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Photographer Shows The Unseen Side Of Post-Soviet Eastern Europe, And The Images Are Haunting

No matter what country you go to, beneath all the colors and shimmering lights one can always find the gritty rawness of the everyday.

This Google App Offers To Find Your Museum Lookalike, Yet Not Everyone Is Excited About The Results

Have you ever been told you look like a piece of art? Well, there might be a chance that it’s not always the good kind of art people are comparing you too.

This Is What’s Going On Outside The Frames Of Well-Known Album Covers

It’s always curious to find out what was happening behind the scenes of well-known films or photoshoots, however, the footage isn’t always there.

10+ Ridiculous Toy Design Fails That Are So Awful, It’s Hilarious

We all want the best for our kids. However, it doesn’t seem like all toy designers want the same thing.

Sexist Vintage Ads Get Made Over With Reversed Gender Roles, And Some Men Will Not Like The Result

While the image of a working mother and wife doesn’t surprise anyone these days, back in the 1950’s it was an odd occurrence.

10+ Misleading Packaging Designs That Are Straight Up Evil

One of the great rules of advertising states that the most powerful element of an ad is the truth. On the other hand, another one of those rules states that, actually, facts don’t matter, what really matters is what the consumer believes.

‘Mermen’ Calendar Full Of Bearded Fish-Tailed Men Has Raised Over $300K For Charity

You don’t need to be a model or an athlete to pose half-naked for a calendar, especially when it’s for a good cause.

These Girls Mistake Costco Cashier For Maui From ‘Moana,’ Here’s His Reaction

Rela Riviera’s daughters get excited every time they go to Costco, and if you asked them why, they, without any hesitation, would tell you that the reason for their joy is Maui from Disney animated film ‘Moana’ who works there.

Family Hires ‘Professional’ Photographer For $250 To Take Their Portraits, The Results Leave Them Speechless

Took a few pictures with the wrong ISO or messed up white balance? Fear not, because there is nothing that post-production magic can’t fix… Or is there?

The Winners Of 2018 Hasselblad Awards Has Been Announced, And Their Pictures Are Stunning

The Hasselblad Masters, one of the most prestigious photography awards that are handed out biannually, has announced the list of winners for 2018.

10+ Genius Responses To Trump By People From What He Called ‘Shithole’ Countries

The lack of diplomacy seems to have caused the U.S. President Donald Trump yet another controversy. In a closed meeting with six senators, in which they discussed questions related to immigration, the President has reportedly referred to Haiti, El Salvador, and some unspecified African countries as ‘shitholes.’ The statement, unsurprisingly, didn’t go unnoticed and many people took offense, including Haitian congresswoman Mia Love.

Artist Illustrates The Difference Between Chinese And Western Cultures In Everyday Situations

When you first leave your country you often realize how different all the cultures are, down to the smallest details.

Woman Performs A Surgery On Injured Monarch Butterfly, Wakes Up To A Surprise The Next Day

Even insects sometimes need a little help from us, humans. Romy McCloskey, who raises Monarch butterflies in her garden, recently shared her experience on the one-of-a-kind surgery she had to perform on one of her little buddies that got his wings torn.

People Reveal Their Scars And How They Got Them In A Powerful Photo Project

Showing the real self to the world takes a lot of courage. Some great examples of this enormous bravery are the subjects of Sophie Mayenne’s photography project Behind The Scars, in which she asks people to strip down in front of the camera and show their scars.

This Couple’s Breathtaking Engagement Photos Will Literally Send Chills Down Your Spine

While most of us are complaining about the cold outside, for some chilly weather is actually a blessing.

Guy Who Realizes His Tinder Date Is Using Him To Get A Free Meal Gets Brilliant Revenge

We all know first dates can be quite disastrous. Sometimes the spark just isn’t there, there’s nothing to talk about, and neither of the participants is really feeling it no matter how hard they try.

Someone Thought Of A Brilliant Way To Fight Swastika Graffiti That Started Appearing On The Streets of Berlin

Love and beauty always triumph hate. The Paintback project, started by graffiti artist and paint shop owner Ibo Omari, tries to do just that by painting over swastikas that keep appearing on the streets of Berlin.

A Day Before Her Death, This 27-Year-Old Wrote A Letter, And Every Person Should Read It

When was the last time you paused and took a deep breath thinking “it’s good to be alive”? More often than not we tend to take our lives for granted, as well as many other things in it.

Guy Flies To Toronto To See His Long-Distance Girlfriend For The First Time, Later Illustrates Each Precious Moment

When you love someone, the distance between you is not an obstacle. Even crossing the Atlantic Ocean didn’t scare digital artist Simone “Simz” Ferriero – he made the trip all the way from Italy to Toronto in order to see his long-distance girlfriend for the first time.

10+ Epic Kitchen Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Cooking Skills

Scrolling through recipes on Pinterest, Instagram, or any of the thousands of food blogs is sure to get your mouth watering.