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It’s Trelloween! Contests, Treats, and More

Halloween is no longer one day or one weekend of celebration. It has become more of a month long mindset.

Meal Planning With Trello – Part 2

Or How I Use Trello To Be A Grocery Store Superstar Last week I shared with you my meal planning board as well as tips on how to get started creating a meal planning board of your own.

Managing Your Move With Trello

Or How Newlyweds Managed A Move Without Killing Each Other A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I moved to a new place.

Meal Planning With Trello

Or How I Use Trello to Expand My Savings (Not My Waistline) About a year ago my girlfriend Jess and I moved back to New York City after six years in Seattle.

Trello Has Five Million Users: Free Gold For Everyone!

We’re super excited to announce that Trello now has over five million users! Hurray! It’s hard to believe that in just three short years, Trello has sparked a collaboration revolution.

Refining The Way We Structure Our CSS At Trello

Have you been reading all the blog posts about the CSS architecture at various companies out there? No?

How We Made Our Landing Pages Fast: A Grand Journey

We recently launched an overhaul to our landing and about pages. These are all the pages that aren’t part of the app, pages like Home, Business Class, Trello Gold, Tour, and Jobs.

A Note About Notifications

We often hear from people that notifications in Trello are noisy and complicated, which ultimately lessens their value.

How We Chose Our Social Media Tools At Trello

Last week, we decided it was time to choose a comprehensive social media tool for our team at Trello.

Hello, Saved Searches

When we introduced the new search back in May, people from around the world were astonished by the speed and flexibility of Trello search.

Congratulations to Daniel Lew, our resident Google Developer Expert!

Daniel Lew, one of our Android developers was recently named a Google Developer Expert.  There are only 20 Android GDEs in the world and only 3 in the United States!

Reply Via Email

It’s really easy to keep everything organized in the Trello, but sometimes, instead of opening up the app, you just want to send a quick email reply to a notification in your inbox.

A Special Announcement: Trello is now part of Trello, Inc.

  We have some exciting news! Starting today Trello is its own company. So far over 4.5 million people have signed up for Trello.

Trello on Your Wrist

Yup, in our pursuit of being everywhere, Trello is now available on your wrist. Want to create cards without using your phone?

Trello for iOS 2.6: Power User Edition

Trello for iOS 2.6 just landed in the App Store. I know, I know, you’re probably bowling over one another to be first in line to download – but wait.

The Search Features You’ve Been Looking For

As Lionel would tell you, searching is important, and Trello search just got a whole lot better. All of your card content is now searchable and presented in a simpler interface, with a brand new set of operators to help you narrow your searches down.

Trello and the Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability

On April 7th, a serious security issue called “heartbleed” was reported in the OpenSSL library. The library is used to encrypt private traffic on a majority of services on the Internet, including Trello.

A Big List of Small Improvements Including and OneDrive Integration. No Joke.

Today is April Fools’ Day and we don’t have any pranks for you. We love a good gag as much as the next team, but you know, you probably wanted to get some stuff done today and seeing a pack of huskies frolic across the screen won’t help.

A New Card Back with an Attachment Viewer, Covers, and lots more.

We’ve been working on a redesigned card back and we’re happy to launch it to all Trello users today. You’ll notice lots of small refinements, but here are the three big additions.

Trello for Kindle is here!

After releasing an all new Android app and a flat iOS app we had to keep going. Today we’re releasing our Trello for Kindle app.