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19 Most Soothing Aftershaves For Men

Shaving is the punishment that was put on Earth for humankind to endure. As we attempt to curb our hirsute ways, we end up demolishing our skin, stripping our natural oils, slicing away our protection from the elements, and ridding our body of necessary moisturizing and protecting faculties.

The 9 Best Over Ear Headphones Under $250

Over ear headphones are where serious listeners go when they want big soundstages, immersive audio experiences, and to shut out everyone and everything else.

21 Of The Greatest Sandwiches Since Sliced Bread

John Montagu was many things – a gentleman, a scholar, a lover, a soldier – but most importantly he was the 4th Earl of Sandwich, largely credited with inventing meat put between slices of bread.

Cheap Canal Concert: 13 Best Earbuds Under $100

Our junk drawers are screaming with the weight of thousands of cheap earbuds purchased in haste to replace the ordinary, stock in-ear headphones we could have sworn were right here a minute ago.

Bitter Berries: The 19 Top Gins To Sip or Mix

First designed as a medicine in Holland back in the 17th century, gin has a long, strange history. It was used largely to treat stomach discomfort, gall stones, and gout, though modern science has proven it’s not necessarily good at doing any of those things.

The Lonely Road: 17 of the Best Places to Travel Solo

Getting up, getting out, and traveling the world is an ambition that most people harbor to some degree.

13 Most Effective Tactical Wallets For EDC In Hell

The definition of tactical is: relating to actions carefully planned to meet a specific military end.

The 21 Best Shirt Jackets For All-Season Wear

Humankind harnessed fire so early people could survive in the darkness with our little squishy bodies while creatures of fang and claw roamed wild.

Corrupting Power: 32 Brilliant Books Everyone Should Read

An educated person is a powerful person. It’s true no matter where you rank in terms of financial success or where you stand on the social ladder.

22 Vintage Cars You Should Add To Your Collection

There’s not a gearhead or a gas-breather among us who wouldn’t love to have a heated garage full of classic muscle, old Phantoms, and luxury autos so full of chrome they would make a 1970’s street pimp green with envy.

Loud & Proud: 11 Best Home Subwoofers Under $250

Immersive sound that is accurate is certainly of paramount importance when thinking about your home theater setup, but a person cannot live by mids and highs alone.

The 9 Best 3D Printers To DIY By Machine

When it first began, 3D printing looked like a novelty that would have limited practical applications.

18 Best Pocket Knife Brands for Your Everyday Carry

Knives are deceptively simple. To most of us, they’re little more than a hunk of metal with a handle.

The Digital Domicile: 12 Best Apps for Apartment Hunters

When you need to move, chances are you need to move pretty quickly. Not only that, but everyone you are competing with for apartments also needs to move quickly, which makes the apartment hunting market a cutthroat competition where the snoozers lose and the early bird sometimes gets a worm that’s a real lemon.

Be Chill With These 7 Incredible Cold Brew Coffee Makers

In a coffee loving society, brew methods abound, and each one has their dedicated disciples who wouldn’t dream of using any other.

18 Of The Best Drinking Games Anyone Can Remember

“If you’re drinking, you’re winning,” so goes the old saw that was popularized by alcoholic frat boys.

The 18 Best Workout Water Bottles To Hydrate As You Pump

Your diet, your routine, your genetics, and everything else you do to your body’s mechanics affects how your frame looks and feels.

Fashion Folded: 16 Best Garment Bags for Going Anywhere

A ten-thousand dollar suit isn’t worth a plug nickle if you’re wearing it wrinkled. It’s a Ferrari without an engine, a rocketship without fuel, a Piña colada without the rum.

Cocooned: The 12 Best Electric Blankets to Ward Off Winter

Keeping warm when the thermometer tells you the next ice age is upon us is often a daunting prospect.

NATO Watch Strap Buying Guide: The Best NATOs and More

Not all NATO watch straps are created equal. Though they bear certain similarities, such as the sturdy, breathable design and thin, blocked-off rings for holding all the ends in place, there’s certainly such a thing as a good vs.