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Painting With The Sun – Pyrography Drawings by Jordan Mang-osan

Philippines-based artist Jordan Mang-osan harnesses the power of the sun to create striking pyrography drawings. Inspired by the rich cultural traditions of his native region in the Mountain Province in the Philippines, Jordan Mang-osan has been practicing art since the age of 19.

Walkers With the Dawn by Brian Day

“Walkers With the Dawn”, is centered around the epidemic of residential fires in the Metro Detroit area.

Fur by Pekdemir

Can Pekdemir, born in 1982. Living and working in Istanbul. Mainly working on deformation of human and animal body using various methodologies, experimenting by putting forms into altered physical conditions, placing and effecting them in/with mathematical equations.

China In A Mirror

Atelier Olschinsky is a independent multi-disciplinary design studio situated in the center of Vienna,  offering design solutions for all types of media: graphic design, product design, web sites, 3d, illustration, animation and photography.

Blu in Sicily

New artwork in Niscemi Sicily by Blu, artist known for his large-scale paintings.

Atypical by Pawel Nolbert

“ Atypical ”is a series of typographical posters made by designer Pawel Nolbert . This series exploring form and rhythm of letters or pseudo-letters presented as half-realistic, half-illustrative figurative sculptures. The artworks were built from an elaborate artistic painterly gestures into expressive arrangements – extending the aesthetic characteristic of typography.


I wrote about Boneface’s work over four years ago, featuring his portraits of beat up Superheroes. Here ‘s some new illustrations!

Beautiful pin-up girls by ONEQ

ONEQ (previously) is a very talented artist based in Okinawa, Japan. Her work as an illustrator includes a variety of genre such as magazine artwork, DVD cover art, apparel and clothing art, and manga illustrations.

Amazing tattoos by Gaël Ricci

Gaël Ricci is a painter and tattooer based in St-Raphael, France. You can follow his works here. Enjoy it!

Flowers in Progress | A beautiful series of illustrations by Noel Badges Pugh

Noel Badges Pugh dabbles in scientific illustration as well as artwork with a more psychedelic perspective.

Beautiful drawings by Violaine & Jeremy

Violaine & Jeremy is a graphic arts and illustration studio based in Paris (France) formed by Violaine Orsoni and Jeremy Schneider.

Amazing abstract tattoos by Dotstolines

Chaim Machlev is the owner and only artist at Dotstolines tattoo parlour in Berlin. The photos can tell you enough about his skills, but also the 1-2 years waiting time to get a tattoo from him should be a clue.

Post-apocalyptic Tokyo by Tokyogenso

Japanese CG artist Tokyogenso uses his Photoshop ninja skills to create these unbelievable views of Tokyo during its reborn after an hypothetical apocalyptic event.

3D Typography by Lex Wilson

Lex Wilson  is a graphic designer and illustrator from Cambridge, UK (currently based in London). I particularly love this type of drawings; this is a series of experiments with type, mainly in 3D and with perspective.

Cool tattoos by Mariusz Trubisz

Mariusz Trubisz is a very talented tattoo artist based in Warsaw, Poland. He creating incredibly vibrant tattoos and I really love the choice of colors; unfortunately I haven’t found much information about him but I suggest you have a look to his gallery on facebook.

Niklas Coskan’s illustrations

Niklas Coskan is a young illustrator/artist based in Berlin; he studying visual communication at the University of Arts Berlin.

Spectacular tattoos by Marcin Aleksander Surowiec

Marcin Aleksander Surowiec is a tattoo artist based in Warsaw, Poland. He creates an unique and colorful neo-traditional tattoos!

Ukiyoe Character series by Takao Nakagawa

“Ukiyoe Character series” is a collection of portraits of actors created by Takao Nakagawa (an artist and illustrator based in Tokyo).

Nature/Floral Tattoos by Kirsten Holliday

Kirsten Holliday works at Wonderland Tattoo in Portland, Oregon. She loves designing tattoos of animals, produce, and anything crafty-, nautical-, or nerd-themed.

Gorgeous artworks by T.S. Claire

T.S. Claire  is a self-taught Los Angeles based painter, who has quickly become one of the city’s most unique and carefully watched artists.