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Making Finance Fun: The Motley Fool’s Errand

The Motley Fool CEO David Gardner (3rd from left) has fun with employees at a corporate retreat.  You don’t often hear “fun” and “financial institution” in the same sentence.

Galvanizing Girls In Tech: The Rise Of All Female Hackathons

When Tammy Butow, Customer Support Manager at Digital Ocean, started attending hackathons back in 2009, she couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that something was missing: more women.

Keeping The Focus On Community With Trello + Zapier Automations

A stone’s throw from the Liberty Bell in the Old City section of Philadelphia sits an unassuming door that opens into the expansive, mural adorned, two story hub of creativity that is the coworking space Indy Hall.

We’re Going Green To Celebrate Our New Users

Top of the morning to ya! You may have noticed that if you make a new board today, instead of the usual default blue background on your Trello board, we made it green today.

Got Gold? How To Create, Curate, And Customize Your Trello Boards In Style

Trello has already taught you that being organized can actually be fun, but did you know that it can also be… stylish?

All “A Board”: Plan A Vacation With Trello

And other useful advice on booking flights and lost luggage, from our friends at AirHelp.   Planning a vacation can be exciting: researching what you’ll see, where you’ll stay, what you’ll eat.

How To Just Ship: An Interview With Amy Hoy

JFS is an ebook that makes food related analogies on how to escape the constant rut of A/B testing landing pages.

Not Your Grandma’s Book Club: A Trello Tale

Prologue: In 2015, reading just isn’t what it used to be. With the advent of tablet readers and ebooks, we can all escape the banality of our lives with a good book and not even break a spine in the process.

How We Support Remote Culture And Come Together With Trello

Remote work is a current buzzword in tech and other industries. Increasingly, companies are hiring outside of their physical office location and adapting digital tools to connect and collaborate with their employees.

Moving On Up: How TheLadders Keeps Climbing with Trello

Just like their users on the job seeking platform TheLadders, the company itself has taken the next steps in its professional journey.

Beyond Coding: Soft Skills For Success In Tech

We’re excited to announce that Trello will be participating in the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline! The goal of this initiative is to help those seeking tech jobs cultivate the soft skills necessary to be successful.

Here’s the Official Trello CSS Guide

Back in September, I published a post about the State of the Trello CSS. I talked about our mishmash of practices, what we’ve learned, and the size and nature of our CSS.

Trellotines – ‘Cause A Dozen Roses Don’t Come For Free

Share Your Collaborative Desires And Let Trello Be Your Cardsanova This Valentine’s Day. It’s that magical time of year when organization is in the air and collaborators young and old get knots in their stomachs, working up the courage to ask their board crushes to turn those list affairs into a more serious project.

Organizing My Foodie Finds With Trello

Does this sound familiar? You and your partner are sitting on the couch on a Friday night thinking about where you want to go for dinner.

The Mark Bittman Trello Board: How To Cook Everything, And Organize Anything Together

Planning meals and eating right can seem like an overwhelming project. Many of us struggle to find enough time to think ahead and plan out something healthy to cook on a regular basis.

An Agile Trello Workflow That Keeps Tasks Flexible

Getting things done isn’t just about shipping a product, or checking off items on a list, or even about marking a project as “Done.” Getting things done is a process: it’s a way of thinking that involves planning, execution, iteration, and reflection.

Step Into The Queue – Why Every Marketer Should Spend Some Time In Customer Support

Recently I made the switch from support to social media manager at Trello.  While making the transition I took over the @trello Twitter handle, came up with tips in silly poetic verse, and made some fun (if not entirely useful) videos.

Moved To Published: Using Trello As An Editorial Calendar

Or how we execute a robust content management pipeline without sending one, single email. Ever wonder how huge news sites like Mashable, ReadWrite, and The Changelog keep their content pipeline flowing behind the scenes?

We are Living in a Material World and I am a Material Girl

Or How We Gave The Trello Android App A Material Design Makeover. At this point you’ve probably already read about, used, and given us helpful feedback on our latest version of Trello’s Android app.

An Easy Trello Workflow to Maximize Charitable Giving and Minimize Tax Headaches

Start the new year off right by following through on your resolution to donate more to charity. Trello is here to help: One huge, time sensitive “to do” that can get lost in the end-of-year mix is making charitable donations.