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Man or Mouse! War is Hell!

In 1968, the war in Vietnam made Americans and the world aware that fighting on foreign soil could be government folly rather than a battle against falling dominoes.

Weekend Heller: Searching For Design History

The amazing thing about the internet is the internet. For design historians, what can be a better resource?

JT Steiny’s Caustic Caricatures

Editor’s Note: Many of the following images are NSFW and feature adult themes. This much is unquestionably true: one, that the artwork in a new exhibition opening tomorrow in L.A.

Take My Art, Please!

Lou Beach is known for his collage illustrations, one of the masters of the comic side of this surreal artform.

Designer of the Week: Christi du Toit

Meet Designer of the Week Christi du Toit, a funny, independent creative who hails from South Africa and specializes in illustration and custom lettering.

Psychedelic Black and White

Psychedelics are usually seen in color. But there was a black-and-white side to the experience represented here in the work of Lee Conklin, who produced posters for the Fillmore West from 1968–1970 and published a book of his drawings titled Viva La Mutation.

Street Signs as Political Statement

The reason that streets are named after people is to pay tribute to those people. In Nazi Germany (as in other dictatorships) street signs were as much a tool of propaganda as honor.

Alphabets to Go

Today we have Amazon, Blue Apron and Grubhub, among the hundreds of sign-on, click-on and receive-on-the-same-day services for just about any commodity.

Remembering Cartoonist & Illustrator Jack Davis

On July 27, 2016, Jack Davis, one of the most prolific and influential cartoonists and illustrators of the second half of the twentieth century, passed away in St.

Interplanetary Graphic Design

Aaron Perry-Zucker of the Creative Action Network launched a campaign last Thursday focused on building a new collection of space mission patch designs for all past, present and future missions.

Weekend Heller: It Can Happen Here!

It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis is a cautionary tale about how easy it would be for an imperfect storm of fear, anger and prejudice to topple American democracy.

Trump vs. Clinton: A Designer’s Perspective on 2016 Election Logos

Fighting over Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has become a sport, but so has trashing their logos and graphic design.

Design History: Graphic Design in Southern Louisiana

Can’t get enough graphic design history? Check out The Daily Heller for daily design news and insight from Steven Heller.

Photographs Question Civil War History

Michelle Obama caused a minor uproar among the Civil War myth-mongers when she noted that slaves built the White House.

Designer of the Week: Balraj Chana

Meet London–based Designer of the Week Balraj Chana, who specializes in UI/UX design and has worked alongside many visionaries, from startup founders to Googlers.

The ROI of Print and Outdoor Ads in 2016

Every year, millions of dollars are spent on billboards and out-of-home advertising. Many millennial contemporaries don’t understand why and are very dismissive of the ROI of print in general.

Why the ’60s Were Great, Design-wise

One of the least-celebrated but most original design genres during the mid- to late-’60s was TV animated title sequences.

The Melting Plotz

Let me get this straight: When we’re talking about “Our America,” it is supposed to be this America (below), or another America (like this)?

5 Gig Poster Design Trends & Styles

Editor’s Note: The following piece on gig poster design trends is excerpted from Show Posters: The Art and Practice of Making Gig Posters by Pat Jones and Ben Nunery, the latest title from HOW Books.

Lights, Camera, Glaser

Milton Glaser did not do many movie posters, but the ones he did are as distinctively his as they are unusual for the film genre.