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Q&A with HOW Design Live’s Marketing Mentor Ilise Benun

Ilise Benun is the Marketing Mentor. For the last 30 years, Ilise has devoted her professional life to educating thousands of creative entrepreneurs.

How Old-School Bureaucracy is Hurting Creative Messages in Digital Advertising

Learn how to start your own creative business in Ilise Benun’s online course at HOW Design University.

TRÜF and the Unicorn (Client): An Identity Design Case Study

The following is a case study from past Logo Design Awards winner TRÜF (winner in the identity applications category).

Podcast Episode 41: Mike Cuales on His VR Passion Project

HOW Design Live is more than a professional conference. It’s an inspiration-packed, global creative gathering guaranteed to open your mind, fuel your soul and power your career.

Design Students: What Your Dream Company Wants You to Do Before You Graduate

Ahhh… the bliss of having finally entered your final year of design school. Now you can sit back, enjoy the journey and anticipate your bright fu—what’s that?

The Key to Making a Great Passion Project a Reality: Time

Quit your job and do this full time! That was the advice Jenny Poff got from designer-turned-venture capitalist, Kristian Andersen, when she pitched her passion project, The Designers Roundtable, in front of 1000 people at the Ignite Your Passion Project session, hosted by Terri Trespicio at HOW Design Live in Atlanta.

Announcing the Winter 2016 In-House Design Awards Winners

The HOW team spent 2016 searching out ways to celebrate the in-house design teams of the world. One week, we asked in-housers to reveal what their day-to-day looks like.

The Right Way To Protect Your Work: Copyright Law & Usage Rights for Designers

Here, Neil Tortorella offers a brief overview of design copyright law and intellectual property rights for creative professionals.

CSS Basics: Formatting (a video tutorial)

New from HOW Design University is a short video tutorial on how to write CSS. This quick design tutorial is the first of many, so keep an eye out for more HOWU design tutorials by visiting our YouTube channel.

5 Reasons Your Creativity Is Lacking and How to Revive It

by David Lesue, Creative Director, Workfront Let’s be honest—most creatives, both individuals and teams alike, often can’t achieve their creative potential due to various external roadblocks.

UX Design Certificate Covers The Basics & Process

At the heart of any design project is the consideration of the user experience. Out of all the other factors for completing a design assignment, delivering a favorable user experience design is by far the most crucial.

The Impact of the Gig Economy on Design Jobs

The Rise of the Gig Economy: Are Design Jobs Going Away? With the rise of crowdsourcing and outsourcing, there is a genuine fear among creative professionals that the jobs and careers they’ve felt were stable and secure of the last few decades are on the brink of vanishing.

The Rules of Exposure: Leveraging Photography As a Self-Promotion Tool

Designers don’t need to be told that rules were made to be broken. But what if the rules were made by rule-breakers themselves?

An Epic Book of Doodles (and Free Adult Coloring Pages!)

If you’ve checked out HOW’s Fall 2016 Issue, you might have noticed that we included a delightful selection of coloring books just for graphic designers.

Ask Yourself These Key Questions to Keep Your Creativity Flowing

Creativity is a renewable resource, but keeping it freely flowing requires monitoring and motivation.

9 Quick Design Tips from Sagi Haviv, Mona Patel & Magnus Berg [VIDEOS]

Sagi Haviv, Mona Patel and Magnus Berg know design: Haviv is partner and designer at Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, and he’s designed more than 50 identity programs, which has included logos for the Library of Congress, Conservation International and Armani Exchange.

Reader’s Choice Voting for the 2016 In-House Design Awards

This year’s In-House Design Awards judges—Andy Brenits (president of the board at InSource), Shani Sandy (executive creative director at S&P Global and digital lead at InSource) and Vanessa Dewey (art director at Mattel Inc.

Design Links: Soft Baroque, Anton Alvarez & Jenny Nordberg

Editor’s Note: This is part 34 in Emily Potts’ inspirational series, Design Links. Every other week she features three artists whose work offers fresh, fun, and stimulating creative inspiration.

Podcast Episode 40 – The Designers Roundtable

HOW Design Live is more than a professional conference. It’s an inspiration-packed, global creative gathering guaranteed to open your mind, fuel your soul and power your career.

A Closer Look at 3 of Today’s Logo Design Trends

Those of you who’ve been busy designing logos—has your work become more simplistic in nature lately? Are you building logos with geometric shapes as a primary ingredient?