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Andrew Benson’s Glitch Sludge

Applause to Andrew Benson for making this rainbow glitch sludge GIF. This is somewhat of a departure from his wolf and unicorn blog we posted about a few months ago, but there’s a few thematic similarities.

7 Rising Art Stars to Watch: Aaron Williams

Aaron Williams in his studio. Image: Christian Grattan [Editor's note: This week and next we'll be featuring the work of seven artists we think you should keep an eye on.

How Do People Feel About the Gramsci Monument, One Year Later ?

The Gramsci Monument, 2013 Last summer, the art world flocked up to a Bronx housing project to see what Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn had made.

Wednesday Links: Please Stop Being Insensitive

In Philadelphia, in solidarity with the Ferguson protests, the young actor Keith Wallace staged a protest in front of Robert Indiana’s “LOVE” sculpture by lying face down on the ground with fake bullet holes through his back.

Wyne Veen’s Jewelry and Holographic Gift Wrapping

When you’re looking for GIFs, it’s always a good idea to take a quick look around the good old Computers Club site.

7 Rising Art Stars to Watch: Rebecca Patek

Rebecca Patek. Image courtesy of Marsha Owett [Editor's note: This week and next we'll be featuring the work of seven artists we think you should keep an eye on.

Kink Doesn’t Stink, But It Does Border On Banal

Adriana Luna in a production still from Kink. Image courtesy Rabbit Bandini Productions. I really wanted to hate Christina Voros’s Kink, if only to write a diatribe against the James Franco industrial-complex.

As We Now Know It, This Is The End of the Corcoran Gallery of Art

In what will be an endnote to be discussed for some time, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, one of the nation’s oldest private museums, will be no more.

Tuesday Links: Corgi Rodeo and Marina Abramopug

Corgi rodeo. Yeehaw! [Imgur] The Jeff Koons retrospective is so gosh darn popular that the Whitney will now be open on Mondays to accommodate visitors.

Dylan Fisher’s Vertigo GIF

If you watch this GIF by Dylan Fisher long enough, you feel less like a rotating surface and more like a surface you are circling.

This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Massive Insects and the Shadow World

This is a low energy week in New York City. Like last week and the week before, there are a handful of arty movies playing around the city.

Best Link Ever! Voguing Train

Watch a group of dancers vogue their way around the Philadelphia subway system. I’m not sure there’s much more to say about this video other than that these dancers are crazy good; their moves put Madonna (whose video for “Vogue” famously took the dance style from the ‘80s black gay ballroom culture) to shame.

Art Dealer Amy

Amy Poehler’s satire is spot on in her role as self-important art dealer. Playing the role of a blonde Edna Mode, this collection of outtakes for her Old Navy commercial has Poehler skewering the art world in less than 50 seconds.

Monday Links: Ferguson Nightmare

Ferguson: A man in a shroud of tear gas. Things went from bad to worse in Ferguson last night. A group of protesters and police officers came into violent conflict in the hours before a curfew was to begin at midnight.

Rainbow Dividers

Here’s a GIF history lesson. The rainbow divider was a type of GIF used commonly among early web pages; it was used as an ornamental device to divide up text-heavy web pages.

Art on TV: Artists Be Crazy

Artists on TV shows fall prey to plenty of stereotypes. (Artists be crazy, anyone?) Today we’re just going to scratch the surface of the rainbow variety of as-seen-on-TV artist craziness with shows like Wilfred, Doctor Who, and Six Feet Under.

Friday Links: Ain’t No Sunshine

Every summer, the facekinis return! [The Guardian] Artnet published part two of Paddy’s A Brief History of Animated GIF Art series.

Adam Ferris Kills It

It’s unclear how Adam Ferriss spends his time, but it doesn’t appear to be by doing anything other than making GIFS. 2014: The Exquisite Corpse Golden Age is Upon Us

Are we in a golden age of exquisite corpse making? If Cloaque’s second anniversary video is any indication the answer to this question is a resounding yes.

Go to This! Rally for Cooper Union at the New York State Supreme Court

Legal battles don’t take vacations. In May, Save Cooper Union filed a lawsuit against Cooper Union for financial mismanagement; this suit also calls for an immediate injunction against charging tuition.