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The Dean of Design

William H. (Will) Bradley (1868–1962) is an underappreciated American design pioneer overshadowed by other Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts practitioners.

Designer of the Week: Leta Sobierajski

You’ve probably heard of PRINT’s latest Designer of the Week, New York City–based Leta Sobierajski. She was a PRINT New Visual Artist a few years back; she’s been featured in a multitude of magazines and on design sites aplenty; and she’s spoken at events all over the world, from Canada to Guatemala to Minnesota.

10 Things to Consider When Pricing Illustrations

A Designer’s, Art Director’s and Illustrator’s Cost-Guide to Pricing Illustrations One of the delicate business challenges for professional designers, creative directors and illustrators alike is how to fairly estimate the cost of illustration.

Weekend Heller: Ich Bin ein Fanta

Lots of everyday consumables were developed for war, and commercialized once it was over. For instance, T-shirts came from World War I, Spam from World War II.

Trumped-Up Tweets

Kenzo Mayama Kramarz is a designer based in London. After years of working in the industry, he decided this year to set up his own KMK Studio, where he splits his time between commercial and self-initiated projects, which often come from things, he says, “that frustrate me on a personal level.” This project, “The First One Hundred Tweets,” is one of the flurry of Trump-related responses interpreting and commenting on the character’s characters.

Principles of Infographic Design: Creating Hierarchy

The following is an excerpt from HOWU’s Principles of Infographic Design Principles taught by Julia Frenkle, who founded Opus, a design agency in Boston.

15 Award-Winning Book Covers

At PRINT, we’re suckers for a good book cover. So as we gear up for the Regional Design Awards’ big deadline of April 1, we have fresh reason to geek out on a roundup of some of our favorite book covers from last year’s RDA—as selected by Jessica Walsh, Timothy Goodman, Gail Anderson, Marc English, Jennifer Morla and Bill Grant.


You almost have to wonder whether Stephen Alcorn, a painter, illustrator, printmaker and associate professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, is stalking Milton Glaser.

Skip Williamson & Jay Lynch Kept the Fun in Underground Funnies

Those underground comix artists of the 1960s may have been renegade outlaws, but they didn’t escape the “90% of everything is crud” law.

Drinking in Bottle Design

So, what makes people drink? There are many very sound—and some unfortunate—reasons: social, medicinal, addictive, pleasurable, etc.

A Tour of the National Design Centre, Singapore

It’s both exciting and sobering to discover that Singapore—an island city-state in southeast Asia that’s smaller than New York City in both square miles and population—has its own five-story National Design Centre.

On a Mission

Walter Dorwin Teague (1883–1960) was one of the modern white knights of design for industry (aka industrial art/commercial art).

Underground Images: Posters from the School of Visual Arts

School of Visual Arts: Underground Posters Let’s be real about advertising for a moment. In the digital age, we’re constantly bombarded with click-bait ads and promotional videos.

Designing With Heart

“The heart is a very, very resilient little muscle. It really is,” said Woody Allen’s character in Hannah and Her Sisters.

Designer of the Week: Karla Heredia Martínez

Designer of the Week Karla Heredia Martínez graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana in 2011, and has since worked for four different firms, honing her craft and churning out beautiful branding left and right.

Weekend Heller: A Heck of a Symbol

Here’s one for the banality of evil bucket: The so-called Sig-Runes, the logo for the Nazi SS (Schutzstaffel), was designed by Walter Heck, a graphic designer who had worked for the badge manufacturing firm of Ferdinand Hoffstätter in Bonn.

The Comic Art of Mirko Ilić

For over three decades, Yugoslavian born Mirko Ilić has been a mainstay of American graphic design. His groundbreaking design and illustration work has regularly graced such publications as The New York Times, Time magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Village Voice, and myriad others, as well as numerous book covers and identities for luxury hotels and restaurants.

Paula Scher Talks Technology in Design

Enter the most respected competition in graphic design—now open to both pros and students—for a chance to have your work published, win a pass to HOW Design Live, and more.

United States of Resistance

Shortly after the presidential election, “Trump Nation/Whites Only” was written on the wall outside a majority-immigrant church in Maryland.

Focus on Color: 23 Award-Winning Design Projects Using the Color Green

As St. Patrick’s Day rolls in and spring appears on the horizon (early for some, and snowy for others), we see more and more of the color green.