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Italian Architect Hides a Stylish Pool House Beneath a Lush Garden

How can you add a swimming pool and pool house to a yard without displacing the garden? The answer delivered by Act_Romegialli architects was to hide it directly under the garden, maintaining the green parkland behind the main home while adding an elegant feature.

Office Envy: Work Doesn’t Suck in These 10 Inspiring Modern Office Designs

News flash! Going to work doesn’t need to be a drag. Good employers understand the value of an inspiring workplace, and these modern office designs are a case study in inspiration.

SAOTA Architects Build a Massive Seaside Marvel in Cape Town, South Africa

Near the base of the Lions Head mountain, where the hills of Cape Town roll into the sea, a new modern residence stands out like a temple.

The Solartab Solar Charger is the Smartest, Sexiest Personal Solar Panel Yet

There always seems to be news on the solar panel front about efficiency, productivity, or even that buzz phrase “grid parity“.

Is Your Private Jet Not Fancy Enough? Mercedes Benz Interior Design to the Rescue.

If that private jet of yours just isn’t luxurious enough, this might be the answer. Mercedes Benz has raised the bar to about 30,000 feet for this new interior design concept for Lufthansa Technik.

All Hail the New Travel Camera King: the Fujifilm X-T10 is Affordably Awesome

Fujifilm has revealed the Fujifilm X-T10, an affordable version of their compact flagship The X-T10 will start at $799, nearly 60% of the starting price of the X-T1 when it was first revealed Compared to other travel cameras, this could be one of the top new releases of 2015 Each year, I write [...]

These 10 Awesome Airbnb Treehouses Are Yours to Rent This Summer

The kid in you demands that you spend at least one night in a treehouse this summer. Who could argue with that?

Deus Ex Machina Resurrects a 40-Year-Old Motorcycle as a Tribute to BMW Design

Even when left as stock, the BMW R90S  is one of the most desirable late-century vintage bikes ever built.

This Invisible Tiny House Blends Into the Environment Thanks to a Thick Mirrored Skin

This prefab tiny house might be made of magic. It features a shiny, reflective fascia that mirrors the world around it, allowing it to blend in to the scenery of its plot.

The Dumb Watch Ain’t Dead Yet: Celebrate Simplicity with 10 Modern Watches Under $500

In a few months, there will be millions of unique snowflakes all wearing the same smart watch. The Apple Watch is a great piece of technology, but it’s also the first Apple product that blurs the lines between tech and fashion.

This Stone Temple of Desert Living is the Ultimate Escape from Las Vegas

This contemporary home is a cool, calming force in the desert beyond Las Vegas. It’s a stone temple of sorts, a rigid rectangular structure resting on nine acres of dry, coarse sand.

This is what a $2,000,000 Ferrari looks like. Meet the Cult-Favorite 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO

What makes this 30-year-old Ferrari worth $2,000,000 at auction? Look no further than the “O” on its nameplate.

No Pilot Necessary: The Lily Camera Drone is the First Fully-Automated Quadcopter

There’s plenty of excitement about the camera drone revolution, but for the most part, it’s still a two-person game.

Crowd-Sourced Community Center Completed in Just 4 Days Thanks to 100 Volunteers

It took 100 pairs of hands just 4 days to complete this community center in Guadalajara, Mexico. Using earth and reed techniques that date back to prehistory in this part of the world, a group of volunteers built these walls into a frame by a group of collaborating architects.

Look the Part, Close the Deal: The New Hard Graft Briefcase is One Bag to Rule Them All

There are some common rules to buying a briefcase. It’s an investment in a piece of menswear that should be functional, stylish and built to last.

Can High Fashion Influence a Luxury Car? This Rolls-Royce Wraith is Runway-Ready Proof

Design is a common language. It has dialects for different disciplines, but at the end of the day, the act and process of creation is often the same.

Japanese Designer Turns Dull Apartment Building into a Vivid Kaleidoscopic Dream House

Designers see opportunity everywhere. Such is the case for Kochi Architects Studio, a design firm based in Tokyo, Japan.

8 Unreal Ice Hotels, Igloos and Frozen Architecture Masterworks

In some of the coldest parts of the world, designers and architects use ice and snow to build ice hotels, igloos, event pavilions and beyond.

This Vintage Laundry Room Restoration Might Be San Francisco’s Smallest Dwelling

This might be the tiniest dwelling in San Francisco. It’s an architectural restoration by Christi Azevedo, a project that reclaims an old laundry boiler room into a loft-style unit measuring 93 square feet.

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Power? The New G-Class Tests Twin-Turbos Off-Road

At a glance, what isn’t broken hasn’t been fixed in the new 2016 Mercedes-Benz G-Class. The visual formula hasn’t changed, as the G-Class was already one of the most stunning SUVs on the market.