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Vibrant Oil Paintings of Scottish Landscapes by Scott Naismith

Working with thick brushes and palette knives, artist Scott Naismith carefully reveals the interplay of light and clouds over his native Scotland.

Van Gogh’s World Seen Through the Perspective of a Tilt-Shift Lens

All images via melonshade Despite our humble opinion that Vincent van Gogh’s works are stunning as is, we were pleasantly entertained by the simple shift in focus made to his paintings by Reddit user melonshade.

Towering Murals by NEVERCREW Confront Equally Monumental Issues

Swiss-based artists duo Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni are the artists behind NEVERCREW, a street art collaboration that now spans over two decades.

Illuminated Portraits of Live Portuguese Man-o-War’s Captured by Aaron Ansarov

An ex-military photographer, Aaron Ansarov retired from the Navy in 2007, transforming his skills to create commercial work for magazines and focus on his own practice.

Organic Creatures Crafted from Plastic Cable Ties by Sui Park

Amoeba. Fish. Sea anemone. Aliens. These are all fair interpretations of Korean artist Sui Park's sculptures and installations made from interlocked cable ties.

Colourflow: Dizzying Experimental Particle Animations and Renderings by David McLeod

Australian digital artist David McLeod creates amazing animations and renderings of moving particles trapped within invisible spheres or cubes.

A Fascinating 3D-Printed Light-Based Zoetrope by Akinori Goto

Media artist Akinori Goto designed this fun 3d-printed zoetrope that when lit from the side reveals dancing or walking people.

Technicolor Rainbow Tape Floor Installations by Jim Lambie

Image via The Modern Institute Collectively titled Zobop, Jim Lambie's vinyl tape installations mark off floors and stairs with colorful and repeating patterns, typically consisting of seven to nine rotating hues.

An Antique Piano Eviscerated in Half Connected Only by a Wishbone

We’ve long marveled at artist Maskull Lasserre's masterful ability to carve anatomical details into everyday objects.

Hand-Cut Mandalas and Other Intricate Paper Works by Mr. Riu

All images via @mr_riu Japanese artist Mr. Riu takes paper cutting to an intricate extreme, crafting mandalas and elaborate figures with a precision work tool called the swivel knife.

The Rescued Film Project Acquires Trove of 1,200 Undeveloped Rolls of 1950s Era Film

The Rescued Film Project recently made a huge discovery: nearly 66 bundles of film dating from the 1950s.

Retro Photoshop Toolbar Pin

Design and photography nerds rejoice, the original toolbar from Photoshop 1.0 is now available as a fun 3″ enamel pin created by Max Temkin.

New Miniature Anatomical Sculptures and Jewelry Carved From Pearls by Shinji Nakaba

Shinji Nakaba (previously) is a master of carving carefully into miniature objects, creating skulls and other anatomical forms from pearls no larger than the end of a finger tip.

Gravity-Defying Shoes Installed on the Streets of London by Pejac

All photos by Gary Van Handley. For his first ever public intervention in London, street artist Pejac (previously) created four installations of sneakers hanging from lamposts with a slight twist: the shoes dangle up instead of down.

Double Exposure Tattoos by Andrey Lukovnikov

Tattoo artist Andrey Lukovnikov has been producing a series of tattoos reminiscent of multiple exposure photography where several images are superimposed to create a single image—or perhaps the digital equivlent, clipping masks as used in Photoshop or Illustrator.

Floral Elements Embroidered Directly on Antique Soldiers’ Helmets

“Kill for Peace” (2016), soldier’s helmets, sweaters. Cross-stitch, drilling, Industrial needle punching.

Halo Effect: Swimmers in Thailand Surrounded by Clouds of Bioluminescent Phytoplankton

When photographer Will Strathmann was recently in Krabi, Thailand, he decided to head out during a full moon to witness the effects of bioluminescent phytoplankton in the nearby Andaman Sea.

A Photo Series Featuring an Oversized Dachshund and Her Owner Adventuring Around Brooklyn

Writer, photographer, illustrator, and director Mitch Boyer got the idea to Photoshop his tiny dachshund Vivian to an enormous scale after wanting to see her portrayed the same size of her mammoth personality.

Aerial Shots That Demonstrate The Stark Divide Between Rich and Poor

Papwa Sewgolum Golf Course © Johnny Miller / Millefoto During apartheid, barriers were both constructed and modified to segregate urban spaces—roads, rivers, and large stretches of open land separating rich neighborhoods from the poor.

A Glimpse Inside a Handmade Theme Park, 40 Years in the Making

In the early 1970s a man named Bruno (previously) started building simple rides in a forested area in northern Italy near his family’s restaurant in an attempt to attract customers.