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In Deep Trouble

Deep sea diving is great fun but not without its own risks. Running out of oxygen or simply feeling distressed can be a dangerous thing to happen.

The Modern Miner’s Lamp

The Andle Lamp is an fun, contemporary reinterpretation of the lantern and iconic old-timey miner’s lamp that brings elegant style with a touch of whimsy to anywhere from the man-cave to the modern office.

The Barely-There Brush Mouse

The innovative Brush Mouse is a clever twist on the classic smooth-top peripheral device. Unlike the continuous surface of the regular mouse, the pegged design keeps hands from getting sticky and hot.

Smart Scents

Mist Shine is a clever wearable creation that combines smart tech, aromatics and fashion into one! The wearable design pairs with your smartphone and can be controlled with an app to release a scent when you receive a text or call from designated individuals or just anyone.

A Safer Smoking Haven

We take a neutral stand on the cancer sticks, and appreciate this Air Wall Isolation Smoking Area concept.

The Mother Of Concept Designs – Party Hard with 2014 Red Dot Awards: Design Concept

Entering into its first decade, the Red Dot Awards: Design Concept has everything to be proud about. The size it’s grown to, the power it exudes, the accomplishments that the winners achieve and the impact of the win are magnanimous.

For Those Hurtful Moments

Here is an innovative design called the Cold Compress Band-Aid, which is effective for hemostasis. It is formed by the chemical reaction of H2O and NH4NO3; the special structural design allows you to easily break the capsules containing NH4NO3 inside the Band-Aid and with one hand alone.

The Power Of A Fan!

The Self-Generator is an amazing ceiling fan concept that can preserve the mechanical energy after the fan has been powered-off.

So You Need A Portable Kitchen

Compact living and constantly moving from one home to another can take a toll on how we pack our kitchen and port it with us.

The Real First Aid

The CORE Patient Recovery Vest is aimed at those workers who come first in contact with accident victims.

Amazing Showers

The Calientamigos is quite a clever showering system that uses minimum input and delivers maximum output.

No Limits For A Swim

Combining a prosthetic leg and swimwear in a clever design, Della Tosin hopes to sufficiently enhance an amputee’s swimming experience.

Starry Starry Night

Like Stars on Earth is a very cute concept for camping lights. It is made up of two components that stay together thanks to magnetic integration.

Behind Locked Doors

Has it ever crossed your mind that someone can easily steal your electronic door passcode? Shit happens!

Keeping your Identity Safe

Just the other day a friend of mine had her accounts hacked and meddled with. She not only lost her bank details and personal details to the hacker, she also had to go through the trauma of someone stealing her online ID.

The Power Of Writing Boards

Almost every meeting conducted has strong overtones of us being digital. While the e-notes are helpful, there is nothing collaborative about us when it comes down to sharing ideas.

Drying With Light

Because the rainy season doesn’t agree with fresh laundry, the YOGA “light dryer” is here to help prevent mildew, water stains and bad smells when it’s humid.

Supercharged Apple Watch Packaging

Yet another Apple Watch accessory! This time, the masters of creative, luxury bundles at Design Packaging reimagine the original packaging as including a versatile charger for multiple devices.

Razor Thin Table

Despite its ultra-ultra-thin form, the Blade table is stronger than it looks. Designed by Alexander Purcell Rodrigues, the dining table takes advantage of Mykon’s innovative aluminum honeycomb technology.

Visualized Biking

Love this integration of mobile devices and Bluetooth, to make a cycle ride the most techie experience.