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Shawn Huckins Replicates Paint Swatches While Integrating Imagery Into Every Hue

The detailed paintings of Shawn Huckins portray common, day-to-day imagery while flawlessly integrating it into what seems to be miniature paint swatches.

Julien Salaud Creates Stellar Caves With Glow In The Dark Thread

Julien Salaud is a French artist who creates incredible thread drawings that light up like constellations under ultraviolet light.

Meghan Smythe Sculpts The Fleshly Contortions Of Passion And Death

Young Unbecoming (2015). Ceramic, glaze, glass, resin, epoxy, and plasticine. Young Unbecoming (detail view) (2015).

Salavat Fidai Fashions Minuscule Pop Culture Sculptures Out Of The Tips Of Pencils

Russian artist Salavat Fidai creates miniscule sculptures with a ubiquitous yet unusual material – graphite pencils.

Colorful 3D Printed Nail Art Is Turned Into Adorable Animations

Nail artist Hatsuki Furutani has combined the love of designing incredible patterns for nails with her interest in cute narratives and scenarios.

The Chaotic Darkness Of Tomohide Ikeya’s Waterlogged Photography

Tomohide Ikeya is a Japanese photographer whose underwater nude portraits walk the line between serene beauty and the terror of death and drowning.

Nico Ordozgoiti Brings Renaissance Statues To Life With Hyperrealistic Painting

In the series Paint Job, Spanish art director Nico Ordozgoiti infuses some color onto Renaissance statues.

Ana Strumpf Redesigns Fashion Magazine Covers By Adding Eye-Popping Colors And Patterns

Artist Ana Strumpf uses creative color schemes and patterns to redesign fashion magazine covers. In her series Recover, trend-setting magazine like Vogue and Vanity Fair are transformed into whimsical worlds with eye-popping patterns complete with quirky make-up added on to the models.

Kehinde Wiley’s Bold Paintings Reconfigure The Way African American Culture Is Portrayed

Kehinde Wiley‘s impressive painting career is being celebrated at the Brooklyn Museum in a grand exhibition that is open right now.

Matt R. Martin’s Atmospheric Paintings Display Technical Skill And Eerie Nudes

In this day and age of digital and high tech art, painter Matt R. Martin looks to redefine the traditional nude.

Jason Thielke’s Laser-Cut Figures Contain Dissecting Lines Like Blueprints Of The Body

The dissecting cuts and lines shooting across the work of artist Jason Thielke create incredible images of figures full of expression.

Joanne Leah’s Photography Is Brimming With Beauty And Despair

Joanne Leah‘s photographs have a kinetic aura, a dark mysterious crackle of energy that seems to hint at struggle and loss.

Mikael Aldo’s Conceptual Photography Explores Scenes Of Emotional Intensity And Transition

Mikael Aldo is an Indonesian photographer who creates ambitious scenes that are both intimate and epic.

Ellen Jewett Sculpts Flowing Creatures Woven With Tiny Plants, Animals, And Objects

Ellen Jewett is a Canadian artist who creates flowing sculptural fusions of plants, animals and objects.

The Vegan Cakes Of Stephen McCarty Are Cosmic And Delicious Mandelas

Chef Stephen McCarty is giving new meaning to the relationship between art and cuisine. Under the name Sukhavati Raw Desserts he creates cakes which are made from all vegan ingredients and decorated with exquisitely designed Mandelas.

Osamu Yokonami’s Voyeuristic Photos Of Groups Of Girls Off In A Distance

Japanese photographer Osamu Yokonami’s voyeuristic series Assembly features groups of young women who all dress the same.

Peace Not War: Artist Replaces Soldiers Guns With Flowers

Multi-media installation artist, video maker, designer and all-round talented guy Mister Blick has made some beautiful collages.

Ebony Patterson’s Complex And Chaotic Installations Question Race And Gender Politics

Ebony G. Patterson constructs immense and elaborate installations filled with everything you can think of.

Francesca Dimattio’s Mystical Cracked Ceramic Sculptures

When you first witness Francesca Dimattio’s work you forget post-modernism and pummel head long into post-apocalyptic armageddon.

Alessandra Maria’s Beautifully Eerie Drawings On Coffee-Stained Paper

Artist Alessandra Maria uses tools like graphite, gold leaf, and black ink to produce her intriguing portraits.