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Portals to a future of healing: uplifting women of color in public art

O Wind, Take Me To My Country by Jess X. Snow. Kingston, NY, ft. Safia Elhillo. Photo by Jess X Snow.

ALL BIG LETTERS: Exhibiting graffiti tools and strategy

Philadelphia graffiti. Photo by Steve Weinik/@steveweinik. On January 20th, I hope you’ll join me in Haverford, PA for ALL BIG LETTERS, an exhibition I’ve curated at Haverford College’s Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, just a few minutes outside of Philadelphia.

52 weeks of ad takeovers in NYC

Admittedly, things have been a bit quiet on the blog lately. Not very many posts on Vandalog, and you may be wondering what’s up, but we’ve been staying busy on a few major projects behind the scenes.

Choque Festival – street art or just marketing?

Pagu for Choque Festival. Photo by Jéssica Freitas. Vanessa Rosa, the author of this post, is an artist based in São Paulo.

America is still here.

As someone with family in the very red state of Oklahoma, I was especially happy to see Tatyana Fazlalizadeh install this message of strength and defiance in Oklahoma City over the Thanksgiving holiday. Painting a mural in Wynwood is easy, but unimportant.

Forged artworks, silly exhibitions, and the Banksy market

Melbourne’s controversial Banksy exhibition, curated by Steve Lazarides and unaffiliated with the artist, has been the target of much criticism since it opened last month.

Film the police!

Nether‘s latest mural is a tribute to bearing witness. SATYAGRAHA was painted in Baltimore as part of the Baltimore Rising exhibition at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Why is someone emailing me about Alec Monopoly, Mr. Brainwash, and Kim Kardashian?

An object by Kim Kardashian, available now on Paddle 8. The following is an open letter to a trio of people (I’ve removed their names) who emailed me about promoting this auction on Paddle 8, and asked for my advice on spreading the word.

Drills, not guns, with Icy and Sot

Gotta love Icy and Sot. I was sad to hear that the above installation didn’t last very long, but even the attempt is pretty fantastic.

Weekend link-o-rama

Lady Liberty at Pedro Reyes’ Doomocracy Between two projects launching at Creative Time and preparations underway for two major personal projects (more on one of those in just a moment), Vandalog has been pretty quiet lately.

Clickbait: The cash, flaws and ethics of “revealing” Banksy

Editor’s note: This guest post is by Peter Bengtsen, one of just a handful of academics worldwide whose research focuses on street art, and I highly recommend his book The Street Art World.

Molly Crabapple’s mural for Syrian refugees

Molly Crabapple shaped the visuals of Occupy Wall Street, her illustrations of places like present-day Syria and Guantánamo Bay have landed her in VICE, Vanity Fair, and The New York Times, and she’s about to open a solo show at Postmasters Gallery.

Beyond wallpaper: street art works

Photo courtesy of Hyuro Note: This post is in adaptation of what I presented last month at The Art Conference in London.

Justin Giarla closes galleries, moves to Portland, allegedly screws over his artists

Justin Giarla. Photo by Lynn Friedman. There was a time not to long ago when Justin Giarla loomed large over the street art/graffiti/low-brow/Juxtapoz-friendly art scene in San Fransisco.

Billboards bridging two realities

Over 2.3 million people are currently held in American prisons, jails, and detention facilities. Many of them will be there for years, even for life.

NDA’s time-warping mural in a small Virginia town

Fun story behind NDA‘s mural Fathers and Sons, which was painted last month as part of the Staufferstadt Artist Residency in Strasburg, Virginia.

Photos About Buff at Tendertrap

Next week, I’ll be exhibiting some photos at Tender Trap in Greenpoint as part of Andrew H. Shirley’s #frontallabotomy series.

Heads up: Beautiful new Swoon print coming this week

Swoon is releasing a new print this week, and it’s an image that her fans have been looking forward to for years: Alison the Lacemaker.

Dave the Chimp’s site-specific “human beans”

Fancy spray paint with a dozen different caps. Professional photographers. Scissor lifts. Street art doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Alan Ket captures the names we should know

A new photo series by Alan Ket is a quiet and beautiful, but still extremely potent, form of activism at a time when it’s desperately need.