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Vision GT Concept Car Proposal for Ferrari by Peter Spriggs

As a Ferrai fan, Peter Spriggs wanted to design a Vision Gran Turismo car, infused with Ferrari’s DNA.

Naxe : Professional Axe for Search and Rescue Teams

Hakan Gürsu has designed Naxe, a professional axe specially designed for search and rescue teams. Rescue missions usually need sturdy and stable tools for maximum performance.

Dynamics Concept Earphones for JBL Features 3D Printed Soft Texture on The Tip

Designed by Marco Schembri, Dynamic concept earphones offer universal products for everyone to enjoy music.

Maestro Electric Violin with Companion App to Help You Learn to Play Easier

There are many ways to learn to play musical instruments these days, but learning to play violin can be difficult.

Immortus Solar Electric Sports Car by Evxventures

Available in limited edition, Immortus is a solar electric spots car inspired by world portrayed in post-apocalyptic movies.

Ori Architectural Robotic Furniture System Unlocks The Potential of Your Living Space

Ori Architectural Robotic Furniture System offers you a ground breaking innovation. It is based on the problem of space that we are currently dealing with in high-density urban area where space has become too expensive to be static and unresponsive.

Nomadic Linko Modular System Folds Flat for Easy Storage or Transport

When you prefer to live a nomadic lifestyle, it involves moving around a lot. Natalia Geci has designed Linko system to help you setup your temporary living space easier.

GT Concept Car for AUFEER Design by Arpad Takacs

This GT concept car is Árpád Takács design proposal for AUFEER Design as part as his final MA project.

KANTON DX35 : Modern Analog Film Development Device

KANTON DX35 – analog film development made easy. Thomas J.Müller has designed a concept device to develop your color films (including black and white) in both 35 and 120mm without the need of a darkroom.

Comfort Cloud Lamp Lights Up Your Kitchen and Purifies Cooking Fumes

Comfort Cloud Lamp is not an ordinary lamp, it’s a specially designed lamp for your kitchen. Nowadays, most people prefer to have open kitchen design to keep everyone in touch without the limit of any walls.

ESSENZ Concept Pedelec for Urban Environment to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Essenz is a concept proposal for Schaeffler, it’s a pedelec for urban environment. Urban areas are dealing with traffic congestion daily, the roads just can’t cope with increased volume of traffic.

Futuristic Nissan BladeGlider Is A 3-Seater Concept Electric Car with Exotic Styling

We think Nissan wants to blur the line between driving and gliding with Nissan BladeGlider. It’s a futuristic 3-seater concept electric car that turns the engineering paradigm to a new dimension, making driving so much fun and exciting.

Omba Urban Beach Parasol by Tatabi Studio

This Urban Beach Parasol has been designed for Omba, an exclusive Brand of Beach Parasols that feature a lot style.

SKYNFEEL Apparel Made From The Same Material of Skyn Non-Latex Condoms

Skyn has teamed up with Pauline van Dongen to create unique apparel using the same material that Skyn uses to create its revolutionary non-latex condoms.

Camping Kit for B-Segment Vehicles by Eirini Tzavara

Eirini Tzavara has submitted her project as part of her study at the Department of Product and System Design and Engineering.

Gecko Bionic Design Window Cleaner by Olcay Tuncay Karabulut

Gecko Bionic Design Window Cleaner, just like its name suggests, this concept window cleaner was inspired by a Gecko’s ability to climb different surfaces easy.

Processor007 : Drone Aircraft Concept Proposal for Airbus Group

The PROCESSOR 007 is a UAV/drone aircraft design concept for the Airbus Group. It has been designed to perform a series of tasks that could well be the future of emergency delivery systems.

Cyclotron Bike: Innovative Spokeless Smart Cycle with Airless Tires

Cyclotron Bike is claimed to be world’s first hubless smart bicycle that can be controlled via powerful Cyclo-App.

Me Modern Food Containers Combine Dutch and Colombian Cultures In The Design

MOAK Studio teamed up with Emma van Eijkeren to design “Me”, a set of modern food containers. Eijkeren is the founder of EMMA’s ontwerpen, she’s been known for her simplicity and playful products, those characteristics can also be seen on “Me”.

F-451 Fire Rescue Robot by John Harris

Futuristic F-451 Fire Rescue Robot would help firefighters to save lives. It is designed to combat major fires in locations that too dangerous for human firefighters to handle.