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W.A. Dwiggins Prints His Own Money

W.A. Dwiggins (1880–1956), who off-handedly coined the term “graphic design,” was quite a character. In addition to being a polymath of the graphic and typographic arts and crafts, puppeteer, playwright and sometime furniture maker, he was a cultural critic of considerable breadth.

The 25 Winners of Print Celebrates Design

Justin Ahrens challenges common ideas of what design success is and discusses how it is achieved by other means.

Designer of the Week: Sarah Osborn

In “Becoming an Idea Witch Doctor,” Stefan Mumaw shows you tricks to quickly formulate ideas for your clients using comedy improv practices.

Late-Breaking Sneaker News

Pablo Medina proudly presented me with a new magazine that he has art directed called Sneaker News. Indeed sneakers are still news and there are always new models on the runway.

Chwast’s Quote: The Illustrated Words of Oliver Wendell Holmes

A notable quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., illustrated by Seymour Chwast — number 161 in a weekly series.

Good Typographic Design for the Web

The study and practice of good typography has existed since the very beginning of the written word. Techniques have been developed, studied and honed for centuries by calligraphers, printers, type designers and graphic designers.

Ebola Posters Go Viral

Posters Against Ebola made its official launch on Monday, Dec. 15. The purpose of the project has two primary goals: 1.

When Fortune Was a Sleep Inducement

Leo Lionni was art director of Fortune in 1952 when he produced the oddly titled How to Read Fortune In Bed.

Announcing the 2015 RDA: The Industry’s Best Graphic Design Competition

IT’S HERE. The 2015 Regional Design Annual is now officially open. 2015 is going to be a monumental year.

The Last Sweets Catalog

This is a hard act to follow. The Sweets Catalog design system was developed in the 1950s by Ladislav Sutnar, who worked with Knud Lonberg-Holm.

Weekend Heller: Graphic Standards Celebrated

The lads at Unit Editions have done it again. The second volume of corporate identity standards manuals is ready to be scarfed up by the voracious design fetishists out there.

Designer of the Week: Matthew Terdich

In “Becoming an Idea Witch Doctor,” Stefan Mumaw shows you tricks to quickly formulate ideas for your clients using comedy improv practices.

Vannevar Bush + Chasing New Technology

In 1945, Vannevar Bush’s watershed article, “As We May Think” was published in the Atlantic Monthly. Here he forecasts many technologies that wouldn’t show up for fifty years or more.

Another Typographical Dimension

StereoType, the exhibition at the Boston Society of Architects, presents works by 14 established and up-and-coming designers from the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, France, the United States, Israel, The Netherlands, Germany and Australia.

Chwast’s Quote: The Illustrated Words of Euripides

A notable quote from Euripides, illustrated by Seymour Chwast — number 160 in a weekly series. For more Seymour Chwast, check out The Last Word, his illustrated column in Print magazine, available from

Vojtech Preissig and Czech American Art Nouveau

Vojtěch Preissig (1873–1944), a Czech typographer, printmaker, designer, illustrator, painter and teacher, is a name you are not likely to see in many design history books.

Barbara Nessim & Gloria Steinem: Writers, Artists, Activists, Role Models

Delve into the history of graphic design, and take a look at some of the ideas that influenced and defined the field in 100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design by Steven Heller and Véronique Vienne.

Oskar Schlemmer: The Bauhaus Master of Multimedia Design

Brander, typographer, web designer. Today’s market requires unrivaled multimedia design skills. Be prepared for anything with the Multidisciplinary Design Kit from MyDesignShop.

Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year is Positively Delicious

Drumroll, please. Today Pantone announces its 2015 Color of the Year, and this year’s choice is rich and delectable: Marsala, aka Pantone 18-1438 TCX.

Getting on Base

“Base” is a face created to become a compositional element of Milan-based designer and publisher Franco Cervi’s “own artistic output,” which is shown as a very small preview in three screen prints that can be seen here.