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Korean Illustrator Shows How Western Fairytales Would Look If Created In Asia

When you think of classic Western fairytales, such as Alice in Wonderland or Snow White, Disney’s depiction of the princesses are probably the ones to come into your head first.

This Giant Rock Is Actually A Little Camouflaged Cabin In The Swiss Alps

Swiss studio Bureau A designed this peculiar little cabin that looks just like an ordinary boulder to the unsuspecting passersby.

Illustrator Adds Cartoons To Strangers’ Instagram Photos

London-based Brazilian illustrator Lucas Levitan has created an on-going project “Photo Invasion” in which he takes photos from the interesting people he follows and invades them with his own artwork.

Human Anatomy-Inspired Bags, Purses, And Shoes Designed By Konstantin Kofta

Kiev-based fashion designer Konstantin Kofta creates amazing, though rather disturbing, wearable accessories that are inspired by human anatomy.

Adorable American Sign Language Illustrations By Alex Solis

Chicago-based illustrator and web designer Alex Solis has come up with a great idea for how to make American sign language more appealing to those who want to learn it.

Bored Coworkers Recreate Classic Paintings Using Office Supplies

Francesco Fragomeni and Chris Limbrick found themselves bored at Squarespace’s office in NYC one day so they came up with a fun activity.

Hipstory: World Leaders Illustrated As Hipsters

From hairdos, beards, and moustaches to clothes, shoes, and accessories – Amit Shimoni didn’t miss any of today’s biggest trends when he reimagined the world’s leaders as hipsters.

Artist Recycles Old Hubcaps Into Beautiful Animal Sculptures

British artist Ptolemy Elrington collects thousands of old abandoned hubcaps from all across Britain to make these beautiful animal sculptures.

Ocean-Inspired Glassblowing Sculptures By Shayna Leib

American glass artist Shayna Leib creates impressive works that look like sea creatures’ tentacles and cilia rather than glass.

New Epic Beard Designs By Mr. Incredibeard

Do you remember the impressively successful San Francisco-based beardo named Mr. Incredibeard? We wrote about him before when the guy’s photos of crazy beard styles first went viral.

27 Creative And Funny Winter Hats To Keep You Warm

If you think that winter cold does little good to one’s style, we hope that these impressively creative winter hats and caps will change your mind.

Sparkleball: DIY Christmas Decorations Made Of Plastic Cups And Christmas Lights

If you still don’t have your Christmas decorations up and you want them to be something special and original that you can make yourself, here’s a project for you.

Flowers Frozen In Ice Cubes Look Like Watercolors

Photographer Kenji Shibata works with the incredibly poetic media of ice cubes and vivid flowers that he freezes into them.

Weeds Slowly Overtake City Walls Around The World In Murals By Mona Caron

San Francisco-based artist Mona Caron is fascinated with the beauty and resilience of urban weeds, which inspired her to create these gorgeous weed murals.

Artist Redesigns “Harry Potter” Book Covers With A New Glow-In-The-Dark Look

For her Bachelor’s degree project, Hungarian art student Kincső Nagy expressed her deep affection for J.

Controversial Illustrations Pinpoint The Darker Side Of Our Society

Spanish artist Luis Quiles (aka Gunsmithcat) doesn’t mince words (or brushstrokes) when it comes to expressing his ideas about the global and social issues facing us.

Artist Turns Old Paint Brushes Into Elegant Dame Sculptures

San Francisco-based artist Rebecca Szeto uses the unconventional media of paintbrushes for her elegant sculptures.

Flip Tales: Cute Notebook Animations Turn Names Into Animals

If you want to see what kind of animal your name can be turned into, you may find a visualization on Flip Tales.

The Photo Adventures Of A Dog And His Human Traveling Around USA

Illustrator John Stortz and his gorgeous dog Wolf travel around the most spectacular places in the USA and capture their bliss on photos.

18 Amazing Entries To 2015 Sony Photography Awards In Open Category

The Sony World Photography Awards are one of the greatest and most respectable annual photography competitions for amateurs and professionals in the field.