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Vintage is Back in Trend: Best Retro Website Designs

Fashion for retro and vintage style has gradually moved from podiums and fashion shows to website design.

Basics of Extreme Programming (XP) – A List of Free Continuous integration (CI) Tools

Although extreme programming is not general practice, the method is popular among more sophisticated, advanced and pioneering development teams; however, continuous integration, one of the fundamental techniques of this concept, is widely adopted by "grass roots".

New Web Design and Development Resources: #5 March Edition

Hello, web ninjas! We're back for another tour through some of the best free resources released all around the internet over the last few weeks.

A Beautiful and Useful Selection of Free Vectors from 1001FreeDownloads – Examples

1001freedownloads offer a huge selection of royalty free images and resources that are available for both personal and commercial use.

DataURI vs CSS Sprites – Understanding Which One Performs Better

As a website's complexity increases, the performance of the website becomes an important consideration for site owners.

Bloom From Elegant Themes – The Opt-in Plugin to Grow Your Email List

Everyone wants more names on their newsletter or email list, but also, we want to know that we are sending the information out to people who really want it and are more likely to act upon it.

Why You Should Date a Black Hat SEO Expert

OKCupid. Oh, and EHarmony. Life would be ever so much easier if existed so there would be a clearing house of bad boys for those of us who can’t resist walking on the wild side when it comes to meeting, greeting and — well, other social activities.

The Evolution of Android

Android, the name speaks for itself. Dominating the global mobile OS market, this OS has become the choice for most people around the world for their day to day activities.

Collection of Fresh Design Freebies – March Edition

Spring is here, so it is time to take a look back at the last winter month and collect its "fruits". Everything is still frozen, except for creatives who are like bees, work hard and kindly give away helpful tools for simplifying the workflow of every designer or developer.

Invigorating Coffee-Inspired Website Designs

Participants of food and drink market have finally become active players of modern mainstreams. Several years past the web was filled with numerous high-end projects dedicated to restaurants, pubs, food producers, breweries and others, and today it continues replenishing in the same spirit.

Beauty in a Simple Form: Website Design Featuring Geometric Typography

Beauty in a simple form: how many times do we stumble upon things that fascinated us by their mind-blowing and awe-inspiring appearance that are actually a skillful combination of regular shapes, straight or oblique lines, circles and zigzags.

10 Latest Free Ebooks for Web Designers and Website Owners

Creating a website is a complicated and extended process. And it doesn’t end with a website release. A long road of testing, UX checking, SEO analysis and strategy building… All that means website creators and owners need a strong base of knowledge to stand out and develop.

The Best Crowdsourcing Sites for Clients and Designers

Crowdsourcing is a term that was coined in 2005 and it is defined as the division of labor. In relative terms for freelancers, it is an opportunity to make money, and from the client's perspective, it is an opportunity to save money.

Official Movie Website Design – Promotional Sites of Recent Movies

Marketing is a huge part of a new movie's budget, and in the past the promotors had to rely on billboard advertising and TV and cinema advertising.

When It Comes Time to Burn That Bridge

I was such a bridge-burner in my younger days, people thought I carried a canister of gasoline with me at all times.

How to Create Stunning Pop-Out Text on An Image

This is a sponsored post via Syndicate Ads. This effect on an image is a great way to add headlines without obscuring any part of the image, it would be useful for slideshows or large images, and is just a little different from plain black or white headline text.

10 Promising Photography & Design Projects That Need Your Feedback

Have you ever thought about doing something good for someone else, without asking for anything in return?

How to Build an Online Store on WordPress with WooCommerce

With the help of WooCommerce, you can start selling things from cars, cakes, and food to software and online courses, etc.

Webydo: The Center Of Your Web Design Empire

This is a sponsored post via Syndicate Ads. Web design can be a challenging and frustrating process. You are hired to design a website for a client, only to realize that the majority of the budget for that project (as much as 70%) will have to go to a developer, who will take your carefully crafted designs and hand code the web pages for this new website.

10 Predictions For Web Design Trends in 2015

The beginning of each year is marked by intense discussions about future web design trends: everyone shares its assumptions.