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Lake Cottage

Lake Cottage is a lighthearted home located in Canada. The treehouse inspired dwelling was designed by UUfie.

Travel Pen

Minimalux’s latest offering, the Travel Pen, is a desk adornment worthy of the highest praise. This piece is designed as an ultra simple portable extension to the British brand’s family of desk-top ballpoints.

Masseria Moroseta

A white stone-clad farmhouse sits atop the city of Ostuni, in Italy; right in the middle of a field of olive trees.


Just imagine your office space could radiate the same minimalist atmosphere as your home. In fact, from looking at the Hypercollection, designed by Matthieu Girel and Egli Studio from Switzerland, it seems like a work place is even better suited to be fully compliant with a minimalist attitude.


Based in Venice, architect Mauro Cazzaro and Antonella Maione founded design studio Kanz as a meeting point among architecture, interior design, and product design.


Italian brand designer Lorenzo Rocco has developed a beautiful and elegant identity for Space, a company that provides luxurious and innovative architectural products including doors, windows, kitchens, bathroom furniture, stairs, and contract furniture—supplied exclusively from the top leading manufacturers around the world.

Casa Haras del Sol

Casa Haras del Sol is set within a suburban gated community in Buenos Aires. Designed by Nicolás Pinto da Mota, this modern home embraces its artificial landscape with a forward thinking design that is not afraid to stand out.

Horizn Travel Accessories

Horizn’s series of Travel Accessories are the things of an urban minimalist’s dream. Comprised of a series of handy, well-executed and thoughtful electronic pieces and casements, the collection goes beyond the standard offering.

Bankside Apartment

The Bankside Apartment is HASA Architect‘s absolute dominion of white colour and the interplay of volumes.

Berayha Diagonal & Notch Bag

Let’s be honest: we love our leather purses, we admire our beautiful weekenders, but we could never live without tote bags.

Dunes: Landscapes Evolving

Dunes: Landscapes Evolving is a beautiful series by American photographer and filmmaker Drew Doggett.

Sheet Cabinet

Young Norwegian designer Bjørn van den Berg has created the Sheet Cabinet; a simple and sculptural design that hides and exposes the objects by changing the angles of the two front sheets.

House in Alfama

House in Alfama is an unassuming white structure in a neighbourhood of Lisbon, Portugal dominated by 18th century buildings.


De Instituitefabriek’s Matchbox collection is the perfect table adornment—inspired by The Boyscouts‘ elements and their line of jewellery.

Minimal Handles Collection

Handles are one of these everyday objects that you don’t really appreciate until they stop working. Or until you come across some that were exceptionally well designed.


Tulura is a New Yorker brainchild of former model Eileen Feighny. After having to halt her modelling career due to serious skin problems, Eileen decided to develop a series of personal products, based on her experience in South Korea and Hawaii.

White Wolf Hotel

The objective was, from the starting point, holistic. Since the first moment we knew this was going to be a special project.

Fobe House

Located south of Marrakech, Morocco, is a sculptural home designed by Guilhem Eustache. Fobe House first appears as an array of white forms rising above the dusty desert floor. All of the buildings on the site are distinctly Moroccan: they are built using traditional techniques and materials with an utmost respect for the landscape.

Kantarell Lamp

Kantarell is a three-piece lamp series represented by the designer Falke Svatun Studio. It’s a project that was showcased at this year’s Milan Design Week—specifically at the Norwegian exhibition Everything is Connected, Ventura Lambrate.

Cruiser Skateboard

Saint Studio, the Brazilian design and fashion studio, bravely continues on its path to explore different facets of minimalism.