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New Web Design and Development Resources: #6 April Edition

We're here once more to enlighten you with some of the best free resources for both developers and designers alike.

Airline Website Design – The Best Examples

Besides the use of airports to function, airlines need a website and/or app to create sales and attract potential customers.The problem with designing for airlines is that so much information has to go on the landing page – there has to be a form for inputing flight dates, and special offer information, etc.

Why You Can’t Afford to Miss the UX Strategies Summit 2015!

David had come to the end of his rope. His once-promising business venture – into which he sunk not just his money, but funds from friends and family — was sinking into quicksand because he had failed to take the most basic steps to make "user experience" his number one priority.

Louder Than Words: Custom Photography in Website Design

Images speak louder than words, and when it comes to custom photography, it simply screams out. Made-to-order snapshots manage to shift the principal focus on visuals in a fraction of a second.

Express Your Personality Through An Online Portfolio – Great Examples

Numerous people have noted the growth of personal online portfolios these days. More and more designers, developers, art directors and other creative folk refuse to work in the shadow of a company and seek to carve out a path to successful solo career, having opened the new era of sophisticated, interactive and original web projects.

Evolution of The Camera

Among various other stuff that we own and use a lot, cameras definitely play an important role in our daily life.

Ditching Large Images: The Absence of Large Header Background Images

Although the utilization of impressive images as a header background is considered to be a huge web design trend, it seems that not everyone has a burning desire to follow the tendency and join the mainstream.

Exploring Creativity In-Depth: The Practical Purpose of Creativity

Figuring out the true meaning and purpose of creativity is a rather complicated subject. Sure, dictionaries and teachers can come up with a definition for it in a jiffy, but creativity as a whole can be approached in different ways.

A Curation of the Best of Web Design News: Introducing Webdesigner News…

A new and exciting website has recently been launched for web designers and developers. You likely spend hours every morning browsing through hundreds of posts on your RSS feeds, hoping to stumble across relevant stories that are of particular interest to you.

Collection of Fresh Design Freebies – April Edition

The community sprang to life after a long cold winter season and is ready to hand out freebies for building splendid, professionally looking user interfaces, PSD mockups for starting off a website, code snippets for adding to interactivity and potential of a project and instruments for sorting out various mundane and routine issues.

Centered Site Layouts – New and Current Trend in Website Design

Creating visual balance as well as keeping a sense of proportion, to say nothing about naturally accentuating attention on selected elements, whatever the background is, can be achieved through a well-implemented centered layout.

Create an Atmosphere: Website Design Based on Wooden Textures

Wood is an eternal material that has accompanied mankind from time immemorial. It has left an unmistakable imprint in numerous areas, and designers of different directions are among those who derive many additional benefits from it as well as using it to full capacity.

Eye-Catching Seals – Type-Based Banner Badge Style

How to achieve the greatest output having at hand only a range of typography and some primitive graphical elements such as lines, ribbons or stars?

Energized Home Pages With Fancy Animations– Fresh Examples

The home page plays a significant role and takes up the central position in any project. First and foremost, it is responsible for producing the first impression, and as we all know, this factor is extremely vital if you want to succeed in your industry and the fiercely competitive web.

How to Create a Beautiful Fullscreen Single Scrolling Page like Huge Inc

Huge Inc is a website that generated a great impact on its release in January 2014. Following the trends of the time, it used full screen sections with a minimalist look, but they went one step further, creating an original effect by combining the scroll hijacking technique with fixed backgrounds and a "normal site" placed underneath the sections.

Evolution of Mobile Gaming

Mobile phones have come a long way from bulky and heavy devices that let us talk from anywhere to anywhere, to our personal and portable entertainment companions.

A Lavish Art Medium – Great Examples of Watercolor-esque Website Design

There are some projects that just can't be created on the fly due to their complex structure or their impressive, sophisticated or intricate design.

Use of Printed Media Scrapbooking in Website Design

Want to create a website design that will be remembered by others for being unique and worthy of visiting it more than once?

Improve Your Work with These Wonderful Web Applications and Resources

As a web professional, we are always looking to improve our workflow and ease our workload. Just try to remember how many times you wished you’ve had an app to do something for you.

Team Communication Starts with HipChat

This is a sponsored post via Syndicate Ads. For much too long, email has been the main medium for communication at work.