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14 Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

A home that is well decorated can quickly turn visitors against it if it doesn’t smell as good as it looks.

13 Best Men’s Fragrances To Entice and Allure

Guys have been suckered by the scent industry.

7 Inexpensive Cell Phones You’ll Actually Want to Use

In a world where Apple is busy upgrading and tweaking their iPhone design, while simultaneously adding a lot of heft to their price tag, more and more people are breaking away from the overpriced, over-hyped phones.

Get Up, Live Longer: The 8 Best Standing Desks

Getting a standing desk is a sure-fire way to make everyone in the office hate you and consider kneecapping you in the parking lot.

20 Smart, Simple Ways to Reduce Allergies In Your Home

As we age, our bodies get steadily weaker, by small degrees. Everything we put into them ends up coming back to haunt us, which changes how we function.

Survival Bags: The 9 Best Hydration Bladders

The moment you leave your house, especially if you’re going to be doing anything physical, or out of doors, you should be carrying plenty of water.

20 Wonderful Workout Tips for the Extremely Lazy

Sloth might be called a sin by some, but it feels so damn good to just laze around, working your way through your Netflix queue and DVR that there’s no way we weren’t intended to indulge.

The 9 Best Handheld GPS For Hiking and Wilderness Survival

While navigation with a traditional map and compass are important skills for the zombie survival savvy outdoorsperson, there’s nothing wrong with relying on a handheld GPS for determining where you are.

Analog Tech Guide: How (and Why) To Use a Chronograph

Watches that bear a chronograph on their face are highly sought after, but often not for functional purposes.

Carnivore Cooking Class: The 14 Main Types of Steak

Most of us can identify a T-bone or a filet mignon in a pinch, or by reading the package, but when you start getting into the world of flank vs.

16 Best Small Motorcycles for City Commuting

The motorcycle is a the quintessential symbol of freedom. Nothing captures the essence of the open road quite like taking flight on a touring bike across the country, or as far around the world as you can get.

11 Free Summer Activities To Keep Your Kids Occupied

Kids are exhausting little bundles of energy and want that never seem to run out of steam. Usually they’re someone else’s problem for much of the day as we ship them off to be taught the three R’s by the underpaid, underappreciated teachers who make our lives bearable.

Prepare to Win: 13 Things To Do For a Good First Date

Dating, job interviews, public speaking, and death all rank very highly in the human fear factor, and that means each one can weigh us down with an excess of stress.

24 Cool Bottle Openers For Cracking a Cold One In Style

Anyone with a lighter, a kitchen knife, or a little know-how can get a bottle open. The key to doing it with real flash and flourish is to get an opener that’s as unique as you are.

Cross-Terrain Crossovers: The 9 Best Hybrid Bikes

What exactly defines a hybrid bike is difficult to describe. The arena is crowded with fine options that seem to fit every kind of lifestyle, except that means it takes a lifetime of digging to find the one that’s actually right for your particular brand of existence.

Ask The Experts: How to Choose Hybrid Bikes

When done well, the hybrid bike is a masterstroke of engineering that combines the everyday utility of a road bike with the trail-riding roughness of a mountain bike.

20 Best Minimalist Watches

A pair of jeans is just a pair of jeans, until you put them to the test and find out which brands stand up.

13 Unknown and Underrated Travel Spots In Mexico

We all knew that building a wall between the United States and Mexico was the worst idea of all time because Mexico is where the real party is at.

18 Best Combs for Hair and Beards

A quality comb is no joke. Cheap, poorly designed combs are made out of injection molded plastic that has rough ridges all around that will snag your hair, pulling it out by the roots, breaking strands in the middle, and injuring your scalp causing dandruff to run rampant.

How To Wear a Polo Shirt Without Looking Like a Frat Bro

The poor polo shirt has been taken over by the lazy and the sloppy when it should be celebrated as a breathable, casual shirt that shows you can reach higher than a basic tee, but don’t need to go with the full button-up shirt.