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The Olio Model One Smartwatch is what the Apple Watch Should have been

There’s something about this smartwatch revolution that feels a bit, I don’t know, forced? It’s the case of a product without a problem, a solution to something that isn’t broken.

What if Musicians Designed Motorcycles? Meet the Yamaha Root Motorcycle Concept

Design is a universal language. Each discipline is its own dialect. To explore this axiom, Yamaha has asked a handful of intrepid designers to switch roles and take on a non-native subject.

The Perez Art Museum Miami is a Monument to Tropical Modernism

The Perez Art Museum in Miami is a living work of architecture. Beyond its planters and hanging gardens, it is a design that changes and shifts with time.

The Txai House is a Slice of Modern Heaven with Sweeping Views of the Atlantic Ocean

The palms sway in the wind. The surf rolls over the sand. The soothing soundtrack of Brazil’s coast is the heart of this modern home in Itacaré.

Hard Graft Offhand Holdall Bag is a Rock Star’s Overnight Bag

A good razor. A nice watch. A great overnight bag. On the list of things every good man should have, a getaway bag is near the top.

Bell and Ross X1 Carbon Forge Watch is Aircraft-Grade Awesome

Last year, we reveled in the release of the Bell and Ross BR-X1, a new skeleton watch by one of the most masculine modern watchmakers on the planet.

The Bandit9 Bishop: This Modern Motorcycle Might as Well Be a Work of Sculptural Art

Is it a motorcycle, or is it sculpture? I’ve been wondering since we first teased this beauty last August.

So You Want to Buy a Travel Camera: The Wise Guide to the Best Travel Cameras of 2015

It’s 2015, and you need a new travel camera. Where to begin? As a professional architecture, food and travel photographer based in Florida, I get asked about cameras all the time.

The Silver Bay House Makes a Masterful Use of an Oceanfront Panorama

The coastal landscape of Cape Town, South Africa presents a breathtaking panorama. Mountains and valleys meet the water in a rich visual contrast, creating an ideal backdrop for modern architecture.

PHOTOS: Exploring Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day – From the Old World to the New

Ireland was always on my bucket list. It’s strange to consider that such a tiny island has done so much for the world.

The Deadly-Fast 1959 Lister-Chevrolet Celebrates British/American Collaboration

The end of World War II led to some legendary automotive partnerships between Britain and the USA. This era produced celebrated cars like the Shelby Cobra, a British-built sports car that was powered by a Ford V8 engine.

An Architect Gives New Life to an Old Material with a Refreshing Wooden Design

Portuguese architect Ernesto Pereira has constructed a modern, interpretive wooden home near Porto SilverWoodHouse features angled wood and white forms throughout, a look that recalls a history of wood and adobe design We’ve been building wooden homes for as long as history has been recorded.

Hackaball Teaches Kids How to Code and Invent Games of Their Own

When we were kids, play was a physical activity. The latest games and gadgets had their allure, but little of our waking life was spent staring at screens.

Australian Architects Build a Dreamy Geometric Cabin Hidden in a Suburban Environment

A dreamy, geometric cabin provides an artful escape on the island of Tasmania. Cabin 2 by Maddison Architects joins another cabin on the plot to welcome groups of family and friends to the owner’s retreat.

The Amazing Artiphon Digital Instrument Must Be Seen (And Heard) To Be Believed

In a matter of hours, this new musical instrument has shattered its Kickstarter goal. The Artiphon Instrument 1 is a multi-instrument controller that allows its user to play strings, pianos, drums and more on a single device.

Nvidia Shield Console Could be the Most Exciting Gaming Hardware of 2015

The cloud could be the death of the conventional console giants. Don’t believe us? The newest gaming console is a cloud-powered revolutionary, and it could be the biggest news in gaming for 2015.

Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept is a Remarkable Achievement in Design

For many years now, the Bentley formula has stayed largely the same. There’s nothing wrong with that — when something is working so perfectly, why break the mold?

Casa Delta by Bernardes Arquitetura is South American Modernism at its Finest

Casa Delta is a 10,000+ square foot modern residence on the Atlantic coast near Sao Paolo Bernardes Arquitetos completed Casa Delta in 2014 for a private client Brazilian modernism is a style of architecture in its own right.

Lamborghini’s New 217 MPH Supercar is Ridiculously Awesome, Aggressive

Lamborghini will be tearing into the Geneva Motor Show at 217 miles per hour. That’s the top speed of the Italian marque’s newly revealed supercar, the Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce.

Nikon’s New King Of The Crop Sensor Gets WiFi, NFC, But Is That Enough?

The New Nikon D7200 DSLR adds wireless functionality for remote camera control and image sharing The D7200’s features don’t appear to represent a significant change over its predecessor, the D7100 Is the “best of” Nikon’s DX series enough to keep a photographer from investing in a full frame camera?