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Visualizing Publicly Available US Government Data Online

Brightpoint Consulting recently released a small collection of interactive visualizations based on open, publicly available data from the US government.

The Disappearing Planet: Comparing the Extinction Rates of Animals

The subtly designed A Disappearing Planet [] by freelance data journalist Anna Flagg reveals the extinction rates of animals, caused by a variety of human-caused effects, including climate change, habitat destruction and species displacement.

GitHut: the Universe of Programming Languages across GitHub

GitHut [], developed by Microsoft data visualization designer Carlo Zapponi, is an interactive small multiples visualization revealing the complexity of the wide range of programming languages used across the repositories hosted on GitHub.

Pi Visualized as a Public Urban Art Mural

Visualize Pi [] is a mural project that aimed to use popular mathematics to connect Brooklyn students to the community with a visualization of Pi.

The Key Players in the Middle East and their Relationships

Whom Likes Whom in the Middle-East? [] by David McCandless and UniversLab is a forced-network visualisation of key players & notable relationships in the Middle East.

Visits: Mapping the Places you Have Visited

Visits [] automatically visualizes personal location histories, trips and travels by aggregating geotagged one's Flickr collection with a Google Maps history.

Culturegraphy: the Cultural Influences and References between Movies

Culturegraphy [], developed by "Information Model Maker" Kim Albrecht reveals represent complex relationships of over 100 years of movie references.

A World of Terror: the Impact of Terror in the World

A World of Terror [] by Periscopic shows the reach, frequency and impact of about 25 terrorism groups around the world.

Metrico: a Puzzle Action Game based on Infographics

Metrico [], designed by Dutch game design studio Digital Dreams, is a recently released video game for the Playstation Vita.

The Many Factors Influencing Breast Cancer Incidence

A Model of Breast Cancer Causation [], designed by 'do good with data' visualization studio Periscopic illustrates many of the factors that can lead to breast cancer and how they may interact with others.

How we Sleep (and How we Awake after an Earthquake)

Since we already know in what angle people put their face when taking a selfie in different cities, we now also know how they sleep differently: Which Cities Get the Most Sleep?

The Feltron Annual Report of 2013 on Communication

Each year, Nicholas Felton releases an personal year report, and the one of 2013 [] was just released.

US Domestic Migration Charted as Ordered Stacked Area Graphs

The interactive infographic Where We Came From, State by State [] by Gregor Aisch, Robert Gebeloff and Kevin Quely reveals how US citizens have moved between different US states since the year 1900.

oneSecond: Printing Every Tweet Created During a Single Second

#oneSecond [] by graphic design student Philipp Adrian aggregates all the tweets sent at exactly 14:47:36 GMT of 9 November 2012.

Charting Culture: 2000 Years of Cultural History in 5 Minutes

Charting Culture [] shows the geographical movements of over 120,000 individuals who were notable enough in their life-times that the dates and locations of their births and deaths were recorded.

Bouncing Graphic Replays Human Heartbeat Dynamics of Yesterday

One Human Heartbeat [] by data scientist and communicator Jen Lowe displays the dynamics of Jen's heartbeat from about one day ago.

Browser Plugin Maps Your Browser History as a Favicon Tapestry

Iconic History [] by Carnegie Mellon University interaction design student Shan Huang is as simple as it is beautifully revealing.

LEGO Calendar: a Tangible Wall-Mounted Planner that Can be Digitized

The LEGO Calendar [], developed by design and invention studio Vitamins, is a wall-mounted time planner that simply can be photographed to create an online, digital counterpart.

HubCab: Mapping All Taxi Trips in New York in 2011

The densely populated yet beautiful HubCab [] by MIT Senseable Lab is an interactive map that captures the more than 170 million unique taxi trips that were made by around 13,500 taxi cabs within the City of New York in 2011.

CODE_n: Architectural-Scale Data Visualizations Shown at CeBit 2014

I guess that CODE_n [], developed by design agency Kram/Weisshaar, is best appreciated when perceived in the flesh, that is at the Hannover Fairgrounds during CeBit 2014 in Hannover, Germany.