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HTML5 Imports: Embedding an HTML File Inside Another HTML File

The element is really a boon. It offers you a simple and declarative way to embed JavaScript and Style sheets in multiple HTML documents, but unfortunately, it doesn’t allow for embedding of HTML files.

Improving on Existing Web Design Trends – What Future is Waiting for Them?

When you create a website, you want it to live a long happy life. That is the reason why you study all the latest trends so carefully.

Useful Tips for Building JavaScript APIs

In this tutorial we're going to cover some tips on building JavaScript APIs. We will be using chaining as an object oriented approach, and composition as a functional approach.

Free Retro Patterns for Emotional Designs

Today we will speak about emotional design, its definition, why it is so important to touch people’s feelings and how to make your design stir them.

The Best WooCommerce Themes On The Market

This is a sponsored post. The WooCommerce themes listed here in many ways encompass all the capabilities you will ever need to create pages and displays that can be used for almost any business and be presented on virtually any device.

15 Steps to Web Anonymity

I love my followers. By engaging with so many, I feel I know some well enough to crash on their couch as I travel the world.

Top 20 Online Tools Useful For Any Type of Web Developer

This is a sponsored post. Nowadays, the internet has become such a big part of our lives it is hard to imagine a single, completely mundane day without it.

35 Websites with Creative and Beautiful Sidebars

How long have you been beating your brains on how to make your sidebar more engaging? You must have faced the big problem of dull and boring sidebar designs.

5 Ways to Improve Social Media on Your e-Commerce Site

Quality social media is important to almost any website, especially for e-commerce websites, as it can increase leads and sales, raise community awareness and conversation, find loyal customer bases, and potentially grow your brand altogether.

Top 40 Templates for Designers: WordPress vs. Joomla

Graphic design is a unique kind of art that we face throughout our lives. It surrounds us everywhere – on the street and at home, in books and magazines, on the stands and billboards.

Create a Better, Highly Customizable Subscription Modal/Newsletter Signup Window with jQuery.Subscribe-Better.js

I’m back with another tutorial and an open source plugin to giveaway for free. Today, let me introduce to you a new plugin I created called Subscribe Better.

Be Prepared for an Autumn Release of iOS 8 and Free Resources

Coming this fall, the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system is going to knock your socks off.

20 Creative Examples of Textures and Patterns in Web Design

What is the simplest and maybe one of the most effective ways to create a slight 3D illusion on a website?

Are You An Illiterate Of The 21st Century?

It is said that the illiterate of the 21st century are not those who can’t read nor write, but those who can’t learn, unlearn, and then relearn.

Get Your Summer Photos From These Top Providers

This is a sponsored post. A website or blog without illustrations won't always keep a visitor interested in what you have to say for very long.

Will You Have a Cyber Funeral?

At a writing class in school, the teacher asked us all to write our obituaries. An odd exercise for beginning writers and other weirdo creatives, perhaps to judge what they think of themselves and their relationships with those around them?

All in One Rhythm: 10 Cutting Edge FIFA-Inspired Websites

The first month of this summer, without doubt, was marked by a really huge event – FIFA World Cup 2014 that I suppose everyone was aware of, even if you are not a fan of traditional football.

Pidoco Giveaway: 5 x 1 Year Software Licenses Up for Grabs

The best way to not let an idea go to waste is to let other people see it. The simplest way for you to show them is by creating a wireframe for it.

16 Great Startups with Stunning Website Designs

A startup company is a partnership or temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.

4 Things Design Teams Can Learn From Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

The movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was another great movie that I highly recommend to everyone.