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Gane and Texas in Philadelphia Sorry if some of these links are a bit dated, but hopefully they’re still interesting: Don Leicht, the original Space Invader, has a exhibition of his work on now at Mary Colby Studio & Gallery on City Island in the Bronx.

“Cabane à sucre”, or how a private jam turned into the “place to be” in Montreal

EnMasse, MissMe, Waxhead, Kevin Ledo. Photo by Adida Fallen Angel. Over the summer, TurtleCaps, an artist originally from Queen, New York but now based in Montreal, organized a massive transformation of an abandoned building in the center of Montreal.

The two sides of Nuart

Maismenos This year was my third time visiting the Nuart Festival. I went first in 2009 as a tourist, returned in 2012 to participate in Nuart Plus (the conference portion of the festival) participant, and finally this year participated in and helped a bit to plan Nuart Plus.

DEGA Films’ final Wild In the Street episodes: featuring ELLE and Royce

DEGA Films consistently does an outstanding job in their documentation of New York street artists. Their series Wild In the Streets covered NDA, Enzo & Nio, Jilly Balistic and Mr.

Review: “Don1, the King from Queens” by Louie Gasparro

Note from the editor: Just want to say thanks to my friend Jay “J.SON” Edlin (author of Graffiti 365) for writing this book review on a topic that he’s much better educated on than I.

This summer Droid 907 is Sick of Society

Sick of Society by Droid 907 A little over a year ago, I interviewed Droid 907 for the release of his first SOS zine, Sex or Suicide.

Dont Fret about Fulton Market

A note from RJ: I want to thank Dont Fret and Anna Cerniglia for putting this interview together. I’ve been a fan of Dont Fret’s work for a while, but since since latest show was really about a Chicago neighborhood that I’ve only very briefly visited, I asked him to find a local friend who might be able to have a conversation with about the project.

Capacity for violence: 0

A timely reminder from Vinchen… The piece is called Capacity for Violence, and over on Vinchen’s website, you can download the sticker template for your own use.

This app turns the NYC subway system into an art gallery

NO AD beta-testers and friends of Vandalog, Luna Park and laserburners I should be working on something else right now.

Skewville + Dscreet + two dead rats

Later this month, the new DUBL TRUBL collective is going to be having their first exhibition. It will be at Urban Spree in Berlin, and it opens on September 18th.


Unknown artist in Philadelphia Loving my time so far at the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, but it’s definitely more than a 9-5, so it’s time for me to play catch up yet again… Speaking of the Mural Arts Program, I am really pleased to say that we now have a major Shepard Fairey mural in Philadelphia.

Mathieu Connery’s sidewalks for MURAL festival 2014

“Mikado nest”. photo by Mathieu Connery From May to mid-July, Mathieu Connery aka 500M painted several murals on sidewalks for the second MURAL festival edition.

Evolution of an alleyway in Montreal: Zoltan, Nixon, Ledo, Kazy

“Sand White in 3D” by Zoltan V. and Kevin Ledo When I started to explore Montreal a few years ago, with my own very European background, it was a real pleasure to discover the possibility of walking across a city with the feeling of not being in an urban environment.

Mega-update from The L.I.S.A. Project NYC

Anthony Lister Wow. I have been falling behind on Vandalog lately. I’ve been just a little bit busy at the Mural Arts Program.

See you at Living Walls 2014

Troy Lovegates at work in Atlanta This week the annual Living Walls Conference is taking place it Atlanta.

PUBLIC by FORM Gallery – Perth – Western Australia

ROA. Photo by ROA. I’m back after a brief blogging hiatus. I’ve been meaning to post my review for this great event that happened back in April over in Western Australia for a while now… Leaving a cold wet 17 degrees in Melbourne, I was pretty damn excited to fly to Perth on the 10th of April, right in time for the grand finale of PUBLIC by Form Gallery in Perth, Western Australia, which I posted a preview of a while ago.

Invader turns his art into a game for his fans

Photo by RJ Rushmore Invader recently released his own iPhone app, but it’s a lot more than a glorified eBook or an artist edition rebranding of standard drawing app.

Labrona and friends, new murals in Montreal

Labrona and Gawd’s mural in Montreal. It’s not really a surprise if I tell you that Labrona is one of my favorite artist in the Montreal art scene… I could probably say he is my favorite.

Watch a work by mobstr grow daily for over a year…

Photo by RJ Rushmore Last summer, I was visiting London and came across the above piece by mobstr in Hackney Wick.

Parole restrictions cause HERT to go to extremes to produce art

This Tuesday, Carnage NYC will be releasing a print with Ian de Beer, aka HERT, a writer that anyone keeping an eye out in NYC will certainly be familiar with.