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Celebrating the King: A Jack Kirby Roundtable

August 28th is the centennial of Jack Kirby’s birth. He is arguably the most important comics creator of the 20th century.

Weekend Heller: Godzilla, Astro Boy, Ultraman, Kikaider and Company

A few weeks ago I published an item about Crazygon, a series published by Chris Capuozzo that presents research integral to the production of his artworks, as well as showcasing original work by influential artists who share similar pursuits.

Democracy Has Been in Trouble Before

In February 1939—the same year the Nazis invaded Poland and officially began their war to destroy freedom in Europe, the Italians were conquering Northern Africa and the Japanese were seeking to build an empire in the Pacific—the United States faced its own threat to democracy at home.

Protesting Racism And Hate With Political Art

Does your brand new a reboot? Following the horrific events precipitated by the white nationalists, neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members on Saturday in Charlottesville, VA where 32 year old Heather Heyer was murdered, President Trump shockingly came out in favor if the alt-right.

Divine Intervention

God exists differently for each of us, which means there are hundreds upon thousands of interpretations.

Julian Allen in Woodstock

Julian Allen‘s watercolors made the real even more vivid. The master of visual journalism in the 1970s, 1980s and ’90s, he captured the pain of Watergate and the joys of high society, among scores of portraits, scandals and more.

History-Infused Posters for the Total Solar Eclipse

Artist, astronomer and “night sky ambassador” Dr. Tyler Nordgren has created a series of history-infused poster designs for the impending total solar eclipse on August 21.

“An Inconvenient Sequel” Film Poster by Illustrator Justin Santora

An Inconvenient Sequel Inspired by Paris Climate Agreement 2006 saw the release of the Academy Award winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth, a film that followed former Vice President Al Gore’s pursuit of bringing the topic of global warming and climate change to the world at large.

A Lost Albanian Alphabet

Edon Muhaxheri is an Albanian artist from Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo. He has a BS in applied arts and sciences from the Rochester Institute of Technology and, having received a Fulbright scholarship, an MFA in illustration practice from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Stamping Out Civility

One of the most ambitious and exciting indie book publishers is Siglio Press (“uncommon books at the intersection of art and literature”).

Designer of the Week: Rikke Elverdam

Call for entries: The International Design Awards early-bird deadline is August 14. Former Sagmeister & Walsh intern and current freelance designer Rikke Elverdam brings handmade type, artful side projects and fresh inspiration to this week’s edition of Designer of the Week.

Weekend Heller: Opening the East Village Eye

Gallery 98 (134 S. Oxford St., Brooklyn) is selling copies of the East Village Eye. From May 1979 to January 1987, the East Village Eye, a monthly magazine of popular and avant garde culture, exerted a profound influence that eventually reached across the globe.

The Look of the Word: Alan Peckolick, 1940-2017

The cover of Alan’s book, “Teaching Type to Talk,” Pointed Leaf Press, 2013 “Basically, for me, if a word was a beautiful word, it wasn’t the sound of the word that intrigued me, but the look of the word.

Victorian Foppishness and the Making of the McSweeney’s Generation

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is an online exclusive bonus to the Print Hollywood: San Francisco issue.

Upside Down, Right-Side Up

Rex Whistler (1905–1944) was an English stage set designer, muralist and illustrator. His most noted work during the early part of his career was for the café at the Tate Gallery, completed in 1927 when he was only 22.

Rebel Masks

Once an editorial illustrator and now a filmmaker, Carlos Llerena Aguirre has been documenting Saynatakuna, the masks and transfigurations in Paukartambo, in his native Peru.

Universal Appeal: Beautiful New & Vintage Sci-Fi Book Covers

Science fiction. It fills countless library shelves, holds its own in Hollywood and sometimes even feels like we’re living it.

9 Ideas Designers Should Steal From Great Children’s Books (Part 2)

Creatives who are parents know that children’s books can feed the creative process like nobody’s business.

What Every Dutch Boy Should Know About Lead

Dutch Boy White Lead paint was all the rage before we learned that lead causes lead poisoning. And lead poisoning can be hard to detect—even people who seem healthy can have high blood levels of lead.

Den Motherhood Illustrated

In 1969, as many of us long-haired, bead-ridden, love-makin’ hippies were marching in the streets, a generation of younger kids and their moms settled in for the all-American ritual of Cub Scouting.