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New Miniature Hand-Thrown Ceramics and Equipment by Jon Almeda

We continue to be amazing by ceramic artist Jon Almeda's (previously) incredibly tiny vessels thrown by hand on a miniature clay wheel.

Win $500 in Merch with Artist Shops by Threadless (Sponsored)

Want to win some free merch and create an online store for your art? Sign up and create an Artist Shop for a chance to earn $500 worth of merchandise from your own shop!

Electroluminescent Installations Highlight Loneliness in a New Short Film by ‘3hund’

Installing beacons in scenes of thick forests and milky lagoons, German duo Tarek Mawad and Friedrich van Schoor of collective 3hund produced the film LUCID in order to capture the melancholy mood of these displaced works.

Aerial Shots of the Bright and Colorful Goods Sold by Street Vendors in Vietnam by Photographer Loes Heerink

Fascinated by the colorful arrangements of flowers and fruits strapped to the bikes of street vendors in Vietnam, photographer Loes Heerink began climbing onto different bridges around Hanoi to capture these pops of color on the streets. Heerink loved that each of the vendors creates a new piece of art everyday, and that the collection of goods they bring into town differs each morning.

Assembled Figurines by Garret Kane Appear to Burst with the Seasons

Assemblage artist Garret Kane just unveiled this new series of figurative sculptures depicting fractured individuals who appear to merge with the seasons.

Birds Appear in the Negative Space of Shattered Windowpanes in a New Intervention from Pejac

All photos by Sasha Bogojev Barcelona-based artist Pejac (previously) was recently in Rijeka, Croatia where he completed a number of new artworks as part of a residency with the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Bright Environmental Paintings Focused on Survival by Artist Julie Heffernan

Artist Julie Heffernan's paintings are technically complicated, layers of detail filling her often 5-foot-tall canvases.

A Child’s Drawings Turned Into Realistic Imaginings of Animals, Cars, and People

An artist is turning his 6-year-old son Dom’s wild imagination and childlike drawing skills into realistic renderings of animals and cars, transforming rough sketches into Photoshop masterpieces.

Architectural Sculptures by David Moreno Look Like Wild Pencil Sketches

Working with hundreds of steel rods and pieces of piano wire, Spanish artist David Moreno constructs unwieldy sculptures that look like 2D sketches.

Light Cycles: Bicycle Wheels Rigged with LEDs Create Tron-Like Light Trails

Filmmaker Mike Gamble and VFX creator Tom Wood had the wild idea of rigging up a few mountain bikes with LEDs and trying to create light trails similar to the lightbikes in Tron.

A Spectacular Close-Up View of a Fiery-Throated Hummingbird

Photographer Jess Findlay recently captured this amazing shot of a firey-throated hummingbord while shooting in the Talamanca Mountains in Costa Rica.

Digital Artist Mike Winkelmann Creates Daily Conceptual Illustrations Spanning Nearly a Decade

For over 9 years, graphic designer and digital artist Mike Winkelmann (aka Beeple) has endeavored to create a new digital illustration every single day.

A Mass of Tangled Red Yarn Unravels from a Loom to Overtake a Brazilian Chapel

Tatiana Blass, “Penelope” (2011), carpet loom, wool yarn, chenille at the Chapel of Morumbi. Photos by Everton Ballardin In 2011, Brazilian artist Tatiana Blass pierced the walls of a Sao Paulo chapel with large masses of red yarn, letting the bright material trail into the surrounding grasses, landscape, and trees.

Explore the Role of Dynamic Media in Communication Design at MassArt (Sponsor)

Image: Andrew Ringler: Music Sequencing, 2016 The MFA: Design (Dynamic Media Institute) at MassArt explores the role and possibilities of dynamic media in communication design.

Airportraits: Composite Flight Path Photos Capture Planes Landing and Departing from Worldwide Airports

For his ambitious Airportraits series, photographer Mike Kelley sets up camp outside of airports and meticulously photographs planes as they takeoff and land—shooting thousands of photos per location.

New Wearable Textile Sculptures by Artist Mariko Kusumoto

Courtesy of Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA Artist Mariko Kusumoto (previously) continues to amaze us with her ability to turn textiles into delicate orbs that can be worn as necklaces, brooches, and rings.

Gritty Low-Fi Animations of Surreal Creatures by Ori Toor

Tel-Aviv based illustrator and animator Ori Toor has been cranking out some super unusual animations on his Tumblr titled Looopism.

A Temporary Lawn Planted Amongst a Patchwork of Persian Rugs

Tending to his work like a garden, New York-based Austrian artist Martin Roth grows grass within the fibers of Persian rugs, constantly watering his works to ensure the grass grows lush from within the dense fabric.

Otherwordly Pencil Sculptures by Jennifer Maestre

Originally inspired by the form and function of a sea urchin, artist Jennifer Maestre constructs unwieldy organic forms using pencils and pencil shavings that bloom like unworldly flowers.

Polygons: A Versatile Measuring Spoon Inspired by Origami Folds

Instead of juggling a ring of measuring spoons while cooking in the kitchen, what if standard measurements were combined into a single flat tool that adjusted at the pinch of your fingers.