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♥ / Canopy

Big thanks to Canopy for sponsoring my RSS Feed and blog this week. Amazon is a great place to shop, but it’s not the best place to discover new, beautiful things.


I used to love live model drawing at university. Frédéric Forest’s Instagram feed makes me want to pick it back up.

Uniquely Unique

“… Because, while we’re each unique, we have far more in common than we’re comfortable admitting. Amplifying our differences may make us feel special, but it’s not particularly useful when it comes to getting better.


Don’t we all feel like this guy at times? Beautiful etching by Valdas Misevičius.

Photographing New York City

Whit this vintage photo of a man with a stereoscope camera from 1904, I am kicking off my traditional two week summer vacation in the Swiss Alps!

Basic House

Basic House by Martin Azua is a basic habitable volume; foldable, inflatable and reversible. Is it art?

Friday Link Pack

James Curran spent a month in New York City where he animated a new GIF every day for 30 days. – 10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Google Maps Master – Feeling worried?

Toilet Night Light

This Toilet Night Light made me giggle.

New Life Goal

I am on a mission to push myself out of my comfort zone more often. Last week that resulted in taking an African Dance Class.

Cord Keeper

This minimalist looking Cord Keeper makes sure your power cables stay on top of your desk or nightstand instead of flying off the back every time something is unplugged.

Late Night Snap Hacks!

My studiomates Gabriel Whaley and Dakota Williams just launched Late Night Snap Hacks, a website that allows you to trick your friends into thinking you’re out and about partying.


“Most of the things that we do have two possible outcomes: they might work or they might not. Being able to live with the possibility of either is essential if we’re going to move forward.” The two risk mistakes, by Seth Godin

Never Hem Again

Finally a company that aims to make jeans with different inseam and waist sizes. So no matter how tall or short you are, you will have a pair of jean that perfectly fit your body through the waist, thigh, knee, and calf.

Milton Glaser Wants Your Vote

Milton Glaser wants you to prove you exist, by voting at this upcoming election. Don’t know who Milton Glaser is?

Fridge Files

Fridge Files extend storage beyond the flat surface of the refrigerator (or any other magnetic surface).

Things I Didn’t Buy

I recently started keeping a list of things I didn’t buy. I look back at it often and it fills me with all the good feels.

Panda Print by Stina Persson

Love this brand new Panda Bear Print by Stina Persson. If you love Stina’s illustration style you should check out her growing Tattly collection.


For the last two months I have been wearing this “watch“. It has quickly become my favorite accessories of all time.

The Great Animal Orchestra

The Great Animal Orchestra is inspired by the work of American musician and bioacoustician Bernie Krause.

Who Should I Be With?

This is a game designed to sharpen our sense of what we should be looking for in love. It comprises a number of cards which describe some leading habits and character traits in people, inviting us to reflect on what truly matters to us and what we could endure, if we had to.