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9 NATO Strap Facts Every Watch Lover Should Know

Not since the invention of the belt has something so simple become so popular around the world.

Freak Flags Flying: 17 Strange Winter Holiday Traditions

The two most polarizing seasons are winter and summer. They are also the times of year most laden with holiday celebrations.

Tune Out: The 11 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

Our ears do a difficult job. Stuck out to the sides of our head, with no coverage like an eyelid to help protect them, ears are bombarded with decibels of varying intensity day after day.

Write Your Mother: The 10 Best Free Email Services

In the 90’s, when a child was born they were handed an AOL CD straight out of the maternity ward to help them get setup with a new thing called “Electronic Mail.” Working much the same way as traditional mail, this “Electronic” delivery system allows you to instantly receive letters from Nigerian pr

13 Smart Ways To Listen to Free Music Online

Without music, we all become the joyless preacher in Footloose who hated dancing. We lose a major form of expression, connection, and one of the most profound ways to inspire movement in our fickle emotions.

Life Abroad: The 14 Best Countries In The World for Ex-Pats

The United States, with its overpriced healthcare, political strife, high cost of living, and deep partisan conflict has seen a huge rise in expatriation and emigration as many citizens have become disgusted with their homeland and are looking to start life anew somewhere else.

Brain Drain: The 11 Best Zombie Movies

Though zombies have been around for ages, first thought to be created by necromancers in Haiti as “zombi” or “zonbis”, they didn’t get the same attention paid to other things that go bump in the night.

The 14 Longest-Lasting, Most Durable Cars On The Road

A few automotive brands have their million mile club, where countless hours and dollars have been poured into a Volkswagen, Volvo, Mercedes, or other, usually German name to keep it running for ages.

Side Show: 15 Fascinating Mutations That You Probably Have

To the shock of a saddened nation, it’s recently been revealed that comic books are not always historically and scientifically factual.

Arise With The 8 Best Bread Machines

For less than a dollar you can get yourself a loaf of nutrient-deficient white bread, or opt for a whole 100% wheat choice.

11 Clever, Free Ways To Protect Your Privacy Online

That computer on your desk, in your lap, in your pocket, on your dash, under your hood, on your TV stand, or tucked away broadcasting Wi-Fi to your home is a gateway.

Made In The USA: The 22 Best All-American Clothing Brands

There used to be a few things you could trust. One of those was that when something was made in a particular place, it was made with care, attention, and craftsmanship.

Mama’s Little Helper: The 8 Best Baby Monitors

Babies are so dumb. They speak broken, nonsensical English like a congressperson, drool all over themselves like a senator, are either asleep or crying, like a governor, and wet themselves like a mayor.

The 9 Best Martial Arts To Learn For Actual Fighting

Western culture can often lump all fighting styles into a big heap that is called “Karate” or “Kung Fu” or these days even “MMA.” Though it’s true to some degree that a punch is a punch is a punch, the fact is that different martial arts are better suited to different situations.

10 Best Winter and Snow Tires for Most Vehicles

Your life and the lives of your family rely on those four points of contact that your car has with the road.

Goin’ Back In Time: The 18 Best Console Emulators

Nostalgia has been big business lately, with reboots, reimaginings, retreads, and “gritty” revivals of everything that was ever popular.

Don’t Waste Money On The 11 Best Air Fryers

It’s a mystery why the air fryer became an appliance that people believed they needed. These devices aren’t any better at cooking than standard ovens, and are typically inferior to convection toaster ovens.

History’s 19 Most Mysterious Lost Civilizations

Human beings have terrible memories. We forget the names of our children, we forget the lessons of the past, we forget why we came into the room in the first place.

Thin Your Thatch With The 12 Best Beard Trimmers

Though it goes against the entirety of nature, sometimes a man or hirsute woman needs to trim their beard.

‘Tis the Season for the 16 Best Halloween Songs

Harvest time always turns thoughts to the spookier side of things, even for people who don’t celebrate Halloween.