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Thread Paintings: Densely Embroidered Portraits by Cayce Zavaglia

When scouring through the minute details of artist Cayce Zavaglia’s embroidered portraits (previously), it’s difficult imagine each work is scarecely larger than 8″ x 10″.

Thanksgiving Special: How Famous Artists Would Plate Thanksgiving Dinner

Piet Mondrian René Magritte Vincent van Gogh Pablo Picasso Jackson Pollock Georges Seurat Andy Warhol In this quirky series of photos titled Thanksgiving Special, San Francisco-based artist Hannah Rothstein imagines Thanksgiving dinners as plated by famous artists throughout history.

Trash and Found Objects Transformed into Birds by ‘Bordalo II’

Lisbon-based street artist Bordallo II (previously) recently completed work on two new bird installations, an owl and heron, created from painted trash and other objects affixed to a wall.

The Inner Workings of Antique Calculators Dramatically Photographed by Kevin Twomey

While our modern day gadgets are certainly compact and slick, they’re also incredibly boring when compared to the intricate inner-workings of their predecessors.

Psychedelic Poured Paint and Resin Paintings by Bruce Riley

Chicago-based artist Bruce Riley fills canvases with abstract organic forms made from layer after layer of dripped paint and poured resin.

Sponsor // Mount Gay Presents Four Original Spirits

Mount Gay, the world’s oldest existing rum house from the island of Barbados, has created four video portraits of “Original Spirits” who share their values of heritage, craftsmanship and hands-on artistry.

Turn Boring Vegetables into Spaceships and Racecars with Le FabShop’s 3D-Printable ‘Open Toys’

If you’re interested in advanced techniques for playing with your food, the team at le FabShop just released a series of 14 components you can download, print, and attach to your favorite vegetable, effectivle transforming turnips into helicopters and eggplants into submarines.

Majestic Black and White Studio Portraits of Goats and Sheep by Kevin Horan

Ben #1, 2014. Photo © Kevin Horan. Sherlock #2, 2012. Ella #1, 2014. Photos © Kevin Horan. Carl #1. Photos © Kevin Horan.

Blu’s Massive New Mural in Rome Turns 48 Windows into Faces

View full detail Italian street artist Blu (previously) just wrapped up work on this giant mural that wraps around two sides of a building in Rome.

Twisted and Curled Forms Carved from Pine Wood by Xavier Puente Vilardell

Brussels-based sculptor Xavier Puente Vilardell turns blocks of wood into twisting, curled objects that look more like scrolls of paper or pieces of fabric than lumber.

New 360° Stories Cut into Paper Books by Yusuke Oono

Japanese graphic designer and architect Yusuke Oono (previously) released a trio of new laser-cut storybooks including depictions of ‘Jack in the Beanstalk’ and Mount Fuji.

Porcelain Dishware Covered with Marine Life by Mary O’Malley

New York-based artist Mary O’Malley (previously) continues her fantastic amalgamations of porcelain dishware encrusted with ocean life titled Bottom Feeders.

Artist Sculpts a Horse from Molten Glass in Under Two Minutes

In a period of about 90 seconds, this glass artist transforms a molten blob of glass into a horse using little more than a pair of pliers, gravity, and a lifetime of practice.

How to Fold the World’s Best Paper Airplane

Back in 2012, former Cal Berkeley quarterback Joe Ayoob broke the Guinness World Record for the longest distance in paper airplane flight using a plane designed and folded by John Collins.

Concentrically Layered Ceramic Sculptures and Vessels by Matthew Chambers

When stopping to consider these masterful ceramic objects by artist by Matthew Chambers, a flood of familiar images came to mind as I tried to understand what I was looking at.

A Mechanical Shark Mural by ‘Phlegm’ in San Diego

Sheffield-based muralist and artist Phlegm just unveiled this awesome mechanical shark mural for PangeaSeed’s Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans festival in San Diego.

Hand-Built Porcelain Sculptures by Nuala O’Donovan Mimic Fractal Patterns Found in Nature

Irish artist Nuala O’Donovan sculpts intricate hand-built porcelain forms that resemble fractal patterns found in nature.

Sponsor // Art By Chance Ultra Short Film Festival – Accepting Submissions Through November 27

The Art By Chance Ultra Short Film Festival is accepting submissions for 30-second films from all over the world through November 27th.

Surreal Pencil Drawings of Lips by Christo Dagorov

Switzerland-based illustrator and artist Christo Dagorov has this unusual series of pencil drawings that transform the texture of lips into trees or roots, the aerial layout of a city, and other human forms.

Architectural Landmarks Created with Bicycle Tire Tracks by Thomas Yang

Earlier this year we mentioned Thomas Yang over at 100copies used the prints from bicycle tire treads to create a poster of the Empire State Building.