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Mithu Sen’s Great Wall Of Teeth (And Other Visual Poetry)

Mithu Sen did not begin her career in visual expression. Her work has evolved quite a bit to get to the point of creating an 80-foot long installation that is essentially one giant denture.

Tomas Januska’s Gravity Series Defys The Laws Of Nature

In his photographic series, Gravity, Tomas Januska takes snapshots of human bodies in unnatural and usually impossible poses.

Holly Stewart, Kansas City Grandmother, Loves Crafting Penises

  Kansas City grandmother Holly Stewart is arousing lots of love and laughs over her current art show at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, featuring intricately crafted penises.

The Death And Decay Of Disco

In a country with literally dozens of celebrated historical monuments, photographer Antonio La Grotta pays tribute to a different sort of relic: discotheques, abandoned and decaying.

Jeff Koons And Other Art Stars Bring Awareness To Scarcity Of Clean Water Around The World

Mary Jordan’s Water Tank Project brings to the New York skyline a beautiful and pertinent reminder that water is, in most respects, sacred.

RARE PRESENTS: Zenvironments Apparel By Zach Johnson

Beautiful/Decay has been a friend and supporter of artist and illustrator Zach Johnson for many years.

Evelyn Benicova’s Anonymous And Bizarre Groupings Of Naked Bodies

Evelyn Bencicova’s photography is stark and haunting, which could probably in part be attributed to the headless-ness of her subjects in most of her works.

Sex Monsters: A Group Exhibition That Will Make You Blush

  This exhibition themed around sex will definitely separate the prudes from the promiscuous. Aptly titled “Sex Monsters”, 10 different artists explore the topics of gender bending, prostitution, fetishism and vice.

Noa Raviv’s 3D-Printed Dresses Make Math Look Good

Designer Noa Raviv‘s “Hard Copy” collection has been bending space-time as well as turning heads all over the fashion world.

Taylor Marie Prendergast’s Subversive Depictions Of Playboy Bunnies

We normally think of the Playboy Bunnies as busty blondes with smiles on their faces. Taylor Marie Prendergast, however, shatters that stereotype in her pen and ink drawings that feature the women in a much different light.

Alexandra Becker-Black’s Watercolor Portraits Seem To Emerge From The Ether

Portland painter Alexandra Becker-Black is talented beyond her years. Her paintings, soft-spoken and carrying the nearly absent weight of a shadow, illuminate the body in its pure and natural state.

“Nature” Violently Overtakes Jess Riva Cooper’s Beautiful Ceramic Busts

Jess Riva Cooper’s ceramic sculptures are as beautiful as they are disgusting. Her works have the viewer going back and forth between pleasure and revulsion, creating a welcome confusion to be examined.

Oliver Jones’ Drawings Examine Advertising And It’s Effects On The Ideals Of Beauty

You Can Shine 3 Steps to Younger Looking Skin Pt.1 Because Younger Looking Eyes Never Go Out Of Fashion Maybe She’s Born With It British artist Oliver Jones scrutinizes the media and its impact on self image for his newest exhibition titled, Love the Skin You’re In.

Maja Daniels’ Touching Series On Alzheimer’s Patients

Photographer Maja Daniels is studying aging. Her photo series “Into Oblivion,” shows the raw and fragile lives of those living in an Alzheimer’s ward.

“It’s Not Milk” – Ivan Alifan Entices Us With Sexually Charged Portraiture

   Looking at Ivan Alifan‘s sexually charged paintings is like watching a private orgasmic moment that we haven’t asked permission to see.

Sean Scheidt Photographs Before And After Burlesque Transformations

Everyone loves a Before and After, and Sean Scheidt’s photography series “Burlesque” is a wonderful example of the power of makeup, costume, props, and attitude.

Unreal Holographic Wire Sculptures By Seung Mo Park

South Korean artist Seung Mo Park crafts wire into sculpture and the two-dimensional into the three-dimensional.

Davis Ayer’s Dreamy And Nostalgic Photographs Of Women In Desolate Lands

    Davis Ayer is an LA based photographer who shoots on a Mamiya RZ, has mastered the art of the double exposure, and has an unbending attraction toward what is beautiful.

Ikea Style Instructions To Assemble Your Favorite Monsters

Black and white line illustrations, no written instructions, umlauts scattered like rose petals, that smiley cartoon guy—this certainly looks familiar.

Brad Wilson’s Soul-Bearing Portraits Of Rare Animals

Often there is a thick line that separates the fact of human and animal conscience. Brad Wilson’s portraits demonstrate the profound character each of his animal subjects possess.