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Weekend Heller: AIGA’s 100 Years, Now in Atlanta

AIGA (formerly known as the American Institute of Graphic Arts) celebrates its centennial year with an exquisite exhibition at Museum of Design Atlanta culled from the organization’s archives.

Vibrant Resources for Color Lovers

Are you passionate about purple? Do you burn with the romantic radiance of rich reds? Do cheerful, energetic yellows brighten up your day?

08/29/2014: Coffee infographic

Infographic popularity continues to increase and, to that end, new business ventures focusing on the organizational artform continue to grow and develop.


Editor’s Note: In this series, Steven Brower, former creative director of Print, educator and program director, explores graphic design MFA programs across the country.

The Best Event in Web Design in Just 5 Days!

The countdown is on for the best web design event of the year. The first installment of the HOW Interactive Design Conference, in Washington, D.C.

Technology Gets The Raspberries

And now for something uplifting about technology: My colleague, the ever patient Ron Callahan, Tech Administrator at SVA MFA Design/Designer as Author + Entrepreneur, has started his own entrepreneurial venture The Raspberry Heights Workshop, a computer learning opportunity for kids, based on the Raspberry Pi computer.

08/28/2014: Chinese typography

A nice look at the form and shape of Chinese characters through Cai Peng portfolio. Check out more here.

Chwast’s Quote: An Illustrated Anonymous Quote

A notable, anonymous quote, illustrated by Seymour Chwast—number 151 in a weekly series. Submit a quote in the comments (or on Twitter or Facebook), and it will be considered for a future column.

The Symbolism of Animals: Rabbits and Hares

As I’ve been conducting research for my next book, I’ve discovered a treasure trove of interesting information about the symbolism of animals.

Branding ISIS, ISIL, IS

If the brutal insurgent force now ferociously battling in Iraq and Syria were treated as a common brand, its recent name changes would prompt major confusion.

The Vend Diagram

Some of you may recall when the NYC subway (like the Paris subway today) had a fine array of vending machines offering gum, soda and snacks.

Back to School: 6 Intriguing Online Design Courses

The Back to School season is upon us! At Print, that means we’re getting ready to brush up on our design skills with a great round up of upcoming online design courses at HOW Design University.

A Designers’ Guide to Comic-Con’s Hidden Pleasures

We’re now at the peak of comic book convention season. San Diego’s wrapped last month, Chicago’s just ended, and New York’s is currently gearing up.

Speedball: Rolling in Neutral

Letterers go gaga over Speedball ephemera. It may touch a DIY chord. Or it’s perhaps the most primal way of creating commercial lettering that piques the passion of folks like me.

Preparing a Knockout Design Presentation

When you’re presenting ideas to clients, the design presentation is just as important as—if not more important than—the idea itself.

Who’s Wearing Whose Trade Dress?

In 1915 the National Biscuit Company (NBC) filed 13 copyright infringement suits against such firms as Ohio Baking Company, Dake Cracker Company, Hargrave Bisuit Co., and Pacific Coast Biscuit Co.

Weekend Heller: Designer’s Activism Gets Active

Designers are citizens who can take active roles in this Democracy. Not everyone will agree with Bonnie Siegler, but her pro-active stance is a model for us all, whatever our causes.

HOW Interactive Speaker Brian Miller on Information Architecture

Debbie Millman isn’t the only addition to the HOW Interactive Design Conference series. We’ve also added designer/developer, teacher and writer Brain Miller to the list of heavy-hitters this fall.

Making the Mac: 20 Vintage Apple Ads

Do you design ads? We want to see them. Don’t miss your chance to enter Print’s Legends in Advertising Awards.

Sticker Stock

Do you remember the days leading up to the start of school? The clean notebook, mint pencil/pen box, untouched reams of lined paper and the pristine subject tabs.