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Albrecht Dürer: The First Post-Modernist

Self portrait Albrecht Dürer was the very epitome of a Renaissance man. Born in 1471 at the height of the German Renaissance he excelled at painting, woodcuts, engraving, typography, book-making and writing.

Fascism’s Colorful Disease

People of a certain generation recalling the bad old days of Italian Fascism and Benito Mussolini will say by way of apology, “At least he made the trains run on time.” I’m not actually certain that the Italian version of our own Duce Trump actually did make trains run on time, but it sounds as good as “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” or “carrots are good for the eyes.” Still, despite the horrors of the Fascist regime, they did attempt to do some civil service for the Italian population.

Designer of the Week: Mick Watson

Meet PRINT’s latest Designer of the Week Mick Watson, a multidisciplinary artist and designer who works in paint, video, illustration, graphic and motion design and animation.

Weekend Heller: Bolts and Books

There are not many copies of the newly printed facsimile edition of Fortunato Depero’s “Bolted Book” left for sale.

#99Uconf: 99% Perspiration, 100% Inspiration

Weeks before the #99Uconf’s June 7 opening, $1000 tickets were being scalped on Twitter. People sounded desperate to get one at any price.

Rabid Roaming Roman Rabbits

While in Rome I purchased a “lapinopedia” illustrated by the mysterious paintings and hieroglyphs of Luigi Serafini, titled Il coniglio d’oro (The Golden Rabbit).

True Print: Breaking Letterpress Rules

Love letterpress and all things type-related? Learn the basics of creating your own typeface with the Type Camp + HOWU course Typography 101: Letterform Design Today, it seems like an unspoken letterpress rule that one’s creations must feel retro and nostalgic—and perhaps even somewhat dated.

The Romance of Italian Smoke

It is no sigarette—I mean secret—that Europeans, especially Italians, love their cigarettes. The packaging has long had tremendous allure, and the advertising is not just smoke and mirrors.

Ink Tank Fills an Archive

It is great news to know that R.O. Blechman’s Ink Tank archive will have a home within the D.B. Dowd Modern Graphic History Library at Washington University.

Five Decades of Beach Boys Album Art

It’s no secret that Brian Wilson is a bit of a mad musical genius. Today, the psychedelic musician, pop-star, song writer and producer turned 75.

P22’s Marcel Font: The True Tale Behind the Typeface

Learn the basics of creating your own typeface with the Type Camp + HOWU course Typography 101: Letterform Design The True Story Behind P22’s Marcel Font You probably know P22 Type Foundry, home to the award-winning typeface Marcel, with more than 1,300 glyphs and companion fonts.

Design for the Fun of It

,Recently, AIGA Medalist Art Chantry reminded me of the decidedly special printing, paper FX and typographic concoctions of Mo Lebowitz (1932–), the designer who ran Mo’s Antique Press in Long Island, N.Y..

PRINT Magazine Summer 2017 | The Typography Issue

The type world can feel like the most brutally exclusive of clubs, which makes the annual Print typography issue a doozey for the editors.

Design the Future with Kaspersky Lab and POSSIBLE

Ever wanted to share your vision of the future? Well, that’s exactly what Moscow-based digital marketing firm POSSIBLE and cyber security company Kaspersky Lab want you to do in their new project, Earth 2050.

François’ Croc Makes a Comeback

If you’re a kids book or illustration fan, you might have noticed a resurgence in resurrecting vintage illustrators’ children’s books.

Designer of the Week: Guilherme Nóbrega

Over the past 13 years, Guilherme Nóbrega, PRINT’s latest Designer of the Week, has produced many award-winning print campaigns for global brands like Coca-Cola, Unilever and Apple.

Weekend Heller: Rand in Italy

The last time I saw Paul Rand in Europe was in the mid-1990s near the Musee D’Orsay. Neither of us knew the other was in Paris.

Talking Fantasy Illustration with Jeffrey Alan Love

‘Totentanz: The Dance of Death’ by Jeffrey Alan Love for The New Yorker – AD: Deanna Donegan Illustrator Jeffrey Alan Love’s work is primal, carving out the unspeakable truth of his subjects.

Chronicle at 50: 25 Book Covers

Perhaps due to their location far from the publishing epicenter of New York City, the San Francisco institution Chronicle Books has never been afraid to experiment with the form of the printed book.

The REAL Fake News

In this case the real fake news is the New York Post; not always a paradigm of solid journalism, it was at least a vehicle for news.