.