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International Poster Master: Felix Pfäffli

Every once in a while, I can feel myself becoming a little visually jaded. The nagging feeling that maybe I have seen everything already; perhaps we are all just re-churning ideas for poster designs and such from centuries past?

Tips for Presenting Design Ideas and Concepts to Clients

Truly inspired design ideas are hard to come by. After all, not every design concept is a winner. But if you want to make an impact with your clients, it’s good to keep a few things in mind.

New Digital Experiences at Seattle Space Needle

If you’ve ever lived in or visited Seattle, WA—or even just seen aerial footage of the city’s skyline in various TV shows and movies—you’ve seen the Space Needle, originally built as a symbol of the future for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, which had a 21st Century theme.

[Video] Do You Have “Chaotic” or “Clueless” Clients (or both)?

If you’re battling big egos and unfair deadlines, you’re not alone. But for freelancers, solopreneurs and small agencies especially, one bad client can mean big problems, draining your resources and even harming your carefully built culture.

Speaker, Writer, Teacher Brian Miller Joins HOW Interactive Lineup

Christopher Butler. David Sherwin. Karen McGrane. At HOW, we have a proven track record of identifying those designers who can do it all: write, teach, design, you name it.

12 Summer Sale Picks: Design Books, Magazines, Collections and Kits

I tend to find myself feeling a bit glum as summer draws to a close. The weather is too hot to inspire much activity, and the greenery of spring has sizzled to a parched brown.

What Waiting Tables Taught Me About UX Design

Okay, maybe not everything … but I learned some important stuff about UX Design … Waiting tables. It’s one of those jobs that a lot of people get in college, either to supplement income or when they’re in a place of transition. For some, it’s a short stint before moving on to other things, but others choose to stay in the service industry for a variety of reasons.

“Alchemy of Tea”: A Tea-tastic Poster Design

Nothing spells relaxation quite like relaxing in a comfy chair with a hot drink and a good book, especially when you’re accompanied by a magical trio and a good cup of tea!

Design + Agile Methodology: Best Project Management Apps

Whether you follow an agile methodology to complete design projects, use SCRUM or EVO, or follow a waterfall methodology, project management should be one of the ingredients that you bake into every step of your digital design process.

4 Personality Traits of Successful Freelancers

There are 12 important skills and personality traits that you need to run a healthy and successful freelancing practice.

How to Build Confidence with Brand Positioning

When it comes to client pitches, there’s a fine line between confidence and pushiness. Obviously you want to avoid the latter.

Gorgeous Glass

Making art by hand has always been important to Washington, DC–area designer Jill Tanenbaum. She went to college for a studio art degree before going on to earn her master’s in publications design.

4 Reasons to Enter HOW’s Prestigious International Design Competition

Design knows no boundaries. The HOW International Design Awards is HOW’s prestigious global design competition—a chance to show off your work to the entire world!

NPCA Case Study: Designing for a New Audience

Head to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, or any other national park today, and you’ll see plenty of international tourists along with visitors who have been touring parks for decades.

2014 HOW International Design Awards Winners Gallery

HOW’s Iternational Design Awards celebrates the best creative work from around the globe. The 292 winning design projects from this competition, featured In the March 2014 issue, represent the creative best of the design industry.

30 Awesome Logos from One Man Studio

Who doesn’t want awesome logos in front of their eyes all day every day? Nobody, that’s who. And Boston’s One Man Studio has just what you’re looking for when it comes to great logo design examples.

Good Design Needs No Translation

When it comes to the International Design Awards, there’s a universal consensus: Good design needs no translation.

Meet Fearless Design Icon Debbie Millman in D.C.

The first stop in our three-city HOW Interactive Conference series is right around the corner. In typical HOW fashion, we’ve rolled out a superstar program with the likes of Jenn Lukas, Chris Cashdollar and more.

The “problem” of more work than you can handle

Finding enough work to fill your pipeline can be a challenge, especially in the early days of your freelance career.

2014 HOW Interactive Design Awards Winners

This is the official gallery housing the winners from the 2014 The Interactive Design Awards. This competition recognizes the industry’s best interactive designs, such as websites, kiosks, apps, etc.