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Sunday link-o-rama

“the beauty of un-advertising” by VladyArt in Catania, Italy Got a few things that caught my eye recently, so I’m going back to the old link-o-rama format for a day: A group of anonymous artists installed a bust of Edward Snowden at a park in Brooklyn, but the piece was almost immediately taken down by the city.

#RexisteMX and the radical distribution of protest art

#RexisteMX, an anonymous collective of Zapatista-trained activists with a focus on using street art may at first appear to be your standard street artists with a political message, but that’s not quite right.

A bucket of black paint in the heart of Mexico

Censored mural by Ericailcane. Photo by RexisteMX. Editor’s note: This is a guest post from the anonymous artist/activist collective RexisteMX.

Le Jardin Rouge

Krito. Photo by UrbanPresents The Jardin Rouge is an artists’ residency center located in Morroco, near Marrackech, at the foot of the Atlas Mountains.

Aïda Gómez wins at street Tetris

Aïda Gómez saw a deteriorating wall in the Berlin subway and thought what we all think when we see a city’s infrastructure falling apart: “This is terrible.

Cash For Your Warhol is coming to Philadelphia

For years, I’ve followed the saga of Cash For Your Warhol, the Boston-based art experiment that’s been bugging art collectors, confusing the general public, and entertaining the street art world for years.

Street art for a rainy city

How have I not seen this before? Am I the only one? Rainworks is a series of street art pieces by Seattle-based artist Peregrine Church that will only appear when the ground is wet.

Tinder as a platform for art

Screenshots from Swipe Left So you’re swiping right and swiping left, swiping left and swiping right, swiping right and swiping left… Tinder is a practically mindless activity, at least anytime I’ve ever seen someone use it.

BR1 and Elfo’s tribute to Houdini

Okay, I know I should be publishing more than just ad disruptions, which seems to be all I’m writing about lately in one way or another, but this piece that BR1 and Elfo did in Istanbul just made me smile and I couldn’t not post it.

mobstr cracks the code

mobstr cuts through the crap with these latest ad takeovers. If you like what you see, here’s a link to mobstr’s online shop.

SOFLES – Graffiti Mapped – Presented by Juddy Roller

SOFLES – Photo by David Russell I was going to wait for my Jan/Feb post which is coming very soon, but this can’t wait and deserves its own post.

“Common Thread,” a stikman solo show opening soon in Philly

Today I’m very pleased to announce Common Thread, a solo show from stikman. It opens March 6th at Philadelphia’s LMNL Gallery, where I’ve been curating shows for the last six months or so.

Three mural hubs where the cracks are beginning to show

The Bushwick Collective. Photo by Mr Seb. What do Bushwick, Chicago, and Detroit all have in common? Their mural cultures are under threat.

“Bob-omb,” an all-GIF augmented reality exhibition in NO AD

A screenshot from Bob-omb, featuring stills of art by James Kerr (Scorpion Dagger) and Dave Whyte. Wow.

Winter break in Lisbon

Cane Morto (Italian crew) How can one not fall in love with Lisbon! When you walk the streets of this city, in tourist areas or less known places, you see art everywhere.

2014 Melbourne Catch Up and Wrap Up

WOW! It’s been way too long between posts! I feel bad that I’ve not been sharing all the goodness that is Melbourne over the last few months, so here’s a catch up of what I’ve missed and other cool stuff happening in and around Melbourne.

So we interviewed the host of Street Art Throwdown…

An illegal wildposted advertisement for Street Art Throwdown in Philadelphia, torn down and thrown in the trash.

From New Yawk City Walls to virtual reality

This weekend, a particularly forward-thinking yet historically mindful street and and graffiti exhibition opens at Long Island University.

Replacing ads with your own messages just got a lot easier

An ad for PublicAccess, I suppose Ever wanted to place your own messages into bus shelter advertising kiosks?

Je suis Charlie.

“we are all Charlie”, by Jef aerosol. Weapon, artist unknown. “JE SUIS CHARLIE.” I am sad, I am angry.