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Domestic Bliss: A Mother’s Darkly Humorous Family Portraits

Susan Copich is a commercial actress, dancer, photographer, and mother of two who created a satirical photo series called “Domestic Bliss” that highlights the not-so-shiny side of family life.

25 Magical Glass Globe Rings With Miniature Worlds Inside

These glass globe rings, which remind us of the snow globes that we held with dizzy joy in our childhood, inspire that same joy of holding a miniature world locked in a terrarium to be admired.

Unbelievable Anamorphic Installations Out Of Random Objects By Bernard Pras

Anamorphosis is a mind-bending and illusory form of art in which artists transform random objects and junk into accurate and well-formed portraits or image that can only be seen with special devices or from a particular angle.

Ode To Lithuanian Forests In Eerie Portraits By Photographer Raggana

Lithuanian photographer-witch Raggana is the master behind these beautifully surreal portraits that pay tribute to the complicated yet beautiful connection between humans and nature.

Photographer Takes “Selfeets” On The Most Amazing Floors

There’s a peculiar profile on Instagram that gathers photos of all of the most amazing floors in the world together.

Otherworldly Bird Feather Sculptures By Kate MccGwire

Widely-renowned British artist Kate MccGwire uses an unusual medium – hundreds and hundreds of bird feathers – to create her unique sculptures.

Artist Creates Mind-Bending Abstractions By Pouring Paint And Resin Onto His Canvas

Chicago-based artist Bruce Riley is a true magician of psychedelic art who experiments with paint and resin to create mind-boggling wonders.

Spanish Artist Shows How Classical Paintings Would Look Without Characters In Them

Spanish artist José Manuel Ballester has created a rather poetic exploration of the role that people play in classical paintings – by removing them.

New Impressively Detailed Doodles By Kerby Rosanes

Remember Kerby Rosanes, the extremely talented Philippines-based artist whose intricate doodles we wrote about earlier?

Photographer Couple Carry Their Kids On Their Backs While Capturing Gorgeous Landscapes

Dylan Toh and Marianne Lim are a talented and devoted couple of photographers and parents who know how to manage these two passions at the same time.

Mind-Bending Photorealism By Self-Taught Singaporean Artist Ivan Hoo

Ivan Hoo is a Singaporean artist with a talent for breathing life into anything he draws. His impressive attention to detail makes it hard to believe that the artist is self-taught.

Portuguese Street Artist Creates A Giant Outdoor Owl Sculpture From Junk

This giant owl sculpture, nestled against a city wall in Covilhã, Portugal, was created by Portuguese street artist Artur Bordalo (aka Bordalo II).

65,000 Glimmering Watch Base Plates Suspended At A Magical Installation In Tokyo

“Light is Time” is a fantastic installation of 65,000 suspended watch base plates created by Paris-based architect Tsuyoshi Tane in collaboration with Japanese watch-maker CITIZEN.

Toy Company Transforms Children’s Drawings Into Adorable Plushies

US-based toy company Budsies can make any child a toy designer by transforming their drawings into real, accurately recreated plushies.

Wanderlust And Natural Beauty In Spectacular Landscape Photography By Elizabeth Gadd

21-year-old Canadian photographer Elizabeth Gadd creates breathtaking landscape photos with solitary wanderers embracing their majestic natural surroundings.

25 Mind-Bending 3D Tattoos

These days it’s kind of difficult to surprise someone with a tattoo. However, these 3d optical illusion tattoos will definitely turn heads and drop people’s jaws.

25 Creative Pieces Of Sushi That Are Too Cute To Eat

Sushi making is already a traditional Japanese art in itself, but some creative people like to take their culinary art experiments even further.

The Moon: Topographically Accurate LED Lamp Puts The Supermoon In Your Palms

Nosigner, a team of Japanese designers, came up with a unique idea for an LED lamp – a topographically accurate model of the Supermoon that occurred in 2011 in Japan.

Japanese Cat Owners Re-Purposed IKEA’s Doll Beds For Cats

Pets need their own place to sleep, so why can’t it look just like a human bed? Japanese cat owners started a fun trend by using popular doll beds from IKEA for their beloved felines.

Lady Gaga’s Lead Keyboardist Develops Circular 294-Key Keyboard For Exceptional Performances

This is not a scene from a sci-fi movie about futuristic musicians, this is happening now. Lady Gaga’s lead keyboardist Brockett Parsons and his team of “mad scientists” created their spectacular circular Piano Arc keyboard (aka the “Brockettship”) by joining three 88-note keyboards into one.