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How To Create Engaging Motion Graphics In Four Steps

What are motion graphics? Simply put, they are animated graphics that tell a story. Motion graphic stories can be told through kinetic text, through animated images, or both.

Create Unusual Satellite Doodles With Google’s New Experiment

The planet that we live on is such a beautiful and fantastic place. There are so many different patterns covering the globe that if you were to look at it from a distance, no two places would look alike and almost every pattern imaginable already exists.

This 360 Video Will Inspire You To Have Great Ideas Anywhere

For many, the shower is where they get most of their ideas. The only problem is you can’t exactly take a shower whenever you need a boost of inspiration.

Watch What Happens When Daring Designers Take On 26 Briefs In 26 Hours

There’s no such thing as a “design process.” Well, there’s not a rigid set of steps of how the design process is completed.

Get Your Smash On With This ‘Lemonade’ Inspired Game

In honor of Queen Bey herself and her many Grammys, some members of her Beyhive created a fantastic 8-bit game based on her music video Lemonade.

The 15 Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned In Creative Work

Originally featured on Column Five. If you’re in a field where either the people or the work you’re producing are labeled “creative,” you likely signed up to create meaningful, fulfilling experiences.

These Clever Ads Will Make You Take A Second Look

Agency WCRS is no stranger when it comes to making powerful ads. The “Look at Me” billboards released back in 2015 for Women’s Aid combatted domestic violence by drawing viewers’ attention to the warning signs of domestic violence that often go unnoticed.

7 Ways To Make A Truly Compelling Annual Report

Our parent company, Column Five, have talked at length about why annual reports are such an important piece of content for brands.

New At Photography? Check Out This Helpful Visualization

DSLR cameras are fantastic for taking stunning photographs, but if you don’t understand how to use them, it’s an expensive purchase.

This Is The Best Scavenger Hunt…If You Are A Type Nerd

You’ve seen it on movie posters and on store fronts, but you’ll only notice it if you’re looking for it.

Find Some Of The Best Color Combinations From This Twitter Account

Selecting the perfect color combination is extremely important when creating a new design or devising the right tone of a piece.

How To Write A Creative Brief Your Team Can Actually Use

Before you design an infographic, before you come up with that tagline, before you even have your first brainstorm, you need to lock down one thing: your creative brief.

How Does Your Subway System Compare To The Rest Of The World?

To graphic designer Peter Dovak, subway systems are more than a series of well engineered and functional architectural marvels, they’re also colorful networks that weave through the city bringing people to their intended destinations.

This Is What Happens When Artists Team Up With Unicef

There are over 300 million children that live in areas with toxic air pollution. Just let that sink in.

These Delightful Ads Revisit The History Of The Helmet

Nobody would really consider a bike helmet to be a fashionable item, but the helmet is an essential piece of safety gear if you plan to go out riding.

This Is What All 20,520 Words In Hamilton Look Like Visualized

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Hamilton, the Pulitzer-Prize winning musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

This Is How The Military Is Getting Ready For The Inauguration

With the inauguration just a couple of days away, there are plenty of steps that must be taken to ensure the safety of everyone attending.

The 45 Most Creative Infographics Of 2016

With nearly a decade in the infographics game, our parent company, Column Five, has seen the good, the bad, and the straight-up cringeworthy.

These Awesome Protest Signs Help Activists Confront Police

Inspired by the legend of Archimedes’s defense against the Roman siege using giant mirrors, designer Nikolas Bentel created mirrored protest signs to help activists battling the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Popular Films Get Broken Down Into Color Palettes

Creating the perfect color palette is a great way to establish harmony for any piece you’re working on.