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Weekend Heller: Stencil Type and Lettering

In Stencil Type, Louise Fili and I explore the variety and influence of the world’s most ubiquitous typographic style, which dates to prehistoric times and has been used on a range of surfaces from street signs, buildings and bridges to packaging and posters.

“Timely and Timeless” – The Design of Charles S. Anderson

One of the best parts about recruiting judges for the Regional Design Annual: Getting a chance to browse their brilliant archives—in this case, the work of team CSA Design.

HOW Design Live Adds Keynote Speakers & International Stars

Sure, we rolled out a phenomenal HOW Design­­ Live speaker lineup in October, but we just couldn’t stop there.

Elbert Hubbard’s Little Title Pages

Elbert Hubbard, founder of the Roycrofters, America’s Arts + Crafts community in Aurora, New York, was perhaps the first designer as author, and he was certainly an early design entrepreneur.

When New York Was Deutsche

During the 19th century, the Dutch, who had originally settled New York two centuries earlier and began using it as their business portal, saw the city ultimately become referred to as Deutsche, which actually means German.

The Problem With Oded Ezer

This article is from the February 2015 issue of Print, “Typography Today,” in which we take a deep dive into how type has evolved—where it has been in the past, major industry milestones and so on—and analyze current trends to decode where it’s going tomorrow.

Give My Regards to Broadway

The Great White Way once had its own “Breezy and Beautiful” chronicle of drama, melodrama and comedy.

Secret Society Stickers

Not so secret are the famous secret societies (and fraternal orders) that can be found in most countries.

Designer of the Week: Austin Dunbar

HOW Design Live is the biggest gathering of creative professionals anywhere. You’re invited to join us as we celebrate our 25th anniversary in Chicago May 4–8 with what is sure to be the most inspiring, informational, educational, and talked-about HDL yet.

The 6 Phases of Brand Building

“At the heart of branding is the promise that is made by the organization to the audience. The brand promise tells the audiences who you are, what you believe in, and what unique value you provide.” – Dave Holston from Brand Strategy Development, a HOW Design University Online Course Dave Holston, author of The Strategic Designer and an instructor for HOW Design University’s Online Course Brand Strategy Development, perfectly addresses why brand building is so critical for a designer to master.

Institutional Racism

Racism in the United States, especially aimed at African Americans, was so institutionalized prior to the 1970s that the most commonplace commodities, including coffee and children’s books, blithely used stereotypes on packaging and book covers.

Wireframes and Prototypes Excerpt

Blogging templates such as WordPress and Drupal are wonderful resources for showcasing portfolios and hosting design business sites.

Weekend Heller: Type, Rome, Summer

If you LOVE TYPE and LOVE ROME you’ll LOVE SVA’s Masters Workshop, a two week intensive in the Eternal City.

“Solve the problem. Don’t decorate.” Get to Know DJ Stout

One of the best parts about recruiting judges for the Regional Design Annual: Getting a chance to browse their brilliant archives.

Design Selfie, 1957

What’s a design or designer selfie? Easy. It’s a self-promotional piece. I’ve been collecting them for ages.

The Future of Illustrations on the Web

Learn how to create beautiful motion graphics and animated illustrations in Sean Brodbeck’s online course, Motion Graphics and Animation.

The Importance of Creating Provocative, Uncensored Art

Don’t say you weren’t told. WARNING! Graphic Content: Political Cartoons, Comix and the Uncensored Artistic Mind has well over 350 controversial illustrations by artists from around the world and throughout history.

The Art of the Simon and Kirby Studio

With The Art of the Simon and Kirby Studio by Mark Evanier, learn more about Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, the duo who invented noteworthy characters like Captain America and Sandman, conceived the idea of romance comics, and created a new standard for the genres of crime, western, and horror comic books.

Wanted: Visual Journalists

Gary Embury, senior lecturer at University of the West of England, started the Reportager website over two years ago and has been working on developing an award for reportage drawing.

Why Print Design is a Gateway Media

Join us on January 28 , 2015 for 5 Secrets to Launching a Creative Business, a live webcast with Roberto Blake.