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The thrills and risks of freelancing — in the media again!

In honor of Labor Day, there are lots of articles about the new way people are working — although it’s not all that “new” to those of us who’ve been freelancing for YEARS, right?

Get Inspired to Start Your Own Hand Lettering Project

With the DIY and handmade look continuing to be seen everywhere, do you find yourself wanting to take a crack at hand lettering?

Graphic Design Copyright Laws: Inspiration vs. Infringement

How much do you know about design copyright laws, trademarks and design patents? If you’re a graphic designer, it’s crucial to understand the intricacies of intellectual property rights and fair use policies.

How It’s Made: Hand-Sewn Journals

Alley-Kats began as an illustration-based clothing line in 2012 and has since grown to become a creative label also producing zines, journals and screen prints.

Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

We’ve all been there. At some stage in a project, you and the client just don’t see eye to eye. Whether you disagree on the proposed budget for a project, the amount of time needed to complete the work, or the entire creative concept, you’ve got to find a way to sort through the differences, because running to your supervisor and saying, “It’s all their fault!

An Introduction to Designing for Positive Habits and Behaviors

At sunset, the lingering light painted a neon red line above rolling hills. As I drove north on Highway 101 at 70 miles per hour, the landscape scrolled in parallax, the road receding into night.

Want a fabulous free report? Here’s how…

What’s for dinner? I don’t really mind. What should a free report be about? Now that’s something I feel strongly about!

Back to School: 8 Upcoming Online Design Courses

Here at HOW, we’re so excited about the Back to School season that we’re offering select graphic design courses for half price with the purchase of one of our September courses.

3 Simple Steps to Better Productivity

A few years ago, I hired professional organizer and owner of Organize for Success Emily Parks to advise my team and I on ways to become more efficient.

Talking with Ellen Lupton about Type on Screen

Editor’s Note: Interactive expert James Pannafino interviews design icon Ellen Lupton about her latest book, Type On Screen.  About Ellen Lupton’s Type on Screen  Edited by Ellen Lupton, director of the Graphic Design MFA program at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art).

Behind the Design: HOW’s Cover + a Comic Book Artist

HOW’s September Self-Promotion Design issue showcases 78 award-winning self-promo designs, plus everything you need to become a self-promotion design superhero, so the HOW team knew they had to find an artist skilled—and daring—enough to pull off the cover of this powerful issue.  Comic book artist Ryan Browne took on the challenge, and we hope you’ll agree that the final product is pretty awesome.

The Creative Group on the Creative Team of the Future

The creative process can be mysterious. Unlike processes in other fields, creative inspiration and innovation can’t be plotted out on a flow chart to guarantee success.

Primer: Pricing Tips for Freelancers & Solopreneurs

Illustration by @IainKeith Pricing is an important and challenging topic for creative professionals, so here’s a roundup of the most popular posts on how to price creative services.

9 Inspiring International Design Projects from Argentina, Brazil

In celebration of “Destination Design,” the underlying theme of the upcoming issue of HOW magazine (coming in 2015), we’ll be posting a series of articles online that spotlight international design projects from various countries around the globe.

Best of WMC: From Design Sponge to Diversity

Attending design events always gets the creative energy flowing. And they’re a great way to rejuvenate, especially when you’re surrounded by so many innovative makers.

International Poster Master: Felix Pfäffli

Every once in a while, I can feel myself becoming a little visually jaded. The nagging feeling that maybe I have seen everything already; perhaps we are all just re-churning ideas for poster designs and such from centuries past?

Tips for Presenting Design Ideas and Concepts to Clients

Truly inspired design ideas are hard to come by. After all, not every design concept is a winner. But if you want to make an impact with your clients, it’s good to keep a few things in mind.

New Digital Experiences at Seattle Space Needle

If you’ve ever lived in or visited Seattle, WA—or even just seen aerial footage of the city’s skyline in various TV shows and movies—you’ve seen the Space Needle, originally built as a symbol of the future for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, which had a 21st Century theme.

[Video] Do You Have “Chaotic” or “Clueless” Clients (or both)?

If you’re battling big egos and unfair deadlines, you’re not alone. But for freelancers, solopreneurs and small agencies especially, one bad client can mean big problems, draining your resources and even harming your carefully built culture.

Speaker, Writer, Teacher Brian Miller Joins HOW Interactive Lineup

Christopher Butler. David Sherwin. Karen McGrane. At HOW, we have a proven track record of identifying those designers who can do it all: write, teach, design, you name it.