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Common Projects SS15

Common Projects footwear defines understated luxury and have become synonymous with quiet, clean, simple sneakers.

Brick Lamp

The Brick Lamp by HCWD Studio is a minimalist lamp that works very intuitively with a hand gesture. A warm toned light is activated when the lamp is raised and deactivated when laid flat.

DIY Coat Rack

DIY is an original and beautifully simple coat rack developed by the Austrian product designer Philipp Divitschek, based in Vienna.

Penthouse V

Penthouse V is a holiday home for a family of seven in Pörtschach, Austria. The Austria based studio destilat positioned the penthouse in the roof structure of a 1930’s cinema.

Libra Lights

WayPoint’s Libra Lights are a beautiful symphony of converging illuminated lines. Designed by Sara Ferarri Design, and based in Italy, these lights combine for a sculptural feature and seamless lighting element.

Forum at Eckenberg Academy

Germany based Eckenberg Academy commissioned Ecker Architekten to build a mono-volume with a special focus on social gatherings and extra-curricular activities.


Dutch designer Naomi Bijlefeld created her first collection of rings, bracelets and necklaces in 2014 under the name OFORM.

Céline Pre-Fall 15

Phoebe Philo, current creative director of Céline, is arguably one of the leaders in minimal womenswear.

Vallvidrera House

Situated in Vallvidrera, a stunning Barcelona neighborhood with excellent views of the city, Vallvidrera House lies on a small land between a valley and a pine forest.

Casa Na Xemena

Casa Na Xemena is a stunning modern home overlooking the Mediterranean in Ibiza, Spain. Ramón Esteve, a design studio based in Valencia, designed the home in 1995 and completed construction in 2003.

Parallel Circuit

The Boyscouts’ Parallel Circuit collection is one of curated lines and geometries. Based in the Netherlands, the label is founded on the philosophy of survival of the finest with an emphasis on quality; overtly obvious.

Was ist Metaphysik?

The conflict between what the architect has on his mind and what is actually possible to build will always be a significant factor for pushing the possibilities of new technology and constructions.

Co Pre-Fall 15

It often feels that Los Angeles-based designers Co conceive everything about a collection as a whole.

Louise Gray

Minneapolis-based Louise Gray reinterprets the tradition of quilting through a discerning contemporary eye, seeking to enhance the living space for the modern, detail oriented, and socially conscious with their geometric, pastel-coloured quilts.

Knob Spice Grinder

The Knob Spice Grinder by Umbra Shift has a traditional look with a modern twist. The grinder consists of two parts: the grinder and a separate base.

Fayland, Fawley & Langley

During this year’s Milan Design Week, Frankfurt-based e15 company presented a plain and powerful new solid wood product family, compounded by the Fayland table, the Fawley bench and the Langley stool.

House in Almen

House in Almen is a small country home designed by Barend Koolhaas. Located in The Netherlands, the defining feature of the structure is a panoramic window that spans the length of the home’s single room. This glass wall is the hypotenuse of the triangular floor plan, and therefore the longest wall in the house.

Mobile Chandelier 6

Michael Anastassiades’ Mobile Chandelier 6 is a series of light-weight floating and balancing geometries.

Casa Sardinera

Spain-based architect Ramón Esteve designed a world-class residence with a privileged high view of the turquoise Mediterranean below; the scale of this project goes beyond 1,200 sqm, nevertheless it manages to nail a challenging combination of extravagance and minimalism impeccably.

RAD by Rad Hourani Collection #11

With his RTW Collection #11 Rad Hourani artfully underlines his signature style of architectural and pure looks.