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Creating Micro Content in Web Design

Headlines, titles, taglines as well as a small group of words, intriguing images or a short captivating video can be attributed to micro content.

How to Create Stylish Transparent Labels for your Web Images in Photoshop

Transparency is seriously trending in web design right now, due to the popular use of large images, transparencies help to make the text pop on the busy image.

When Did Professional Manners Get Flushed Down the Toilet?

My former co-workers, other victims of corporate cuts, have complained bitterly about the lack of simple, respectful answers to employment applications.

You Are Not Alone – Customer Relations Difficulties of Another Trade

There are many articles written about how difficult clients can make a developer and/or designer freelancer's working life – so I thought I would take a look at a comparison with another trade – just to point out that as a developer or designer, you don't feel that you are the only trade that gets the rough end of customer relations.

Touch of Technomagic – Literally Fantastic Website Designs

Today we are going to review tech style website designs that are inspired by sci-fi movies, neurobotic artworks, artificial and intelligent worlds of tomorrow, space arcades, cosmic landscapes and other fantastic stuff.

Where Agencies Speak: Creative and Emotive Designs of Web Agencies

More than any other profession, designers and developers both freelance and agencies, need to make an immediate impression on prospective clients.

Lavish Post-Modern, Past Retro, Vintage and Hipster Styles in Website Design

The past always remains past, but not in website design, where the flair of days of yore can compete with current web trends on an equal footing.

Freebie: 38 Flat Web Icons Pack

With the increasing creation of web applications and websites, there is an inevitable need for web icons.

Mobile+Web DevCon: Master Mobile and Web Development and Build Your Network

This year the Mobile+Web DevCon will be happening on 3-5 February, 2015 in San Francisco, USA. The three day event is dedicated to helping developers and software engineers master the development tools and trends as well as best practices in mobile, design and UX.

Suggestion or Obtrusion: Beautiful Modal Window Pop Ups

It may seem that website design and policy of imposition has nothing in common, yet it is not so. Of course, not in its original understanding, but presented in another angle: various call-to-action pop-up modules/windows are the spotlights of our article.

Automotive TV Advertisements – The Fast, The Furious, The Comical – Totally Inspired

Car manufacturers have a huge job when it comes to marketing. Choosing a new car is something relatively few people do on a regular basis.

Collection of Fresh Design Freebies – January Edition

From improving the appearance of checkboxes/radio buttons and equipping your next project with a solid flexible foundation to a wonderful set of vibrant flat style icons and magnificent glossy skeuomorph UI pack, our January collection is full of superb freebies that can serve both as inspiration or as time-saving downloads for your future and current projects.

New Web Design and Development Resources: #3 January Edition

What's up, people! Today, we bring you a complete package with some of the best resources for web designers and developers we've come across recently.

Why You’ll Lose Friends When You Become an Art Director

Everyone who wins the lottery all give others the same advice; the first thing you should do is change your phone number because every relative and long lost friend will suddenly pop out of nowhere to ask you for money.

30 Stunning National Geographic Photos of the Day from 2014

The National Geographic Society has been in existence since 1888, and is one of the largest nonprofit scientific and educational institutions in the world.

How to Fire a Client – Prevention and Execution

Every freelancer has a funny story to tell about their previous clients, but not everyone gets to experience firing one.

Lovely Website Designs with a Hand-Drawn Feel and Awesome Sketchy Illustrations

Every project begins with a rough sketch on a piece of paper that is gradually filled with colors, gradients, textures, patterns and other stylistic choices.

Increase Your Site Revenue with These Ad Space Monetization Platforms

Monetization: what a magic word, almost every blogger or owner of an online magazine or news portal, after grueling publications, sorting out tons of material and producing really engaging stuff, dreams to succeed in this sphere, yet it does not succumb to everyone.

15 Top Website Galleries for Your Design Inspiration

We all need inspiration from time to time, and if you have hit a brick wall when trying to conjure up ideas for your next project, it is good to have an arsenal of places you can find a total bombardment of inspiring designs to jump-start your creative juices again.

A Look Back at Onextrapixel Articles of 2014

As we reach the end of 2014 and look forward to a new year, we thought we would take a look back and review some of the articles we have published this year.