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Norman Rockwell’s Reference Photos For His Iconic Paintings Revealed

Norman Rockwell (1894–1978) was a celebrated 20th-century American painter and illustrator, whose works became the imagery depicting everyday life in the States.

Inner Revelation- Maskull Lasserre Carves Skeletons Into Wooden Sculptures

Canadian artist Maskull Lasserre’s “recarved” sculptures are aptly named—Lasserre takes existing clichéd figural wood carvings and “exposes” the skeleton underneath.

Street Artist JPS Pairs Pop Culture Stencils With Silly Puns

Maybe you love puns, maybe you hate them. Whatever your stance on them, UK street artist JPS is a fan.

Nobody Notices Artist Lays Dead In A Public Park To Protest Michael Brown’s Killing

In the wake of the murder of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri by a policeman, and the subsequent protests of police brutality, tensions have been high among many communities.

Ludicrous Images Of Porn Stars In between Sex Scenes

Porn stars are faced with a conundrum. If they act well, can the audience believe that they’re enjoying the sex?

Absurd But Genius Inventions By Dominic Wilcox

Bed made from a template of Dominic Wilcox’s body. Tea cup with inbuilt cooling fan. Finger nose stylus.

Brian Dettmer Uses Surgical Tools To Carve Intricate Drawings Into Old Books

New York-based artist Brian Dettmer’s sculptural, multi-layered books are so intricate that they require him to use surgeon tools in his process.

The Strange World Of A Dwarf Theme Park In China

  After stumbling across a photograph on the internet depicting people posed in a dwarf theme park, Belgian photographer Sanne De Wilde conducted a little research and discovered that the Dwarf Empire, or Kingdom of the Little People, is a real theme park that operates in the Yunnan province of China.

Rodrigo Arteaga Merges Science And Art With His Handsome Maps Created With Bacteria

There are many kinds of maps to help find our way in this world. Political, road, and topographic maps may be familiar, but in Chilean artist Rodrigo Arteaga’s hands, maps are made by and of cultivated fungi.

Extremes Of North Korea’s Developing Capital Recorded Beautifully In This Time-Lapse Video

Videographer Rob Whitworth together with city-branding pioneer JT Singh create a stunning flow-motion panorama of the mysterious capital of People’s Democratic Republic Of Korea, commonly known as North Korea.

Pari Ehsan Thoughtfully Pairs Chic Outfits With Contemporary Art

   New York based interior designer Pari Ehsan marries high fashion and high art by posing in outfits that thoughtfully complement artworks, installations, and architecture, posting the results to Instagram and her website.

Ted Lawson Uses His Own Blood And Computers To Create His Large-Scale Drawings

At the Joseph Gross Gallery on September 11, 2014, Brooklyn-based artist Ted Lawson will debut his solo show entitled The Map Is Not The Territory.

Ethereal Photos Of Fireflies In Motion Capture The Lyrical Quality Of Their Light

Japanese photographer Takehito Miyatake’s images capture darkened compositions with illuminated trails of fireflies and forests.

Tony Hammond’s Wonderfully Minimalistic iPhone Photography

United Kingdom based photographer Tony Hammond takes beautifully minimal photographs using only his iPhone and bit of editing before posting the images to Instagram.

Judy Miller’s Imaginary Dioramas Place Celebrities In Strange And Absurd Situations

Judy Miller’s Imaginary Dioramas series is the kind of work that makes you think, “Wait, what?” The famous faces in the photos are recognizable, but off in some subtle way.

Meet The Families Who Live Among The Dead In Cairo’s Cemetaries

   In her project “City of the Dead”, Iraqi-Canadian photojournalist Tamara Abdul Hadi  documents the lives of families living in the cemetery of Bab al-Nasr in Cairo.

Mind Blowing Real-Time CGI Transforms A Models Face Into A Futuristic Canvas

   In his latest project OMOTE, Japanese producer Nobumichi Asai combines explicit real-time face tracking and projection mapping to create unbelievable transformations of a human face.

RARE Presents: Kristin Farr’s Pattern Obsessed Apparel Line

San Francisco based artist Kristin Farr creates colorful works that are heavily patterned, slightly psychedelic, and totally fun!

Lauren Tickle’s Exquisite Jewelry Made From US Currency

Artist Lauren Tickle uses an unconventional material for her accessories: US currency. Titled Increasing Value, the objects are made out of bills, silver, latex, and more, formed into intricate pieces that you can actually wear.

Painful Photographs Of Japanese Tsunami Survivors

In March 2011, an earthquake and tsunami struck Japan causing widespread damage and destruction across the country.