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Artists Draw Detailed Illustration Of A World Destroyed By People

Are we doing enough to offset the damage we do to our environment? “No” says this awareness campaign by Greenpeace.

Cool Elderly Street Artists Destroy Graffiti Stereotypes In Portugal

LATA65 is a Portuguese initiative aimed at showing that age is no limit for urban art. The name of the programe fittingly translates into “can” (like one spray paint is kept in), and it works by getting the elderly to try out graffiti.

Daily Office Frustrations Recreated With Miniature Figures

The internet has established that work in the office is a grind, only better than factory work because you don’t risk getting actually ground-up.

Photographs Of Trippy Australian Mushrooms By Steve Axford

No matter how fascinated you are with fungi, you’re probably not as fond of taking mushroom pictures as Steve Axford.

A Smile Changes Everything: Funny Quotes From A Toothpaste Ad Campaign

Facial expressions and tone of voice are the main two things missing from text-based conversations. This ad campaign, for example, shows the importance of smiles.

Cute Predators VS Used-To-Be-Cute Prey

People revere nature forgetting that it can get pretty gruesome. Alex “alexmdc” Solis is making the ciiircle of liiife cuter with his “Predator & Prey” series.

The Anatomy Of Your Favorite Childhood Toys Revealed By Jason Freeny

What’s inside your favorite animated characters? Jason Freeny thinks he knows as he makes anatomic cutaways of iconic characters.

Glowing “Bike Balls” Keep Cyclists Safe At Night

Do you think that your bicycle needs balls? ‘Cause now it can, with aptly named Bike Balls! The short explanation is that its silicone recreation of testicles that hangs under your bike.

Artist Reveals Her Extremely Gorgeous Sketchbook

No notebook is safe from abstract doodling. Yet we all could learn a thing or two from these sketches by Sophie Roach.

20 Historic B&W Pictures Restored in Colour (Part IV)

The past was full of monumental events and heroic people, but monochrome pictures make it harder to imagine as “real”.

Anti-Ads: People Urge Companies To Stop Supporting Qatar 2022 World Cup

The Brazilian preparations to host the FIFA World cup certainly had their share of controversy. But all that pales in comparison to the accusations Qatar is facing for their work on the 2022 World Cup.

Incredible Paper Art Hand-Cut From Single Sheets Of Paper By Suzy Taylor

Paper is a delicate material to work with, which makes paper cut art by Suzy Taylor look ever more impressive.

Four Girls Capture Famous Movie Locations In Real Life

When a movie isn’t filmed entirely on greenscreen, fans get to visit the same places their favorite characters did.

These Floating Flowers Are Actually A Dessert Sold In Japan

Some flowers are pretty enough to eat – and that’s exactly what you do when you bite down on one of the Bavarian cream pastries from Tokyo based Havaro.

Avocado Love Felt Wool Sculpture By Anna Dovgan

Avocado might not be the fruit of love, but this wool couple wants you to reconsider. Made by Ukrainian artist Anna Dovgan, these are two happy halves of avocado that hug to form the complete fruit.

What It Feels Like To Have An Anxiety Disorder Explained In 12 Powerful Self Portraits

Anxiety disorders bring anxiety and fear to about 18% of Americans and 14% of Europeans. Katie Crawford depicted her own battle with anxiety and depression in the photo series “My Anxious Heart”.

Ecocapsule Lets You Live Off The Grid Almost Anywhere On Earth

You want a camper that looks like it came from the future? Then look no further than the Ecocapsule by Nice Architects.

Fire Meets Water In Glass Sculptures By Emily Williams

Fire! Glass! With their powers combined, Emily Williams makes sea life sculptures! Flame sculpting uses intense heat to shape glass, allowing for more varied shapes than regular glass blowing.

Artist Balances On Surfboard To Paint Amazing Seaside Portraits Of Women

Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel while lying on his back. Artist Sean Yoro paints these murals on a surfboard – and they’re at water level!

This Woman Builds Stunning Sustainable Homes From Bamboo In Bali

Elora Hardy takes the bamboo house idea and runs with it, building magnificent structures made from an extremely sustainable material.