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Monday Links: Does Doing Drugs Affect Artistic Quality?

Scene from Andrew Jeffrey Wright’s Bananazz comic strip This weekend, Twitter raged over an investigative article that wondered why a documentary film on Jeff Koons wasn’t included in the artist’s Whitney retrospective.

Paul McCarthy Butt Plug Watch: FIAC Deflates Plug After Vandalization

Paul McCarthy’s “Tree” Paul McCarthy’s butt plugs continue to spark outrage in Paris. Erected in Paris’s upmarket Place Vendôme this Thursday as part of the FIAC art fair, the giant green plug titled “Tree” enraged a passerby Thursday so much that he slapped McCarthy three times.

Rick Silva Made a Compass

Dear readers, just a friendly reminder: When we post a GIF, it means we’re finished with our posting schedule for the day.

No Children Harmed in Paul McCarthy Butt Plug Fiasco

Paul McCarthy, “Tree”, 2014 By now, you’ve heard the news: 69 year old artist Paul McCarthy was attacked in Paris yesterday whiling installing on “Tree,” a giant inflatable butt plug at Place Vendôme.

Crossing Brooklyn: Where Good Intentions Fail

Paul Ramírez Jonas (Honduran-American, b. 1965). The Commons, 2011. Cork, pushpins, notes contributed by the public, 153 x 128 x 64 in.

Friday Links: Let’s Hear it for L.A.’s Public Transit!

We’re not even in L.A. and we want to ride the public transit thanks to this retro-eighties commercial promoting the metro.

GIF of the Day: “Mandala”

If you didn’t read Paddy Johnson’s review of the film “Twohundredandfiftysixcolors”, a feature-length film made of 3,000 GIFS, I recommend checking it out.

Thursday Links: Be Very Afraid

The ArtQuarters Press semi-annual prize for art criticism has announced that their deadline for submissions has been extended to December 12th, 2014.

Recommended Shows: Downtown, Michael Bell-Smith; Uptown, Saul Steinberg

Michael Bell-Smith at Foxy Production Rabbit Season, Duck Season Foxy Production 623 W 27th St Runs through November 26, 2014 On the Internet, text and images can be altered, rearranged and remixed.

Recommended Shows: Lorna Mills Ungentrified at OCAD

From left to right: Lorna Mills, “Ungentrified” at OCAD’s “Absolutely Free”. Maria Ezcurra’s “Made in China” From “The Possibility of Everything.” and Yvette Mattern’s “Global Rainbow” also included in “The Possibility of Everything” Lorna Mills, “Ungentrified” In the group show “Absolutely Free” at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) Nuit Blanche One night only, October 4th in Toronto.

Recommended Shows: A Rare Flicker of Light on the Upper East Side

Derrick Adams, “Fun Fabulous Friends” 2014 (Image courtesy of Tilton Gallery) Derrick Adams: LIVE and IN COLOR Tilton Gallery 8 E 76th St Runs through October 18th Trips to Upper East Side: obligatory, and usually cheerless.

Wednesday Links: Stop Taking Credit for “Post-Internet”

Of all the responses in Karen Archey and Robin Peckham’s Art Post-Internet catalogue questionnaire about the term, my favorite comes from Christiane Paul, who corrects the idea that Marisa Olson coined “Post-Internet”.

Małgosia Woźnica (v5mt), Arxitekton

This is an outtake GIF from Małgosia Woźnica’s “Arxitekton,” an incredible GIF trip through mechanized architecture.

Art F City’s Paddle8 Auction: Let’s Give the Ladies Some Love

Gianna Commito By all accounts our Paddle8 auction is doing well. The Jayson Musson, Joshua Abelow, Alex Da Corte, and Keith Mayerson works all have bids.

Finally, a Semi-Definitive Definition of Post-Internet Art

Installation view of Art Post-Internet Those in search of a definitive text on post-internet artmaking now have a source book to download.

Tuesday Links: Nine Inch Nail Art

Does nail art mean we’re turning into post-human cyborgs? [Rhizome] “I put a giant 10-foot vagina in the world and people respond to giant 10-foot vaginas in the way that they do.” Carolina A.

GIF of the Day: 11 Adorable Panda GIFs

These aren’t art GIFs, but if anyone remembers our Panda Liveblog during last year’s government shutdown, you’ll understand why we have such an affection for these guys.

This Week’s Must-See Art Events: You’re in Luck if You Like Digital Art

Brenna Murphy Pizza. Choosing which events to attend this week is a bit like choosing a slice. Doesn’t matter how many options there are, you go with your favorite.

Monday Links: Be Grateful to Collectors

Frieze co-founder Matthew Slotover defends the fair against recent criticism that it is little more than “Ikea for the rich.” “We should be grateful to them,” he says.

GIF of the Day: Cat Alter

That’s a 25 megabite sized GIF on the front page, so if the blog’s a little slow to load, you know why.