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9 Tools To Check For Content Theft

Plagiarism basically is the copying of one’s content or image. There are many tools on the internet that can detect whether the content is copy or not.

12 Fresh High Quality Free Web Button Files

For this compilation, we have collected 12 high quality and free web button PSD files that will be very helpful in your designing projects.

7 Free Tools To Run Your Web Design Business From Your Smartphone

With the increased use of smartphones, there is an eager need of managing things on the go. This is possible because of the advancements in the field of technology.

10 Essential Magento Extensions You May Need

In today’s post, we are showcasing 10 essential Magento extensions that you may need for your ecommerce website.

30 High Quality Text Effects Photoshop Files

Text is something that is featured in each and every design regardless of whether it is a website design or a poster or infographic or no matter what.

10 Free Responsive WordPress Themes From 2015

In this post, we are presenting 10 free to use responsive WordPress themes that are recently released in 2015.

11 Best PHP Frameworks For Web Developers

Today, we present an interesting showcase of more than 11 best PHP frameworks that demonstrate a wide variety of extensions and features that perform their job quite smartly.

14 Free Stationary & Branding Mockups

Mockups are very useful designing tool in the field of designing as they are intended to demonstrate the dummies of final full scale output.

15 Fresh Calligraphy Fonts For Designers

Right font can make a huge impact on overall design, and therefore, it is very crucial for the designers to use the right font.

11 Free Bug Tracking Tools For Developers

Coding is the essence of web development, therefore, every programmer is well aware of the fact that not only coding is the most important aspect of development, but it must be carried out with extra care and vigilance in order to reduce the occurrence of bugs.

11 Free Mobile App Photoshop Templates

In this compilation, we have put together for you an amazing and exciting collection of 11 free and most recent mobile app PSD templates that will be very helpful for a vast variety of fields like music, weather, eCommerce, iPhone and even Android related apps.

10 Free WordPress Survey Plugins

WordPress survey plugins provide a better medium to interact with the blog reader. With these plugins, bloggers ask different questions to their readers and get their feedback and opinion about the blog.

9 Awesome Free Tools To Make Unique Creative Content

In this post, we are presenting 9 free to use tools for creating picture perfect creative content. You must have heard the adage that a picture says a thousand words.

15 Free & Informative Web Design Ebooks

Ebooks are the best way to learn online. They provide extensive knowledge on the subject and let you learn new skills effectively.

9 Essential Bootstrap Editors For Rapid Development

Here we have compiled a beautiful and useful collection of 9 Bootstrap UI editors. Bootstrap is a very handy front end framework for the web developer because it allows them to create useful applications and websites as it comes with a number of tool kits and supporting functionalities.

8 Free tools For Exchange Admins

There is no necessity to have an expensive troubleshooting service or get an expensive daily administration of mail servers and messaging.

16 Free Mobile, Tablet & Laptop Mockups

In this collection, we have presented 16 free and super cool PSD mockups templates for all mobile device with you like tablets, smartphones, and laptops and so on.

14 Free & Useful Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons

A big chunk of Firefox’s charm springs from its powerful add-ons system that lets Firefox users to install different kinds of plugins which can exponentially add to the browser’s functionality.

9 Free Tools To Reduce Computer Eye Strain

Technology has made our life easier, but it has some drawbacks, if it is used for a long time incessantly.

12 WordPress Plugins To Create Image Effects

If you are looking for some excellent image effects creating plugins for your WordPress blog or website, then you have come to the right place.