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Anthouse Pet Companion Robot Helps You to Interact with Your Pet Wherever You Are

It’s not a robot dog, it’s a robot for your dog. Anthouse Pet Companion Robot would take photos, play fetch, give treats, record video, and help you talk to your pet/dog.

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet Concept Electric Car Features Sensual Design with a Sports Car Performance

Mercedes-Benz has launched its latest magnificent car: Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet. It’s an electric car that features sensual, emotionally, and appealing design with technologically advanced system that defines ultimate in luxury of the future.

FLOAT Tea Set by iAN Yen

iAN Yen, a Taiwanese designer, has submitted his latest project, Float Tea Set. This tea set design features modern cast iron design that consists of a Teapot and matching teacups.

Polar Seal Heated Tops : Nice Extra Layer to Keep You Warm in Colder Weather

Facing cold weather or would be much easier thanks to Polar Seal Heated Tops.

Oiseau Rouge Sailing Yacht Concept by Sylvain Viau Design

Submitted by Sylvain Viau Design, Oiseau Rouge project is an interpretation of a IMOCA 60′ monohull extended to 90′.

Bellder Payment System to Simplify Order and Payment System of A Store

‘Bellder’ integrates the card payment system to the wireless pager, at the stores where the wireless paging service is used such as cafés, and it simplifies the existing unnecessary order process and helps users to use the store effectively.

Runa Desk by Nüvist

Nüvist has submitted its latest furniture design, Runa Desk. It’s a collection that explores the connection and relationship between table and seat using the same formal language.

DR-7 VTOL Aircraft : Future Personal Air Mobility with a Fighter-jet Style Tandem Seating Arrangement

DeLorean Aerospace offers its future vision of our personal vehicle: DR-7 VTOL Aircraft. There are many innovations in transportation especially since the advent of automobile and airplane, however, any advancements in personal mobility usually stay stagnant.

Stylish Volterman Smart Wallet Is Definitely Powerful, Next-Generation Wallet

Stylish and smart, Volterman presents you powerful, slim smart wallet in partnership with an award winning company Backbone Branding.

Top 20 A’ Design Award All Year Winners

Many design students start their professional design career by winning a prestigious design competition such as A’ Design Award.

SURGO 4X4 Mountain Rescue Vehicle Offers Off-Road Capabilities with Unprecedented Performance Features

Surgo 4×4 off-road concept vehicle is specially designed for mountain rescue services. The design is the result of extensive research and surveys with help from GOPR and TOPR rescuers.

Stylish Wireless E-Drill Concept Proposal for Electrolux to Improve User Experience

Yu-Chung Chang has designed a concept Drill for Electrolux in Birmingham City University. It’s a stylish power tool designed to improve user experience, product semantics for non-professional user.

Dancing Groot Speaker with Built-in “Come a Little Bit Closer” Song

Baby Groot is back and ready to rock your favorite tunes. There are many portable speakers on the market but this one would put a smile on your face.

Neyk Luxury Submarine : Diesel Electric Luxury Underwater Explorer

Featuring teardrop-shaped design, Neyk Luxury Submarine wants to offer you a luxurious platform for you to explore underwater in ultimate comfort.

Poison Retro Modern Speaker Features Old Radio Style with Modern Technology Inside

Poison Retro Modern Speaker brings back 1950’s old radio style into your modern home. Let this vintage speaker bring nostalgic memories, it’s an old style radio with a modern touch, thanks to its wireless connection, you can play your favorite music from your mobile devices while paying tribute to traditional aesthetics.

Bladeless Concept Drone Offers Safer and Easier to Fly Drone

Nowadays, flying drones are not extraordinary view, but the design of our conventional drones has three main problems: air humming, exposed blades, and the wind.

Futuristic HP Z VR Backpack PC Allows to Work with Virtual Reality Technology in Any Space

HP has released a futuristic HP Z VR Backpack PC. Unlike Holo 2.0 that stays as concept for now, you can unlock the full potential of VR soon.

Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Maker Preserves Natural Aromas and Oils of Your Beans

Expensive coffee maker doesn’t always mean resulting in good coffee. Coffee Gator pour over coffee maker is an affordable coffee maker that offers maximum flavor.

Lifecard .22LR Credit Card Sized Hand Gun Fits in Your Wallet

Carry your gun in your wallet, it is possible when you own Lifecard .22LR. It’s a credit card sized foldable hand gun yet it can fire a deadly shot.

XENO Airport System for Hearing Impaired People to Navigate the Airport Easier

Airports in general are hectic and unpredictable and definitely not hearing-impaired friendly. This situation is a problem for hearing impaired airport passengers, therefore, several designers want to revolutionize the airport system with XENO.