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One small step for man, one beautiful table for mankind

Our fascination with the cosmos is far from ending… We saw the Mars Chair just hours back and now we look at undeniably the most interesting looking table we’ve seen in years!

Pick Your Plug

If you’ve ever used a power strip or extension cord, you know that it can be a crazy game of Tetris with all those awkward shaped plugs!

Save Me a Seat on Mars

Hell bent on getting to Mars, there appears to be a race for who can create passenger/colonizing trips there first – with Space X seemingly launching a rocket every few days, it appears to be around the corner.

Some Things are Worth the Wait

With the Frankfurt Motor Show just having passed and the Tokyo Motor Show just literally days away, there is undoubtedly a lot of hype this time of the year.

Who needs Radioshack?

You’re pulling an all-nighter. You’ve got a deadline to meet and all the coffee by your side to keep you in focus.

This wood panel plays MP3s

Turn that blank piece of wall into art. Not just visual, but also auditory! Room One’s Surface Bluetooth Speaker looks like a wonderful curved wooden ply mounted on a wall for artistic expression, but it can fill the room with beautifully balanced audio.

VR Headsets. From Bulky to Edgy.

I remember hearing this analogy once on a podcast and I’ve never been able to get it out of my head. VR Headsets look like toasters attached to your face.

Monochromatic Meets Multi-hued

This modern desk lamp by Sungick Jo combines a monochromatic exterior with multi-hued functionality. Elevated by two pillars, it will illuminate your desk or draft table with bright working light.

The Itty Bitty-est of Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are all the rage but none are quite as compact or convenient as Xinny Lin’s concept: VOXTUBE 900B.

Not for the weak-hearted

Not for the weak hearted… or the weak wristed, the Vostok-Europe Energia Professional Dive Automatic was designed to embody characteristics like robust, powerful, and Goliathan.

Know What Makes your Skin Feel Good

UPDATE: 3 days to go and over 100% funded, grab yours now! I envision a day when instruments like these will be a part of every home.

Driving the Future Forward

The past month has seen the release of a range of fascinating autonomous vehicles, but none of them are more excitable as the GM Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure (Surus) Autonomous Truck.

Bluetooth Never Looked So Beautiful

Based on the infamous yet utilitarian Sennheiser HD25 headphones, Element Headphones are a modern take on the classic with a masculine material combination and state-of-the-art tech.

Type 1 or 2, This is Type Cool

Medical devices are often generic looking, boxy edged products with poor material finishes and a string of afterthoughts.

The most enchanting thing in your kitchen

Aside from having what I believe is the most clever product name possible, the Oiladdin is appropriate in absolutely every way, because it takes inspiration from the oil lamps used back in the olden days, and uses it as a snout/pourer for an oil bottle!

No more burning midnight oil

Sitting obediently, like a watchful owl above your iMac, the Grph Light wonderfully illuminates your immediate workspace with a wash of warm light, almost like a soft spotlight above your keyboard.

Behold the upside down!

Yes, that’s a reference to Stranger Things, and I’m absolutely stoked for Season 2 that’s coming out just days before Halloween, but let’s move our attention to the absolute piece of perfection that is the Lensball.

Because Profession Demands Perfection

The Modern Fuel Pencil 2.0 just embodies visual perfection. The way it’s intricately machined to absolute precision makes me want to go wow.

One Wild One-Wheeler

Little is known about the MonoBike or what, if any, production plans exist, but it’s an imagination-inspiring concept with cool steampunk style!

The Fun of Building is Back

This goes out to all those little creators and innovators that are looking for a challenge bigger than LEGO blocks.