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The Effective Use of Gradients on Website Landing Pages

Recently the use of gradients in web design has been increasing, and gradients are used for a number of reasons.

Original and New Free Typefaces To Stir Up Your Typography

Behance is one of the greatest places compared with other galleries of online portfolios where you can get brand-new original fonts that are available for free.

Best Modules to Enhance Your PrestaShop Experience

Based on a powerful, flexible and quite handy module system that even a non-tech savvy person can skillfully handle, the PrestaShop is one of the most sophisticated and elegant online softwares for creating sterling e-stores that entirely free allows fulfilling your dream of increasing a margin profit through selling goods online.

How to Build a Site Easily with These Website Builders

We are living in an era when people have an urge for making their presence felt on the Web, and a great way do this is to create a website, blog, online portfolio or even an e-store.

Design and Create Beautiful Forms With JotForm

Many people publish their email address on their contact page and call it good enough. It’s quick, easy, and gets the job done.

4 Good Ways to Make Your Website More Engaging

There’s a lot of content out there on the Web and it’s important to find ways to build an engaging website that draws in and retains a customer’s attention.

New Web Design and Development Resources: #2 December Edition

Hello, fellow designers and developers! Today, we share with you a new collection of design and development resources for your projects.

5 Rules and Tools to Provide Constructive Feedback on Design

Since a client pays a designer, it is a frequent situation that clients engage in advising designers so extensively that designers feel like machines or robots who only have knowledge about how to use tools for designing.

Integrating SVG Data Using JavaScript

Almost every person in the web development community is aware of SVG (also referred to as Scalable Vector Graphics).

How to Make Changes to CSS Animations and Transitions Using JS

When it comes to creating animations, there are two ways you can choose to perform the task – with CSS or JavaScript.

Automobile Website Superior Designs that are Gradually Winning Over the Audience

The web is constantly inundated by floods of promo websites. It is some kind of a hit of the year; numerous leading manufacturers are active participants of this brand-new trend.

Ease into Design Projects with These Great Free Resources

Creating design resources is definitely tough. But creating design resources that everyone uses is tougher.

Why UI and UX Design Mean Nothing Without Great Content – And Why You Want It To Be This Way

Do you know how big the difference between a million and a billion is? If you’re like most people, you’ll say: Sure, it’s a thousand.

You Just Gave Away Your Work to a Big Corporation and Didn’t Know It!

NO SPEC! is the battlecry from creatives who are dismayed by the encroaching threat of ridiculously low fees on Fiverr, eLance, oDesk and crowdsourcing sites like 99designs (who now has many offices around the globe just to show you where that is going).

Collection of Fresh Design Freebies – December Edition

Having a regularly updated collection of free resources at your fingertips is certainly a pledge to success, especially in these days of an ever changing tech world.

White Headline Text Trend Comes Into Play in Web Design

Huge photographs can change the whole way a website looks. They add contrast with a website, make it more interesting and unusual, and they are definitely more powerful than simple words.

How to Plan Site Architecture, The Right Way

If making a website is like building a house, then planning the content is like laying the foundations.

How to Test the HTML/CSS Skills of a Potential Web Developer

It’s become the one decision that can make or break an online or retail business: hiring a web developer or programmer capable of creating a website that is functional, adopting the current best web practices and scalable.

12 Skills You Need to Develop a Website

Have you ever wished to consider yourself as a self taught web developer without going to college to learn CSS, PHP, Javascript and avoiding this long-term self-learning of programming languages via books and online courses?