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Breathtaking Nature Entries For The National Geographic Photo Contest 2014

The National Geographic Photo Contest – one of the greatest annual photography competitions in the world – has already begun accepting photos for all three of its major categories – Nature, Places, and People.

Caricature Artist Inserts Mr. Bean’s Face Into Historic Portraits

Do you remember Mr. Bean, the iconic TV comic persona? What about his famous recreation of the historic Whistler’s Mother painting?

Illustrator Re-Imagines The Simpsons’ Springfield As A Gloomy Desolated Town

Tim Doyle, an Austin, Texas-based illustrator and print-maker, expresses his love for comic books, video games, and television with beautiful works of art, like these chilling and gloomy images of The Simpsons’ Springfield that caught our eye.

New Beautiful Backlit Paper Light Boxes By Hari & Deepti

In their new series “Oh, The Places You Will Go,“ artist couple Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panickeer, aka Hari & Deepti, depict curious mythology- and sci-fi-inspired scenes in their captivating hand-cut paper art boxes.

Judging America: Photographer Exposes Our Prejudices In Portrait Pair Series

Dallas-based photographer Joel Parés challenges our most common prejudices with a straight-forward photo project called “Judging America.” The project has a GIF animation for every one of his subjects, which are first presented as caricatures of horrific or simply ridiculous common prejudices against their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, profession, or marital status.

Artist Uses Domestic Sewing Machine To Create Stunning Embroidery Sculptures

Meredith Woolnough is Australian visual artist who creates intricate embroidered tracings resembling the original art of nature.

How Kissing, Barking, And Other Things Sound In Different Languages

James Chapman is a young Manchester-based physicist and designer who makes witty posters and cartoons that show how common words and expressions sound in different languages.

Notebooks Covered In Embroidered Veins, Holograms, And Floral Patterns

There’s quite a quirky and creative shop on Etsy called Fabulous Cat Papers that has a wide range of beautiful handmade notebooks with intricate embroidery.

Whispers Of Autumn In Magical Photography By Alex Greenshpun

Autumn is probably the most inspiring season for nature photographers. This is definitely the case for talented Israel-based photographer Alex Greenshpun, who focuses on autumn in her photography.

18 Of The Most Brilliant Modern Table Designs

The table is the centerpiece of every kitchen and/or dining-room, often commanding the whole room with its colors, materials and design.

5-Year-Old Girl With Autism Creates Stunning Paintings

Autism can cripple an individual’s ability to socially interact and express themselves in ways that most of us can understand.

Big City Junk And Trash In Tiny Dioramas By Satoshi Araki

Many artists have set out to conquer the miniature world, but most of them do so by creating colorful, bright, and funny scenes.

Animals Carry The World On Their Backs In Majestic Sculptures By Wang Ruilin

Chinese sculptor Wang Ruilin creates epic animal sculptures that he calls “Dreams.“ This series portrays various sea and land creatures as majestic guardians of the world, carrying its burden on their backs or seemingly becoming the world themselves.

Mother Of Two Creates Adorable Bento Lunches For Her Sons

Li Ming, a mother of two from Singapore, knows how to make her sons appreciate the food they get. She has created more than 100 cartoon food artworks – charabens, or character bentos – for her sons’ lunches, and it doesn’t look like she plans to stop any time soon.

The Overwhelming Symmetry Of Hong Kong’s Architecture Captured By Peter Stewart

Australian photographer Peter Stewart has found a novel photographic perspective on one of the most populated places in the world – Kong Kong.

Ordinary Mushrooms In A Magical World By Vyacheslav Mishchenko

Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko is back with more enchanting macro photography. This time, he has trained his camera on the wonderful world of mushrooms, which happen to be in season right now.

The Origins Of 200 Dog Breeds Explained In Adorable Posters

LA-based artist Lili Chin did an amazing job drawing and grouping around 200 dog breeds by their geographic origins.

Photographer Recreates Iconic Photos With John Malkovich As The Main Subject

Established photographer Sandro Miller, together with long time friend and Hollywood legend John Malkovich, created a witty project called “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to photographic masters.” As the title suggests, the creative duo’s photo series reimagines the world‘s most iconic portraits with Malkovich as the main subject instead.

Food Chain: Photo Series Reveals The Brutality Of The Animal Kingdom

Catherine Chalmers’ graphic and uncompromising “Food Chain” photo series offers a glimpse of the brutal kill-or-be-killed natural world – one that many artists and photographers like to ignore when dealing with nature and wildlife.

Ten Comic Strip Artists In The 40s Were Asked To Draw Their Characters Blindfolded

Back in 1947, LIFE Magazine asked ten contemporary comic strip artists to draw their famous characters for them.