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10 Reasons User Experience and User Interface Designers Make Great Partners

If you are in the market for a hot new date, but everyone you go out with is just plain wrong for you, don't blame yourself.

Subtle and Transparent Gorgeous Website Designs with Gradients

Gradients, welcome back. Although it seemed that they had gone forever and without a trace, as practice shows, history always repeats itself, and material design, flat style and iOS8 inspired patterns have prepared the fertile ground for it.

Walkthrough GIFs: The New Way of Showcasing Your Mobile App Concept

One of the best ways to effectively introduce your upcoming mobile/tablet application to the online audience as well as stirring up the interest of viewers and make them crave for more, is to bring it to life, at least for several seconds; and I'm not talking about the time-tested solution of shooting a video that certainly has its own benefits, I'm talking about the brand-new way of briefly but vividly illustrating your concept using the possibilities of gif animations that are in the mainstream nowadays.

Why These Unique & Creative Text-Focused Websites Will Inspire You

Typography is an important but often under-represented part of a website's layout. With so much focus being placed on the presentational aspects of CSS and the use of large images and media that choke bandwidth restraints; it’s nice to occasionally remember that textual content can also make an impact on users and their experience.

Modern Touch of Polygon Web Design

Low poly designs are rather popular today. Polygon mesh, firstly seen in 3D graphics, now appear on various-themed websites and seem to perfectly fit any style.

10 Things A Web Developer Must Do Before He Dies

It's all too easy for web developers to fall into a rut where they focus on nothing beyond the assignment at hand.

10 Of The Best Video jQuery Plugins

Video is almost a necessity in website design these days, and using a jQuery plugin to present videos is a great time-saver for both developers and designers.

A Few Bold Brush Strokes: Website Designs with Crafty Typography

Crafty typography always strikes the eye, especially when it diversifies the website design that, as a rule, is lacking in adornments and ornamental elements.

Less is More – Extremely Minimal Website Design

Minimal design, in a similar way to vintage and retro design is never really in or out of trend – it is just always around!

Storytelling and Interaction: Engage Your Visitors

How to engage visitors? It is an age-old question that worries all website owners. Regardless of the type of project, sphere of work and target audience, all we want is to win over as many followers, readers, and potential clients as possible.

Navigation That Adds to Aesthetics – Best Practices

It is believed that the simpler and more obvious navigation the more likely it will accomplish its chief mission.

15 Worst UI Design Features to Watch Out For and Overcome

Website designs are created to encourage users to take action, to give feedback on the product or to fuel their creativity.

Pinterest-Inspired Cards-Based Web Design Layouts

Utilization of a cards-based layout is considered to be the best design technique for creating visceral mobile user interfaces, however, as often happens, the pattern has been eagerly adopted by website designers, in particular by industry goliaths such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and, of course, Pinterest.

Design of Complex Forms: For Responsiveness, Accessibility and Friction Free Experience

Filling in online forms is an inevitable part of living our lives online and digitizing our world. But do they have to be so onerous.

Motivational, Bold and Catchy Smart Taglines in Website Design

In the struggle for potential clients, the end justifies the means. In the fierce competition among creative agencies where each one can boast an excellent resume bolstered by a bulk of mind-blowing works, it's really difficult to take a stand, distinguish yourself from others and win over new clients.

Let’s Not Skip It – Website Designs Featuring Top-Notch Video Intros

"Skip it or not" - sometimes it can be a quite dilemma especially when we face websites with video intros.

IQ Option – A Great Website and App with an Innovative Design

IQ Option is an online Binary Options Broker who have created an amazing website and have developed a complimentary app for both iOS and Android.

15 Free Responsive WordPress Themes for Photographers and Photo Bloggers

With the launch of such popular social networking platforms as Instagram and Facebook, interest in photography has boomed over the last decade.

New Web Design and Development Resources: #6 April Edition

We're here once more to enlighten you with some of the best free resources for both developers and designers alike.

Airline Website Design – The Best Examples

Besides the use of airports to function, airlines need a website and/or app to create sales and attract potential customers.The problem with designing for airlines is that so much information has to go on the landing page – there has to be a form for inputing flight dates, and special offer information, etc.