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Jaw-Dropping Pumpkin Carvings By Jon Neill

October is a holy month for Halloween enthusiasts, when the atmosphere crackles with anticipation of the ghostliest, spookiest, and craziest night of the year!

LEGO Ships Built Inside Bottles

LEGO enthusiast Bangooh creates awesome LEGO ships inside tiny bottles that he shares with fans on his Flickr account.

Massive Underwater Sculpture Of A Girl With The Entire Ocean On Her Shoulders

This massive cement sculpture, called “Ocean Atlas,“ is the newest work of famous English-Guyanese underwater photographer and sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor.

Mothers-To-Be Dive Into Unique Underwater Maternity Photos By Adam Opris

Maternity photography is a beautiful way to capture this unique period of time in parents’ lives, and the variety of tools and ways to approach it seems endless.

Plants Grow Legs In These Surreal Terrariums

These bizarre bipedal terrariums were designed by Matteo Cibic, “a multi-threat creative director for architecture, design and ad brands.” The Milan-based designer’s DOMSAI terrariums let plants stand tall on their own two legs, some of which are even covered in colorful socks.

This Spinning Glass Sculpture Reveals Four Anamorphic Animal Paintings When Rotated

This hypnotizing glass sculpture is “Emulsifier” by artist Thomas Medicus. As it rotates, it reveals four beautiful animal paintings.

Photographer Holds A Photoshoot With Her 16-Year-Old Dog Just In Time To Say Goodbye

For the past 16 years Chubby was photographer Maria Sharp’s best friend. Unfortunately, the dog‘s health recently started to decline rapidly, so Sharp decided to dig up old photos of the two of them and organize one last photoshoot, documenting their beautiful friendship before Chubby passed away.

Illustrator Draws On Starbucks Cups To Creatively Transform The Logo

Seoul-based illustrator Soo Min Kim turns the classic Starbucks mermaid into various other fantastic characters by redrawing her on original Starbucks paper cups.

Breathtaking $95-Million Penthouse Rises 1,369 Ft Above New York City

The ever-changing and iconic New York City skyline can probably be called a celebrity all its own. 432 Park Avenue is the address of a new 1,396-foot skyscraper that brings yet another extraordinary change not only to the city, but to the whole Western hemisphere, as it is now the tallest condo building in this part of the world.

Teen Filmmaker Recreates Iconic Movie Scenes With LEGO In A Brilliant Stop-Motion Video

Morgan Spence is a 15-year-old aspiring filmmaker who spent three weeks recreating scenes from several celebrated Hollywood classics using LEGO figurines and bricks in a short video for his “Brick Flicks“ project.

Flowers Replace Guns In Historic Photo Collages By Blick

A French creative going by the name of Blick has created a series of inspiring collages that juxtapose black and white photos of men at war with vivid flower drawings and cartoonish details.

Artist Turns Single Strands Of Wire Into Elaborate Tree Sculptures

These incredibly elaborate tree sculptures by UK-based sculptor and author Clive Maddison are each from a single wire strand.

This Swiss Company Will Turn Your Loved One’s Cremated Remains Into A Diamond

An innovative Swiss company called Algordanza created a unique way for us to remember and honor those who have passed.

150 Street Artists Turned An Old Tunisian Village Into An Open-Air Art Museum

150 street artists from 30 countries created an open-air mural museum in Erriadh, a village on the Tunisian island of Djerba and one of the oldest in the country.

Guy Leaves His Nissan Skyline GTR For His Friend To Experiment With Her Sharpie Pen

One redditor shared a photo series illustrating the fascinating car makeover process that his friend organized for him.

23 Actors Who Nailed Their Biographical Roles

Most actors are chosen for biographical roles because of their close resemblance to the historical figure that’s being portrayed, but there’s so much more to these pictures than that.

The Signs Of Life: Photographer Documents The Things People Leave In Their Windows

“It all began with two porcelain parakeets on the windowsill of the house next door,” recalls photographer Daniel Zakharov about the first time that objects in strangers’ windows drew his attention and inspired him to start a photo series.

Cosmic Rugs For Groovy Interiors By Schönstaub

The popularity of space-themed designs seems to be spreading from the new-age psychedelic designs of the fashion industry to the homes and workspaces of space enthusiasts.

Motivational Illustrations Inspire Women To Fight Gender Prejudice

Earlier this year, Brazilian artist Carol Rosetti started creating powerful illustrations for her series called “Women.” The series focuses on many of common prejudices women face every day concerning what people say they should or shouldn’t do with their bodies and their lives.

15 Owls That Are Masters of Camouflage

The owl, a master of the night sky, is extraordinarily adaptive when it comes to successfully pursuing and capturing its prey.