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The Inverted Architecture and Gravity-Defying Worlds of Cinta Vidal

In her latest series of paintings, Barcelona-based artist and illustrator Cinta Vidal Agulló defies gravity and architectural conventions to create encapsulated scenes of intersecting perspectives.

Elegant Fine Line Geometric Tattoos by Dr. Woo

With delicate lines, dots, and geometric patterns, LA-based tattoo artist Dr. Woo creates some of the coolest tattoos we’ve seen in quite a while.

Stellar Caves: Immersive Tunnels of UV-Illuminated Thread Drawings by Julien Salaud

Over the last year, French artist Julien Salaud has installed several new works as part of his “Stellar Cave” series involving elaborate thread drawings illuminated by ultraviolet light.

5 Mètres 80: An Absurd Animation Depicting a Herd of Giraffes on a High Dive by Nicolas Deveaux

OK, this is ridiculous, but in the best way possible. Spending too much time describing this short film by French animator Nicolas Deveaux would ruin it, so it’s probably best to just watch it.

Superb Edit of Nature Footage Set to “Hello Tomorrow” by Karen O

Hey, Happy Earth Day! What better way to celebrate than watching remarkable footage of wildly random creepy crawly things in slow motion set to Hello Tomorrow by Karen O.

New Large-scale Geometric Illusions in Paris by Felice Varini

Photo © André Morin Swiss artist Felice Varini (previously) recently opened a new solo exhibition titled “La Villette En Suites” featuring a number of anamorphic projections designed to be viewed from a single location creating an uncanny optical illusion.

Stackable Brain Specimen Coasters Reveal a 3D View of the Human Brain

The brilliant minds at ThinkGeek just launched this stackable set of 10 glass coasters imprinted with illustrations of the brain.

Book Conservationist Nobuo Okano Repairs Tattered Books to Make Them Look Brand New

For the past 33 years Japanese craftsman Okano Nobuo has been repairing tattered books and reconstituting them to look brand new.

Designer Sylvain Viau Imagines the Hover Cars We Were Promised

For his ongoing series Flying Cars, French designer Sylvain Viau digitally edits photographs of cars into sleek, wheel-less hover cars that appear to float just above the ground.

Ceramic Cephalopod and Jellyfish Air Plant Holders by Cindy and James Searles

California-based artists Cindy and James Searles make call kinds of handmade ceramic air plant holders in the form of jellyfish, squid, octopi, and other underwater creatures.

Branching & Looping Wooden Tables by Michael Beitz

Artist Michael Beitz (previously) designed two more of his amazing sculptural tables in the last year.

Sponsor // Get 50% Off the Craftsy Online Class ‘Sketchbooks: Drawing the Everyday’

Masterpieces are born in the artist’s sketchbook, but are your drawing skills up to the challenge? Luckily, Craftsy is here to help.

New Urban Geodes on the Streets of L.A. by Paige Smith

Surrounding an exhibition at Maker City LA, artist Paige Smith A.K.A. a common name (previously), began to install new crystalized rock formations around the streets of LA.

Winged Insects Built from Repurposed Computer Circuit Boards and Video Game Systems

Portsmouth, UK-based artist Julie Alice Chappell works with components salvaged from old computers and video game systems to make an entire taxonomic order of circuit-based insects.

Meticulously Handcrafted Paper Objects by Zim & Zou

Master paper crafting duo Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann of Zim & Zou (previously) continue to create some of the most eye-catching paper illustrations around.

Washed Up: Alejandro Duran’s Site-Specific Found Plastic and Trash Installations

Working along a single stretch of coastline in Sian Ka’an, Mexico’s largest federally-protected reserve, artist Alejandro Duran collects countless bits of trash that washes up from locations around the world.

Raw & Rendered: Experimental 3D Artworks by Joey Camacho

In early 2014, Vancouver-based graphic artist Joey Camacho set out to learn more about rendering images using Cinema 4D and Octane Render, with the goal of creating a new piece each day.

Photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson Captures the Joy of Young Afghan Skateboarders

All images © Jessica Fulford-Dobson Australian skateboarder Oliver Percovich created the non-profit Skateistan in 2007, a grassroots project that connects youth and education through skateboarding in Afghanistan.

Layered Glass Sculptures Mimic the Everyday Drama of the Natural World

White Water, all images provided by K. William LeQuier Plume Medusa Maelstrom Euphoria Curl No. 5 Cabriole Glass artist K.

Blowtorch Filigree: Lace Patterns Delicately Cut from Industrial Steel Objects by Cal Lane

Gutter Snipes, 2011, Courtesy Art Mur Gutter Snipes, 2011, Courtesy Art Mur Gutter Snipes, 2011, Courtesy Art Mur Car Bombing, 2007, Courtesy Art Mur Car Bombing, 2007, Courtesy Art Mur Car Bombing, 2007, Courtesy Art Mur Car Bombing, 2007 Veiled Hood #2, 2014, Couresy Art Mur Veiled Hood #3, 2014, Couresy Art Mur Ammunition Box, 2011, Courtesy Art Mur Cal Lane works in a series of “Industrial Dollies”, producing works that use contradiction to create an empathetic form.