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Musicians’ Portraits Before And After They Perform

Photographer Brandon Andersen has created an interesting before-and-after photography project that has portrayed, in a readily visible way, just how much effort some musician can put into their live performances.

This Majestic White Temple In Thailand Looks Like A Fairytale

Wat Rong Khun, better-known for the Westerners as the White Temple, is a Thailand-based contemporary unconventional Buddhist temple.

Goood Morning! Photographer Captures Stunning Mountain Landscapes From His Tent

Many climbers and wildlife travelers will agree that choosing to spend your nights in a tent and waking up in nature can be a truly magical experience.

Animals Painted On Delicate Feather Canvases By Jamie Homeister

New Albany, Indiana-based folk artist Jamie Homeister has chosen a truly unconventional canvas for her beautiful animal and bird paintings – feathers.

23 Amazing Anamorphic Artworks That Need A Mirror Cylinder To Reveal Their Beauty

Anamorphic art is based on a distorted projection, when only specific devices viewed from a specific angle let the viewer see the beautiful image hidden in an abstract image or sculpture.

Pejac Left New Street Art Pieces On The Walls Of Paris

Pejac, a well-recognized street artist, recently visited Paris again to leave his artsy footprint behind with at least three new tongue-in-cheek wall paintings.

Artist Draws Gorgeous Animals And Shows Us What She Made Them With

We assume that artist Karla Mialynne must have received many questions concerning the utensils that she uses for her beautiful hyper-realistic drawings.

1950s Hong Kong Street Life Captured By Ho Fan

The mysterious and experimental black and white photography of 83-year-old photographer Fan Ho gives us a unique chance to see the long-lost cityscapes of Hong Kong in the 1950s, putting its vast cultural, social and economic changes into perspective.

Clever Ads Rearrange Trash To Ridicule Litterers

Street trash is something most big cities suffer from, and anti-littering ad campaigns, like this one in Toronto, help raise public awareness of the issue.

These Gorgeous Scarves Will Make You Look Like A Bird With Its Wings Spread Wide Open

Roza, the Melbourne-based creator behind the stylish “Shovava” Etsy shop, has created an original and inspiring collection of handmade scarves depicting birds with their wings spread wide.

Amazingly Delicate Paper Cuttings By Akira Nagaya

In the masterful hands of self-taught Japanese artist Akira Nagaya, paper is transformed into stunning works of art called kirie, or cut paper in Japanese.

Clever Toast Stamp Turns Your Bread Into Cute Teddy-Bears

It seems that Japanese designers are not going to give up their solid position in coming up with clever, yet simple kitchen ware.

Old Romanian Glass-Plate Photos Revitalized With Color And Digital Magic

The re-discovery of over 5,000 glass plate negatives by Romanian photographer Costica Acsinte in 2013 was a sensation for historians and professional photographers alike.

Abandoned 160-Year-Old Parisian Railway Documented By Photographer Pierre Folk

French photographer Pierre Folk has been working on his latest project, “By the Silent Line,” since 2011, documenting the remnants of the grand Parisian railway that was abandoned more than 80 years ago.

365 Project: Artist Doodles One Illustration A Day For The Whole Year

Gabriel Picolo, a talented young artist from Brazil, is an excellent addition to the 365-art movement, in which artists pledge to create a work of art every day for a year.

Cute Handcrafted Notebooks That Look Like Fruits, Veggies And Pizza

Özge Çalışkan, the Turkish artist behind a cheerful shop called Palas Pandiras, creates adorable and bright-looking notebooks hand-crafted and hand-painted to look like pieces of fruit, veggies, and pizza.

Creepy Monsters Drawn On Sticky Notes By John Kenn Mortensen

Danish artist John Kenn Mortensen (also known as Don Kenn) writes and directs television shows for kids, but during his free time he pays tribute to the darker, spookier side of childhood filled with monsters and ghosts.

Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Engine Turned Into Epic Conference Table

Southern California-based company MotoArt designed an epic office conference table made out of a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet engine.

19-Year-Old Artist Spent All Summer Creating This Massive Chinese Zodiac Drawing

Savannah Burgess is a 19-year-old Atlanta-based artist who recently shared the process behind her latest massive drawing depicting all the animal members of the Chinese Zodiac.

Adorable Hugging Bear Cookies

If you like cookies and teddy-bears, you’ll definitely love these cute little fellows! French-trained Japanese cook Maa Tamagosan created these tasty-looking and almost too-cute-to-eat cookies.