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Lucid Dreaming: Romy Maxime’s Romantic Photography Of Musicians Using Infrared Film

Romy Maxime has been experimenting with an interesting medium of late – Infrared film (typically used in military surveillance).

The Black Glass Sculptures Of Elliott Walker Recall Alien-Like Geodes With Colorful Hidden Centers

Sometimes less is more. By adding just a tiny bit of contrast artist Elliott Walker turns all black glass sculptures into striking objects with a flash of color.

Contorted Beauty: René Benjowski’s Sensual And Surreal Photography

René Benjowski is a Berlin-based self-taught photographer who finds beauty, horror, and sensuality in dark, private rooms.

Pierre Schmidt’s Melting Faces Show Us The Terrifying Beauty Of The Subconscious Mind

Artist Pierre Schmidt constructs surreal worlds filled with the inner horrors of the subconscious, both terrifying and beautiful.

Anish Kapoor’s Dark Whirlpool Installation Churns Ceaselessly Beneath An Old Movie Theater

In a place usually left to stillness and silence, black waters churn ceaselessly. Anish Kapoor, a London-based artist known for his sculptural installations using stainless steel, PVC, and other media, has created a whirlpool beneath the wooden floorboards of a former movie theater in San Gimignano, Italy.

Kiva Ford’s Unbelievable Miniature Glass Jars And Bottles Fit Between Your Fingers

Avid glass blower Kiva Ford spends most of his days making complex glass instruments for use in the science lab.

Nike Schroeder’s Large-Scale Embroidery Portraits Examine Female Body Ideals

The work of Los Angeles based artist Nike Schroeder is full of a complex hybrid of mediums, as she integrates textiles, painting, and installation into her art.

Cute Or Creepy: Jason Freeny Exposes the Organs And Bones Of Our Favorite Childhood Toys

Artist Jason Freeny scoops out the insides of our favorite toys and characters, and sculpts their inner organs and skeletons.

Flower House: Lisa Waud Fills Abandoned Buildings In Detroit With Thousands of Flowers

  There’s something delightfully creepy about an abandoned house in a remote part of the woods filled with several thousand flowers.

Short Film “Shiloh” Powerfully Explores Self-Identity Using Dance And Colored Powder

Shiloh (2014). By Gabriel Moreno. “Shiloh” is a creative short film that uses dance footage and bursts of colored powder to explore self-identity.

Magic Eye: Ari Fararooy’s Surreal Self Portraits Made With Mirrors Will Play Tricks On Your Eyes

Just like you shouldn’t trust everything you read on the internet, you shouldn’t believe everything you see.

James Bullough Paints Realistic Portraits With A Fractured Edge

Artist James Bullough channels the spirit of graffiti and street art in his incredible figure paintings.

Artur Bordalo Sculpts Colorful 3D Animal Murals Out Of Recycled Trash On City Streets

Artur Bordalo (aka Bordalo II) is a street artist who has created a series of wall-sized animal murals using paint and clever reconfigurations of recycled trash.

The Seven Deadly Sins In The Artwork Of Gurt Swanenberg

Taking cues from a 17th century practice known as taolennou, Gurt Swanenberg creates a new series of compelling sculptures.

Urban Artist Deck Two Sketches A Massive 29 Foot Long Version Of His Perfect City

The massive large scale ink drawings of French graffiti artist Deck Two are a narrative that you can really get immersed in.

Mono Kuhn’s Photograph Of Nudes Display A Surreal, Enigmatic Journey Of The Inner Self

Through the lens of Mona Kuhn, images turn into memories that slip through your fingers. Her photography captures fragmented pieces of time, filled with shameless beauty with an ethereal aura.

Painter Jenny Morgan Looks At Life Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Jenny Morgan’s paintings are cool portraits of women (mostly self) and other odd figures that seem to recall kool-aid acid test colors and the feelings that go along with them.

Istvan Sandorfi’s Hyperrealistic Paintings Of Vanishing, Ghost-Like Bodies

Istvan Sandorfi (1948-2007) was a Hungarian painter known for his hyperrealistic oil paintings of cloth-draped and vanishing figures.

Antonella Arismendi Splices Fashion Photography With Visual Art To Explore Multiple States Of Consciousness

Lava Flows Lava Flows As Above so Below Tephra Antonella Arismendi is an Argentine fashion photographer and visual artist whose colorfully esoteric works explore alternate planes of consciousness.

Photographer Alexander Khokhlov Comments On Popular Culture Using Facepaint

  Using imagery taken from popular culture, photographer Alexander Khokhlov creates whimsical portraits of models with famous logos on their faces.