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New Suspended Tree Tents Are Better Than Home

Of the many indignities suffered while camping in the forest, finding suitable ground for the tent is one of the most common ones.

Children’s Dreams And Fantasies Captured By Rhiannon Logsdon

‘Tis a lame and sorry child that doesn’t dream of fighting and riding dragons. And Rhiannon Logsdon helps them achieve their dreams, if only in photographs.

15 Hilarious And Brutally Honest Answers From Siri That You Can Ask Her Yourself

Siri is the personal assistant available to users of the iPhone and other Apple products. And unlike your personal assistant, it’s not afraid to be sassy!

This Art Museum Lets Street Artists Do What They Want On Its Walls

The Long Beach Museum Of Art recently did the unthinkable. The Californian establishment let a group of contemporary artists have complete free reign over its pristine white walls for two weeks.

Adidas’s New Sneakers Are Literally Made From Ocean Trash

German sportswear giant Adidas has created a prototype of a sustainable new sneaker constructed almost entirely from recycled ocean garbage.

Artist Paints Realistic Portraits On His Hands, Then Stamps Them On Paper

Art in the palm of your hand? You got it! California-based artist, Russell Powell, paints images of famous people’s faces on the palm of his hand.

Once-In-A-Lifetime Photos Show Fearless Crow Riding Bald Eagle

Birds don’t usually hitch rides on other birds. But that’s what happened when this crow landed on a bald eagle.

Ikea’s Wireless Charging Furniture Brings The Future To Your Home

Wireless energy transfer isn’t about shooting lightning from your fingertips (not yet). It’s about charging you phone just by laying it down.

Artist Collects Sea Glass To Create Relaxing Wall Sculptures

What comes out of the seas and can be used in art, guilt-free? Seaglass! And Jonathan Fuller is doing his best to turn those shards into works of art.

10 Purrfect Benefits Of Having A Cat

Internet is the greatest outlet for sharing cat pictures. And artist collective Lingvistov wants to share their love of felines with you.

Artist Makes Teeny-Tiny Hand-Thrown Pottery

I wouldn’t be able to throw any clay, yet here Jon Almeda is throwing some tiny, tiny bowls. His creations come in a 1″ scale, amazingly small.

Nikon’s New $600 Compact Camera’s Insane Zoom Can Show The Moon Moving

How much zoom is too much on a camera? How about 83x, as in, “enough to see the Moon move”? The Nikon Coolpix P900 Digital Camera can do that!

Honest Wine Labels That Know Why You Are Buying Them

If your wineglass is talking back, you’ve probably had way too much and should see a doctor. These brutally honest wine bottles, however, are no hallucination.

Game Of Thrones Meets Famous Brands

If you have been on the Internet in the past few years, you might have heard that A Game of Thrones is huge.

Funny Everyday Lives Of Animals By Simpsons Illustrator

I might be a salty old internet dog, but few digital things bring warmth to the cockles of my heart like animal friends by Liz Climo.

Award-Winning Animation About A Soul Meeting Death

Coda means a concluding event, a summation. It’s also a fitting name for a short, animated Irish film about a soul that meets Death.

Double-Exposure Animal Portraits By WhatWeDo

Animals embody their environment – literally so where Faunascapes are concerned. These are double exposure paintings of animals and their native landscapes.

Awesome Cross-Stitch Tattoos By Turkish Ink Artist Eva Krbdk

Cross-Stitching on your arm? More possible than you imagined, especially if you meet Turkish tattoo artist Eva Krbdk.

Octopus High-Heel Shoes That Let You Walk On Tentacles

Release the shoe kraken! That’s how we imagine the introduction of the Polypodis went. Designed by Kermit Tesoro, these are high-heels without actual heels.

Funny Literal Illustrations Of English Idioms And Their Meanings

Roisin Hahessy moved from Ireland to Brazil and realized that translated verbatim, some English sayings are extremely silly.