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Yanko Claus Gift #3: Raycop

At this rate, we’re competing with Santa! Welcome to this holiday season’s third giveaway in a month!

The Carpe Diem Clock!

Every passing second is a unique moment in time that will never exist again. The Etch clock is a reminder of this sentiment and encourages us to make the most of time.

Refined Ripples

Futuristic yet oh-so-refined, the Axis lounger redefines modern luxury with its avant-garde base and polished pillows.


Don’t be surprised if you have a group of friends over and they’re absolutely baffled as they try to connect their phones to the Ooino and play some music.

Cozier on the inside!

The KUBE home has a strangely rigid vibe. Appropriately named, it looks like a clean cut cube on the outside.

Feel the Beat

The TAP watch is the result of an exploration into sound that helps the hearing-impaired create their own music and easily share it with one another.

Not your average lava lamp!

Not that I mean to trivialize Global Warming or anything, but the Cascadia Candles sure do look fun! Shaped to look like high terrain, these candles are molded in exact detail to the peaks of the Cascade mountain range in western America.

Phoneless Instagram is Here!

I’m ALL FOR leaving my phone behind – especially when it comes to getting out and enjoying an experience be it the beach, a hike, a concert… you get the idea.

A Chair to Sit With, Not On

Sitting is a silent killer for those of us with office jobs… staying in that static posture for 9 to 13 hours a day really does take a toll on your body and health!

CKIE Product of the week – Shelfpack Portable Closet Suitcase

Showcasing an incredible design gives us joy, but actually having the opportunity to own that design gives everybody joy, doesn’t it!

Audacious, All-purpose Appliance!

Black and white are usually associated with retro or vintage, aren’t they? Well, this article is a glorious contradiction, because the Audi Layer input device looks unbelievably futuristic despite all the images on this page being black and white.

A wallet with $wag!

Just imagine the reaction of the cashier at the grocery or your barista or the food delivery guy’s reaction when you pull the Zenlet out to pay them.

Aging Never Looked So Good!

It might not be relevant to you NOW, but one day, there’s a good chance you might need a walker, my friend!

A Bug-inspired Builder

Safety is key when it comes to construction sites, so why does current heavy machinery have standard doors that are cumbersome and potentially dangerous?

A Chic Twist on the Sewing Machine

You expect your clothes to be stylish, so why not the machine that’s used to make them?! PDF HAUS explores this idea by applying the design language of Vifa, a high-end audio maker, to a modern sewing machine.

Let physics hold your table together

Take a look at the Multi Tier Shelf for a bit. Do you notice how the shelf is held together not by fixtures, but by sheer interference?

Lightweight Laundromat

Almost all consumer electronics have experienced the ‘portability’ wave, haven’t they? Vacuum cleaners became hand-held dustbusters, stoves have been portable for ages now.

Yanko Claus Gift #2: Squarestreet

Pure black aluminum seems to be in major style this year. So what if you couldn’t get your hands on the iPhone 7 jet black edition, we’re giving away one deliciously black SQ31 Aluminum watch ($275) by Squarestreet to a lucky reader!

Pace for the Win

Competitive athletes’ success can be determined by between mere milliseconds or even a millimeter! This means they must take into account every possible factor to ensure they have the best chances of winning, and that includes environmental differences between where they compete and train.

One Cool Stool

We don’t often consider the everyday stool to be conforming (or even very comfortable) to the user in the same way as many other seating solutions.