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For Wooden Aquarelle random colour gradients cover wood like a translucent ink.

Details: Created by designer Meike Harde, Wooden Aquarelle is a colouring technique for wooden surfaces that allows for the mass production of individually unique pieces.

Halo Lamp by Kjartan Oskarsson, pull on right, pull off left.

Details: Reykjavik-based Kjartan Oskarsson’s Halo Lamp requires its user to interact to turn it on, by using a simple push pull motion with a handcrafted leather strap.

U32-1 “presents a distinct angular dialogue, between surface and frame.”

Details: Monterrey, Mexico based studio Shift have created a pendant lamp with a tubular metal superstructure.

Roof House by Leth & Gori is an upwards extension.

Details: Leth & Gori‘s Roof House is a project that completely transforms an existing villa in Fredensborg, Denmark.

Precision layers of repurposed cardboard mirror shape-shifting clouds of birds.

Details: A natural phenomenon, murmurations are those awe-inspiring clouds of flying starlings that move in sync creating captivating, ever-changing three dimensional forms.

Two dynamic shapes balance each other in the Counterpoise chair.

Details: Counterpoise is a plywood chair designed by Kaptura de Aer comprised of just two curved elements that balance each other.

A 1300 year old Japanese pottery and porcelain tradition is updated by Nendo.

Details: With a history that spans more than 13 centuries, Mino-yaki is a type of pottery and porcelain that comes from the Tono region of Gifu Prefecture in Japan.

Merkur is a chandelier that can flex and reach out.

Details: The Merkur chandelier, designed by Czech artist Rony Plesl for Preciosa, has articulated metal arms with lights at the end that extend outwards and upwards so that they can be positioned either vertically or horizontally depending on the need.

The Bertoia Loom Chair crosses a classic Bertoia chair with a weaving loom.

Details: Created by French designer Clement Brazille, Bertoia Loom Chair is a reinterpretation of some of the iconic works of Italian-born American designer Harry Bertoia.

Janus is a tea light on one end and a candleholder on the other.

Details: Created by designer Joe Doucet, Janus is a family of candleholders with a form that allows for both a standard taper (regular candles) and a tea light candle to be used interchangeably by rotating the holder.

Tangle, a sculptural pendant light, looks like modern pendant jewelry.

Details: Tangle is a sculptural pendant light installation designed by Flip Sellin and Claudia Pineda De Castro of Coordination Berlin consisting of three intertwined modules and one single element.

MalClapchair is a Reitveld-like beach chair.

Details: In time for summer, Mal furniture’s distinctive MalClapchair bears more than a passing resemblance to a red and blue chair/ artwork by a famous Dutch architect.

Left lamp can be left on the floor, on a shelf, or against the wall.

Details: Left lamp is a “versatile, simple and personal luminous object” designed by Luca Corvatta. It’s also a deceptively simple object, in the form of an oak or walnut plank 82cm long, 10cm wide and 3cm deep, but with a touch sensitive surface that acts as an on/off switch and dimmer.

Sofa So Good is a full sized, fully functional 3D printed lounger.

Details: Designer Janne Kyttanen’s Sofa So Good is a full sized, fully functional lounger coated in high polish copper and chrome.

Technopicnic rethinks the idea of having a picnic in the city.

Details: Madrid-based architecture and design studio AtelierTERATOMA (Eugenio Fernandez + Victor Nouman) have researched the history of the picnic and given some thought to what this activity means today.

Rising Shell is a fruit bowl that opens and rises like a budding flower.

Details: Robert van Embricqs’ Rising Shell is a decorative fruit bowl that adds a new dimension to bowls.

Naturehumaine creates living spaces for two athletically inclined children.

Details: ‘In Suspension’ by Naturehumaine Architecture et Design is an urban home renovation that has transformed the top two levels of a building into a double-height living space for a client’s athletically inclined children, now grown adults.

Choice of material enables ergonomics in the Bender chair.

Details: Bender, a steel rod and fibre glass chair designed by Frederik Kurzweg, eschews hydraulics and springs in favour of meticulously crafted materials to achieve the same outcome, efficient comfort for the user.

Bistro Proti Proudu – IN COFFEE WE TRUST.

Details: At Bistro Proti Proudu in Karlin, Czech Republic (part of Prague) the cafe’s motto, IN COFFEE WE TRUST, is boldly and prominently etched into the rusted steel counter for all to see.

Picia lamps combine hand-blown glass and cork.

Details: In Venetian, yes it’s a language spoken in Veneto and it’s not Italian, Picia means tiny. Enrico Zanolla’s Picia is a range of table and suspension lamps designed to merge the process of hand-blown glass and the handmade production, on lathe, of natural conglomerate cork.