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8 Best Gaming Headsets For All Systems

Team slaughters, flag captures, and a respectable K/D ratio don’t just happen. They’re the result of hours of dedication, natural skill, and having the right gear so you can frag your way along, whistling a jaunty tune.

Cool Lamps Every Home Should Have

People don’t think much about light, though we should. It is light reflecting off of the objects around us that allow us to see.

17 “Girly” Drinks That Every “Man” Should Try

Men, stop it. Our fathers and their fathers and their fathers all tortured themselves with high proof strong drink that made them wince every time they even smelt it, let alone allowed it onto their tongue.

27 Hobbies For Men To Reach Their Potential

Being a man is a tough job.

21 Valuable Video Games You May Have Stored Away

Money won is twice as sweet as money earned, but money found is the winning lottery ticket you didn’t need to pay for.

Operator Essentials: The 16 Top Tactical Backpacks

A backpack is a bag for holding things. It’s hard to make that tactical, since one bag is very like another.

6 Top Toilet Plungers to Kill the Clog

A slab of rubber on a stick should be the simplest appliance in your home outside of a knife or a spatula, though somehow the inventors of the world have managed to make it intricately complicated, with odd shapes and pods, and ergonomic handles we aren’t sure we need.

17 Most Amazing Terrible Cars Ever Built

A beautiful car is a thing of wonder. They are magical machines that are somehow more than the sum of their parts.

14 Friendliest Countries In The World To Outsiders

Even the most patriotic person will sometimes look at their home and ask themselves “Why do I live here?

Grab Your Socks: 11 Military Packing Secrets That Save Space

The military does teach people to kill one another, but that’s actually not as big a part of it as you might imagine.

Doctor’s Opinion: The 9 Most Effective Diets

Every few weeks there’s a new fad diet out there claiming to be the way to balance your chromosomes, align the planets, put your chakras in place, spank the monkey, and drop you a couple of pant or dress sizes.

Men’s Skincare Regimen: 12 Steps To A Healthier Hide

As a child you were no doubt introduced to the fact that your skin is the largest organ your body has.

The 9 Best Action Cameras For All Circumstances

“Action Camera” has become something of a misnomer these days, as many of the cameras made for shooting activity aren’t necessarily geared to get true action shots.

32 Best Thrillers In Movie History

The thriller movie genre is largely misunderstood. Too often it gets stuck at cross purposes with horror, and the two become almost imperceptibly intertwined, even though they are distinct classifications with miles of difference between them.

All 18 Pocket Knife Blade Shapes Explained

To most of us, all knives tend to do exactly the same basic thing, so we buy whatever looks good and lasts, then we move on with our cutting little lives.

18 Bathroom Products That Will Make Your House Cleaner

The bathroom is the most dangerous room in your house. The majority of fatal and crippling accidents happen in bathrooms, because they are sleek, slick, and wet, which is a recipe for slips and falls, but that’s not the only killer lurking in your restroom.

Bike Buys: How to Choose Your First Motorcycle

Buying your first motorcycle is a rite of passage. It shows that you have taken the plunge and gone on the move toward freedom.

Portable, Powerful: 13 Best On-Ear Headphones

Brought into this world as a rough bastard child, on-ear headphones had to fight their whole life through.

10 Hangover Hacks To Stop The Morning After Before It Starts

If anyone ever says to you the “best cure for a hangover is to not drink” you have the permission of the Irritated Alcohol Council to shove them face-first into a bucket of jungle juice until they stop thrashing.

Pay it Forward; 6 Awesome Charities That Need Your Help

Charitable giving is a fashion that never dies. It’s basically the opposite of man buns, a fashion that should never have been born.