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It’s a Bird, It’s a Millman, It’s Bird Millman

There are more and more momentary celebrities today than ever before, and too many opportunities to become one.

Stubborn, Aggressive, Positive: An Interview With Neal Adams

A shorter version of this article appears in the October issue of Print, the International Design issue.

Early Chwast

It is always fun to look at the early work of great artists and designers. From time to time the Daily Heller will present these virtually forgotten treats that will henceforward be virtually (digitally) in the creative cloud.

11 Resources for Typography & Lettering Lovers

Are you a lettering lover—an aficionado of alphabetical artwork? Do you find typography utterly tantalizing?

Chwast’s Quote: The Illustrated Words of Maya Angelou

A notable quote from Maya Angelou, illustrated by Seymour Chwast—number 154 in a weekly series. Submit a quote in the comments (or on Twitter or Facebook), and it will be considered for a future column.

Weekend Heller: Hot Show at Bard

The current exhibition Barbara Nessim: An Artful Life, curated by Douglas Dodds, Senior Curator, Word and Image Department, Victoria and Albert Museum, London is a essential piece of illustration history and practice.

Where Web Design Meets Creative Inspiration

Join designers and developers at the upcoming HOW Interactive Design Conferences in Chicago, October 19-21 and San Francisco, November 17-19.

10 Great Gig Posters + Free Exhibition

Print readers will know Powerhouse Factories from the brilliant cover they created for our June 2013 Color Issue, alongside their rock posters and brand work.

My Favorite Favoriten

The year was 1923. The magazine was the Swedish journal Favoriten (Favorite). The covers were so different as to suggest they were completely different magazines, or at least very different art directors.

09/18/2014: Godard movie posters

Earlier this week, regular Print contributor Rick Poynor highlighted (in Design Observer) an exhibit at London’s Kemistry Gallery of Hans Hillmann’s movie posters.

SVA Masters Recipient: Tom Geismar

This article from Grids + Guides in Print’s International Design Issue takes a brief look at the SVA 26th Masters Series Award recipient, Tom Geismar.

Is Copying the Highest Form of Flattery

Art and Craft, which opens tomorrow at Angelika Film Center and Lincoln Plaza Cinemas in New York, is a film about an enigmatic art forger who gives (he does not sell) his forgeries to museums, libraries and other institutions throughout the U.S.

When New Visual Artists Become the Best Visual Artists

Print magazine’s New Visual Artists Issue recognizes rising talent in the industry and is an opportunity to showcase exceptional work from these stars—all under the age of 30.

Chalk Talk

A chalk talk is a venerable on stage event performed by cartoonists or illustrators. Winsor McCay of Little Nemo fame, was one of the best with his pioneering Gertie the Dinosaur, part drawing, part animation.

Through Me You Go To Everlasting Pain

When Vice President Joseph Biden said,“When people harm Americans, we don’t retreat. We don’t forget.

09/15/2014: Graphic Digits book

Numbers in typography have gained significance in recent years, and this new, beautifully-bound book from Viction:ary highlights some of the many way you can think differently when using numerals in your work.

App Review: Smart Spots App by Hub Strategy

The folks at Hub Strategy know all about designing for optimal user experience. If you’re new to UX, dive into foundational principles in Patrick McNeil’s Intro to UX course.  Parking your Smart car along the busy streets of San Francisco just got a lot easier.

When The Sky Fell In New York

During World War II every American city and town needed to have a strong civil defense authority, especially those on the coasts, potentially in range of bombers.

Chwast’s Quote: The Illustrated Words of e.e. cummings

A notable quote from e.e. cummings, illustrated by Seymour Chwast—number 153 in a weekly series. Submit a quote in the comments (or on Twitter or Facebook), and it will be considered for a future column.

Weekend Heller: Pictures Telling Stories

Richard McGuire Makes a Book It has been too long since Richard McGuire’s work has been seen in exhibition.