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Thoughts on Communication Design and UX Education

If you graduated college in the 90’s with a graphic design degree, you may have learned valuable skills related to visual communication, typography, creative problem solving, compositional layout, etc.

8 Ways to Earn Passive Income as a Graphic Designer

Start a Blog and Monetize It In a previous article, I covered the importance of starting a blog as a graphic designer.

Groundbreaking Interactive Project by The Uprising Creative

Brian Schopfel and Benjamin Miles of The Uprising Creative, an integrated creative company with offices in LA, Chicago, Nashville and London, have recently developed a cutting-edge interactive project called Strangers Linguistic Remix Generator for Modest Mouse‘s new album.

How to Be More Productive as a Web Designer

by Konstantin Bredyuk A complicated piece of work such as website design is not something that can be watered down in three steps.

Designing for the White House: Q&A with Ashleigh Axios

Sounds like a cool job, right? Digital creative director for The White House. (Yep, that’s The White House.) We look forward to Ashleigh Axios’s presentation at HOW Design Live, where she’ll pull back the curtain on designing for the most famous address in the country and managing a small and mighty in-house creative team.

Why We Love 160over90’s Client Promotions Design

Editor’s Note: 160over90‘s crazy-good client promotions design won Best of Show in last year’s Promotion & Marketing Design Awards.

Hell No, Helvetica: The Yosemite Backlash

When Apple began using the Neue Helvetica type family for iOS 7 and later Mac OS X 10.10, an uprising ensued.

Why Rejection Is Difficult for Creative Professionals

Why is rejection so difficult for creatives? Or is it for everyone? That was one of my first questions for Poet and Creative Coach, Mark McGuiness, in Episode 3 of the HOWLive Speaker Podcast Series.

Ed Roberts & Andy Brenits Share Their HOW Design Live

It’s an exciting time to be an in-house designer! It’s no longer a matter of trying to get a seat at the corporate table—we’re there.

10 Essential Online Portfolio Design Elements

Special Advertising Note: The following sponsored content is brought to you courtesy of Squarespace, one of HOW’s trusted partners.

Straight Talk From Two Solo In-House Designers

“One is the loneliest number” could be the mantra of many a solo in-house designer. In fact, it’s not uncommon for corporations to employ a single creative to handle everything from advertising concepts to print production to digital design.

New Speakers Join HOW Design Live Lineup

Just about six weeks out, and the HOW program team continues to add sessions to this year’s HOW Design Live agenda.

10 Exceptional Promotion Design Projects

The HOW Promotion Design Awards is the only award that specifically recognizes outstanding promotion design work.

How Side Projects Can Change Your Life

by Jake Jorgovan Many of us wander through life looking for the next opportunity or the next job. We hustle around waiting for things to come to us.

What Does Free Really Mean?

This article on free design tools appears in the newly redesigned Spring 2015 issue of HOW, where you’ll also find a robust page count filled with design inspiration galore. And don’t forget to check out Pannafino’s list of “free-ish” applications and resources to use during various stages of the interactive design process.

3 Places to Find jQuery Plugins for Designers

jQuery is a powerful weapon in a front end developer’s arsenal, but sifting through the epic quantity of plugins is a frustrating process.

Responsive Design Best Practices

Creating a responsive website is not a simple project—and it’s a never-ending project to boot. A popular site requires constant maintenance and updates.

Screenprinted Poster Design + Bicycles = ARTCRANK

Meet Charles Youel, the man behind the pop-up poster shows rolling into cities around the globe. In 2007, Charles Youel was a copywriter and creative director in Minneapolis who had grown restless spending his days making websites, banner ads, and other digital projects.

New Creative Workspaces at Pope Wainwright & Wykes

Following Pope Wainwright’s exciting partnership with Seattle-based designer David Wykes, the stronger-than-ever Pope Wainwright & Wykes refreshed its creative workspaces in both Seattle and London to reflect both the partnership and a rebrand.

6 Best Practices for Designing Experiences in Public Spaces

by Darren David, CEO and Nathan Moody, Design Director of Stimulant When asked what Stimulant does, one simple answer is that we design and develop software.