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A Floating Hot Tub

The HotTug is the world’s first wood-fired hot tub that you can bathe and “sail” in. Float down a river in the middle of winter, sipping a cold drink and soaking in the steaming hot water!

Eye Stickers

These Eye Stickers by made me smile.

Get To Work

“The advice I like to give young artists, or really anybody who’ll listen to me, is not to wait around for inspiration.

Graphic Tights

I just nearly dropped my coffee, stumbling upon these incredibly cool collection of Graphic Tights by TheHumanMade.

Vintage Slotted Menu Board

I totally want one of these Vintage Slotted Menu Board to tell my kids whats on the menu this week, or to send subliminal messages to my team.

Grass Flip Flops

These Grass Flip Flops made me laugh. I can totally see myself laying in bed thinking “Oh no, I forgot to water my shoes!

Power Generating iPhone Case

I saw this Power Generating iPhone Case and all I can think is that we need to bring boatloads of these to all of the world’s refugees trying to stay connected and getting information.

Pickle Person

I am most definitely a Pickle Person.

Know Your Company

Do you have employees? Then you know the feeling when one of them resigns and you didn’t see it coming.

The Life of a NYC Ice Cream Truck Driver

A short video about the daily life of a NYC ice cream truck operator. Sounds like a hard job.

Motorized Luggage

This motorized suitcase made me laugh! My kids would totally lose their minds over this way of getting around the airport.

Legible Graffiti

Mathieu Tremblin paints over Graffiti to make it legible. This made the graphic designer in me chuckle.

Thinking Visually

“The soul never thinks without an image.” – Aristotle (via)

Tinybop: Skyscraper

The fine folks over at Tinybop launched yet another wonderful app: Skyscraper! It allows you to playfully contract your own skyline of buildings, send people up and down in elevators, spark a blackout or clog the toilet, fix a pipe or put out a fire!

Sticotti Bookshelf

Sticotti is a beautifully modular bookshelf, sustainably made in Argentina. I love everything about this Kickstarter project.

Friday Link Pack

I just love the First Lady! – The Secret Emotional Life of Clothes – Taking a Nap Is Like Letting Marie Kondo Loose in Your Brain – Stunning photos taken by drones.

Friday Link Pack

I just love the First Lady! – Taking a Nap Is Like Letting Marie Kondo Loose in Your Brain – Stunning photos taken by drones.


This trailer for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games is an ode to human resilience and willpower. Definitely showing this to my kids tonight!

Wilson Tennis Ball Factory

How fascinating to see how tennis balls are made. (via)

Black/White Gradient Puzzle

This Gradient Puzzle makes me incredibly happy. How zen! Also available in Blue and Orange.