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Action Toys Come To Life In Stunning Images By Japanese Photographer

Japanese photographer Hot.kenobi plays with his action toys and uses photography to tell their entertaining stories.

Photoshop Troll Continues To Take Photo Requests Too Literally, And It’s Hilarious (10 New Pics)

Hide your photos and lock your computers, because the infamous Photoshop troll James Fridman is back!

Cherry Blossoms In This Japanese Town Are Now In Full Bloom, And It Looks Out Of This World

Spring is here! Well, that is true if you’re in the Eastern Japanese town of Kawazu, which celebrates Spring a bit earlier with its 8000-strong array of cherry blossom trees.

10 Most Realistic Pokémon Fan Art Ever

How cool would it be to see your favorite cartoon characters in real life? Well, concept artist, creature designer, and illustrator Joshua Dunlop, is doing something about it by reimagining his favorite Pokémons as if they were wild animals and belonged in our reality.

Arabic Words Explained With Illustrations Of Their Literal Meaning

Graphic designer and an architect Mahmoud El Sayed was always fascinated by word manipulation, and now he found a way to express his fascination with this personal challenge of illustrating Arabic words and the meanings behind them.

22-Year-Old Man With Sleep Paralysis Recreates His Nightmares In A Terrifying Photo Series

22-year-old photographer Nicolas Bruno has been suffering from sleep paralysis for 7 years now. That means that he frequently experiences his nightmares vividly, and sometimes even confuses them with reality.

This Tiny House In Belarus May Look Small, But It Fits A Family Of Three And A Dog

One family in Belarus has moved into their do-it-yourself micro house which takes up only 16 m2 (around 160 square feet) and where every single inch is put to good use.

10 Creative Collars That Will Take Your Dress Shirt Game To The Next Level

Do collars bring up the images of some boring corporate office job? Well not for long, because we have a whole collection of creative collars that will open up new possibilities for your daily outfits.

14 Pics Of Boyfriends ‘Forced’ To Take Those ‘Perfect’ Instagram Shots

If done right, those perfect Instagram shots look effortless and snapped just at the right moment. But believe the ‘Boyfriends Of Instagram’ – they’re not.

Meet Hilda, The Forgotten Plus Size Pinup Girl From The 1950s (10 Pics)

You’d be pretty accurate when saying that the media in the 1950s was promoting the image of a woman’s beauty that was skewed towards the curvy slender models like typical pinup girls.

After 17 Years Nokia Will Re-Launch Their Legendary Phone, The 3310

In the year 2000, Nokia has released the 3310, a phone that changed the whole mobile phone game. And now, 17 years later they are re-launching it!

Alphabet Of Phobias (26 GIFs)

A is for Anthophobia (the fear of flowers), B is Barophobia (the fear of gravity), C is for… all of these fears make up for a pretty terrifying Alphabet of phobias.

Finally Van Gogh Gets His Own Action Figure, And Yes, You Can Detach His Ear

Spider-Man has it, Batman has it, and finally, Vincent van Gogh has his very own action figure! Created by the art website Today Is Art Day, this figurine is made especially for those who are a bit kookoo for the classic art.

Rio’s Olympic Facilities Are Falling Apart Only 6 Months After The Games

Only six months ago the last Olympic medal was given away in the Rio’s state-of-the-art Olympic village.

Artist Illustrates The Most Ridiculous Requests To Work For Free

If you’re a starting artist who is still building up a portfolio, then you’ve probably dealt with clients who expect you to work for free. Well, Toronto-based illustrator and graphic designer, Emmie Tsumura, had enough of these requests so she turned them into an illustration series.

Unseen Tokyo Storefronts In Watercolor By Polish Artist

Tokyo has earned the name of one of the most futuristic cities in the world with its otherworldly architecture and nightly neon glow.

7 Incredibly Detailed 3D Floor Plans Of Your Favorite TV Shows

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like working at Dunder Mifflin, Pearson Hardman, Department of Parks and Recreation of the city of Pawnee?

Fantasy Dolls Hide Dark And Twisted Worlds Inside Their Bellies

We find ourselves in the intersection between cute and creepy when we’re looking at the Mari Shimizu‘s fantasy dolls, which despite being adorable on the outside, hide dark and twisted worlds inside their bellies.

Met Museum Makes 375,000 Pieces Of Classic Art Available To Use For Free

New York City’s famous Metropolitan Museum of Art has announced that 375,000 art pieces out of their immense collection are now available for everyone to use free of charge and without restrictions.

15 Artists Whose Sketchbooks Are Like Mini Art Galleries

Even in this highly digitized world, the stereotype of an artist always carrying a sketchbook around is still very much alive.