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Friday Link Pack

Pixar Animators spent 5 years making this devastatingly beautiful short film in their spare time – 100 Women in Tech and Founders to Follow on Twitter – Interesting and counter-intuitive article on how to pick the fastest line at the Supermarket.

Melting Skittles

Totally doing this with my kids this weekend! Melting Skittles with hot water!

Bad Hombre + Nasty Woman

Anna Dorfman is fast: Nasty Woman. Bad Hombre. Self-explanatory if you follow US politics.

Tattly Stoop Sale

Psst… Tattly has its first ever Stoop Sale now until Sunday! (Think the Brooklyn version of a Yard or Garage sale) Use discount code STOOPSALE20.

The Nr. 1 Lifehack

If only more people would realize that being kind and generous is the biggest lifehack of all. — Tina Roth Eisenberg (@swissmiss) October 20, 2016

Soviet Innerness

Soviet Innerness is a touching photo project showcasing forgotten interiors walls in former Soviet Bloc nations.

FOMO Survival Kit

The idea behind the FOMO Survival Kit made me chuckle. It’s a student project by Lara Défayes, a fresh Media & Interaction design graduate of ECAL in Lausanne.

Now Playing

Part of the beauty of owning vinyl is the artwork and too often it sits in a crate. Now Playing is a wall-mounted holder for your vinyl that displays the cover in all it’s glory.

Transformable Table

Toulon Blanc created the perfect table for small NYC apartments: It easily goes from coffee table to working or dining table in one easy move.

Office Slide

New life goal: Office slide that takes you outside and not just one floor down, like we’ve seen in so many startup offices.

Design-y Surfboards

These are some sweet looking surfboards. Designed by Måns Swanberg, who also is really good at drawing cats.


If I was a photographer I would jump on buying Palette for faster photo retouching.

Remember this:

This quote! (via The little Book of Confidence)

Almost over…

This Tattly by Marc Johns is getting me through these last weeks before the presidential election here in the US.

Seth Godin in conversation with Marie Forleo

Beautiful conversation between Seth Godin and Marie Forleo. (via Paul)


Mortified is an event series where adults share their most embarrassing childhood artifacts (journals, letters, poems, lyrics, plays, home movies, art) on stage.

Clemens Auer Tweezers

I love when someone tries to redesign an object in an unconventional way, in this case, tweezers. The unique circular shape of these tweezers by Clemens Auer is beautiful.

Fold-Up Market Tote

These fold-up market totes are beautiful.

The Bolted Book

Book lovers, this is for you: In 1927, the Italian Futurist artist and designer Fortunato Depero created a monograph of his work unlike anything that had been seen before.

People Watching

People watching by Scott Wayne. Oddly fascinating.