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GIF of the Day: Tom Moody

Today’s GIF of the Day is an unplanned collaboration between artists Tom Moody, SeacrestCheadle and mrhealth.

SLIDESHOW: Prospect.3 Highlights So Far

Lighted barge on the Mississippi River. “You Belong Here” by Tavares Strachan We’ll be offering reflections on the work we’ve seen at the New Orleans Prospect.3 biennial, “Notes for Now,” in the coming days but to jumpstart the conversation we’re posting a single image from each venue we visited yesterday.

Not Just a “Soccer Mom,” Michelle Grabner Likes Math

Still from “A Few Minutes With…Michelle Grabner.” Ken Johnson has poured hot water on himself—yet again—thanks to his short review of Michelle Grabner’s exhibition at James Cohan Gallery.

The Voyeur Who Approves of Richard Prince

Some subjects in Richard Prince’s Instagram show don’t mind that their photos have been appropriated or that Prince makes leering comments.

Friday Links: If America Had a National Font What Would It Be?

Comic Sans in action Paddy and I are in New Orleans for Prospect.3; if you want to know the background to the exhibition, the why and how, this interview with Artistic Director Franklin Sirmans sums up all that we know, too.

GIF of the Day: Eva Papamargariti’s Bouncing Spheres

We’re in New Orleans today checking out Prospect 3, so the commentary on this GIF is gonna be description.

A Few Brief Reflections on ArtPrize

Anila Quayyum Agha, “Intersections” I spent a few days in Grand Rapids looking at the juried and public prize finalists at ArtPrize.

Looking Back at Prospect: Prospect 1 New Orleans, the Antidote to Miami

Josephine Meckseper, “0% Down,” 2008. Photo: Elizabeth Dee Gallery, Prospect 1, New Orleans Good morning from New Orleans!

Four Hours Left to Bid in Our Paddle8 Auction!

Echo Eggebrecht, Republicans, 2012 There are just a few hours to place a bid on art in our Paddle8 Writers Auction.

Thursday Links: From Creepytings to EDM Heroes

Return of the Obra Dinn, a new game I will be playing right after I post these links. Who needs lists when Harper’s gives you an entire page of one-liner facts?

GIF of the Day: Pandawank [NSFW]

Here’s a wanking panda GIF. Why? Because ever since we livestreamed ourselves dressed up as pandas while blogging last year—the government and pandacam shutdown provided a lot of fodder for the blog—we’ve been really interested in pandas.

Dueling Reports: Is the Post-Art School Job Crisis Bullshit?

Artists Report Back, Animated from BFA MFA PhD on Vimeo. Does art school lead us to the fulfilling creative life we all hoped, or is it the most expensive possible qualification for a dishwashing job?

Make a $10,000 GIF for Giphy

“See money raining down on me” from “GIF of the Day” fans, artists, readers: a gift to you.

Wednesday Links: Trouble in Canada!

Gianna Commito’s, “Brig” on Paddle8. Starting bid: $1,750.00 The countdown is on! You’ve got until Thursday, 6 pm to place your bids in our paddle8 auction.

GIF of the Day: Michael Bell-Smith’s Revolving Door

Sometimes a single GIF is just not enough information for a conclusive idea. “Revolving Door” by Michael Bell-Smith is an example.

Pratt Upload Recap: The Post Human Panel

From Meredith Bak’s lecture: Magic Vision Band-Aids. Post Human 2:00 – 3:30 PM Chair: Stephanie Boluk Panelists: Anthony Antonellis, Meredith Bak, Zach Blas, Ursula Endlicher When Pratt Upload launched last year, it was obvious that New York had been in need of a digital art conference.

Two More Days to Bid on The Writer’s Auction

“Running Man”, installed With only two days left to bid on our auction, there’s little time to waste.

Tuesday Links: IHNITA [I Have No Insight to Add]

Jayson Musson’s “Nasib”, one of the many works in our auction on Paddle8 I wish I had written this Internet Glossary.

GIF of the Day: GIF of the Day Screening at The Emerson

Loading The #prattupload party at The Emerson! AFC’s #gifoftheday on rotation View on Instagram A break in our GIF of the Day programming to bring you our GIF of the Day screening at the Pratt Upload After Party this weekend at The Emerson.

This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Throw Your Art Career in MoMA’s Dumpster

Image from You won’t hear us bitching about Chelsea this week, which, given the last month, is probably a relief for all our readers.