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22 Brilliant Ways To Reinvent The Stairs

Many creative interior designers and architects would leap at the opportunity to reinvent and reinterpret the artery of every multi-storied home – the stairs.

21 New Colorized Historic Photos

Old black and white photographs, with their mysterious historical contexts, engage our fascination and curiosity far more than a black and white photo without history ever could.

Underwater Puppies: New Photo Series By Seth Casteel

Do you remember photographer Seth Casteel’s adorable underwater dog photography series? Now, the New York- and LA-based photographer is back with a sequel capturing the first moments of little puppies diving into the water for the first time.

Modern House In Tehran Has Rooms That Rotate 90° With The Push Of A Button

The remarkable 4-story Sharifi-ha House in Tehran has a built-in system allowing each of its rooms to rotate up to 90 degrees.

Even A Pile Of Logs Can Be Turned Into Art

Here is proof, once again, that a creative mind can turn pretty much anything into art. This time, it’s creative log piling – apparently, some artists enjoy creating delightful artistic compositions of mundane log piles that sit in one’s barn or backyard for the entire winter.

Amusingly Disturbing B&W GIFs Made From Historic Photographs

NYC-based art director and designer Kevin Weir has released a series of ghostly GIFs based on historic black and white photographs depicting war scenes and portraits.

Russian Artist Creates Colorful Illustrations Out Of Colored Paper

Moscow-born artist Yulia Brodskaya creates stunningly intricate typography and illustrations out of colored paper.

Six Industrial Silos Turned Into Cartoonish Giants By Os Gemeos

Six massive industrial silos on the Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada, have been wonderfully transformed into six vividly colored giants by Brazilian graffiti artist duo Os Gemeos.

These Galaxy Beddings Will Bring You Closer To The Stars

The glut of galaxy-related products on the market makes it easier for fans of psychedelia and the cosmos to bring themselves closer to worlds and stars unknown.

Dad Makes Colorful Animal Pancakes For His Kid

Pancakes have become a new delicious art form. In the hands of a talented person, even pancake batter can become a perfect media for drawing.

Mother Turns Her 2-Year-Old’s Scribbles Into Watercolours

Canada-based artist Ruth Oosterman creates expressive and highly imaginative paintings in collaboration with her 2-year old daughter Eve.

Artist Draws Fun Letters That You Can Squeeze, Pull, And Bend

Berlin, Geneva and Vancouver-based artist Cyril Vouilloz, aka RYLSEE, creates amusingly interactive 3D typography.

IKEA Instructions: How To Make Your Very Own Movie Monsters

Everyone knows how simple IKEA’s instructions are, or at least how simple they look – a missing step (or screw) can confound the whole process.

Hypnotizing Wilderness Landscape Carved Out Of Wood

After almost 2 years of on-and-off preparation and work, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based artist duo Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth are almost finished with their new woodcut print, called “Overlook.” The meticulously intricate woodcut of a speckled landscape with forests, mountains and lakes will be soon available as a three-color print, the final size reaching 28” x 46”.

25 Creative And Unusual Lamp Designs That Will Cast Your Room In A New Light

Lighting is often the most important part of a room. It shapes the room’s atmosphere and mood, and even influences your energy, productivity and creativity.

Clever Car Key Holder Design Looks Like Mini Garage

Looking for your car keys is the last thing you want to have to do before rushing out to work. We’ve seen plenty of key holders on the market, but few dedicated specifically for the car keys.

22 Brilliant Necklace Designs To Spice Up Your Style

Jewelry design is probably one of the most crowded fields in the fashion industry, with pendants and necklaces marching at the forefront.

It Took This Photographer 100,000 Pics And 3 Months To Get These Surreal Smoke Shapes

It took 100,000 photographs and three months of work for photographer Thomas Herbrich to capture these breathtaking images of cigarette smoke.

Photographer Finds Real-Life Locations Of Our Beloved Movie Scenes

Canadian photographer and film geek Christopher Moloney hunts down the real-life locations of iconic movie scenes in his on-going “FILMography” project.

Artist Cuts Hair Into Photo-Realistic Portraits

Roberto Perez, better known as Rob the Original, is a San Antonio, Texas-based contemporary artist and hair stylist who uses his clients’ hair as his canvas.