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Bouncing Graphic Replays Human Heartbeat Dynamics of Yesterday

One Human Heartbeat [] by data scientist and communicator Jen Lowe displays the dynamics of Jen's heartbeat from about one day ago.

Browser Plugin Maps Your Browser History as a Favicon Tapestry

Iconic History [] by Carnegie Mellon University interaction design student Shan Huang is as simple as it is beautifully revealing.

LEGO Calendar: a Tangible Wall-Mounted Planner that Can be Digitized

The LEGO Calendar [], developed by design and invention studio Vitamins, is a wall-mounted time planner that simply can be photographed to create an online, digital counterpart.

HubCab: Mapping All Taxi Trips in New York in 2011

The densely populated yet beautiful HubCab [] by MIT Senseable Lab is an interactive map that captures the more than 170 million unique taxi trips that were made by around 13,500 taxi cabs within the City of New York in 2011.

CODE_n: Architectural-Scale Data Visualizations Shown at CeBit 2014

I guess that CODE_n [], developed by design agency Kram/Weisshaar, is best appreciated when perceived in the flesh, that is at the Hannover Fairgrounds during CeBit 2014 in Hannover, Germany.

HereHere: Mapping the Concerns of NY Citizens as an Iconographic Map

Here Here [], developed by Future Social Experiences (FuSE) Labs at Microsoft Research, expresses neighborhood-specific public data by mapping it as text labels and cartoon-like iconography.

Sorting: Understanding How Famous Sorting Algorithms Work

There are quite a few visualizations of sorting algorithms out there, such as at and

Exploring Ball Locations and Player Behaviors in Basketball

"Game on!" by Fathom Information Design is an exploratory visualization prototype that allows users to parse through a basketball game's data, to investigate the behaviors and patterns in terms of the statistics and locations of players.

Google Maps Gallery Highlights Specialized Maps based on Public Data

Google recently launched a dedicated Maps Gallery [] to showcase a collection of hand-picked maps from several preferred organizations, such as the National Geographic, the U.S.

On The Role Data Visualization Plays in the Scientific Process

In a new exhibition titled Beautiful Science: Picturing Data, Inspiring Insight [], the British Library pays homage to the important role data visualization plays in the scientific process.

Visualising Mill Road: Informing Communities by Infographics in the Street

Visualising Mill Road [] was a community project that combined citizen participation and public data visualization.

Mapping All Intercity Bus Routes in the U.S.

AIBRA, short for American Intercity Bus Riders Association, has recently released a detailed map [] containing all the intercity bus lines currently in operation within the U.S.

Dancing Statistics: Communicating Psychology to the Public through Dance

Do you know what correlation, variance, frequency distributions, sampling and standard errors are? If not, you now have to chance to learn each of these statistical concepts via the medium of...

Canvas Shows All the Lint Generated by a Clothes Dryer during One Year

The concept is original, yet simple. Assistant Professor of Arts Technology Rick Valentin and his partner created a life-size physical visualization of all the lint that they collected from their clothes dryer during the last year.

Selfie City: a Visualization-Centric Analysis of Self-Portraits

Selfie City [], developed by Lev Manovich, Moritz Stefaner, Mehrdad Yazdani, and Dominikus Baur, investigates the socio-popular phenomenon of self-portraits (or selfies) by using a mix of theoretic, artistic and quantitative methods.

Slime-Based Maps Simulate Real-World Transportation Networks

Several research groups around the world in the area of mobility and transportion optimization are exploring the use of a particular slime mould, Physarum polycephalum (the "many-headed slime"), to establish the most efficient routes around congested cities and countries.

3D Globe Visualizes the Flows of Food-Aid Funding among Countries

WFP: Country Donors and Recipients [] by Santiago Ortiz shows all World Food Programme (WFP) funding from 2003 to present as flows among individual countries.

How we Spend: Presenting Economic Statistics as a Narrative Infographic

How We Spend [] by Matthew C. Klein of Bloomberg Visual Data is narrative and visually engaging "interactive infographic" of nevertheless dry and boring data.

Fathom Design Creates Infographic PDF Posters from Nike+ FuelBand Data

Fathom Design, lead by visualization design pioneer Ben Fry, just released Year in Nike Fuel [].

Circular Binning Map Highlights Enjoyable U.S. Weather Conditions

Binning is a clever method to avoid overlapping data points by aggregating multiple points in a grid of polygons, and using color to denote the relative density (see some interesting explanations here and here).