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GRYPH-ONE Concept Convertible Motorcycle by Niklas Armada

Submitted by Niklas Armada, a Filipino designer, GRYPH-ONE is a conceptual convertible motorcycle. It’s a motorcycle the size of half a car that converts into a covered one.

Mazda FRX Concept Car Proposal by Stefano Airoldi

Mazda FRX is a design study from Stefano Airoldi, it’s a personal project as part of his future vision of Mazda car, an expression of his love to Mazda.

ACCESS : A Highly Portable Emergency River Crossing Platform

Flood can cause damage to buildings, structures, including bridges. ACCESS is an emergency river-crossing bridge that can be installed to gain access from one side to another side of the river.

Jül: Heated Smart Mug for Coffee and Tea from 120-degree F to 150-degree F

If a conventional mug is not enough to keep your beverages at its perfect temperature, here comes Jül, a heated smart mug for coffee and tea.

Leta Reception Desk by Nuvist

Loop line design has become Nuvist trademark lately, just like Leta reception desk. From Vetka stool to Sennka Pier Lounge, you can see the iconic design of Nuvist that uses unbroken loop line to create a deformed loop with crossing, bending, and cool twisting formations.

Super 73 Electric Bike Features 1000 Watts of Power

Lithium Cycles offers you Super 73, a powerful electric bike with 1000 watts of power. Designed and made in Southern California, this bike provides optimum comfort for its rider with natural riding position and plush motorcycle bench seat, it makes a pleasure to ride.

OSCIBLADE – An Eccentric Pencil Sharpener by Nirmayee Rode

OSCIBLADE is an eccentric pencil sharpener, designed in relevance with the “form-functionality” duo, enhancing its aesthetics while keeping in mind its technical details.

Defender Sport Concept Car Proposal for Land Rover

Reliable, high-quality and uncompromising – these are the three magic words that had a common name – Defender!

Eversafe – Gas Rescue Concept Helmet with An Instant Escape Hood

Eversafe is special gas rescue helmet designed to protect workers in an emergency situation such as a gas alarm.

Mastercard Biometric Card Offers Additional Security for In-Store Purchases

Mastercard has unveiled its revolutionary next generation card, a Biometric card that combines chip technology with fingerprints.

Nomad Digital Musical Instrument is Your Music On-The-Go

NOMAD is a digital musical instrument designed by Orit Dolev, an award winning designer who focuses her works on cross section of physical and digital experiences.

Alivecor Kardia Mobile Provides You with Medical Grade EKG in Less Than A Minute

Each year, there more and more people die due to stroke or heart diseases, you need to check your health regularly.

Bell Sports Shell Child Carriers by Anvil Studios

What happens when something as utilitarian as a bike carrier is created with great design? Can the practical be made visually interesting, safe, and progressive at same time, can it become a product you actually want to use?

NERD 3CSup Translucent Paddling Board Uses Recycled Materials to Make It Affordable for Everyone

NERD 3CSup offers eco-friendly approach to a paddle board design without sacrificing its performance.

Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker Features Bose Connect App for Better Control

Big sound can come from surprisingly small device, Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker might fool you at first sight.

Our Top 20 Picks A’ Design Awards & Competition Winners 2016 – 2017

Here comes the result of A’ Design Award and Competition, this prestigious design award has released its 2016-2017 winning designs.

Waterwheel Filter : Simple Water Filtration System for Remote Villages

It’s easy for us to enjoy pure water when we live in the city, but people in remote villages and towns can have difficulties to find clean source of water.

Bison Rolling Grill for Outdoor Enthusiast : Easy to Set Up and Easy to Clean

Outdoor enthusiast loves outdoor BBQ, the unique design of Bison Rolling Grill allows you to roll up the grill into compact size to fit inside a back pack.

Toyota FT-4X Concept Crossover for Casualcore Outings

Toyota FT-4X Concept Crossover targets millennial-aged professionals who don’t want to be confined in the city.

LumiXstand : Laptop Stand by Dale Rorabaugh

You might not think about it often but we spend a chunk of our week sitting facing our screens. This is far from the natural alignment our body is used to leading to health problems such as disc and joint injuries, shoulder pain and carpal tunnel syndrome to name a few.