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28 Of The Most Brilliant Children’s Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the only night of the year when anybody can trade their own identities into anyone’s (or anything’s) they want, no questions asked.

New Captivating Layered Glass Sculptures By Ben Young

New Zealand-raised and Australia-based artist Ben Young (whom we wrote about earlier this year) has created a new series of pieces that perfectly capture the tranquility, suspense, and loneliness that can be experienced in the middle of the ocean.

Energy Addicts: Jewelry That Plugs Into Your Veins To Generate Power From Your Blood

Israeli graduate student Naomi Kizhner came up with a rather dark and bizarre concept design for three jewelry pieces that are meant to be plugged into the wearer’s veins and generate mechanical power from their blood.

Photographer Takes Heartbreaking Portraits Of Really Old Dogs

“Old Faithful“ is an ongoing photo project by Toronto-based photographer Pete Thorne in which he takes beautiful and dignified portraits of old dogs.

A Giant Man Pops Out Of The Ground For Art Market Budapest

Széchenyi Square in Budapest, Hungury, has a new unfriendly-looking feature – an impressive sculpture of a giant man that looks like he’s climbing right out of hell.

Minimal Tattoos By Seoeon That Shine With Modest Beauty

Perhaps many of you have considered getting a tattoo at some point of your life, but felt discouraged by the thought of having the picture on our body forever or, worse, having to eventually remove it.

The Death Of Conversation: Photographer Captures People’s Obsession With Their Phones

Most of us know that feeling when you try to talk to someone, be it a stranger or your loved one, but they lock their eyes on their shiny smartphone screens instead.

Freaky DIY Geometric Paper Masks By Steve Wintercroft

If you‘re attending a Halloween party this year but don‘t feel like dressing up too much, a powerful mask might be just what you need.

Jaw-Dropping Pumpkin Carvings By Jon Neill

October is a holy month for Halloween enthusiasts, when the atmosphere crackles with anticipation of the ghostliest, spookiest, and craziest night of the year!

LEGO Ships Built Inside Bottles

LEGO enthusiast Bangooh creates awesome LEGO ships inside tiny bottles that he shares with fans on his Flickr account.

Massive Underwater Sculpture Of A Girl With The Entire Ocean On Her Shoulders

This massive cement sculpture, called “Ocean Atlas,“ is the newest work of famous English-Guyanese underwater photographer and sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor.

Mothers-To-Be Dive Into Unique Underwater Maternity Photos By Adam Opris

Maternity photography is a beautiful way to capture this unique period of time in parents’ lives, and the variety of tools and ways to approach it seems endless.

Plants Grow Legs In These Surreal Terrariums

These bizarre bipedal terrariums were designed by Matteo Cibic, “a multi-threat creative director for architecture, design and ad brands.” The Milan-based designer’s DOMSAI terrariums let plants stand tall on their own two legs, some of which are even covered in colorful socks.

This Spinning Glass Sculpture Reveals Four Anamorphic Animal Paintings When Rotated

This hypnotizing glass sculpture is “Emulsifier” by artist Thomas Medicus. As it rotates, it reveals four beautiful animal paintings.

Photographer Holds A Photoshoot With Her 16-Year-Old Dog Just In Time To Say Goodbye

For the past 16 years Chubby was photographer Maria Sharp’s best friend. Unfortunately, the dog‘s health recently started to decline rapidly, so Sharp decided to dig up old photos of the two of them and organize one last photoshoot, documenting their beautiful friendship before Chubby passed away.

Illustrator Draws On Starbucks Cups To Creatively Transform The Logo

Seoul-based illustrator Soo Min Kim turns the classic Starbucks mermaid into various other fantastic characters by redrawing her on original Starbucks paper cups.

Breathtaking $95-Million Penthouse Rises 1,369 Ft Above New York City

The ever-changing and iconic New York City skyline can probably be called a celebrity all its own. 432 Park Avenue is the address of a new 1,396-foot skyscraper that brings yet another extraordinary change not only to the city, but to the whole Western hemisphere, as it is now the tallest condo building in this part of the world.

Teen Filmmaker Recreates Iconic Movie Scenes With LEGO In A Brilliant Stop-Motion Video

Morgan Spence is a 15-year-old aspiring filmmaker who spent three weeks recreating scenes from several celebrated Hollywood classics using LEGO figurines and bricks in a short video for his “Brick Flicks“ project.

Flowers Replace Guns In Historic Photo Collages By Blick

A French creative going by the name of Blick has created a series of inspiring collages that juxtapose black and white photos of men at war with vivid flower drawings and cartoonish details.

Artist Turns Single Strands Of Wire Into Elaborate Tree Sculptures

These incredibly elaborate tree sculptures by UK-based sculptor and author Clive Maddison are each from a single wire strand.