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Really Expensive GIF Now on Sale at Ebay

“Balloon Dog Deflated” by Michael Green The price of GIFs is going up. Nicolas Sassoon’s GIF “Waterfall 6″ sold for $1,300 at the Paddles On!

Brandon Blommaert’s “Inside Out Face With Zuul Like Glow”

The speed of this GIF is incredible: it whooshes left to right, without any metronome-like regularity.

Friday Links: Death on the Internet

David Greg Harth is one of those performance artists who asks people to do one thing, involving him, repeatedly.

Scott Gelber’s Fire Escape

Scott Gelber, we’ve all been there.

7 Rising Art Stars to Watch: Deanna Havas

Deanna Havas. Photo: Marsha Owett. A child of the nineties and bitmap programs, Deanna Havas has an almost scientific eye for default templates and aesthetic languages.

Thursday Links: Technically Not a Cat

With a Hello Kitty retrospective coming up at the Japanese American National Museum, a Hello Kitty scholar has stomped all over the dreams of kawaii-eyed youth by revealing hat Hello Kitty is not a cat: “She is a little girl.

7 Rising Art Stars to Watch: Claudia Mate

Claudia Mates at Transfer Gallery. Image: Christian Grattan [Editor's note: We're featuring the work of seven artists we think you should keep an eye on throughout the end of the week.

Wednesday Links: Museum Raises Concern Over Tortoise Usage

Cai Guo-Qiang, Moving Ghost Town, 2014. (Image courtesy of Tony Prikryl, Artnews) The Aspen Art Museum has removed tortoises from their museum citing safety concerns.

GIF of the Day: Can We Get Back to the Game Now Please?

James Curran James Curran’s tumblr reads like the run off of his animation work and it’s amazing. We’ve highlighted his chicken laying a football GIF—a favorite—but there’s pages more where that came from.

7 Rising Stars to Watch: Mike and Claire

Mike Bailey-Gates and Claire Christerson. Image by Matthew Leifheit. If you’ve seen the work of collaborative Mike and Claire (Mike Bailey-Gates and Claire Christerson), it’s probably their GIFs.

Do or DIY: A Month of Studio Visits in Philly

KNIFE FIGHT from Garbage World on Vimeo. Art subtly, but noticeably, frees up in a city where artists work less, live cheap, curate their own shows, and run their own spaces.

Chicago Then and Now: Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists

“The story of twentieth century American art is already written—it is not a story about Chicago.” This opening line of Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists situates Chicago art as a geographical “other,” placing regionalism at the forefront of viewers’ minds.

Tuesday Links: Gay = Gift From God

Saul Armendariz, the world-famous Mexican-American luchador (wrestler) known as “Cassandro El Exotico” at home in El Paso, Texas.

7 Rising Stars to Watch: Nick Sethi

Nick Sethi in his studio. Image: Christian Grattan [Editor's note: This week and next we'll be featuring the work of seven artists we think you should keep an eye on.

Brenna Murphy’s Expanding Labyrinth

You’ve seen this GIF—now go straight to “Expanding Labyrinth,” Brenna Murphy’s 2012 Rhizome Commissions proposal.

Brenna Murphy’s Expanding Labyrinth

You’ve seen this GIF—now go straight to “Expanding Labyrinth,” Brenna Murphy’s 2012 Rhizome Commissions Proposal.

This Week’s Recommended Shows: Old Tech and Boobs

Install shot of Coded After Lovelace. Image courtesy of Faith Holland. Every Monday, AFC publishes our recommended shows for the week.

Monday Links: Science Says

If you care about SHOCKING art blurbs, here’s one to start off your week: artist prints a self-portrait from a “robotic” printer using his own blood as ink.

Gaby Cepeda’s Alien Leather Goddesses

Gaby Cepeda made a sexy leather Alien GIF straight out of a sexual nightmare. Her other GIFs feature digitally altered celebrities, technicolor backdrops, and those glossy anime eyes.

Friday Links: Utopia Is Dead, But a Bush Grows Back

Inspired by the new Fox reality show “Utopia”, Adam Sternbegh wonders if we’ve binged out on so much dystopia that we can’t handle the genre any more.