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Stationery with sex-appeal

I don’t know if I’m the only one, and I surely hope I’m not, but good stationery really gives me a rush.

One Speaker to Rule Them All

If you want to equip multiple rooms in your home with high quality audio, the most popular home speaker systems out there require you to purchase multiple units in their product range.

The Anywhere-chair!

I remember seeing the Sitpack a while ago and thinking back to the times when foldable chairs were still pretty huge.

Smart Home Inte(great)ion

Smart hubs like the Amazon Echo and Google Home are cropping up all over the place. Considering the fact they’re all new pieces of tech, they come with their own personal and unique forms and designs that we haven’t seen before.

Time to Start Using that Free Water

Raindrop is a sensationally entertaining product that plays with the banal, limited traditional outside gutter.

Wake Up to a Cup

Ever notice that the days you’re too busy to grab a coffee in the morning seem to drag on forever?! Now you never have to experience another one thanks to the Internet of Things!

This Sling is King!

The thing with EDC is that you’re expected to have the storage space for all those items you wish to carry.

The Bag that Picks Aesthetics in a Functional World

You could own literally one of any of the thousands of bags that are out there… but like we say, finding a bag that’s as unique as you and that connects with you on some levels is an experience that’s completely different.

Make your smartphone livestream in 360!

Mark my words when I say that there will be a day when an Apple exec walks up on stage and says that the iPhone can shoot in seamless 360°.

Design for Defense

The Shield Satchel’s design logic is a rather interesting one. It doesn’t solve a conventional problem, but rather, brings about a balance in the scales of justice.

Like Guitar Hero for your Ukulele!

I recently tried my hand at the Ukulele, and being a guitarist myself, two things instantly came to mind.

A Bachelor-approved Appliance

Tux seems like it was designed solely to enhance your Netflix and chill sesh! The hybrid appliance combine heating and cooling elements in one compact unit that you can easily store in any studio apartment or micro-living space.

The Tesla Kiler

Designer Dejan Hristov calls it the “Tesla Killer” but it is, in fact, still a Tesla! I think what he means is that it aims to replace the current Model S by giving it a few far-out features and a boost in range and power.

A dream on two wheels

The future of motorcycles has been widely publicized recently with the Tokyo Motor Show and various others.

Definitely mightier than the sword

Probably the classiest looking tactical pen out there, the Zero Tolerance #0010EB Tactical Pen looks as if a CNC machine performed ballet pirouettes on a block of metal.

Kitchen fumes, begone!

It’s no surprise the Portable Kitchen Hood made its way to the James Dyson Awards. It’s innovative, enriches lives, and looks so much like my favorite Dyson product!

A bezel-free MacBook!?

I’m excited and also a little sad to present to you Aurélien Salomon’s vision of the Macbook. Excited because it does such a marvelous job of streamlining Apple’s two product and experience lines (the desktop and mobile lines), and sad because this is purely conceptual.

Is This the Future of Amtrak

Despite our tendency to look at trains as antiquated, slow-to-grow transportation, railways are actually still less polluting than cars.

Smarter than your Electric Toothbrush

UPDATE: Less than 48 hours left, grab yours now! Picture this. Count the number of products you own that use batteries.

Never miss a beat with this mic

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to record something meaningful with your smartphone, only to realize that you should have just done the sensible thing and bought a mic.