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Australian Illustrator Made The Cutest Animated Resume To Get A Job At Google

Most of us send CVs full of lies when we apply for jobs. But Lisa Vertudaches, an animator and illustrator from Adelaide (Australia) made an entire animated video resume to apply for the position of Google Doodler.

No More Dead Animals – Flower Wall Trophies For The Big Green Hunter

It’s hard to be a vegan hunter, what with the whole “not hurting animals” shtick. Elkabana is the project for those animal lovers who want wall trophies without killing anything.

Biodegradable Coffee Cups Emebedded With Seeds Can Be Planted To Grow Into Trees

If zeitgeist had a body, it would be drinking sweet, overpriced coffee in a plastic-lid cardboard coffee cup.

Freaky Graffiti Of Dissected Cartoon Animals And Pop Culture Characters

Art has to make you feel something, even if that something isn’t entirely pleasant. For example, Nychos here loves making pictures of dissected animals and even cartoon characters.

Couple Quits Their Jobs, Builds Tiny House On Wheels And Lives By Travel Blogging

The American stereotype is that everything must be big – houses, burgers, cars, butts… But Guillaume Dutilh and Jenna Spesard dream tiny – they built themselves the tiniest house on wheels and are now touring the USA.

13 Of The Most Beautiful Proposals For A Planned Pedestrian Bridge In London

Tower Bridge isn’t the only bridge in London, though it is the most iconic. Well, The London Borough of Wandsworth is having a competition for a new bridge between Nine Elms and Pimlico, and the results so far seem somewhat crazy.

Wood Turntables Bring A Natural Vibe To Your Funky Fresh Beats

Interiors of glass and steel are so passe. What Silvan Audio Workshop from Seattle offers are turntables made from the cross-section of a tree trunk.

Freezing Weather Turns Ocean Waves Into Slush

Seas are only warm around tropical paradise islands and people with poor bladder control. However, a Nantucket photographer Johnathan Nimerfroh witnessed the sea almost at its coldest – the waves were actually turning into slush!

25 Of The Best Shortlisted Photos From The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

Some photographers want more recognition than paltry few likes and inane comments from friends. These are the kind of individuals who get selected for the Sony World Photography Awards 2015 shortlist.

No More Coffins – These Organic Burial Pods Turn Cemetery Into A Forest

Not everyone can get fired from a cannon, and not everyone wants to be buried in a coffin. Capsula Mundi, a project from Italy, is the penultimate hippie solution for burial: an organic pod for the deceased that has a tree planted on top of it.

Banksy Secretly Gets Into Gaza To Create Controversial Street Art

Banksy is the artist when it comes to street art of all sorts. And he continues to stick it to the man by sneaking into Gaza, Palestine, to draw some uncomfortable art.

Highly Detailed Origami Dinosaurs and Dragons By Vietnamese Chemistry Teacher

Paper planes are easy and most people don’t bleed to death while trying to make paper boats. But Adam Tran of Vietnam can make origami dinosaurs – big ones, too.

Spanish Artist Photoshops Celebrities To Look Fat And Make People Happier About Their Bodies

Photo editors rarely add pounds to women – except when the chest area is concerned. Well, Spanish artist David Lopera added a lot of curves to celebrities, ostensibly to promote positive body image.

100 Years Project: Photographer Captures Portraits Of People From 1 To 100 Years Of Age

Russia is a strange land, and a very big land. Keen Heick-Abildhauge lived there for some time and wanted to show its people to the world.

In Love For More Than 50 Years: Couples Pose For Heartwarming Photo Series

When you’re about 20 years old, it’s hard to imagine couples that stayed together for more than three years.

Two Offices Connected With A Grassy Walkway By A Polish Architects

Most strolls down a grassy path don’t invoke vertigo – but this one does. This project by Zalewski Architecture Group from Poland is grassy walkway suspended high above their yard.

Celebrity Portraits Taken After Oscars At Vanity Fair’s Party

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the Oscars are still the most important movie event of the year. And, second year in a row, famed photographer Mark Seliger was there to do celebrity portrait shoots at Vanity Fair’s Oscar after party.

America’s First Female Photojournalist And Her 50-Pound Camera

Before you get to masters of any profession, you have to have pioneers. And Jessie Tarbox Beals was America’s first female press photographer.

Artist Grows Crystals On Discarded Books To Show Their Fragility

People will spout about impermanence of digital records, but books are really fragile, too. Alexis Arnold from San Francisco wanted to illustrate that with her project The Crystallized Book: collecting books and growing Borax crystals on them.

Working Dogs: Photographer Shows Some Of The Toughest Jobs For Canines

Cats might lounge around all day long and plan murder (or more lounging), but many dogs get to work. Photographer Andrew Fladeboe travelled to Norway and New Zealand to take pictures of various working dogs for his project The Shepherd’s Realm.