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Artist Interview: Anoka Faruqee’s Optical Paintings Will Twist And Bend Your Perception

Anoka Faruqee, 2014P-07, Acrylic on linen on panel, 22.5 x 22.5″, 2014 Anoka Faruqee, 2014P-21, Acrylic on linen on panel, 22.5 x 22.5″, 2014 Anoka Faruqee, 2014P-06, Acrylic on linen on panel, 22.5 x 22.5″, 2014 When walking towards a painting by Anoka Faruqee your eyes refuse to settle.  Turquoise, formed into an elongated triangular band, is pinched between two golden curves.  The turquoise is misbehaving.

Hassan Hajjaj’s All-Girl Moroccan Biker Gang

Photographer Hassan Hajjaj‘s latest project focuses on the sub culture of young women bikers from Marrakesh.

Rachel Whiteread Casts The Invisible Space Between Objects And Architecture

Rachel Whiteread’s architectural installations are recognizable objects made with unexpected materials.

These Aren’t Your Grandma’s Embroideries: Alaina Varrone’s Erotic Stitching

Alaina Varrone is a embroidery artist who, according to her, was born to a family of weirdos and storytellers.

Queer Artist Wynne Neilly’s Powerful Self-Portraits Document Transition From Female To “Male”

Toronto based photographer Wynne Neilly‘s self-portrait project, “Female to ‘Male’” documents the artist’s exploration into his gender identity.

Distorted Ceramic Skateboards Influenced By Skateboarding Fails

The title “Skate Fails” evokes a series of aborted tricks and falls, but in the hands of ceramist Xavier Mañosa and Alex Trochut for Mañosa’s brand Appartau, it’s the skateboard itself that fails.

Provocative Neon Art Speaks To Web Slang

Since the internet, the never-ending evolution of words and phrases changes like the blink of an eye.

Erik Johansson’s Photos Appear So Realistic You Might Believe They’re Real

Swedish photographer Erik Johansson creates surreal photographs that capture the supernatural in the everyday.

Francis Upritchard’s Technicolor Mystical Figures

Artist Francis Upritchard sculpts, paints, and conjures up different figures and artifacts. Alluding to different ancient tribes and cultures (Native American, Maori) Upritchard creates objects soaked in sentimentality.

The History Of Military Uniforms From The 11th Century To The Present

Huscarl, Battle of Hastings, 1066 Mounted Knight, Siege of Jerusalem, 1244 Fighting Archer, Battle of Agincourt, 1415 Yorkist Man at Arms, Battle of Bosworth, 1485 In his series Soldiers’ Inventories, photographer Thomas Atkinson showcases the change in military kits of British soldiers over the course of 1,000 years, from 11th century to most recent days.

Portraits Of Patients With Facial Paralysis Show A Terrible Beauty

Sage Sohier spent three years at a facial nerve clinic, photographing people in the beginning stages of treatment of facial paralysis for her series “About Face.” The portraits of men, women, and children of all ages and ethnicities with varied causes and visible extents of paralysis are striking.

Akira Nagaya’s Intricate Paper Cutouts Look like Drawings Out Of A Sketchbook

Akira Nagaya is a Japanese artist whose intricate cut-paper creations largely depict the beauty of nature.

Olafur Eliasson Installs A River Inside a Danish Museum

Olafur Eliasson, a well-established Danish/Icelandic artist, has installed an imitation dried riverbed in the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark.

Gay Men’s Vagina Illustrations Prompt Book Project

“Gay Men Draw Vaginas” is exactly the project it sounds like. Three years ago, Keith Wilson and Shannon O’Malley were eating at a restaurant with a group of homosexuals when the topic of vaginas came up.

Photos Of Life In Retirement Highlight The Fun Had In Old Age

There’s a city in Arizona that caters exclusively to retirees and where residents must meet be a minimum of 55 years or older.

Whimsical Paintings Reveal How Animals Are Created

Mexican artist Ricardo Solis has re-imagined both the divine and evolutionary theories on the origin of life.

Jim Goldberg’s Powerful Series “Rich & Poor” Reveals The Dichotomy Between The Affluent And Destitute

USA. San Francisco, California. 1977. “My life is personal, but I will tell you one thing I’m too fat.” USA.

Wim Delvoye’s Photographs Give Mundane Messages Monumental Exposure

In 2000, Belgian multimedia artist Wim Delvoye composed a series of photographs which appear to capture text and note style messages etched on the side of mountain faces.

Invasive Jewelry That Harvests Energy From Human Body

Blinker. Placed on the bridge of the nose and across the eyelids, it harvests energy from eye-blinking.

Jennifer Loeber Photographs Her Dead Mother’s Belongings To Cope With Her Grief

When photographer Jennifer Loeber’s mother died, Loeber began to photograph her belongs as a way of coping with her grief.