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Your Blowdryer’s Big Brother

Introducing, the Beast! Not quite a motorcycle, not quite a hovercraft… in fact, the closest thing to it might actually be one of those radial fan hairdryers from the 70s because it uses a similar power system!

Urban Regeneration

MLA+ in collaboration with Felixx Landscape Architects has reimagined the complicated and fragmented industrial landscape around the G107 highway (formerly the main entrance road from Hong Kong to Shenzhen) as a key driver for urban regeneration.

A Healthy Lifestyle in a Lamp!

It sounds strange to me too, but the Ambion lamps are genuinely therapeutic. We spend a large part of our lives indoors, built around a lifestyle that isn’t natural to us, and most people believe that this disconnect from the outdoors and from nature is the result of most ailments.

An unnaturally natural phone!

The modern day phone isn’t ergonomic. No person in their right mind would make a device with a 6 inch long touch-screen when the human thumb isn’t more than 3 inches.

A Robotic Deodorant

What is a deodorant? Essentially something that removes odor. Ventilator fans and chimneys are deodorants too in that aspect, right?

A Chair to Share

Saitens is a creative seating solution first inspired by sketches from Leonardo da Vincis Codices that show sunrays shining onto a parabolic mirror forming a very interesting structure.

My Futuristic 6-wheel Drive!

The Tesla LMP1 looks like Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, and the Speed Racer co-created a vehicle. The LMP1 belongs to the era where the internal combustion engine’s rendered obsolete, and everything has shifted to electric and electromagnetic energy.

Smart Lighting to Bring Outside In

Despite its bare-bones aesthetic, Delight is actually quite clever! This smart lamp brings elements of nature to indoor spaces by mimicking natural light.

A Complex Table that’s Simply Beautiful

Despite being composed of many parts, the Ᾰ-table (pronounced “alpha-table”) is beautifully simplistic with a stylish industrial aesthetic.

The ATV of shoes!

It sounds like a Pokemon, but it’s in fact a highly advanced, well-designed running shoe. The Terraclaw gives you complete control over terrain while running.

The right kind of wall!

If you want to fully understand laundry woes, live the bachelor life. I’ve got like ten items of clothing in total and when I run a wash, I’d like to finish washing them all at once.

Flight of the Worker-bee!

What fascinates me about bees is their strict categorization within their species. You’ve got three perfectly structured categories (worker, drone, and queen) and the way you look, and behave is determined by your category.

Locker Logic

Public lockers are particularly useful for passengers at airports and train stations, but the one-size-fits-all model needs some improvement!

A Must Have for Camping Cooks

Gas cookers come in handy for camping, but rarely is there the luxury of a flat surface on which their circular base can rest stably.

A Faucet for Us Germaphobes!

We wash and disinfect our hands countless times per so you think we’d already have something like the Miscea Classic!

Home-grown Bikes from Down Under

In the early days of cycling, the best (if not only) frame material choice was wood. As you can imagine, technology has progressed and materials have evolved… but the beauty of a wooden bike remains unmatched!

Additive Manufactured Audio

What do you get when you cross 3D printing with Bluetooth audio?! The answer is Tundra – a speaker that brings new meaning to “AM”!

Your Moves make the Grooves!

Music and dance, as art forms, go hand in hand… but I’ve firmly believed that of the two, music has always had the upper hand.

Smartphone Addict Safety!

BURO NORTH — Smart Tactile Paving from Büro North on Vimeo. Our human habits have changed and so must the way we think about crosswalks at intersections!

Efficiently Water your Lawn… and Intruders!

You’d think that an autonomous lawn-watering robot and a surveillance camera would seem like an odd combo, but trust me.