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25 Photographers Who Clearly Think That The End Justifies The Means

How far would you go for the perfect shot? These folk right here already know the answer: as far as it takes, and then more.

Cheat Sheet For Every Beginner Photographer

Professional photography is hard, no doubt about it. But this cheat sheet will help those first dipping their toes into professional waters.

Dry Dog Wet Dog: Photographer Takes Portraits Of Pooches Before And After Bath Time

Wet dogs usually spell a wet disaster, especially when they shake themselves dry. Yet this didn’t deter Serenah Hodson from making the ‘Dry Dog Wet Dog’ portrait series!

Christina In Red: 1913 Color Photos Show That People Lived In Color Even 100 Years Ago

1913, one year before the Great War, wasn’t the best time for colored photography. But Mervyn O’Gorman still managed to take wonderful colored pictures of his daughter Christina.

Never Stop Riding: Clever Ads For Bike Sharing System In Buenos Aires

Traffic problems are one of the favorite complaints of city dwellers. Well, people of Buenos Aires can now avoid this is issue by using public bicycles.

Stunning Geometric Line Tattoos By Dr. Woo

Some tattoos don’t need slogans or colors – and Dr. Woo proves that with his fantastic geometric inks.

Stunning Photos Of Calbuco Volcano Eruption In Chile That Forced 1,500 To Evacuate

Volcano eruptions are, as a rule, spectacular events. And Calbuco volcano in Chile has erupted twice in the last day. Located in the southern Los Lagos region of Chile, it has erupted ten times since 1837.

No Needles, No Clinics: Hemolink Draws Blood At Home And Without Pain

Drawing blood has two major downsides: blood and needles. And guess what: HemoLink is a device that’s going to remove the needles from the equation and make blood drawing mostly painless.

‘Save The Bees’ Street Art In London To Raise Awareness About Colony Collapse Disorder

Colony collapse disorder is a colossal issue – and artist Louis Masai wants you take notice. His street art project “Save the Bees” aims to catch your attention by covering the walls of London with bees.

Dad Documents His Twin Daughters Having Twice The Fun

Having a twin is like having a natural friend who, as a bonus, looks just like you. And Akira Oozawa, a graphic designer, continues taking pictures of his identical daughters having childhood fun.

10-Piece Stackable Brain Specimen Coaster Set Perfect For Any Party

The head is the best place for the brain to be, unless you have a Futurama brain jar. However, these Brain Specimen Coasters are a good way to bring some brains to your party.

Scientists Find Kermit The Frog High In The Jungles Of Costa Rica

Kermit the Frog is one of the most recognizable denizens of the Sesame Street. And now, a scientist group discovered a frog that looks just like him.

Artist In Mexico Collects Garbage Washed Up From 50 Countries To Create Beautiful Art

Trash in the oceans is a great problem for everyone. Enough garbage washes up in Sian Ka’an reserve for Alejandro Duran to make Washed-Up, a project of sprawling trash art installations.

Fairytales And Dreams In Watercolor Paintings By Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Is this the real life? Is it just fantasy? In art by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, dreams become painted reality.

Winged Insect Sculptures From Old Computer Parts And Electronics Buzz With Life

The unfortunate truth is that computer bugs aren’t something we can squish with a slipper. However, Julie Alice Chappell looks at it from a different perspective when she makes Computer Component Bugs.

Incredibly Detailed Coloring Books For Adults Called ‘Doodle Invasion’

Coloring books are best left for adults – after all, they know how to paint inside the lines. Kerby Rosanes does just the thing – Doodle Invasion!

Beautiful Botanical Tattoos By Salem Witch Descendant

Running wild with flowers in your hair might be a fun activity, but it’s hard to do it all year long.

Japanese Restaurants Serve Dam Curry Rice That Brings Catastrophic Food Flooding To Your Plate

Japanese curry rice is one of their most popular foods, but it’s not usually sophisticated in presentation.

Artist With Synesthesia Can See Music As Colorful Paintings

Synesthesia actually lets you paint with the colors of the wind, if it’s loud enough. This rare neurological phenomenon also enables Melissa McCracken to paint music.

Japanese Craftsman Masterfully Restores Old Books

Nobody ever doubts Japanese craftsmanship. And this Japanese craftsman demonstrates his skills by restoring an old dictionary to a near mint condition.