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Slow Motion Time-lapse Pairs Blooming Flowers with Crawling Insects

Umwelt is a short film by Japanese artist Yoshiyuki Katayama that depicts an elegant series of flowers blooming in slow motion.

Giant Starling Mural in Berlin by Collin van der Sluijs and Super A

All photos © Nika Kramer/Urban Nation Netherlands-based artists Super A (previously) and Collin van der Sluijs (previously) teamed up earlier this year to paint this phenomenal mural titled Starling on the side of a residential building in Berlin.

VW Cars Compressed into Perfect Spheres and Cubes by Ichwan Noor

Photo © Sharon Pittaway Indonesian sculptor Ichwan Noor (previously) takes the iconic components of vintage VW vehicles and warps them into perfect spheres and cubes.

Elaborate Hand-Painted Persian Carpets by Jason Seife

In this new series of paintings, Miami-based artist Jason Seife deftly renders the intricate patterns of old Persian carpets with a mixture of acrylic and ink.

New Ocean Reefs Comprised of Rolled Paper by Amy Genser

For artist Amy Genser, paper is pigment. The Connecticut-based artist cuts, rolls, and arranges countless tubes of mulberry paper mounted to Masonite boards to produce vibrant reef-like canvases.

Off the Grid: A Couple Spends 24 Years Building a Floating Island in Canada

Twenty-five years ago artists Catherine King and Wayne Adams made the realization they would never have enough income to afford real estate so they made a fairly radical decision: they would build an island.

New Surreal Oil Paintings That Subvert Vintage Vacation Photos and Historical Landscapes by Paco Pomet

“Adam’s Office” (2016), oil on canvas, 120 x 160 cm Spanish artist Paco Pomet (previously) references the appearance of vintage vacation photos and vast historical landscapes in his surreal oil paintings, works that offer a subtle humor from their often grayscale palette.

Handmade Floor Rugs in the Shape of Your Favorite Foods by SurfaceWerks

Wisconsin-based artist and educator Carly Dellger started her Etsy shop SurfaceWerks in 2012, a store dedicated to her crochet rugs in the shape of avocados, cacti, and sunny-side up eggs.

Outfits Sourced From German Public Transportation Fabric by Menja Stevenson

“Bustour S (Stuttgart public bus)” (2006), all images © Menja Stevenson Like most that read this article, German artist Menja Stevenson has had her fair share of rides in city buses and trains, each of which has forced her (and you) to sit on top of garishly designed uniform seating.

A Shimmering Mylar Wave Undulates Above Downtown LA

Spanning 15,000 square feet, the installation Liquid Shard subtly sways above downtown Los Angeles’s Pershing Square, a glittering band of what appears to be silver streamers.

Hybrid Kinetic Insects Carved from Wood by Dedy Shofianto

Mechanical Horn Centaur Beetle, 2015. 100 x 100 x 150 cm. Jati Wood, Pine Wood, Electric Dynamo. Indonesian artist Dedy Shofianto creates unusual kinetic sculptures of insect-like creatures by carving almost every component from wood.

Sponsor // Fill Your Fall With Art and Design Certificates at Parsons

Make the most of back-to-school season at Parsons School of Design, part of The New School in NYC. Develop invaluable creative skill sets, and set out on a new career path in industry-leading areas like Graphic and Digital Design, Fashion Business, Fashion Design, Interior Design and Architecture Studies, and Fine Art.

New Camera Allows You to Zoom in to the Surface of the Moon. Way In.

In a great example of just how powerful consumer cameras have become, watch as this Nikon P9000 zooms into the night sky, transporting you from a parking lot in France to the surface of the moon.

New Surgically Sliced Porcelain Dishes Reveal Vibrant Floral Insides

With layers of porcelain surgically peeled back like skin, UK artist Beccy Ridsdel (previously) reveals the colorful internal workings of ceramic dishes.

Incredible Wooden Book Is a Series of Puzzles That Have to Be Solved to Continue Reading

Merging two of the ultimate pastimes—books and puzzles—the Codex Silenda has to be physically solved in order to read it.

The Milky Way Reflected Onto the Largest Salt Flat in the World

All images via Daniel Kordan Determined to find a destination where he could photograph a completely dark sky, Russian photographer Daniel Koran traveled to the Altiplano region of west-central South America, an area known for its absolute darkness, and which rises 12,300 feet above sea level.

Aerial View of a Hawaiian Volcano Reveals a Giant Smiley Face

Last week while flying above the Pu’u O’o crater in Hawaii, filmmaker Mick Kalber of Tropical Visions Video and pilot Colin Burkhardt were met with a cheerful surprise: the raging hot volcanic interior had cracked in the form two lava eyes and a long crooked mouth.

New Ethereal Worlds Encapsulated In Wood and Resin Rings

The jeweler Secret Wood (previously) has been producing even more miniature cities and landscapes, each ethereal universe living inside a resin geometric dome on top of their handmade wooden rings.

Production Studio Cooks Up Series of Stop-Motion Paper Meals

PAPERMEALS is an ongoing series of culinary animations by Melbourne-based production studio yelldesign.

JR Installs Giant Athletes Interacting With the City of Rio

French artist JR just unveiled two new works in Rio ahead of the 2016 Olympics that depict enormous athletes interacting with the city.