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How To Write An Awesome Video Script In 8 Steps

A great brand video starts with a great video script. Voiceover, music, visuals—these devices enhance your story, but that story needs to be on paper first.

This Is How You Perfectly Promote An Indestructible Lawnmower

An important part of a product launch is the press release. It announces what the product is going to be and some key features that make it stand apart from all the rest.

The Composition Notebook Gets A Beautiful Redesign

Pretty much everyone has owned a composition notebook at one point or another. The classic black and white cover is easily recognizable in any office supply store and can usually be found in the backpack of most students.

This Beautiful Holiday Ad Is More Like A Mini Movie

Burberry’s latest three-minute Christmas ad does not play like your normal run-of-the-mill Christmas advert.

Who Is To Blame? Correlation Is Not Always Causation

As many people well know, correlation does not indicate causation. Even though two trends may seem to shift together, it does not prove that they are linked to one another.

40 Example Of Beautiful Annual Report Design

An annual report is an important extension of your brand’s story. Presenting that information in the best package possible is crucial, yet many brands don’t prioritize their annual report design, which is a shame.

Have A More Meaningful Workday With This Card Game

“I care more about my family and my career than I do about my friends—and myself,” director of Design and Development at Marriott Jennifer McLennan said as she scanned over some cards laid out before her.

Watch How This Copywriter Survived The Wilderness

Earlier in the year, Portland, Oregon ad agency Roundhouse sent one of their copywriters into the wilderness with client products to survive for one week and created a documentary to record the whole process.

See 13 City Flags Get A Modern, Minimalist Makeover

Throughout history, flags have been a powerful symbol. Their meaning and history are so significant there’s an entire field of study dedicated to them (aka vexillology—say that five times fast).

Here Is An Interactive Calculator That Will Predict Your Marathon Time

Not too long ago, Christie Aschwanden of FiveThirtyEight contacted Andrew Vickers, a statistician over at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and talked about running.

Watch What Happens When Cities Develop With This Animated Map

Population density maps are no new thing. They’re used all the time and updated every year to accurately reflect any changes in population.

17 Redditors Recreate A Taylor Swift Video In The Form Of GIFs

Everybody knows who Taylor Swift. Aside from the Kanye moment at the VMAs, Swift is known for her catchy and empowering hits that people the world over can’t seem to get out of their heads.

These Movie Posters Put A Spotlight On The Props Instead Of The Actors

Film posters are perfect depicting the overall theme of a movie. They can feature the actors, a prominent scene, or just a stylized title.

Here Is How You Can Volunteer Your Creative Services

There’s been a lot of social upheaval since the presidential election outcome was announced last week.

TV Shows And Comics Collide In These Amazing Mashups

Everybody has that one show (or maybe like five, we’re not judging) that you just can’t get enough of.

What Are The Workers’ Compensation Benefits In You State?

Workers’ compensation is incredibly important for employees that suffer any type of injury while on the job.

Infographic Series That Will Help You Grasp The Meaning Of Life

Digital information has steadily become a determining factor in regards to our cultural and societal affairs since the information age began.

Create A Whimsical Tornado With This Playful App

Technology lets you do just about anything nowadays. That includes making your own tornado…digitally.

An App That Helps Prevent Athletes From Getting Injured

Injuries are basically inevitable in any sport, but there are ways to help prevent them. That’s what the L.A.

How Social Media Was Used To Deliver An Important Message

Since its inception, social media has been used to not only get in touch of family and friends, but it has also become a means for people to reach a level of social stardom.