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Population and Infant Mortality Between Wealthy and Poor Countries

The analysis of human population in demographic economics is used to understand how a population relates to economic stability and the quality of life of a country.

Celebrating Over 100 Years Of Infographics From National Geographic

National Geographic is known for their iconic photographs, which is part of the reason why the magazine is considered a collector’s item.

Now You Can Experience The Life Of A Redwood

If you ever wanted to experience the life of a tree and explore its being, now you can. Treehugger: Wahoma, a combination of virtual reality, data visualization, and installation art, takes participants on a journey through the nervous system of a 3,500-year-old redwood.

A Look At The Big Impact Of Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform

If you’re unsure of what fossil fuel subsidies are, they’re basically measures that lower the cost of fossil fuel energy production, raise the price collected by energy contractors, or lower the price paid by the consumers.

Why Strong Relationships Produce Better Content Marketing

This post originally appeared on Column Five. “Doing” content marketing well requires a lot of work and attention.

Teens Struggling With Sexual Identity at Risk for Physical and Drug Abuse

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a study that found adolescents that struggle with their sexual identity are more likely to experience behaviors harmful to their health.

Here Are The Top Words Of 2016

We recently covered a project Google News Lab did called The Rhythm of Food about how food trends have changed over the years, but to celebrate 2016, they worked with Polygraph to create The Year in Language 2016.

Ranking The Most Dangerous Countries For American Tourists

This post originally appeared on Priceonomics. Each year, the State Department issues dozens of advisories with the intent of keeping Americans safe as they travel abroad.

A Look At How Dark Money Influences Elections

Most people are under the impression that the IRS and the FEC strictly enforce the rules that restrict nonprofit organizations, who are not required to reveal their donors to the public, from dedicating more than half of their proceeds to politics, but sadly, they would be mistaken.

Gamers In America: Perceptions About Video Games

Gamers have long been stigmatized in America. Video games were thought to lead to violent behavior and criticized for it’s depiction of violence and murder.

The Truth About Oil And Gas In The United States

According to data collected by Drillinginfo, there are currently over 900,000 active oil and gas wells in the United States, with more than 130,000 of those well drilled since 2010.

7 Simple Strategies To Help You Tackle Your Goals

This post was originally featured on Column Five. It’s a new year. Whether or not you’re the resolutions type, we’re guessing you have some goals you’d like to achieve—and making them happen isn’t always easy.

Public Bike Sharing: Analyzing The Usage Data In US Cities

This post originally appeared on Priceonomics. In early 2001, the mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, faced a dilemma: he wanted to make his city more sustainable by encouraging people to ride bicycles — but residents didn’t have room to store them in their apartments, and didn’t feel safe parking them on the street.

Millennials Are Having Sex Less Frequently

Millennials are thought to be the most sexually promiscuous generation of all time. Hookup culture and having multiple sexual partners is no longer as taboo and has become accepted.

You Need To See This Amazing Data-Driven Tribute To David Bowie

In honor of David Bowie on the one-year anniversary of his death, ad agency Wieden + Kennedy London created a beautiful data-driven tribute, “Space Oddity — a visual deconstruction,” as their first window display back in January 2017.

Watch The Evolution Of Bacteria In This Crazy Time Lapse Video

A simple experiment conducted by scientists from Harvard Medical School and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology demonstrates how bacteria are able to evolve as they encounter larger doses of antibiotics.

New Study Suggest Undocumented Immigrants Pay Close to $12 Billion in Taxes

The Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy recently released a study that estimates the state and local tax contributions of undocumented immigrants to be $11.64 billion a year.

Artists For Education Helps Students Learn With Free Posters

This post originally appeared on Column Five. One of the things we’re most proud of as an agency is our culture and our values: Do Good Work, Value Our Partners, Be Good to Each Other, Be Humble, and Experiment Often.

360-Degree Motion Graphic: How To Build Your Brand

This post originally appeared on Column Five. What is a brand? How do you ensure yours is strong (and real)?

How Popular Are Your Favorite Words?

The Oxford Dictionary continuously adds to its archive of over 600,000 words, including modern terms like “bromance” and “brexit,” to stay up to date with the present-day lingo.