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Naturehumaine creates living spaces for two athletically inclined children.

Details: ‘In Suspension’ by Naturehumaine Architecture et Design is an urban home renovation that has transformed the top two levels of a building into a double-height living space for a client’s athletically inclined children, now grown adults.

Choice of material enables ergonomics in the Bender chair.

Details: Bender, a steel rod and fibre glass chair designed by Frederik Kurzweg, eschews hydraulics and springs in favour of meticulously crafted materials to achieve the same outcome, efficient comfort for the user.

Bistro Proti Proudu – IN COFFEE WE TRUST.

Details: At Bistro Proti Proudu in Karlin, Czech Republic (part of Prague) the cafe’s motto, IN COFFEE WE TRUST, is boldly and prominently etched into the rusted steel counter for all to see.

Picia lamps combine hand-blown glass and cork.

Details: In Venetian, yes it’s a language spoken in Veneto and it’s not Italian, Picia means tiny. Enrico Zanolla’s Picia is a range of table and suspension lamps designed to merge the process of hand-blown glass and the handmade production, on lathe, of natural conglomerate cork.

The motifs on these blankets are inspired by the wool thread used to make them.

Details: The striking motifs on Norwegian designer Kristine Five Melvaer’s Naturpledd blankets are inspired by the wool thread used to make the blankets as well as the different techniques used to turn them into decorative and functional structures; weaving, braiding, knotting and balling.

MOCO @ NYCxDesign 2015 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

MOCO LOCO is in New York this weekend for NYCxDesign Week 2015. For daily updates from the many exhibitions please see our Twitter feed at, our updates on and on Instagram.

Oblic Table Lamp is handcrafted from contrasting materials.

Details: Combining solid wood and acrylic, Jonathan Dorthe’s Oblic Table Lamp does what its name implies, stands obliquely, a slanted wooden pedestal with a plastic cage for the light source.

Italic Light is an italicized i.

Details: Designed and made by COORDINATION Berlin, Italic Light is a sculptural and typographical side light that transforms from shiny atmospheric marble object to directional light source.

DualLand lanterns merge traditional glassblowing with metal 3D printing.

Details: Faberhama‘s lighting objects reflect the technical and emotional possibilities that come from the merging of traditional glassblowing technique with modern metal 3D printing.

This Urban Philosophy is more line than chair.

Details: Designer Nissa Kinzhalina‘s Urban Philosophy is a chair made of transparent acrylic chair with a thin, black, contiguous line running along outer edges.

PNY, a burger restaurant in Le Marais, Paris, is reminiscent of ’80s Miami.

Details: PNY, “Paris New York”, is a successful burger restaurant in Paris and the third one (shown here) just opened in the core of the Le Marais historic district.

Gran Fierro is a taste of Argentina in the heart of Europe.

Details: Gran Fierro is an Argentinean restaurant designed by Czech studio Formafatal located in the center of Prague in a functional but somewhat ordinary travertine panelled building on Vorsilska street.

Traditional saddle making and contemporary design come together in the Wire bar stool.

Details: Danish furniture makers Overgaard & Dyrman have created a bar stool inspired by traditional saddle making.

Ontario’s vernacular architecture informs a contemporary rural country inn design.

Details: Toronto’s boutique Drake Hotel has launched a rural retreat, the Devonshire Inn, in Southern Ontario’s Prince Edward County.

Nendo’s Seven Doors open seven new possibilities.

Details: Created to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Abe Kogyo, a Japanese manufacturer of wooden doors, design studio Nendo’s seven doors all have the same basic default design, yet each has been treated with a different idea born from the various techniques and experience held by Abe Kogyo.

Tinted porcelain clay bodies combine to form unique pieces in the Marble Series.

Details: Created by Philadelphia-based Felt + Fat, the Marble Series of tableware is produced through a proprietary marbleization process with multiple colored porcelain clay bodies.

Times 4 coffee table reveals only 25% of its insides at a time.

Details: Thanks to its four neatly segmented and colored partitions Goncalo Campos‘ Times 4 table creates an innovative type of storage using a rotating system that reveals one quarter at a time.

Focal Point lamp is a light on rails.

Well maybe one rail. Details: Designed by Montreal-based Chifen, Focal Point is both a decorative and functional fixture.

Perimeter is a shelving system which uses standard U profiles as structure.

Details: In the Perimeter shelf by LeviSarha (designers Sarha Duquesne and Levi Dethier), standard U profiles are screwed two by two to the jambs alternating between long and short profiles.

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