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Weekend Heller: My Creative Soulmate

I have collaborated with Viktor Koen on two different series of SVA NYC posters. The most recent is up in the underground until May 31.

Designer of the Week: John Hayden

Celebrate the 25th year of HOW Design Live with dazzling inspiration from the brightest minds and biggest brands—not to mention a healthy dose of camaraderie with your fellow creatives.

The Joy of Jugendstil

Martin Gerlach started his eponymous publishing firm in 1872 in Berlin. Together with Ferdinand Schenk, he also founded the Gerlach & Schenk publishing firm.

Cuba Libre

Canadian designer Gerry L’Orange recently returned from a trip to Havana. He had been there years before, but this trip was auspicious in that soon tourists will be flocking down to the land of old autos and Castro.

8 Captivating Design History Books

Theodore Roosevelt once famously said, “The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” This concept certainly applies to graphic design, a field in which innovators have shaped the appearance of our world.

Initial Steps in the Logo Design Process

Designer Jim Krause finessed his graphic design process, illustration and photography skills during his decades of experience in the design arena.

The Return of Mr. Sutnar (In the Czech Republic)

This is Ladislav Sutnar’s rebirth year. The life and work of the versatile industrial designer, graphic designer, educator and painter is mapped in an extensive project, The Return of Ladislav Sutnar, one of the flagship initiatives within the Pilsen (Czech Republic)—European Capital of Culture 2015 project.

5 Tips & Tricks for Presenting Your Work to Clients

For many designers, the fear of presenting your work to a client can make or break the deal. With some good advice and lots of practice, you can conquer the fear and win more clients.

No Your City’s Incredible Cast of Characters

Director Nicolas Heller’s web doc series No Your City is halfway into its second season. When both seasons are complete he will have captured 16 of New York’s most iconoclastic individuals.

Ludwig Hohlwein, Master Designer

While rummaging through the studio bookshelves, I met an old friend: Ludwig Hohlwein, a collection of the poster designs by the artist published in Berlin in 1926.

2016 Presidential Campaign Logos

… And they’re off! Candidates are making their announcements and will soon seek to win the hearts and minds of Americans with their words, actions … and logos.

Capturing Inspiration: From Mobile to Desktop

Special Advertising Note: The following sponsored content is brought to you courtesy of Adobe, one of Print’s trusted partners.

What Price Freedom

Most of us never had to live in a time when war demanded major sacrifices. World War II was such a historic moment when all the able-bodied males were recruited or drafted and most others did something to aid the war effort.

Weekend Heller: Mid-Century Modern House for Sale

I don’t usually use this space for real-estate proposals, but this is different. Gene and Helen Federico’s family home in Pound Ridge, New York, the quintessence of Mid-Century Modern design, is for sale.

Janine Vangool: Fit to Print

If you’re creative and curious, UPPERCASE seeks to satisfy your appetite with content inspired by design, typography, illustration and craft.

Designer of the Week: David M. Smith

Celebrate the 25th year of HOW Design Live with dazzling inspiration from the brightest minds and biggest brands—not to mention a healthy dose of camaraderie with your fellow creatives.

Cultivating Creativity: Field Notes for Greater Productivity

Maria Fabrizo’s book Cultivating Creativity is an enjoyable read that compares gardening with design.

Who Put the Play in Display

The postwar years saw the greatest increase in personal wealth for certain classes in America. The commercial class bought and the manufacturing class made whatever they wanted.

Stomach Problems?

it was the package more than the Psyllium husk that attracted me to Sat-Isabgol, an Indian stomach remedy, not unlike the American vegetable laxative Sennacot.

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Appear in the RDA!

The deadline for Print’s Regional Design Annual is April 10—this Friday. Don’t miss the chance to have your work featured alongside the very best designs from across the country, in the midst of a historic year—Print’s 75th anniversary, and the RDA’s 35 anniversary.