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Tyler Orehek’s Collaborates With His Five Year Old Son To Create Vintage Photographs

Tyler Orehek’s photographic interest lies in vintage-style photography, which he creates with his young son, also Tyler, as the subject of his portraits.

Ewa Juszkiewicz Paints Surreal Portraits Of Mollusk-Headed Women

The women in Ewa Juszkiewicz‘s portraits have experienced a decapitation of an unusual sort: their heads replaced by a series of inanimate object from plants to mollusks.

Photographer Guido Argentini Honors The Feminine With His Silver Nudes

Demeter and Persephone Artemis Cassandra and Clytemnestra Aglaea Fluid, pliable, and sleek—Guido Argentini’s models are not only painted silver, they look to be made of the molten metal.

Joseph McVetty Conjures Up Drawings Full Of Skulls, Cults And Rituals

Joseph McVetty must think it’s Halloween every day. His subtle pencil drawings are littered with groups of scantily clad people carrying out strange ceremonies and rituals.

Mallory Morrison Captures The Frozen Beauty Of Women Floating And Falling In Water

These stunning images come from photographer Mallory Morrison‘s latest series, FOG, and combine the unearthly nature of life underwater with the beauty of the human form.

The Black Math Draws Intricate And Mysterious Symbols Over The Faces Of Beautiful People

Melbourne-based artist The Black Math (TBM) changes the meaning of portraits by adding simple line art to the subjects of the  photographs.

Keith Allen Phillips Creates Subversive Images Of Nude Women Covered With Sweets

Browsing through Keith Allen Phillips’ website, I found many sexy portraits of nude women, but with his series Messy, he takes his photography in a different direction.

Qiu Minye Captures Light And Time Standing Still In These Glowing Photographs

In his new show “My God” Qiu Minye presents us with a new way of seeing. Well, he at least offers us a new way of experiencing objects and the recording of those 3-dimensional things with photography.

Joey L. Captures The Strange And Familiar Halloween Costumes Of Brooklyn’s Trick-Or-Treaters

  At just 24 years old, Ontario-born and Brooklyn-based artist Joey L. boasts an impressive portfolio.  Renowned for his diverse collection of portraits ranging from well-known celebrities to tribes encountered during his travels in Ethiopia, his work demonstrates “proof of an artist equally comfortable with the familiar and the exotic.”  In his annual “Halloween in Brooklyn” series, Joey L.

Gareth Pugh’s Mind-Bending Fashion With A Ritualistic Twist

We’ve covered designer Gareth Pugh’s funhouse fashion before, and his 2015 ready-to-wear line is no less delightfully deranged.

Fascinating Portraits Of Criminals Covered In Russian Prison Tattoos

Tattoos, historically, have been on the bodies of sailors and prisoners. It’s only in relatively recent years that they’ve entered mainstream society and lost some of their negative social stigma.

Two Food Artists Who Create Ghoulishly Delicious Treats Perfect For Halloween

Ruth & Sira Christine McConnell Christine McConnell Ruth & Sira With Halloween just around the corner, costumes don’t have to be the only spooky things you you do to celebrate the holiday.

Breathtakingly Ephemeral Portraits Created With Flowers And Seeds

When vegetal artist Duy Anh Nhan Duc and photographer Isabelle Chapuis collaborate, the resulting images of people and flowers are anything but cliché.

Sarah Hallacher’s Gifs Show The Painful Effects Of Technology And Social Media After A Breakup

Sarah Hallacher’s gifs explore the different opportunities for pangs of heartbreak that exist in social media and technology.

Multimedia EYE Project Invites Citizens To Sit In The Chair Of Surveillance

Working with one of the most socially relevant and controversial topics of recent years, artists Pascal Leboucq and Lucas De Man have installed a clever take about what it means to be surveilled, to survey and to be under surveillance.

Felipe Pantone’s Hi-Gloss Works Blur The Line Between Graffiti, Design And Hallucinogenic Patterns

Complete with slick, bold colors and lens flairs, artist Felipe Pantone livens up walls and urban environments with his murals.

Wei Li Makes Dangerous Popsicles In The Shape Of HIV And Other Viruses

San Francisco-based artist and designer Wei Li is making tasty treats with unpalatable connotations. Would you lick a cactus?

Aisha Zeijpveld’s Dreamy Pastel Portraits Celebrate The Absurd

  Based in Amsterdam, photographer Aisha Zeijpveld specializes in conceptual portraiture and works as a freelancer for myriad commercial magazines.

Marc Sinaj’s Hyperrealistic Sculptures Are So Good, People Complain About Them

Marc Sinaj has such an eye for detail and dedication to quality, that his sculptures have observers constantly mistaking them for actual people.

Tyler Spangler’s Spooky Neon Portrait Remixes

Tyler Spangler’s digital collages rehash old portraits to uncanny effect. He mixes faces like batter or melts them like wax.