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Kathy Klein’s Intricate, Multi-Textured Floral Mandalas

Kathy Klein is a devout lover of plants, and she translates this admiration into a series of natural mandalas.

David Emmite’s Photographs Of Whimsical Still Life

Photographer David Emmite snaps pictures of a different kind of still life. A plate of spaghetti and meatballs is supplemented with yarn and knitting needles; a thick steak is cut directly from the flesh of a table, finely marbled by wood grain.

The Brilliant, Natural Colors Of The Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Photo credit: Jordi Guzmán Photo credit: Ikka on Flickr Photo credit: Meiguo Xing Photo credit: Yunnan Adventure These majestic, bird’s eye view images are of the remote Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces located in China’s Yunnan province.

Nickolay Lamm Creates “Normal Barbie” Called Lammily Who Has The Same Body Issues As Us

Designer Nickolay Lamm has designed a “Normal Barbie,” who has the same body issues as “regular” people.

Skwak poster prints for sale in B/D store!

One of our best and zaniest magazine covers (which is saying something!) was designed by French illustrator Skwak, exclusively for B/D Issue J.

Tully Arnot’s Tinder-Based Sculpture Hilariously Comments On Online Dating

Tully Arnot has a great sense of humor. His sculptures, installations and videos all have a subtle sarcasm to them, and are all a clever commentary on the man/machine connection, and the part technology plays in contemporary society.

Seth Globepainter’s Dreamlike, Rainbow-Colored Murals

French muralist Seth Globepainter paints large, expansive scenes of people on the cusp of going some place else.

Japanese Pop Artist Keiichi Tanaami Courts The Dark And Surreal In New Large Scale Paintings

Notoriously awe-inspiring Japanese pop artist Keiichi Tanaami has featured some spectacular new works in his show Cherry Blossoms Falling In The Evening Gloom. Since 2010, Tanaami has focused his energy toward the creation of large scale paintings focusing on prominent elements of his childhood, living in wartime Japan.

The Sleek Photography Of Petrina Hicks Seduces Us With Girls And Snakes

Sydney based photographer Petrina Hicks produces large scale, hyper-real, glossy images reminiscent of advertising catalogs or billboards.

Matthieu Bourel’s Surreal Collages Are Quietly Strange

Matthieu Bourel creates surreal collages that, despite their dream-like qualities, feel somehow rooted in reality.

Holiday Poster Sale: Spotlight On Alex Trochut’s Tremendous Typography

Barcelona-based graphic designer Alex Trochut is one of the most innovative typographic artists we’ve ever seen.

400 Foot High Hammock Installation Is Pretty Damn High

Both base jumpers and highliners gather in the Moab desert every fall to play with heights, but this year a 400 foot high hammock installation brought them closer than ever. The construction of this net, called the Mothership Space Net Penthouse, was headed by Andy Lewis and completed with the help of 50 base jumpers over a period of three days.

Become A Beautiful/Decay Contributor!

Do you know thousands of artists and designers who need to get some well deserved exposure? Do love writing about art and want an outlet?

Paul Yore’s Dazzling Tapestry Cheerfully Welcome Us To Hell

Australian artist Paul Yore uses colorful applique, sequins, weaving, and more to depict a world that seems cheerful, but is the opposite of sunshine and rainbows.

Sheida Soleimani Dissects Iranian Politics Through Confrontional “National Anthem” Series

Artist Sheida Soleimani has translated her frustration with her home country Iran and it’s politics into a captivating and symbolically complex photographic series called National Anthem.

Kenji Shibata Photographs Of Frozen Flowers Float In Limbo Between A State Of Beauty And Decay

Photographer Kenji Shibata‘s latest exhibit, “Locked in the ether,” is full of contradictions. The flowers he photographs are dead but their last breaths are immortalized in ice.

The Placemat That Sucks Dirty Dishes Into An Alternate Universe Where They Never Have To Be Washed

What exactly is happening in this photo? This clever “trick mat,” designed by A.P. Works, utilizes a simple tweak with a standard grid pattern to alter an otherwise ordinary placemat with the illustion that the items on it are causing the lines to sink into some sort of “mat world vortex”.

Fishmerman Corey Arnold Gets Up Close And Personal With Wildlife

For 3 months of the year, Corey Arnold is a commercial fisherman. For the rest of the time he travels around Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas photographing the wildlife in a very sincere and earnest way.

Aitch’s Psychedelic Folklore-Inspired Illustrations

The Garden of Good and Evil The Garden of Good and Evil Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Coffins Romanian illustrator Aitch creates colorful images that are ripe with magentas, turquoises, electric yellows, and more.

Monica Cook’s Weird And Wonderful Drawings Explore The Revolting Side Of Humanity

  Brooklyn artist Monica Cook is a woman of many talents, with multiple personalities and identities.