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We live in a world ruled by fictions of every kind

The Bus by Paul Kirchner Title: J.G. Ballard

I wish I could photosynthesize

Drawings by Moonassi Title: Theodore Roethke via Zeloot Will 50 Watts

Mr. President, I'm not saying we won't get our hair mussed. I do say, no more than ten to twenty million killed, tops! Depending on the breaks

Photographs of nuclear slide-rules Title: Dr. Strangelove Folkert

I Am Whoever You Want Me to Be

Paintings by Dorothy Iannone .shrink5 img { width: 540px; height: auto; } Folkert

If man will strike, strike through the mask!

Portraits by Jenny Morgan Title: Moby Dick Folkert

Who Is the Master Who Makes the Grass Green?

Macro photographs of insect eyes by Yudy Sauw Tittle: ~Robert Anton Wilson Wiki on Ommatidia Pro tip: Many insect-pollinated flowers contain ultraviolet pigments that only their pollinating insects (and perhaps birds) can see.

Remember when I swallowed that little computer?

Glitchometry by Daniel Temkin Title: Finn, Adventure Time Atley

Why are honeycomb cells hexagonal? Why do spotted animals tend to have striped tails? Why does Jupiter have a giant red spot?

Series of photos of various frequencies on a Chladni plate by Foster Title: Philip Ball, Nature's Patterns: A Tapestry in Three Parts Fullscreen Thanks Michael Folkert

Matter and energy interacting in an arena of space and time

Paintings by Paul Juno Fullscreen .shrink4 img { width: 700px; height: auto; } See also: Wout Werensteijn Ken Cro-Ken Jacob Jugashvili LOCI Keith Tyson Gordon Terry Sarah Schönfeld Lia Melia Kim Manfredi Theo Altenberg Molly Dilworth Folkert

An unspeakable horror seized me. There was a darkness; then a dizzy, sickening sensation of sight that was not like seeing; I saw a Line that was no Line; Space that was not Space

Silkscreens by Helga Philipp (1939-2002) Title: Edwin Abbott Abbott, Flatland Fullscreen Folkert

The fortieth wave ploughed through an abstract topography bearing no trace of the crystalline regularity of its origins, with ridges and furrows as convoluted as the whorls of a fingerprint

Generative artworks by Jonathan McCabe (based on reaction-diffusion computations) Title: Greg Egan, Diaspora (Orphanogenesis) Fullscreen Folkert

Anathematization of the world is not an adequate response to the world

Screenprints by Allan D'Arcangelo Title: Donald Barthelme Atley

We on Earth have just awakened to the great oceans of space and time from which we have emerged

Paintings by Jacob Jugashvili Title: Carl Sagan Atley

He strove long to learn what can be learned, in silence, from the eyes of animals, the flight of birds, the great slow gestures of trees

.shrink img { width: 600px; height: auto; }Woodblock prints by Hasui Kawase Title: Ursula K. Le Guin, A Wizard of Earthsea Folkert

There is nothing outside the text

.shrink img { width: 500px; height: auto; }Typographic posters by Ambroos Stoffels Title: Derrida Folkert

In one way or another, we’re all anchored to the book

Posters by Gunter Rambow Title: Roberto Bolaño via The Casual Optimist Will 50 Watts

Imagine a vast sheet of paper on which straight Lines, Triangles, Squares, Pentagons, Hexagons, and other figures, instead of remaining fixed in their places, move freely about, on or in the surface

Lithographs by Donald Judd Title: Edwin Abbott Abbott Fullscreen To The Inhabitants of SPACE IN GENERAL And H.

Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?

Attractors by Andreia Gil Title: Edward Norton Lorenz Atley

In its shattering effect, birth can only be paralleled by death

A Child Is Born (1965), by Lennart Nilsson Title: Nandor Fodor Via DOP by Ben Roth Folkert