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Video Tutorial: Gritty HDR Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop

In today’s Adobe Photoshop tutorial we’re going to play around with some filters and adjustments to create a gritty HDR style photo effect.

How To Create Colourful Gradient Orbs in Illustrator

I’ve been playing around in Adobe Illustrator blending together vibrant colours to produce some cool gradient effects.

3D Marquee Light Bulb Letters for Access All Areas Members

A couple of months ago Dealjumbo kindly donated a pack of realistic marquee bulb letters for Access All Areas members.

1000s of Quality Vectors, Endless Creative Possibilities

This bundle is the ultimate toolkit to kickstart your creativity. It’s packed full with tons of best-selling vector design assets, based on the Design Cuts community’s most requested items.

How To Create an Infrared Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop

A couple of weeks ago I created a showcase post of breathtaking infrared photography with surreal colours.

Over 200 Vintage Engravings for Access All Areas Members

Access All Areas members have a huge collection of more than 200 old engraving illustrations to download this week, courtesy of Benjamin Babron.

An Essential Library of Textures & Patterns for Every Project

Textures and patterns are invaluable assets for every designer! They’re the ultimate time-saver, whether you’re looking to quickly add depth and visual interest to your work, or needing a great looking background for your designs.

66 Breathtaking Examples of Infrared Photography with Surreal Colours

Infrared photography is typically used to create black and white pictures of landscapes that feature incredible detail, sometimes with a dreamlike glow.

20 Handcrafted Botanical Illustrations for Premium Members

Access All Areas have a great new collection of botanical sketches to download today, courtesy of Tom Chalky.

Video Tutorial: VHS Style Glitch Effect in Adobe Photoshop

In today’s Adobe Photoshop video tutorial we’re going to apply a range of adjustments to a photograph to create a distorted glitch effect that mimics the kind of warping you see on old VHS tapes played on VCRs and analogue TVs.

40 Free Duotone Gradient Presets for Adobe Photoshop

The Duotone effect is still proving to be a really popular trend years after I initially talked about the topic in a video tutorial back in 2015, where I showed how to replicate the Spotify Style Duotone Photo Effect from their rebrand at the time.

Vintage Style Summer Designs for Access All Areas Members

Access All Areas members have a great collection of summer themed vector artwork to download today, courtesy of Freepik.

The Complete Mockup Templates Toolbox – Just $29 (99% off)

Presenting your design work to clients can often be as important as the design itself. In fact, the presentation can often make or break people’s reaction to your work.

How To Create a Chrome Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Chrome text effects might now be seen as gaudy and tasteless, but they once formed an extremely popular art style in the 80s and 90s.

Retro Inspired Grid Landscapes for Access All Areas Members

Access All Areas members have a really cool collection of retro grid landscapes to download today, courtesy of Kim from MiksKS.

Video Tutorial: How To Create a Blueprint Effect in Photoshop

Today we’re going to combine a few simple tools and techniques to produce an old and distressed blueprint effect in Adobe Photoshop.

25 Redesigned Movie Posters for Your Favourite 80s Films

Alternative movie posters are fun side projects designers and illustrators enjoy working on to show off their own take on the promo art for a popular film.

21 Super Grunge Textures for Access All Areas Members

Access All Areas members have a great collection of super grunge textures to download this week, courtesy of Christian Blake from Shapeshift.

Save $3436 on The Influential Font Lover’s Library

This new fonts bundle from Design Cuts is a must-have for every font lover! It features definitive families such as Futura (one of the most successful fonts of all time), and incredibly popular contemporary offerings such as Bourton Hand.

12 Free Halftone Texture Brushes for Adobe Photoshop

I’ve released a few sets of halftone texture resources on my blog over the years, but this latest collection is definitely the easiest to use when adding tones to your illustrations in Adobe Photoshop.