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Creating Responsive Images Using CSS

In this tutorial, you will learn the simplest technique for achieving responsive images. View Demo Download Source There are many responsive image techniques, and they vary in complexity and level of browser support.

Why the :visited Pseudo-class is Strange

Modern browsers have severely restrained the CSS properties that developers can use in a style rule that uses the :visited link pseudo-class.

How to Quickly Set Up Less.js

Less.js (or just Less) is a CSS preprocessor that can revolutionize the way you write CSS. And it’s easy to install and set up for web development.

25 Examples of Beautiful Web Typography

Web fonts have given web designers greater options for web typography. For ideas and inspiration, check out these beautiful examples of web typography.

10 Free Online Markdown Editors

Markdown is a syntax designed specifically for easier web writing. In this post, you’ll find the best free online Markdown editors.

10 Best Hosted Ecommerce Platforms

If you’re thinking about putting up an online store and would like to do it quickly and easily without worrying about coding or web hosting, the hosted ecommerce platforms discussed in this article are ideal options.

5 Bug Reporting Tools for Developers

One area in our development process that we can optimize with a proper tool is the way we handle bug reports.

A Guide to CSS RGBA Colors

RGBA is a type of CSS color value that allows us to set a color and also its opacity/transparency. Here’s an example of using the CSS rgba() notation to specify white with 50% opacity.

How to Create CSS Ghost Buttons

A popular web design trend this year is the "ghost button", which is simply a button with a border and a transparent background color.

The Best CSS Preprocessors (Right Now)

CSS preprocessors can drastically speed up your web development workflow. They supercharge your stylesheets with useful features like mixins, variables, auto-vendor-prefixing and much more (depending on the one you use).

30 Inspiring Dark Web Designs

Using dark colors in a web design can lead to interesting results. For ideas and inspiration, check out this showcase of dark web designs.

A Quick Overview of CSS calc()

The CSS calc() property expression lets us perform simple calculations in our stylesheets. Basics Here is a rule set demonstrating the use of CSS calc(): .container { height: calc(100% - 50px); width: calc(100% - 40px); } As you can see in the example above, the CSS calc() property expression allows us to dynamically calculate the result between the subtraction of two CSS length values right in our stylesheet without using JavaScript, and even if length values don’t share the same unit.

The Best Sites for Finding Remote Work

For Web professionals, the choice to work from home or any place where there’s an Internet connection is a viable career option.

Improving Web Form Conversion Performance

Optimizing your web forms for conversion can have a huge impact on the success of your site. Higher form-completion rates translate to improvements in key success indicators like user sign-ups, lead generations, online sales, and so on.

Free SVG Icons

This set of SVG icons has 70 different icons geared towards Web user interfaces. What is great about using SVG icons is they are lightweight in file size and they can scale without losing resolution-quality.

30 Beautiful Ecommerce Product Page Designs

For an online store, the design of product pages is important to get right. The product page is the place where a purchase is likely to happen, and so its form and function can dictate the success of an ecommerce site.

Google Chrome DevTools Tutorials

Chrome Developer Tools (also known as DevTools) is an essential component of any front-end developer’s toolkit.

Font Combinations: 10 Sites for Inspiration

Combining different fonts in a pleasing and harmonious way is a challenging aspect of producing good typography.

Freebie: Touch Gesture Icons

This freebie contains 30 different visuals of common touchscreen gestures used in mobile device interfaces.

A Close Look at CSS Box Shadow

The CSS box-shadow property can be used to give block elements a drop shadow or an inner shadow. Let’s take a close look at this CSS property.