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How to Silence Your Inner Critic & Get More Creative Work Done

Editor’s Note: The following is excerpted from Shut Your Monkey: How to silence the critic in your head and get to work by Danny Gregory.  by Danny Gregory Here you are, minding your own business.

Inspiration, Career Influencers and Design Heroes

I’m one of those lucky people who knew early on what I wanted to do when I grew up, and my parents always encouraged me to develop my talent.

The Rock Poster Art of Todd Slater

The gig posters of artist Todd Slater go beyond simple advertisements for a night of rock and roll. The band name is there.

Human-Centered Design at Daylight Design

Brothers Brett and Sven Newman: both designers, both alumni of Stanford d.School, and both leading social innovation and design consultancy Daylight Design.

Celebrate International Design: Australian Branding Edition

In celebration of this year’s HOW International Design Awards, we’re showcasing a selection of the finest branding and identity application projects from Australian design firms. The projects spotlighted below grabbed our attention for a variety of reasons: some utilize delightful photography, or represent solid application of the identity across collateral.

Job Hopping: It’s Often Accepted if You’re Showing Growth

In the not-so-recent past, creative professional job hopping was considered a negative from an employers’ standpoint.

Podcast Episode 37 – How Hobbies Become Thriving Businesses

HOW Design Live is more than a professional conference. It’s an inspiration-packed, global creative gathering guaranteed to open your mind, fuel your soul and power your career.

Finding Your Voice: Building Your Personal Brand in Words

One of the first things I tell my design students when they’re trying to write any bit of copy, a bio, an elevator pitch, or a project description, is to start by writing exactly what you to want say.

Boxman Studios: Designing Creative Spaces with Shipping Containers

Charlotte, N.C.’s Boxman Studios modifies shipping containers, designing, developing, and deploying them for a wealth of uses, turning imagination into reality.

Experiences Are Framed Abstractions: The Importance of Indeterminate Design

by Marc Hohmann, Sterling Brands Since the mid 1990s, I’ve noticed a shift in my brand consulting work.

Aardman Nathan Love: Building Characters that Connect

Editor’s Note: The following piece was contributed by Aardman Nathan Love. With a vision to be the most inspirational animation studio in the world in the eyes of its talent, partners and audiences, Aardman Nathan Love creates original animated entertainment, based on strong characters in compelling stories, for the viewing public’s enjoyment.

End the Feast & Famine Syndrome in Your Creative Business

“In 2014, about 1 in 5 graphic designers were self-employed,” – from the Bureau of Labor Statistics If you consider yourself one of the 20% of designers who are self-employed, then you’ve noticed that the creative business market is extremely competitive when it comes to winning over clients and staying financially afloat.

You’re Not Just a Designer: How to Stand Out

By Terri Trespicio My first year at HOW Design Live, I led a breakout session on networking, a thing that everyone loathes.

A Designer’s Challenge: Getting Color Right

By Shoshana Burgett “Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” ― Oscar Wilde Color touches all of us.

How to Keep Your Design Revision Process Painless

Special Advertising Note: The following sponsored content is brought to you courtesy of Wrike, one of HOW’s trusted partners.

Design Links: Scott Reinhard, Amalia Pica & Lisa Smith

Editor’s Note: This is part 31 in Emily Potts’ inspirational series, Design Links. Every other week she features three artists whose work offers fresh, fun, and stimulating creative inspiration.

Designer Aaron Draplin Talks His Book, His Posters, His Way

  In front of the Virginia House of Burgesses on a late March afternoon In 1775, American politician and Founding Father Patrick Henry gave the world his immortal quote, “Give me liberty, or give me death!

Top 10 Sites for Designers: August 2016 Edition

Every month, HOW art director Adam Ladd curates a list of inspiring websites of particular interest to designers and creatives.

Podcast Episode 36 – Bill Gardner on LogoLounge

HOW Design Live is more than a professional conference. It’s an inspiration-packed, global creative gathering guaranteed to open your mind, fuel your soul and power your career.

The Keys to a Successful Student Design Competition Entry

Advice from design director and current Adobe Design Achievement Awards judge, Paul Hoppe Concept, Execution & Presentation – Keys to a Successful Student Design Competition Entry By: Paul Hoppe We all want to get better at what we do, but this requires challenging ourselves.