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Language as Maternal

George Oppen published his first book, Discrete Series, in 1934; his second, The Materials, emerged twenty-eight years later in 1962.

John Keats and Martin Puryear, and the Latter’s Renewal of “Negative Capability”

Martin Puryear, “Big Phrygian” (2010-2014), painted red cedar 58 x 40 x 76 inches (all images ©Martin Puryear, courtesy Matthew Marks Gallery) Recently, and rather unexpectedly, the term, “negative capability,” which was coined by the poet John Keats, came to mind.

Capturing the Quotidian in a Fine Mesh of Crosshatching: Paintings and Drawings by Karl Stevens

Karl Stevens, strip from “May 2009” (2009), ink on paper, 11 x 13.25 inches (all images courtesy of Carroll and Sons Gallery, Boston) (click to enlarge) Karl Stevens’ whisper-soft graphite drawings and smooth-as-ice oil paintings evoke comparison to Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres yet portray neither odalisques nor aristocrats.

Topless but Far From Helpless: Charlotte Moorman’s Avant-Garde Life

Charlotte Moorman performing Jim McWilliams’ “Ice Music for Sydney,” at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, 1976 (courtesy of Kaldor Public Art Projects) So-called revisionist art history has made room for numerous, formerly overlooked or ignored artists in Western Civ’s recognized canon, but what is that establishment narrative to make of a big-boned Southern gal who played avant-garde cello in the nude while submerged in a Plexiglas tank filled with river water?

Beer with a Painter: Sarah McEneaney

Sarah McEneaney, “Every Day” (2014), egg tempera on gessoed wood, 36 x 48 inches (all images courtesy of the artist and Tibor de Nagy Gallery) I visited Sarah McEneaney at her home in the Callowhill / Trestletown / Chinatown North neighborhood of Philadelphia.

With a Bridge for a Screen, Artists Bring a Rainbow to Brooklyn

Colin Bowring and George Del Barrio’s “Spectrum II” (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic) Most days the underside of the Smith-Ninth Street subway bridge over the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn is a tangle of ungainly gray beams, but this week it has been aglow in bold colors every night.

In Rock Opera, Courtney Love Attains Nirvana

Todd Almond and Courtney Love, “Kansas City Choir Boy” (2014) (all photos by Cory Weaver, courtesy Prototype) Courtney Love’s rock opera duet with Todd Almond packed a small black box at the Here Art Center.

Kitsch Alert: Slap Your Face (or Your Partner’s, Pet’s) on an Old Master

Nobilified! (all screenshots via Everyone’s favorite Hallmark holiday is coming up in one month, which means if you haven’t bought a present for your significant other yet, you’re running out of time.

Art Movements

Zaha Hadid’s Library and Learning Center at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (photo by Shokolo/Flickr) Art Movements is a weekly collection of news, developments, and stirrings in the art world.

Instagram Photos Reappear on the Streets Where They Were Taken

Photo by @lastsuspect pasted at Second Avenue and 1st Street (all photos courtesy Get Up NY) What if instead of only showing up online, your Instagram photos of sunsets, street art, photogenic cityscapes, or alluring strangers on subway platforms were posted back into New York City’s public spaces?

More Skyscrapers Were Built in 2014 Than Ever Before

One World Trade Center (also dubbed the “Freedom Tower”) was completed in 2014 — the tallest building completed last year.

The Writings of a Passionate Painter

Jean Hélion, “Scattered Elements” (1937), ink on paper, 18 x 23 5/8 in (IMEC Archive), reproduced in black and white in ‘Double Rhythm’ Pick up a survey of modern art, start scanning the 1930s, and you may come across a paragraph or two on the French painter Jean Hélion (1904–1987).

A Miniature City Built on Unstable Coffee Grounds

Installation view of Gabriela Salazar’s ‘My Lands are Islands’ at NURTUREart (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic) Gabriela Salazar has built a small metropolis in a basement in Bushwick.

See What the Artworks See

Edgar Degas, “The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer” (modeled c. 1880, this cast 1922), bronze, partially tinted, with cotton skirt and satin hair ribbon, and her view (all images courtesy Masashi Kawamura) As museumgoers, we’re used to looking at art, but a new project from filmmaker and artist Masashi Kawamura inverses the traditional relationship of viewer to artwork.

LA Googie Landmark Saved from Demolition, for Now

A view of Norms (image via LOS ANGELES — At a hearing earlier today, Los Angeles’ Culture Heritage Commission voted to consider granting Historic-Cultural Monument status to Norms Coffee Shop on La Cienega.

“Je Suis (in Solidarity with but Uncomfortable About) Charlie”

A sign at a rally in Toulouse on January 10, 2015, that reads “I am for solidarity between peoples.” (photo via Wikimedia Commons) Cities have long been sites for conflicts — wars, racism, religious hatred, and expulsion of the poor — yet, where national states have historically responded by militarizing conflict, cities have tended to triage conflict through commerce and civic activity.

‘It’s a Poor Sort of Memory That Only Works Backwards’ – Johan Grimonprez at the SVA Chelsea Gallery

Still from “Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y” (1997) by Johan Grimonprez, three hijacked jets on desert Airstrip, Amman, Jordan 12 September 1970 Belgian filmmaker and artist Johan Grimonprez caused an international stir with his first feature “Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y” after its premiere at documenta X (1997).

The Designs of Dissent

Installation view, ‘Disobedient Objects’ at the Victoria and Albert Museum, with a view of the inflatable cobblestones (all images courtesy the Victoria and Albert Museum unless otherwise noted) LONDON — Two inflatable cobblestones, outsized and dully metallic, hang from the ceiling.

Who Are the (Potential) Art Winners Among the 2015 Oscar Nominees?

Timothy Spall as J.M.W. Turner in ‘Mr. Turner’ (2014), nominated for four Academy Awards (courtesy Sony Classics) The nominees for the 2015 Academy Awards are out today, and from Mr.

“Painting a Picture” Sexier Than Coding, Study Finds

José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior, “Model’s Rest” (1882) (via Wikimedia Commons) Rejoice, liberal arts majors!