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Time To Be Legends With The 12 Most Bitchin’ Mustache Styles

A man’s face that has been shaven clean is an affront to God. It’s understandable that some men cannot grow beards, the same way some men are born without a vestigial tail to help them move and leap, caper and dance in the moonlight.

20 Things You Should Be Putting On Your Gift Registry

Starting a marriage is tough. You are forced to consolidate two households into one, learn to live harmoniously with another person, hide your illicit affairs much better, keep all your really weird pornography out in a storage unit, and put all pictures of your second family carefully into an off-site vault.

14 Reasons Belle is The Worst Disney Princess

It’s true. Belle’s the worst “princess” Disney has ever coughed up. Even the way that Disney Co. has co-opted the word “princess” is deplorable.

22 True Stories About The Most Famous Brands

When we first are exposed to a brand, we tend to lock it in our minds as being one thing. Before it ran the universe, Google was a plain search box that crawled the internet better than anything else.

Modern Ancient Warfare: The 16 Best Tactical Tomahawks

The modern military might outfit soldiers with almost all of the skills and weapons necessary to win war on the contemporary battlefield, but it doesn’t provide everything.

Having a Baby: 12 Things You Must Know

A new baby is one of the most incredible things that can happen to anyone who wants to be a parent. Unfortunately, like all good things, it requires endless work, sacrifice, blood, sweat, and other effluvium that it’s hard to believe nature ever intended.

Survive, Contrive, Create: The 14 Best Bushcraft Knives

There’s no such thing as the perfect bushcraft knife. Even getting two bushcrafters to agree on what even constitutes a knife made for bushcraft vs.

17 Halloween Costume Ideas To Fit Anyone

Halloween has a theme each year, whether we admit it or not. Sometimes these themes repeat, sometimes they are pop-culture phenomena.

Hear Johnny With The 17 Best Soundbars

Gather ’round kids, to hear a tale. A tale of televisions that were giant boxes full of dense picture tubes made of weighty glass and wires.

The 17 Best Board Games For Analog Play Time

It’s not hard to find entertainment these days.

Hops, Malt, and Happiness: The 19 Best Tasting Beers

While most people drink solely to numb the pain of existence, there’s a few people out there who like the experience and sip strictly for the taste experience of enjoying whatever’s in their glass.

18 Best Opening Scenes Ever Put To Film

The initial scene of a movie, like the first line of an article or the first sentence in a story, is supposed to grab your attention.

Beyond UJM: The 9 Best Japanese Motorcycles

Though motorcycles seem like a single category of conveyance, there’s actually two worlds, two schools of thought, and two philosophies that surround the bike culture.

10 Doomsday Scenarios That Are Already Happening

Prognostication of the end of the world has been going on as long as there have been people to tell the tales.

17 Best Browser Games To Waste Time At Work

Maybe you’re one of those eleven people who love their job and enjoy every red-hot minute of it. Well, bully for you, captain fulfillment.

16 Famous Sculptures and Statutes Worth Seeing in Person

Painting, sketching, and drawing are difficult in their own right, as adding depth to a two-dimensional space is a complex affair.

Digital Stash Box: 10 Best External Hard Drives

Better computer software is what we all crave, but it comes at a price: memory. Every smart machine we possess is limited in its operation by how much RAM it has to run programs, and how much digital storage space it needs to stash said programs under the proverbial hood.

19 Tricks to Help You Lose Weight Fast

Unless you’re one of the three people on the planet who “just can’t keep weight on” or you have some kind of destructive illness, you probably want to drop a pound or two or eighty-nine.

Over, Under, Around: The 14 Best Sling Backpacks

There’s nothing wrong with traditional backpacks, as they certainly have their place, but they can often be troublesome.

16 Habits To Learn for Effortless Style

It’s easy to believe that style is either encoded into our DNA or it isn’t. We’re either among those who inherently know what patterns look dazzling together, or we’re among the ordinary folk who think that maybe polka-dots and stripes don’t mix, but don’t really know.