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Courtly Cutlery

In creating Jarosinksi & Vaugoin’s design No. 192, Thomas Feichtner drew inspiration from the classic methods involved in producing utensils by hand, a process typically used by the manufactory.

Happy Hips for Pups

This clever canine creation, appropriately named “Hipster,” is a harness that helps rehabilitate dogs with hip problems such as dysplasia.

A’ Design Competition – Call for Entries

Someone rightly said that it is great to have valid competition; it pushes us to do our best! In light of this, we have the announcement of the 2015 A’ Design Competition, one of the Worlds’ largest and leading design accolade.

Turn on the Quiet

This audio device, called Joe, will be your bestie when it comes to your personal office space at work.

Maracas That Light Up Life

Traditional maracas are hollow balls made from dried gourd shell or coconut shell filled with seeds or dried beans.

Scented Sculptures

There’s little to not like about a candle, especially if it smells good… but, if there is one gripe, it’s that most are limited (aesthetically) to the following: country, hippy, tribal, or just plain cheesy!

Your Laptop’s Best Friend

Introducing, Easel: the comfortable feet for your laptop! However simple, this ergonomic solution has many benefits for both laptop and user.

Suprematist Sculptural Shelving

DSIGNIO’s Collage Collection is a system of shelving and cabinetry based on the Suprematist art movement (with a dash of Cubism and sprinkle of Neoplasticism!

3D Printer Reversed

3D printing is a pretty effective way to prototype and test out products. To scale any mass production of items kinda turns out expensive because of the high cost of raw materials.

We Need Illumination Everywhere

Light tabs that you can tear off just like a pill on a strip – that is what the Enlighten Self-setting OLED Sticker is all about.

Tube Amp Meets Tablet

Låmpion is a hybrid tube amplifier and dock designed for audiophiles who want to use their smart devices, including tablets and smartphones, without losing connectability to their other high-end audio equipment.

If Mary Had a Little Pouf

More than just a pouf, Cora is a 4 legged friend designer Manrico Freda describes as being a “half shorn sheep!

Driving Jewelry

As you might guess from the name, the Driving Jewelry concept that visualizes the personal vehicle as a tailored reflection of one’s personal style like a fashion accessory.

Every Car is a Stoplight

The addition of brake lights to vehicles & stoplights to intersections are two major life-saving standards, but still some problems exist when drivers are following large buses or trucks that block traffic signals.

The Tower of Power

Say goodbye to the hassle of bending down to sort through tangled up cords and hard-to-reach outlets!

KonneKting Isolated Kiddos

Whether closed off for immunological or other physical reasons, children in isolated care still rely on socialization as a therapy for body & mind.

12 O’clock Somewhere

12:00 on a watch face marks the end of a day for someone, but it also means the beginning of a new day for someone else.

A Smart Moov

The announcement of the Apple Watch has turned into a game changer for the industry. Tim Cook’s incessant speech about fitness and its integration into the wearable device have put many of the seasoned players into a tizzy.

The Coffee Sleeve

The stats are very clear, used coffee grounds are literally dumped by cafés and little thought given to their recycling.

The Perfect Portable Party Speaker

Born from a conceptual collaboration between home theater manufacturer Bang & Olufsen and popular music service Spotify, the B&O Party system combines high-grade audio and collaborative music sharing in one!