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The Apple iWear

With the Apple Watch announcement, many an inspirational designs in concept Apple wearables have been dashed.

Cushion Love for the iPad

With the iPad getting sleeker and sexier, new concept accessories welcoming it have started to emerge.

Inexpensive eInk Cell Phone

The aim of this eInk Cell Phone is to provide mobile phone goodness at a fraction of the cost. According to the designer, the final price should be no more than $200.

Design-Savvy Doggy Toys

Dogs might not care how their toys look, but for the discerning pet owner, there’s Odin – the puzzle treat toy that’s as beautiful as it is functional.

Tea Delight

The art of making tea is a ritual that is sacred to many. Special brew masters undergo rigorous training on how to make the perfect cuppa.


I am used to popping a contact lens into my eyes, which is why administering eye drops is easy for me.

The Sweetest Sour Lemon Squeezer

We squeeze lemons with our hands sideways, so why should our kitchen lemon squeezers go top to bottom?

The World’s First COOL Wheelchair

Inspired by a spinal injury of his own, designer Andrew Florence set out to redesign the wheelchair as we know it.

The HexSkin

Quite recently I had a massive fall and busted open my knee. The wound was deep, wide and the kinds that cannot be stitched.

The Wild Power

Energy Harvesting is device that uses temperature differences between objects to source renewable energy via a thermoelectric generator and thermoelectric energy management chips.

Stone Serveware Au Naturale

What appears to be a random, irregular pentagon shape is actually created by simplifying the map of Seoul, capital of South Korea.

Dr. Catsby’s Food Bowl for Whisker Relief

This thoughtfully designed food bowl can put an end to your cat’s mealtime misery. While straight, high-sided bowls can be harsh on whiskers and lead to “whisker fatigue/stress,” Dr.

The Eyes and Ears of Your Home

The latest in home security, DefenDoor allows your to screen your visitors just like you screen your calls.

The Flexible Speaker

This unique open structure speaker system explores audio adaptability through flexible modular design.

Pocket 3D Printing

The Lumipocket DLP 3d Printer is ultra-compact without sacrificing high quality. With a printing area of 10cm diameter and 10cm tall, its footprint is one of the smallest.

Display and Charge Like Never Before

Queel & Company’s not-so-utilitarian Spool Dock blurs the line between modern home decor and electronic accessory.

Hip, Fast and Foldable

The VELLO series ushers in a new era of urban mobility in the form of high-performance folding bikes.

3D Printed Gold Plated Jewelry

Mocci provides 3D printed jewelry but takes it a step further by gold plating the end result. Let me clarify.

Wearable Mental Health

Olive is a twist on the fitness band that measures stress-related biometrics in real time to more effectively manage stress.

The Power Of Budsband

Like most people do it, I too pack my earbuds neatly with my laptop in its bag, but whenever I pull them out, they are a tangled mess.