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Manila Thrills: Art BGC ONE Festival

A group of painters descended upon Manila, Philippines this week for the first annual Bonifacio Global City art festival produced by LA’s LeBasse Projects.

Anthony Ausgang "Catascopes" @ Copro Gallery, LA

Norm McDonald! That’s who I’m reminded of whenever I see Anthony Ausgang. Well, a taller Norm McDonald with a leonine mane.

Chris Johanson’s fifth annual Quiet Music Festival of Portland, June 26—27, 2015

On June 26th and 27th, 2015, Chris Johanson’s fifth annual Quiet Music Festival of Portland will once again transform contemporary art space Disjecta into a tranquil cave of sonic serenity.

Legendary Photographer Mary Ellen Mark dies at 75

The photography world lost an invaluable and legendary contributor yesterday. Mary Ellen Mark passed in Manhattan at the age of 75.

Premiere: Julian Moon "Loser" by Alexis Macnab

Julian Moon debuted her album Good Girl late last month and we're excited to premiere her latest video for the single "Loser," a stop motion animation by LA-based visual artist Alexis Macnab.

The Magical Mystery that is Ren Hang (NSFW)

Chinese photographer Ren Hang is a bit of a mystery, Not because there isn't a look of work and books out with the work, and we have covered Ren multiple times over the years, but because you get the feeling that there is something revolutionary happening in the works.

Parra "Salut" @ Alice Gallery, Brussels

Parra always is one of our favorite artists working today, and we can't wait to see the whole body of new work that will be up at Alice Gallery in Brussels starting on May 28, 2015.

Daniel Rozin's Interactive "PomPom Mirror"

Daniel Rozin’s anthropomorphic "PomPom Mirror" features a synchronized array of 928 spherical faux fur puffs.

Kaleidoscopic Tunnels Create Mesmerizing Children's Playground

Architecture studio A2arquitectos has taken everyobody's favorite toy and/or psychedelic experience and inspired a real-life children's play area at Hotel Castell De Hams in Porto Cristo, Spain.

Yayoi Kusama "Give Me Love" @ David Zwirner, NY

Yayoi Kusama has brought her seminal installation from 2002, The Obliteration Room, to David Zwirner in New York.

In the Magazine: No Chance to FAILE

There are two pivotal moments in FAILE’s career that stand out from the rest. The Times Square mural painted in 2013 was a reminder of the majestic size and overall collage aesthetic style their work can capture at its fullest, and the extent by which street art can be its most pop-centric.

Vintage Erotic Postcards from the Early 20th Century

Before you could send nudie pics through your smart watch there were other admittadly way more PG-13 ways to let someone know you were "thinking" about them.

The work of Noel Camardo

Noel Camardo is watching American culture closely, analyzing and documenting its bizarre behavior with a sharp eye and his camera.

Dennis McNett's "The Conjuring of the Red River"

On their travels across the North American continent, the Wolfbat tribe has made it’s way into the city of Shreveport.

Ricky Adam's "Edge of Living"

Born in Bangor, Northern Ireland, photographer Ricky Adam has immersed himself in the punk, music and BMX culture for over 20 years.

Drawings and Paintings by Robert Hardgrave

"Despite all the information we are given, I believe much is unknown to us in the moment, with clarity only achieved upon later reflection," states California-based artist Robert Hardgrave.

Update: Decaying Fine Art by Valerie Hegarty

We say decaying fine art, but the work of Valerie Hegarty is just so much more. Ravaged paitings, melting canvas, cracked walls, weathered works are all the characteristics of Hegarty's work. Valerie showed at The Queen's Nails in San Francisco earlier this year and is currently in an exhibit at The Brooklyn Museum through December 1st, 2013. The New Yorker called her work a look into "waning powers of a nation and fractured affairs of state." Perhaps of all culture in general?

Stanley Donwood: The Panic Office @ Carriageworks, Sydney

This past week Semi-Permanent and Carriageworks opened a Stanley Donwood retrospective exhibition, The Panic Office.

Update: Bizarre Sculptures by Maskull Lasserre

We last featured the wonderful and bizzare sculptures of Canadian-born Maskull Lasserre back last year.

Nylon Sculptures by Rosa Verloop

Dutch artist Rosa Verloop as found an interesting use for stockings. By molding, folding, and squeezing common nylon stockings, Verloop has created interesting, layered facial structures.