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Weekend Heller: Designers Should Know How to Draw

And if you don’t believe me … Italy’s premier cultural quarterly, PROMETEO, has published a 12-page, full-color feature essay/article by Stephen Alcorn, associate professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, titled “Analysis and Intuition: Reflections on the Mystic Union of Measure and Abandon in the Art of Figure Drawing.” The essay is an outgrowth of his longstanding activities in the realm of figure drawing at VCU/SOTA.

Join the HOW + Print Holiday Project

Hello friends of HOW and Print magazines! HOW + Print are doing something new this Holiday Season. And we want you to participate.

Hey, Hey, We Were The Monkees

During the 1960s, before the advent of Crawdaddy and Rolling Stone as “underground” rock n’ roll magazines, Tiger Beat and 16 Magazine ruled the fanboy and fangirl roost.

Pantone’s Color of the Year Goes Ultra Violet

Bang the drums and sound the trumpets! Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year is officially live today, and it’s Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet.

Smokin’ Women

After WWI, Vienna-born Edward Bernays (1891–1995), known as the “inventor” of public relations and the father of spin (and Sigmund Freud’s nephew), was hired by the American Tobacco Company to encourage women to start smoking.

The Mystery of ABC

ABC Design: A Modular Alphabet Book by Dana Atchley was published by Wittenborn and Co. in 1965. Sadly, what I don’t know about Atchley can fill a book, but from what I have discovered, Atchley was an artists’ book expert who also co-edited The Anatomy of a Book: The Making of a Renaissance Book (produced as a book in 1969 and 1991, and later as a video in 2004).

Bob Seidemann’s Provocative and Heavenly Photos.

Last week saw the passing of photographer Bob Seidemann. Perhaps best known for his controversial photograph for the 1969 album “Blind Faith,” he photographed the rock stars of both the San Francisco and London scenes in the late ’60s.

15 Artists Under 30: Chad Miller

This is the third year we’ve run our New Visual Artists: 15 under 30 issue. What was once a highly edited list of 20 of the best and brightest young designers is now a deeper exploration of 15 of the most original talents working in visual communications today.

Bob Seidemann’s provocative and heavenly photos.

Last week saw the passing of photographer Bob Seidemann. Perhaps best known for his controversial photograph for the 1969 album “Blind Faith”, he photographed the rock stars of both the San Francisco and London scenes in the late ‘60s.

Quentin Fiore’s Other Work

In 1988, I conducted a three-hour interview with Quentin Fiore, designer/author with Marshall McLuhan of The Medium is the Massage and War and Peace in the Global Village.

The Splitting Image of an Artist

The caricaturist and satirist Roger Law, who created the works below, has shifted gears—or, rather, split his image—in the years since his biting satiric TV show, Spitting Image, closed the curtain.

How Frank Miller’s Sin City Got the Deluxe Treatment

Frank Miller is most known as the bold, masterfully skilled and innovative artist on DC and Marvel titles such as Batman and Daredevil, honing his considerable skills within the tight restrictions of these corporate cash-cow characters.

Weekend Heller: Two Big Holiday Gifts

It’s time to think holidays, gifts, future plans, and life in general. Why not think about these: Submit your application by Jan.

The Mourning Prayer

Mark Podwal’s art has long focused on Jewish legend, history and tradition. Although he always made images, Podwal never pursued formal art training but rather became (and continues to practice as) a physician.

Design Aids Social Justice

AMPL!FY is a public art and design initiative that partners an artist or designer with a nonprofit organization working on the front lines of social justice to create thought-provoking posters on themes relevant to each organization.

Remembering Design Legend Jonathan Selikoff

Print is incredibly saddened to learn of the passing of Jonathan Selikoff on Thanksgiving, 2017. He leaves behind his wife, Lauren, son Sam, and mother, Isabelle.

Tuli Kupferberg’s Real Fake Real News

In the early 1960s the emerging counterculture spawned by the Beats in New York City’s East Village began publishing a slew of what soon became known as “undergrounds.” Many of these cheaply printed publications followed in the Dada and Samizdat traditions.

Tapestries for Civil Rights

Ireland-based Bill Shipsey is a human rights activist, artist event promoter and producer, barrister, and the founder of Art for Amnesty—Amnesty International’s global artist engagement program.

Masks: Hide and Sneak

Halloween has been over for a while now, but masks are with us every day. A mask is more than a simple disguise, theatrical prop or part of a uniform.

Designer of the Week: David Airey

PRINT’s latest Designer of the Week is someone whose work you’re probably already familiar with. David Airey is the writer and designer of the Logo Design Love book, which is now in its second edition and has sold more than 50,000 copies.