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Artist Turns Full-Size VW Beetles Into Perfect Spheres

Just five years back, no one from the international art scene could have told you who is Ichwan Noor.

Photographer Captures The Majestic Beauty Of Maine Coons

Ever wanted to have a pet lynx but had this nagging feeling that the plan will backfire horribly? Yeah, you should probably follow that feeling.

8 Hilarious Puns Only Cat Owners Will Recognize

Everybody needs a cat once in a while to make a day go better. Wait, did I say a day? I mean the whole life!

Government Requires To Paint Over Clinton’s Mural, So The Artist Does

When Melbourne-based street artist Lushsux was painting Hillary Clinton’s mural he probably didn’t expect it to garner that much attention.

Vintage Photographs Of London Fog That Inspired Numerous Horror Stories

I suggest you read this post at night, in a dimly lit room, with a candle flickering in your window. Maybe this way you’ll get closer to that eerie atmosphere of the early 20th century London, covered by its famous thick fog.

5 Comics Show How Differently Moms And Dads Are Seen In Public

If you’re a parent you’ve probably noticed that the public opinions about moms and dads tend to differ quite a bit.

Artist “Normalizes” Cartoon Characters And Now Internet Fights Over Which Is Better

Illustrator Roosa Karlsson aka TheNamelessDoll, has a name for that specific female character look you’ll see in almost every Disney animated movie.

World’s Largest Delta 3D Printer Can Print Almost Zero-Cost Houses Out Of Mud

When 3D printing was introduced, it promised to change the world. And thanks to The World’s Advanced Saving Project (WASP) that might not have been just some empty words.

Artist Creates Exploding Trash Sculptures To Remind Us How Much Stuff We Own

Argentinian artist José Luis Torres has been taking out the trash, painting it in vibrant colors and putting it back in cities across Canada as sculptures.

This Puzzle Book Won’t Let You Flip The Page Until You Solve It

You thought Kafka was difficult to read? Well, prepare for the next level of difficult. We’re talking about the Codex Silenda – a book that won’t let you flip the page until you solve its puzzles.

Man Finds Dead Worm In His Cucumber, And Tesco’s Response Will Go Down To PR History

Have you ever had an awful customer service experience? Of course you have. Sometimes you don’t even report your problem just to avoid dealing with the reluctant agent on the other end of the line.

This Ring Lets You Feel The Heartbeat Of Your Loved Ones Wherever You Are

Have you heard about that Apple Watch function where you can send your heartbeat to anyone? Well, a company called TheTouch has decided to take it a step further and implement the same functionality into a ring.

Abandoned Orient Express Train Show The Luxury Travel Of The Past

The Orient Express is one of the most iconic trains ever created, and up to this day, it reminds us of what a luxurious mode of transportation trains once were.

Abandoned Olympic Venues Show How Much Money Is Wasted On The Games

Brazil has received quite a bit of criticism for spending billions on the Olympic games while postponing projects that would benefit the country’s struggling citizens.

NASA Captures Rocket Flames Like No One Has Seen Before With A New Camera

Recently thousands of spectators have gathered to witness the test of a new booster (QM-2) for NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) –  the most powerful rocket booster engine in the making.

Illustrator Draws Pokémon As If They Were Real

Getting close to finding all the Pokémon characters? No, you’re not. And it’s thanks to illustrator and character designer Totomame, who is constantly creating more of these cute beasts.

Pilot Captures Incredible Aerial Shots Of Bangladesh

Bangladeshi aviator Shamim Shorif Susom has managed to combine his passions of flying and photography with the love of his country.

Illustrator Draws Funny Everyday Moments That Make The Relationships Special

It’s not the big Hollywood moments that make the relationship special, it’s rather those small everyday moments that color the whole picture.

Pac-Man’s Creator Toru Iwatani Shows Original Concept Drawings From 1980

Pac-Man has been around longer than I have, so I always sort of just took it for granted. I never had a thought about Pac-Man going through the usual stages of video game development.

IKEA Trolls Kanye West And Now The Internet Joins In

Back in March (in)famous rapper Kanye West expressed interest in a collaboration with furniture manufacturing giant IKEA.