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It’s Time To Arrive: How To Be Cool In 17 Simple Steps

There’s only one thing in life that matters, and that’s being damn cool. Money, power, prestige, looks, clothes, language, and happiness are all window dressing we use to help us be cooler.

Bayside High: The 16 Best Rooftop Bars in Charleston, SC

When the sun sets to shining and the Lowcountry breezes are just right, drinking indoors is a waste of perfectly good light and libations.

27 Bizarre Alcohols That Are Way Beyond Absinthe

Bravery is not measured by riding into battle, nor by overcoming your deepest fears. Rather, it’s measured entirely by what poison you choose to drink for recreational purposes.

All You Need to Know About Modern Espresso Drinks

Near as caffeinated historians can tell, espresso arrived in Italy near the mid 1880’s when some coffee drinker who didn’t know cocaine was coming decided they really needed a jolt to get their heart to try to climb out of their chest.

Ending White Power: 13 Best Snowblowers

Another year is about to pass where you spend your mornings out in the biting cold not fit for man nor beast shoveling away the piles of snow the plow left blocking in your driveway.

Shave More, Get More With The 14 Finest Safety Razors

Gentlemen, it’s time to get back to the art of shaving. We’ve come to forget that pampering ourselves and our skin takes time and care.

Throw The Controller: The 23 Hardest Popular Video Games

With Nintendo releasing their NES Classic Edition Mini and Famicom Mini, as well as potential tiny versions of classic consoles promised for the future, the world is looking back at the nostalgia of video game days gone by, brushing off their ancient consoles, downloading ROMs – legally, of course –

39 Insane Museums That Actually Exist for Some Reason

There’s never a shortage of weird in the world. All one needs to do is walk the streets to see any number of completely insane acts perpetrated by ordinary people.

Shop Smarter, Not Harder and Save Money Everywhere

Whether shopping for the holiday gift season or picking up the basics from the local grocery store, using savvy shopping tactics is the key to landing great savings consistently.

18 Incredible Mechanical Pencils for Everyday Carry

You’re a grown up with a mortgage and a credit card and could even guess what a Roth IRA is if you had three chances.

Master Your Blade with the 13 Best Knife Sharpeners

Getting a good blade for your kitchen or your everyday carry is only part of the battle. Anyone who seriously uses their knives knows that if you don’t keep them sharp, you’re better off buying a dollar store cutter every time you need to slice and/or dice.

Dentists Weigh In: Top 12 Electric Toothbrushes

The electric toothbrush world is a confusing one, since it’s littered with marketing jargon that will blow a lot of sunshine your way, but won’t actually give you a real rundown on what toothbrushes are generally considered best.

16 Web Comics Everyone Should Read For Smart Yuks

The malleability of the internet has the power to revitalize any artistic medium, and give it powerful new life.

13 Tips To Selecting and Sporting a Pocket Square

Every man knows the basic rules of how a tie works, and when one should be worn. More difficult in the sartorial realm is comprehending whether or not a pocket square is appropriate garb, how to get one that works well, and being able to wear it without looking a fool.

Look Good, Save Skin: 17 Coolest Motorcycle Jackets

Before you even have the steed in your garage, the top two pieces of gear you need prior to hopping on a bike is a helmet and a motorcycle jacket.

15 Best Mini Fridges for Food, Soda, Beer, and Life

The mini fridge. Ubiquitous around dorm rooms, dens, offices, basements, garages, and anywhere there’s a television permanently tuned to ESPN.

Worked to Death: 27 Most Dangerous Jobs in The World

Commonly, when we think of dangerous jobs, the one’s that come to mind are the ones that many call “heroes”: firefighters, soldiers, and police officers.

People Are Horrible: 26 Medieval Torture Devices That Suck

While there’s nothing awesome about torture, the creativity and ingenuity that people have managed to use when it comes to hurting each other — particularly back in the bad old days when you couldn’t just go out and get some jumper cables and a car battery to strap to someone’s nipples – is pretty incredible.

18 Best Wheat Beers: All American Edition

The American wheat beer has been shoved to the back, forced to hide behind gorgeously hoppy wheat brews from Germany and kicked around by IPAs for as long as there’s been brewing casks in the land of the red, white, and blue.

The Definitive Pinstripe Suit Guide Every Man Needs

A pinstripe suit is a statement that can’t be undertaken lightly. Committing to the sartorial art of banker’s choice garb is going to get you noticed faster than any solid color ever will, and is second only to a double-breasted suit in terms of drawing attention.