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Dillon Utter Paints Gritty Portraits Of Individuals Often Overlooked

Based in New York, figurative artist Dillon Utter has a penchant for portraits. With a strong focus on urban decay and everyday encounters with others, Utter presents intimate portrayals of people we would otherwise look right past, such as tenants, workers, drifters, and the elderly.

Nasa Funahara Recreates Famous Artworks Out Of Masking Tape

Nasa Funahara recreates iconic artworks, like The Mona Lisa, and Girl With A Pearl Earring out of masking tape.

Nicola Yeoman’s Thoughtfully-Arranged And Moody Installations Create Surreal Perspectives

British set designer and artist Nicola Yeoman creates optical illusions via temporary installations. The complex arrangements use well-scoped vantage points and specifically-lit sets that conjure fantastical scenes.

Millicent Hailes’ Provacative Photos Mirror Relationships In A Strip Club

  Photographer Millicent Hailes recently completed a two-month stay in Los Angeles where she traversed some of the city’s finest strip clubs.

BLU Transforms Old Warehouse Windows Into Eyes For Larger Than Life Characters

Street Artist BLU‘s latest mural is just as ambitious and wonderful as his previous projects. Known for his playful murals he paints onto brick walls, gravel paths, water tanks, forgotten corners, construction sites, and abandoned buildings, he turns overlooked spaces into canvases for jaw-dropping paintings and animations.

Sandro Giodarno’s Photos Of Comedic Existential Angst

Sandro Giodarno‘s photographs are like Saturday morning crime scenes. The victim? Dignity, mostly. His carefully choreographed pictures show a snapshot of cartoonish tragedy.

Colorblind Cyborg Artist Neil Harbisson “Hears Color” Through Antenna Implanted In His Skull

   Though born without the ability to perceive color, artist and activist Neil Harbisson’s work, career, and life are anything but monochromatic.

Taxi Driver Candidly Snaps Passengers Riding In His Back Seat

  Mike Harvey was a taxi driver in Swansea who began ferrying passengers around on the night shift to fund his trips overseas.

Artist Interview: The Amazing And Prodigious Creative Skills Of Stefan G. Bucher

Stefan G. Bucher is a graphic designer, illustrator, author, creator of monsters, and pursuer of obsessions.

Frank Magnotta’s Absurdist And Surreal Pencil Drawings Inspired By Americana

Graphite artist Frank Magnotta creates absurdist Americana-inspired images that are heavily saturated with symbolic elements and a farcical outlook on the modern world.

Jessica Dance Crafts A Turkey You’ll Want To Snuggle With

Photo credit: David Sykes Photo credit: David Sykes Photo credit: David Sykes Photo credit: David Sykes London-based artist Jessica Dance specializes in creating handcrafted models, props, and sets that have a wide-range of commercial appeal clients include Vogue, Vanity Fair, Google, and more).

Artist Arranges Thanksgiving Meals Into Iconic Works Of Art

Jackson Pollock Piet Mondrian Pablo Picasso Vincent Van Gogh Just in time for the holidays, self-proclaimed “painter, illustrator, writer, jeweler, and up-to-no-gooder,” Hannah Rothstein has cooked up a Turkey-day treat.

Mandy Roos Reimagines Retro Sci-Fi Footwear

Designer Mandy Roos injects psychedelic playfulness into her series, “Invasion of the Foot Carrier.” Calling upon the specters of miniature foam spaceships, Shatneresque choreography, and gold lamé, Roos’s conceptual line of footwear is a Technicolor tumble into the days of past future.

Max Gärtner’s Incredibly Intricate Animal Stencils

Max Gärtner is a man with seriously good cutting skills. And an amazing talent for line work. He draws the heads of bears, tigers, birds, wolves and humans with an incredible intricacy.

Exclusive Craftsy Online Class Offer “Painting An Allegory: Concept To Canvas”

   At Beautiful/Decay we have been partnering with Craftsy, a cutting-edge, multileveled online art class platform and community that brings art classes to your home with versatility and convenient features.

Low Viscosity: Todd Davis’s Exquisite Photographs Of Neon Colored Smoke

    Photographer Todd Davis doesn’t just take snapshots of gas and fluids, he creates beautiful, ever-interesting abstract images that are impressive and captivating.

Yoon Ji Seon’s Intricate Self Portraits Use Hanging Threads As Hair

Artist Yoon Ji Seon crafts her collection of self-portraits by intricately stitching photographs with a sewing machine.

Paul Kaptein Tricks The Eye With His Exquisite Handcrafted Wooden Sculptures

        Australian sculptor Paul Kaptein handcrafts laminated wood into exquisitely seamless sculptures.

Artist Jessamyn Lovell Tracks Down The Person Who Stole Her Identity And Gets Revenge

In 2011, a woman named Erin Hart stole artist Jessamyn Lovell’s wallet, and eventually her identity, racking up credit card charges, parking tickets, and even a theft charge in Lovell’s name.

Lizabeth Eva Rossoff’s “Terracotta Army” With Pop Culture Heads

San Francisco-based artist Lizabeth Eva Rossoff has created a mashup of iconic statues and and characters in contemporary popular culture.