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Black Model Recreates Famous Fashion Campaigns To Fight The Lack Of Diversity In The Industry

Deddeh Howard, a Liberian-born model is rattling the fashion industry with her new photo project called Black Mirror.

10 Brutally Honest Comics Every Woman Will Relate To

Deya Muniz, a Brazil-based cartoonist offers us a glimpse into an inner world of a modern woman in her funny-as-heck (do people still talk like that?

2017 Color Of The Year Is Greenery According To PANTONE

What color will the year 2017 be? Seems like an odd question, but the guys at PANTONE Color Institute are taking their colors quite seriously and have already come up with the answer.

Weatherproof Igloo Is A Year-Round Retreat In Your Backyard

After some tough days at work, it’s not even enough to retreat to your home. So sometimes you need to retreat from a retreat (this one’s for you Inception fans) and this garden igloo is just for that.

Mind-Bending Illustrations By The French Surrealist Guy Billout

French surrealist Guy Billout is responsible for some of the most awesomely mind-bending illustrations you’ll see out there.

This Polish Christmas Ad Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons

Allegro, the popular Polish online auction, has treated us with one of the most memorable Christmas ads we’ve seen in a while.

Awesome Masking Tape Design Turns Any Notebook Into A Calendar

We rejoice every time we see how a clever design can turn something so common, we’ve been using for decades, into a new product.

10 Gustav Klimt Tattoos For Art Lovers

One of history’s most renowned Art Nouveau painters Gustav Klimt is known for his decorative style paintings filled with erotic scenes.

7 Deadly Sins In 7 Brutal Illustrations:

After his amazing illustration series about the mental illness and disorders for Inktober, Shawn Coss is coming back with another 7 dark versions of the Seven Deadly sins.

Wife Texts Husband With A Pic Of Dog She Brought Home Which Is Actually A Coyote, Husband Goes Crazy

Recently Kayla Eby texted her husband Justin Bogh with a pic of a “dog” she brought home. But there’s a tricky bit in this story… that dog is not a dog at all, it’s actually a coyote!

2017 Pirelli Calendar Shows Unphotoshopped Beauty Of Older Celebrities

German photographer Peter Lindbergh has gone old school for the 2017 Pirelli Calendar featuring older celebrities without any Photoshop retouching, just their natural beauty as seen by the photographer’s eyes.

15 Awesome Gifts For Those Crazy For Caffeine

If drinking coffee was a crime, we’d need to lock up half of the population, because people are just crazy for it!

French Farmers Calendar Will Make 2017 The Hottest Year On Record

Farming has never been so sexy as through the lens of Fred Goudon, who is back with another calendar featuring the fantasies of anyone with a soft spot for shirtless dudes doing chores.

15 Brutal But Honest Movie Posters

Movie ad campaigns are becoming more and more misleading (yeah, we’re talking about you, Prometheus).

Trump Asks The Media To Stop Publishing Pics Of His Double Chin, Here’s The Internet’s Reaction

We’ve seen Donald Trump in so many different lights, that we could make a full spectrum. Being a person of such interest leaves him no chance to hide from a public eye, which also comes at a price.

Artist Felted 100 Cutest Felt Faces In 100 Days

100 days project is an awesome way to get good at something, with the hardest part being actually going through it… But if you do, there will definitely be some awesome results waiting for you at the end.

15 Funniest Farewell Cakes Employees Got On Their Last Day

“Ahh, you guys, you really shouldn’t have… No, you REALLY shouldn’t have put this on the cake!” I imagine this would’ve been one of the calmest reactions to these farewell cakes for the fresh ex-colleagues.

Floating Gym In Paris Powered By Its Visitors

Design and innovation agency Carlo Ratti Associati has just unveiled one of their most creative eco-designs yet.

Top 100 Most Influential Photos Ever Taken

The famous TIME magazine has just released a list of 100 most influential pictures ever taken. And a team of competent specialists ranging from curators and historians to photo editors from around the world gathered to make this list worth seeing.

Icelandic Humor For People Who Like Dark Humor (NSFW)

It gets pretty dark in Iceland. And I don’t mean the day and night cycle here, I’m talking about the hilarious and twisted comics by Hugleikur Dagsson.