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17 Manly Home Decorating Tips for Guys Who Are Clueless

Having a home that is simultaneously attractive and masculine doesn’t mean only hues of brown and loads of animals heads on the wall.

Experience the Astonishing Beauty of the South African Wilderness at The Bayethe Lodge

Have you always dreamed of exploring the South African wilderness, but you’re not sure camping in tents along a safari route is quite what you’re cut out for?

Hair Affair: How to Wear These 15 Beard Styles with Honor

A respectable chin wig is the height, the peak, the apex of manhood, and anyone that tells you otherwise is lying right to your sweet, thatched face.

Belgian Farmhouse Gets Gorgeous Interior Makeover but Preserves Rustic Aesthetic

If you’ve ever been in an outdated, traditional farmhouse, you might have noticed a dark, crowded interior.

28 Words You Should Use to Avoid Sounding Like Everyone Else

Words. They’re all around us. They’re the sole way we have of understanding and conveying ideas, of comprehending others, of reaching out to other humans and touching them, moving them, and changing them.

The 14 Best Rooftop Bars in Seattle Offer Drinks in The Damp

If you live in Seattle, you’re much like an Eskimo. As with the Inuit people, who have approximately 50 words for snow, Seattleites are forced to develop a whole nomenclature for rain to describe all the different ways to get wet.

Baglietto Fast, The 46m Luxury Yacht James Bond Would Ride

Have you always dreamed about exploring open waters and traveling atop the see with a fresh breeze blowing through your hair?

20 Life Memes That Will Change Everything in a Few Seconds

We’re busy people who have to be on our hustle from the moment our feet hit the floor until our head hits the pillow.

Photographer Oliver Hihn and His Landscape Photography Through a Vintage Camera’s Viewfinder

Photography is a liberating and unique art form because it allows the photographer nearly unlimited options when it comes to what they want to portray.

10 Necessary Rules for Wearing a Sport Coat or Suit Jacket with Jeans

We don’t know who the first genius was that managed to rock a sport coat with a pair of jeans, but they forever changed the fashion world.

Artist Mademoiselle Maurice Creates Stunning Origami Tribute to Displaced Residents on Condemned Building

If you’ve ever tried origami, or the art of folding coloured paper into wonderful shapes, then you know that it takes time, concentration, and dedication.

Everything’s Bigger In The 18 Best Rooftop Bars in Dallas

There’s a few towns in the world that are great for tying one on. Boston springs immediately to mind.

Solar Bulb Installations and Art Dedicated to The Power of The Sun

Solar power is a wonderful way to harness the nuclear energy of our nearest star, but it’s more than that.

Skilled Photographers Capture Japan’s Gorgeous Summer Firefly Phenomenon

Japan is a beautiful country full of breathtaking buildings, landscapes, and scenery any time of year.

Strong With This One: 16 Amazing Star Wars Props You Can Buy

For some reason, Star Wars is not the official movie of America. It has all the hallmarks of the ‘Merican dream.

Painter James Bullough Explores Movement and the Human Psyche Through Fragmented Series “Breaking Point”

When it comes to tension, stress, and reaching your “breaking point”, American artist James Bullough understands these mental processes as being more than just part of the human psyche.

The 15 Best Single Malt Scotch Whiskies for Ruling the Spirit World

In the spirit world, the single malt scotch stands far above boozes of greater complexity, because it is so singular in purpose.

The Remarkable Beauty of Geometric, Water Colour Tattoos by Jasper Andres

When people consider tattoos that feature imagery rather than solely text, some of them hesitate.

Crimetastic: The 16 Most Notorious, Infamous Gangsters of All Time

From Dateline to the murder porn that is the ID network, people can’t get enough crime. Darkly fascinating, and a look into the murky waters of human nature, criminals of every stripe draw us in, horrify us, and lead us to endlessly question ourselves.

The Best Ginger Beers, or Summer Drinks Better than Ginger Ale

Summertime should say one thing to you: Ginger beer. There’s no fizzy lifting drink better, no cocktail mixer more appropriate, and no relaxing tonic that can compare with a cool ginger beer on a hot day.