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Sonicam Makes You the Spielberg of VR

As we prepare to enter the age of immersive VR (Facebook, Google, YouTube, Samsung, and HTC are all highly invested in it), the true difference between any 360° video and a great Virtual Reality experience is the way you capture it.

Putting the Excellence in X-Lens!

Designed as a powerful and more competent, and definitely more vibrant upgrade to the Xlens phone camera lens, the Xlens Pro push the boundaries of mobile photography even more.

Amazon meets drone meets hyperloop!

Honestly, if there were any company meddling with innovative consignment delivery, it would probably be Amazon.

One Sexy Tractor

If there’s one machine that should adhere to utilitarianism, it’s the tractor. This one by Artur Gaca, called Norss Tractor, does so beautifully.

The backpack redefined

Hands down the most unique looking bag we’ve seen in a very long time (some may say it’s the most unique looking bag ever), the Pangolin by Cyclus explores nature-inspired design to create a superior and eye-catching backpack.

Seriously Surround Sound Headphones

While they can’t give you eyes in the back of your head, P-42 headphones will ensure no enemies are sneaking up behind you during a game!

3 Sinks in 1!

The Lifting Sink offers an innovative yet entirely simplistic way to customize the size of your sink while also reducing water consumption.

Say hello to the world’s first eye-phones!

No no. Not iPhone (a classic Apple product that this world dearly loves)… This is an eye-phone, a beautiful hybrid between eyeglasses, and headphones.

Microphone, meet Modularity!

I didn’t realize what a game-changer the Korus Microphone could be until I saw it. This concept microphone explores two of the most exciting domains in electronics.

A Bike with Many Layers

Don’t be deceived by its seeming bulkiness, the REVO bike is actually composed of a minimal combination of 3D printed plastic, wooden and steel materials that arrive flat-packed and ready to put together!

Don’t go camping without it!

Water pressure can make or break a shower (ask Seinfeld, he made an entire episode on a shower head).

Home is Where the Heart Is

Even if only for a moment, this thoughtfully designed folding tent gives homeless individuals the dignity, safety, and privacy they deserve.

A Backpack + Speaker to Weather the Storm

The Trakk Shell waterproof backpack was designed not only to keep your stuff organized and safe from the elements, but to ensure your tunes can be heard even in the event of a tornado!

Make your own Smartphone!

That too in under a minute! Much like the TinyArcade we spoke about a while ago, the RePhone Kit is literally a smartphone that comes in modules ready for assembly!

Car lovers, close your eyes!!

With great power comes great responsibility, said the ever wise Ben Parker, but the guys at Ford Transit Direct decided to let that piece of advice in through one ear and out the other.

A bottle redesigned for fitness

Either protein shakes were not designed for conventional bottles, or conventional bottles were not designed for protein shakes.

A Comb You Can Count On

Got a burly beard that needs taming? A fro that needs fixing? A mustache that needs managing?! Introducing, the Go Comb.

Supercharge your workout!

Even as much as standing straight or walking can exercise muscles because they immediately get to work to keep you in balance.

Out-of-this-World Photography

Designed for use in zero gravity situations, Leica Space aims to produce out-of-this-world photography!

Aquatic Fitness Made Easy

Leave it to a lifeguard to perfect professional swimmers’ training methods! All that time on the stand paid off for designer Pratik Bendale who created the Hydra resistance trainer after observing a few problems with his college team’s techniques.