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The Age of the Creative Asshole Is Over

Have you created some epic design work? Enter it into the PRINT Regional Design Awards by the extended deadline on May 1.

Last Call: Final Deadline for the RDA Competition is May 1!

The deadline for the PRINT Regional Design Awards is May 1—don’t miss the chance to have your work selected as the best in the country by Aaron Draplin, Jessica Hische, Pum Lefebure, Ellen Lupton, Eddie Opara and Paula Scher!

Fyuse Photography App: A Revolution in Image Sharing

The photography game is changing. And San Francisco-based app firm Fyusion, Inc. doesn’t want you to miss a thing.

Beatrice Warde Speaks and Type Geeks Listen

So you love type. What designer does not? Type is the jewel in the design crown. It is also the tool that makes us literate.

Jugendstil’s Decorative Narrative

This book for children featuring the poems of August Kopisch is a gem of Jugendstil (the Art Nouveau of Germany).

Nature At Home: Adapting Charley Harper’s Illustrations to Product Design

Special Advertising Note: The following sponsored content is brought to you courtesy of The Land of Nod, one of PRINT’s trusted partners.

America-Can Do.

When there were real jobs in this country, this is what this country made: real cans (the little can that could?

Take 5 With Jessica Hische

This article is part of PRINT’s Hollywood Issue: San Francisco. Jessica Hische is also judging this year’s RDA competition.

Capitalizing on an Old Tradition

When I first started as a self-taught newspaper/magazine designer all those many years ago, my inspiration came from illuminated manuscripts.

Designer of the Week: Isabel Castillo Guijarro

The deadline for the 2017 Regional Design Awards—the industry’s most prestigious and well-respected American design competition—has been extended to April 3.

Ellen Lupton: Quotes on Design & Typography

Ellen Lupton, 2009. Photo by Michelle Qureshi. Curator, director of a graphic design MFA program, author, design critic, lecturer, DIY advocate and AIGA Gold Medalist.

Radical Modernism’s Father Figure

Dan Friedman (1945 –1995), the father of “Radical Modernism,” wrote: “We should return to a belief in a radical spirit—the idea that design is something that can help improve society and people’s condition.” It is also the underscore of “Dan Friedman: Radical Modernist,” a new exhibition at the Chicago Design Museum from April 28–Aug. 12.

Plants of Posters: A Sustainable Design Project

Make Your City Greener, A New Sustainable Design “Cities have changed a lot,” laments the promotional video for an innovative design project.

Weekend Heller: Kudos to Anne Quito, Writer Extraordinaire

The first AIGA Steven Heller Prize for Cultural Commentary was presented to Anne Quito on Thursday night at a pre-AIGA Medal ceremony.

Lying is its Own Reward

Since 1994, Sean Tejaratchi, a graphic designer of books, music packaging, posters, fonts, some movie production and a lot more, has been the editor of Crap Hound, a zine known for its thousands of old images compiled in thematic combinations like Death, Phones, and Scissors.

Superwomen from Comic Book History

Comic Book History’s Spectacular Sisterhood You’ve heard of Superman, Batman and Spiderman. But how familiar are you with their female counterparts?

The Swiss Were Good

Those Swiss were deceiving. They said they were creating a language of design simplicity based on fundamental forms, clarity and rational thought.

It’s Time for Web Design to Be About Design

­­ By Ashley Rocha, Creative Director, Brandcast John Lasseter directed Toy Story, the first computer-animated feature film, and changed filmmaking forever.

A Book Jacket Tells the Future

Ladislav Sutnar and Thelma Hall were partners in the design firm Sutnar + Hall. Hall gave the Czech master his grounding as an artist/businessperson.


The intersection of graphic, interior, industrial and textile design is at the heart of 20th-century modernism.