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15 Greatest Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers, To Go

The world is more than 70% water. Even inside your house there’s multiple spigots where the life-giving juice of the land will spew forth, should you need something to dilute your evening whiskey.

Artist Tony Luciani and His Elderly Mother Explore Memory, Aging, and Playfulness Through Photography

Dealing with aging and significant memory at once is a difficult experience for any individual, as well as their supporting family members, but it’s one than many if us will experience in one way or another.

The 18 Best Electric Guitars for Rockers of All Levels

Is it going to be impossible to say what the absolute premier guitars are for every player, and any strummer under the sun?

Bone Induction Technology Turns Sunglasses Into Headphone Hybrid Accessories

Do you find yourself getting frustrated with badly tangled earbud boards or not having a place to carry your big headphones unless you take a bag with you?

Big Ups: 17 Essential Rooftop Bars in San Diego You Must Visit

Nowhere in California has better year-round weather than San Diego. In San Francisco, you’re going to get fickle winds and that bay spray that can be downright daunting.

Plane Industries Offers Luxury Travel Pack Made From Airport Carpet

If you’re a lover of all things niche in pop culture, then perhaps you follow not only the latest social trends, but also the latest obsessions.

19 Design and Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

Whether you live in a starter studio apartment in Brooklyn, own a sustainable shipping crate home, or merely have an oddly tiny living room, decorating a small area is a challenge.

15 Best Complete BMX Bikes for Racers, Tricksters, and Flyers

There’s still a sense that BMX is a sport strictly reserved for kids. Once upon a time, when we were all wearing parachute pants and pushing up the sleeves of our sport coat, that might have been the case.

Minimalist Camping: How To and Gear Guide

12 pounds. That amount of weight or less is what is generally considered to be the total heft of the equipment you carry on your person to be considered a minimalist camper.

Homemade Homes: Beautiful, Sustainable DIY Houses

Dream homes have changed a lot in recent times. Rather than wanting a rambling Tudor mansion, more people are seeking sustainable houses that they can make themselves.

28 Great Documentaries For People Who Hate Documentaries

Documentaries get a bad rap. True, some of them are ungodly boring while others are blatantly one-sided in their presentation of facts.

Picking The Right Suit Colors To Go With Your Skin

However clean cut and well-tailored the fit of your suit, if it’s the wrong color for your complexion, it’s going to end up wearing you.

Torchbearers: 17 EDC Flashlights Built To Save Lives

The common mistake with flashlights is the belief that they are just for illuminating the dark. That’s a tiny fraction of their job.

13 Concept Cars, Future Cars, and Impossible Cars We Need

There’s a place where all our automotive dreams come true: The concept car. It’s easy to believe, looking at the future machines promised for tomorrow, that we’re only a few years away from self-flying commuter transportation that will chauffeur us around as we text and sip whiskey during long road trips.

The Waterlovt Luxury Houseboats Are Eco-friendly, Self-sufficient and Self-sustaining

When you think of living on a house boat, does your mind automatically go to the funny television depictions of old, rotting barges off secluded docks in the woods, or perhaps the viral Internet images of little personal islands built entirely from plastic water bottles?

Cheap Thrills: 19 Exceptional Off-Season Travel Destinations

The lie that tourism boards want you to believe is that off-peak travel is somehow worse. That you’ll endure endless storms and be stuck sitting around an empty cabana with nothing to do as you listen to hurricanes tear up the beach outside as you drink endless Hurricanes just to feel like you’re on vacation.

Style Guide: How To Wear A Gray Suit With Brown Shoes

The business world has become divided into two camps. There’s the mostly casual jeans and jacket variety, where creativity and corporate savvy combine.

16 Rooftop Bars in Atlanta That Are Just Peachy

A-Town has been insultingly called the “Chicago of the South.” This is because it’s a major port city, but it makes this lovely slice of Americana sound like nothing more than a ginger beer town trying to emulate the windy metropolis.

13 Indoor Exercises For Workouts With Minimal Equipment

Swimming in the ocean, running our favorite trail, paddleboarding, kayaking, going to the archery range, yoga on the beach, and just taking a light jog through the park are all excellent workouts that are completely destroyed when the weather really goes to hell on a segway.

23 Best Fall Cocktails Without The Words ‘Pumpkin Spice’

Turning leaves, cooler temperatures, and a proliferation of the use of Nutmeg in everything can only mean one thing: autumn has officially sprung.