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Wake Up Smarter Each Day

So, the ZZZAM is a smart, connected alarm clock that tracks your sleeping activity. The data that it collects helps in setting the wakeup time, and getting a routine going.

The Mathematics in Polyhedrons and Pots

It sounds a bit complicated, but the explanation is worth the effort – apparently there are only five regular polyhedrons in the world, and the dodecahedron is the most stable shape of them.

Heel Appeal

With footwear like this, it’s obvious that you want to make a grand entrance. Not just visually, because with heels like these, I doubt you could quietly walk into a room!

Noteworthy Bits

At some point we all need to go back to the basics; in my case it will be writing in a notebook – the paper kind.

What’s a Skateboard with legs called?

A Table! The joke may be bad, but the idea isn’t. Here’s a set of tables made out of skateboards. Designed with two perspectives, the tables come in a cabin-esque wooden and a contemporary steel selection.

A Right Angled Mindset

Old people don’t have it easy. Fashion doesn’t really consider that demographic, which means objects for old people are usually strictly functional, and don’t focus on aesthetics.

Maximising your MINI experience

We’ve seen a lot of Virtual Reality (VR) of late. As much as it sounds fancy, it’s actually pretty straightforward.

A new way to drink water

Why should a faucet for drinking water look the same as the faucet in your bathroom or garden? Here’s a defiant and different design for a faucet meant to celebrate water as the ‘Elixir of Life’.

Results: A’ Design Award & Competition 2014 – 2015

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” Steve Jobs is long gone, but his words echo true for all the winners of the A’ Design Award & Competition 2014 – 2015.

Toilet Paper With a Twist

Even if you have a toilet paper roll holder installed in your bathroom, chances are that every now and then you simply stand up your roll on some bathroom surface rather than replace the old one.

Galactic Gadgetry

What would computers look like twenty years from now? Holograms? 3D projections? Or just really sexy looking gadgets?

Half The Workout

Taking the its redesign a step further, we have here the Dumbbell 1/2 – a pair of multi-functional dumbbell for home exercise.

A Slice of Light

This stylish, half-slice shaped sconce uses a clever combination of lines and curves to create the visual illusion that it’s unattached and floating.

The Sporty Planter

Instead of concealing our junk with a fig leaf, this twist on the jock cup protects our fig leaf! Fashioned from cement and nylon, its shape and palate emphasize the natural beauty of our most precious belongings.

Paper Cut

Taking inspiration from everyday objects, we have here the Paper Cup Humidifier. Designed to give you the volcano vibe via the form of a paper cup, this humidifier is simple and minimalist.

Super Duper SUP Board

SipaBoards are the latest in SUP board innovation and are there to get you paddling as soon as possible and on the water longer.

The Story of the Zigzag Door

The very clever HyeonCheol Lee aims to make the subway ride a very easy experience for all of us. By simply change the way the doors and chairs are arranged, the density level can be dispersed to each direction; meanwhile the total number of seats remains the same.

The Smartwatch Killer

If you’re not ready to sacrifice your favorite timepiece for a smartwach yet, then Digitocks is for you!

A Different Side of Ford Motors

The latest from Ford Motor Company isn’t what you might expect from the acclaimed automaker! Ford’s global design studios created some non-automotive objects for display at the 2015 Salone del Mobile.

The Greenhouse Just Got Smarter

An intelligent twist in a trend of urban microclimate gardens, the SmartGreenHouse helps users exercise their green thumb with almost any type of plant, herb, flower, fruit or veggie.