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Glove Box Hero: 18 Car Gifts for Men

The saying goes that a “man’s home is his castle,” but few men actually care all that much about their home.

Above the Smog: 17 Best Rooftop Bars in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a strange city, unlike any on Earth. While it doesn’t have the cramped feel of New York, nor the gritty hubbub of Chicago, it’s got a kind of charm that very few see; to their detriment.

EDC for Anyone: The 17 Best Everyday Carry Knives

There’s no wrong answer when it comes to choosing a blade for your everyday carry, but a sub-par one will end up cutting you when you try to draw it, will snag on your pocket, is difficult to open, and often won’t hold an edge during daily use.

Arm Yourself for Cubicle Combat with the 20 Best Nerf Guns

The D.O.D. reports that cubicle insurgency is on the rise. It is estimated that by 2020, everyone in your office will have at least 3 Nerf weapons on hand, with inter-departmental drop points where further armaments can be attained by various factions on maneuvers.

Stay Away: 18 Finest Boutique Hotels in the World

True luxury isn’t always to be had in sweeping grandeur. It can’t be bottled and sold en masse to anyone and everyone.

16 of The World’s Most Terrifying Roller Coasters for Adrenaline Addicts

Our lives are full of fear. Fear that our kids are going to grow up to resent us. Fear that we’re going to be fired, or not get a promotion.

15 Rare Rooftop Views Prove Life is Better At The Top

Mountain climbers are the men and women who wish to ascend to the kingdom of heaven from Earth. They are admirable people who are capable of photographing some of the most incredible vistas on the planet; but not everyone aspires to scale the highest peaks.

The 16 Most Awesome Comic Book Heroes You’ve Never Heard Of

Before The Avengers started breaking box office records like mad, only the true ComicCon devotee cared about Hawkeye and the Vision.

16 Secret Societies That May Control The World

For as long as there have been conspiracy theories, there have been secret societies.

14 Incredible Kinetic Sculptures that are Poetry in Motion

The sculpting world was once one of marble and still life. It was a place where movement was impossible, and thus often a dead place where immobile representations stood like mausoleums.

Hubble Space Telescope Boldly Shooting What No Man Has Shot Before

Things way up there have always fascinated us even from the time of our ancestors. But nowadays all thanks to science, we have a much deeper knowledge about the universe.

15 Life-Saving, Natural Ways to Fight Depression

Depression is the modern plague. It seems to be everywhere these days, and claims lives at an alarming rate.

Monzoom: The Monsoon Season In Pictures

Unless you have proper water proof protection for your equipment, you go out with a camera into heavy rain during the monsoon season and you are going to give it a free water wash.

Celtic Pride: Boston’s 17 Most Wicked Rooftop Bars

Bean Town is where only Olympic-level drinkers go to celebrate. Outside of New Orleans, nowhere is drunker or has a better bar scene than Boston.

The 24 Longest Rivers in the World: Proving Wetter is Better

Odd as it may seem to anyone who has ever used a ruler, measuring the length of a river is a complicated process.

The Machines Rise with The 20 Most Famous Robots

Since the industrial revolution, humankind has been both fascinated and frightened by what the hands of women and men can create.

Think Outside the Hotel with the Weirdest AirBnB Rentals

AirBnB is the home to some of the most astounding and affordable rentals on the planet. Nowhere else can you visit Paris, Milan, Hong Kong, and New York City for so little cash.

Rooftop Pools in NYC to Defeat the Summer Heat

The New York skyline is second to none in terms of recognizability, but hidden in the jagged peaks and valleys are more than a few surprises.

EverBlock’s Giant Lego Bricks Make Home Decorating Child’s Play

Lego has become more than just a company that makes the multi-colored bricks your brothers would choke on as a child.

Shutterbugs Exposed: Photography Jobs From Around The World

Place your DSLR on a tripod, adjust the lens to get the best possible composition, get the focus right, choose appropriate ISO setting, change shutter speed and aperture, go to timer mode and select five seconds, and then click.